Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (Nat Geo Wild)


Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 3rd March

A reality show that follows the workers of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, as they rescue mistreated and abandoned animals, giving those animals medical attention, and when they are fully recovered putting them up for adoption.

The programme follows the different departments where it highlights a few of the situations the rescue teams have to deal with. As they go from breaking up a puppy farms, releasing animals trapped in various locations, and rescuing tamed animals struggling to look after themselves in the wild.

Then as soon as the animals reach the vets, it follows the medical folks are they diagnose and treat the animals. Showing how the conditions that they were living in caused the ailments and what the long lasting effects it has caused. Then after listing the recovered animals up for adoption briefly interviews those giving the pet a new home.

As pet rescue shows go it does exactly what you expect.



Wild Castles (Smithsonian Channel)


Wild Castles (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 1st September

A nature documentary that looks into the wildlife that is local to a castle ruin in Europe. In the programme it plays out like a regular nature programme where it follows a type of animal and and document how it lives and procreates.

Along with the wildlife aspect, the show also goes through the history of the castle, and the major historical events that occurred there. With some of these events the show ties it in with the native animals, and plots the history of the building up to the point it was finally vacated.

As a hybrid of a nature documentary and a programme about European history, it is a bit of a weird mix but does enough from keeping either aspect from becoming worn out. That said it really is only of interest to a rather specific audience.


Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist (Nat Geo)


Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist (Nat Geo) – Premieres 6th December – Miniseries 

A three part miniseries that documents Dian Fosseys time in Rwanda as she studied mountain gorillas. In the programme it looks into Dians early life finding out how she became interested in studying animals, and how she ended up in Rwanda studying gorillas. It also looks into the conservation site she created and ran all the way through to her murder.

The programme interviews the people that worked with Dian during her time in Africa, and shows the Nat Geo footage taken while their cameraman spent years documenting her work. Along with this the programme looks into the events that lead up to her murder. And with interviews of a doctor that worked with Dian, reveals some of the theories of who could have been responsible.

It’s an interesting bit of viewing.



Earthworks (Viceland)


Earthworks (Viceland) – Premieres 2nd June – Miniseries

A miniseries that follows a musical act as they head off to a part of the world where they want to document on what is happening to the region. During their time there, the act highlights what is going on and meet up with the locals to talk about how the recent events have effected them, and take some time to create some songs influence on what the’ve seen.

As a documentary it’s pretty light on any real content, as any of the information mentioned is usually the stuff that’s been mentioned numerous times before on any nature programme of worth. The show is more about showing how the trip gets to influence the songs being created, and even then they only show snippets of the tunes recorded.

The programme is a weird meld of two different types of documentaries and neither does enough to really keep any interest.



Mystery Of The Lost Islands (Animal Planet)


Mystery Of The Lost Islands (Animal Planet) – Premieres 7th November

Nature documentary where zoologist and predator expert Dave Salmoni heads off to remote islands over the world to study the generally unexplained animal behaviours that are unique to the area.

As he arrives at the island Dave begins to look into the different habitats on offer and what animals it attracts, and how that effects the eco system. When after exploring the island fully comes to the conclusion on how the various aspects of the location create the conditions necessary which the strange events that occur and why they happen.

The show is pretty solid nature documentary, though while it start to dip half way through, the way the discoveries are tied together at the end to explain the uniqueness of the island jeeps it an interesting enough watch.



Intruders (Animal Planet)


Intruders (Animal Planet) – Premieres 5th November

A show that recounts to stories of regular folks having to deal with unwanted animal visitors to their homes. The programme gets through three separate stories where those involved narrate through the sequence of events while reenactments are played out on screen.

It’s similar in its delivery to I Was Prey, though while that dealt with animal attacks this is solely focused on folks dealing with infestations and unwanted guests, while explaining how they were dealt with and the after effects it caused.

It’s not the best programme to ever be created though if you enjoyed I Was Prey, this is almost more of the same.



Finding Beasts (Travel Channel)


Finding Beasts (Travel Channel) – Premieres 1st November

A show where wildlife expert Casey Anderson heads off to remote locations looking for illusive animals that are boarding on mythological status.

In it Casey talks to people who seen the animal and heads off to the places that they were spotted in the chance he can capture them on camera. Along with going to the locations with the witnesses he also sets up trail cameras in those places, as well as locations where he believes they would feed in the hope of spotting them.

The show is a bit like an animal centric version of Destination Truth, but nowhere near as watchable.