Lion Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild)


Lion Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 4th August

Wildlife documentary that follows three pride of lions as they go about their business during the dry season in the Ruaha National Park. As it splits the story between the prides it shows the lions as the hunt prey and fight each other over one part of territory.

The show is similar to Savage Kingdom with the use of narration over dramatising what’s happening. Though unlike Savage Kingdom this has some sense of pacing to it all, and doesn’t rely on a multitude of slo-mo shots to pad out the run time. As a wildlife documentary it’s on a par with Natures Great Race.


I Was Prey (Animal Planet)


I Was Prey (Animal Planet) – Premieres 16th July

A show that recounts the true stories of two people that survived animal attacks. The way the attacks are recounted is similar to the delivery used by Still Alive, as it constantly flits between the two stories being told, though instead of having film footage it uses reenactments and photos of the injuries to add to the narration from the the survivor.

Unlike Still Alive the show goes along at a decent pace without too much repetition as it rejoins a story, though it’s still nothing you’d hunt down to watch.


Safari Live: Migration (Animal Planet)


Safari Live: Migration (Animal Planet) – Premieres 14th July

A live wildlife programme hosted by the South African cross between Richard O’Brian and Chris Packham. In it the show follows a selection of animals as they go about their business during the migration season through the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, while being closely followed by an wildlife expert and camerman.

Like most live wildlife shows such as Autumnwatch and the like, not much really happens as they switch between the experts, but is held together by the earlier filmed footage and host answering questions fired in by the viewers.

The show is pretty slow going and something you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch, but the host with his eccentric demeanour and passion for the subject is the highlight of the programme.


Natures Great Race (PBS)


Natures Great Race (PBS) – Premieres 12th July

A wildlife documentary where in each episode it looks at a certain animals social behaviours during it’s migration period. The programme follows a couple of herds as they approach different challenges as they travel to their destination, including trying to find a mate, a herd of orphans trying to find another group to integrate with, and avoiding being attacked by various predators on they journey.

Along with following the animals the show also looks at the scientists tracking them and learning about new behaviours they’ve witnessed as well as monitoring their movements. The show is a pretty standard wildlife documentary, so if you’re into that sort of thing it does exactly what you’d want.


Big Pacific (PBS)


Big Pacific (PBS) – Premieres 21st June

Nature documentary that looks at the wildlife that inhabits the Pacific on both land and sea. In it the show looks at a variety of animals where it shows how they survive and procreate.

Along with the usual nature show staples, the programme explains how some of the more curious natural phenomenon occur, some of which that are created by animals, and old relics of human civilisation. It then also looks at how conservations programmes have been put together and how some explorers are discovering species that were previously thought to be extinct.

While it is reminiscent of any Attenborough documentary you’d care to think of, it’s still a decent watch.


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet)


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet) – Premieres 28th May

Renowned adventure camera man Paul “Mungo” Mungeam travels around the world visiting remote place to see if he and his team can catch some of the more mysterious animals on film for the first time.

Like Destination Truth, Mungo picks one of the stranger animals he’s heard about on his travels then gets a team together and heads to the country of the animals origin. There he chats to locals to find any witnesses and possible locations of where the creature has be known to appear.

After finding the most likely location to catch the animal on film, they set up motion activated cameras and head on off on a night hunt in an effort to see it. Where afterwards all the footage is reviewed and Mungo delivers his verdict on the possibility of the creature existing.

For a creature hunting programme similar to the ones Josh Gates makes, it’s not as good as Destination Truth or Expedition Unknown, but it’s worth a viewing.


Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild)


Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 18th March

Reality show that follows a husband and wife who work and run a veterinary practice. Similar to programmes like Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Dr Dee Alaska Vet and The Vet Life, this shows the couple as they treat animals suffering from various injuries and aliments.

Like the aforementioned shows it follows them as they diagnose and perform surgery/treatment to the animals, as well as them explaining to the owners how their pets got their conditions and finding new homes for any strays that are brought in.

It’s your typical vet show, but doesn’t have anything unique to it that makes it stand out from the others on offer.