Sharp Objects (HBO)


Sharp Objects (HBO) – Premieres 8th July

A thriller where functioning alcoholic Camille Preaker, a reporter for a St Louis newspaper, is given an assignment to cover a story in her home town of Wind Gap. Where a girl has been murdered and another is currently missing.

As Camille heads off to Wind Gap she has constant flashbacks of her childhood, which begin to intensify the longer she is there. And after arriving ends up staying with her mother, Adora, who is in constant fear of what the rest of the town thinks of her. As well as having a reluctance to move on from the past, as she has kept the room of Camilles sister Marian as it was from when she died. While transferring her overprotectiveness onto Camilles step-sister Amma.

As Camille works on the story she interveiws the parents of the missing girl, and soon after, along with a couple of other towns folk, find the missing body staged near the town centre. After being interviewed by the towns new detective Richard he confirms that he believes a serial killer is in town.

For an opening episode, it’s very much a slow burner where for an hour long programme not too much really happened. Though in the way that it’s made, it’s like Rectify where the slow pacing manages to keep your interest and make you want to check out another episode. It’s a decent watch.



Reverie (NBC)


Reverie (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

A procedural style thriller, where former hostage negotiator Mara Kint is asked by her former boss to join him at a tech company where her skills are needed. As users of a virtual reality dream simulator are ending up trapped in a coma as they start to believe the simulation is real.

Mara is hesitant in accepting the offer, as she quit the negotiation business after her brother-in-law murder her sister and niece. Despite her best attempts to stop him. But after visiting the company and seeing the comatose users accepts the job, where she gets inserted into the persons virtual reality. Leaving her to use her negotiation skills to get them leaving the simulation.

Though while she works to save the person Mara begins to see images of her niece appear. Which escalates with Mara seeing an apparition of her niece appear outside the programme, interacting with real objects.

For a network show it covers most of the well used plot points, including a big company breaking some rules in pushing forward their product. It’s a okay opening episode, though there’s something about it that doesn’t grab your interest enough to watch to check out another episode.


The Rain (Netflix)


The Rain (Netflix) – Premieres 4th May – Renewed

Danish sci-fi, where after getting pulled out of school by her dad before a test, Simone finds that her family are desperately trying to find safety from an incoming rain storm that is spreading a deadly virus.

After managing to get into an underground bunker built by the scientific company her father Frederik works for. Simone, along with her brother and mother are left there as Frederik leaves to get the cure to the virus he’s been working on. Almost as soon as her dad leaves them, Simones mother is then killed after Simone and her brother Rasmus open the bunker door almost letting an infected person in.

With Simone and Rasmus now having to survive on their own they remain in the bunker for five years waiting on Frederiks return. With food almost running out the pair then decide that they have to leave and try and get to another bunker in the area. But on the day that they are about to move the oxygen supply is cut off forcing them out, only to find that the bunker has been sabotaged by survivors on the outside.

For an opening episode it’s an incredible slow paced bit of TV, where virtually nothing of note happens, leaving you without any urge to continue watching.


Killing Eve (BBC America)


Killing Eve (BBC America) – Premieres 6th April – Renewed

After the murder of a Russian politician in London, Eve, a MI5 security officer is tasked with protecting the only witness. During the meeting about the killing, Eve puts forward the theory that the hitman is in fact a woman. Which is instantly dismissed by everyone bar the lady from the MI6 Russian desk. And after interviewing the witness Eve then finds out that her suspicions were correct, though the description she got pair up with no one they had on Record.

While Eve is trying to find the killer, Villanelle, the woman she’s hunting has been given a job to kill a mafia boss in Italy. Where in doing the job begins to take some liberties as she becomes more arrogant. Then after killing the mafia boss Villanelle to told to discreetly kill the witness that Eve is protecting, which she does in the most non-discreet manner possible.

As the witness is murdered Eves boss blames her for the outcome and sacks her. Only for the woman from the MI6 Russian Desk to contact Eve afterwards to get her to help with the capture of Villanelle.

For a crime drama it goes along at a decent pace, where the setup for the show is quickly put into place. Though while it’s clearly well made, there’s something about it that doesn’t make it feel like a must watch.


The Terror (AMC)


The Terror (AMC) – Premieres 26th March – Renewed

Inspired by a true story, this follows the crews of the HMS Terror & HMS Erebus during their doomed voyage. As they tried to chart the Artic and discover the Northwest passage through Canada.

When one of the crew comes down to what is believed to be scurvy, he begins to hallucinate, seeing a vision telling him that they should leave the area before dying. As the doctor relays the news, he is told to ignore what he heard and to perform an autopsy in the morning.

Then the next day, while the ice in the area begins to mount The Erebus. A crew member is sent into the water to work on the propeller. After the removing the ice blockage, the crew member turns to notices an apparition heading towards him that he avoids after being pulled up. During the same time, the doctor reveals that the person that died the night before wasn’t suffering scurvy, and had no idea on what killed him.

With the winter months drawing in and the ice thickening, the captain of The Terror Francis Crozier puts forward the the plan to change their direction and to use only one ship for them to beat the incoming freeze. Croziers plan is then then dismissed, where six days later both the ships become stranded.

As opening episodes go this is good. Very good. and well worth a watch.


Seven Seconds (Netflix)


Seven Seconds (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd February – Cancelled

Drama where after an off duty detective accidentally kills a 15 year old black kid in a car incident, his commanding officer decides to cover the murder by putting it on an known drunk.

After charging the guy with murder the assistant prosecutor, and drink enthusiast KJ Harper is brought in to reluctantly work the case with detective Joe Rinadi. As KJ believes there’s already enough evidence to prosecute the guy arrested, she accompanies Rinadi to the hospital to talk to the victims parents.

While this is going on, the officer that was in the hit and run becomes riddled with guilt and decides to turn himself in. After being fobbed off with the desk sergeant, heads home where he is greeted by his boss DiAngelo, who tells him in no uncertain terms to keep what is happening under wraps.

As the programme goes on Harper and Rinadi slowly discover pieces of evidence that points them away from the person the police have charged, leading to the pair to believe something suspicious is going on.

As crime dramas go this one starts off looking as if it could be promising. But as it goes on at a slow pace with not too much happening, it starts to feel like a grind to get through.


Altered Carbon (Netflix)


Altered Carbon (Netflix) – Premieres 2nd February – Renewed

Sci-fi thriller where after being killed in his pursuit of stopping people to able to transplant their memories into new bodies, called sleeves, thus living for ever. Takeshi Kovacs is ironically brought back 250 years after he was stopped.

After vaguely coming to terms that he is in a body that’s not his own, Takeshi is taken to meet Laurens Bancroft, the man who paid for him to be brought back. There he finds out that Bancroft needs his services to find out who killed him a few days earlier. Where the scene was made to look like a suicide, but the perpetrators failed to stop the remote server downloading his memories into a new body. Meaning that Bancroft can remember everything up to the point of his last memory upload, but misses out remembering who killed him.

Bancroft gives Takeshi a day to think about the offer where either he accepts and gets his freedom, or refuses and is permanently deleted. Settling on the second option, Takeshi decides to spend his remaining time on getting wasted. Until an altercation in the hotel lobby he was signing into piques his interest in the case.

It’s a solid opening episode that goes along at a decent pace, and a plot that’s easy to keep with. Along the addition of the John Wick style hotel scene and it’s a decent watch.