Light As A Feather (Hulu)


Light As A Feather (Hulu) – Premieres 12th October

A teen horror, where after befriending Violet when she became collateral damage from a school prank. McKenna invites to join her group of friends, where after a game of Light As A Feather an evil force is summond that begins to hunt them down.

In the opening episode, after McKenna comes to Violets aid she finds out Violet is a new starter in the school and has yet to know anyone. During a meet up with her friends, McKenna talks them around to let Violet join them to their pre-drinks to a party.

After telling Violet about the drinks it reveals that she has been doing some light stalking and developing an obsession with McKenna. So when the group are thinking of something to do while drinking, Violet suggests Light As A Feather. And while performing it on on of McKennas friends, gets her to levitate while she gives a premonition of a death.

As horrors go this is in the same park as Freakish, where for a 20 minute show it never gets going or actually manages to create any real tension. And while the acting is better than that found in Freakish, there’s nothing that would make you want to watch any more of it.



The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)


The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix) – Premieres 12th October

Horror series that follows the Crain family. Who after moving into Hill House to renovate and flip it over a summer in the early 90’s, begin to witness supernatural goings on, before fleeing the property. Only for the members of the family to begin witnessing the same activity 26 years later.

In the opening episode, eldest child Steven is now an author who found fame after publishing a book of what went on in the house during the time they were there. Though since he is a skeptic and never believed the house was haunted, this led to him falling out with his siblings, Shirley, Theo, Nell & Luke, for cashing in on their experiences.

While Steven is out meeting a possible lead for a new book, he misses a call from his youngest sister Nell, who also tries and fails to contact her other siblings. And after returning from his trip where he finds his brother, recovering drug addict Luke, stealing some things from his apartment and after paying him brother off discovers that his sister Nell is waiting for him in there. As the pair chat Stephen receives a call from his father Hugh when he’s told one of his siblings has committed suicide because of the house, leading to Stephen to have a realisation.

As this is going on the show cuts between the current day story and showing the family while they were living in Hill House, where mainly during the night some the supernatural goings on get more and more intense before the family are forced to leaving in the middle of the night after something serious occurred.

As TV horror goes, this is definitely of of the best to have been released in recent times. As it manages to crank the up the suspense without having to completely rely on jump scares, and managing to keep the mystery going. It’s well worth a watch.


Into The Dark (Hulu)


Into The Dark (Hulu) – Premieres 5th October

An anthology horror series where each episode is a self contained story, with the theme tying the series together is that all the stories shown are set in a holiday period.

With the episode, it’s an hour and a half long horror/thriller that plays out like a low budget film. Though with what’s shown it does lack in the horror side, and in the first episode the end twist is disappointing leaving what is an average bit of viewing to finishing on a poor note.

That said, while it’s not something you’d go out of you way to watch it has just enough to back it an acceptable bit of background noise.


Manifest (NBC)


Manifest (NBC) – Premieres 24th September

A mystery drama where after travelling on a turbulent flight from Jamaica to New York, the crew and passengers discover when they land that it’s now five years in the future.

The programme is centred on siblings Michaela and Ben, as they start to discover how their lives have changed. As cop Michaela’s fiancé has now married her best friend, and Ben’s son who travelled with him now has the chance to get live saving cancer treatment. Along with Ben’s wife and daughter holding back on information about their lives over the five years where they thought he was dead.

As the pair begin to readjust, Michaela stats to hear a voice in her head, that when acted upon stops a fatal incident from happening. After confiding in her brother he tells her to keep silent on it, only to discover the he is hearing the same voices.

While this is going on, the FBI are examining the plane to find out what happened to make the plane disappear for five years. Leading to everyone that was on the flight to be drawn to the plane the night before it is about to be taken apart, where they witness it explode.

While it does have an interesting premise, the plot chugs along at a slow pace and struggles to capture your interest. Though it does have enough about it to make you want to check the next episode just to see if it improves.


You (Lifetime)


You (Lifetime) – Premieres 9th September – Renewed

A thriller that follows Joe Goldberg, a book store manager who after meeting Guinevere, develops an obsession on her and is intent to do anything he can to get with her.

During the episode, between Joe helping out the kid next door who is being neglected and possibly abused by his mums new boyfriend. Joe begins to do some light online research on Guinevere, that slowly develops into him stalking and learning everything about her. Then from there Joe starts to try influence events and people in her life so that she will end up in a relationship with him.

The show is like a stalkers take on Dexter, and is a surprisingly decent watch for something that’s being shown on Lifetime. The opening episode goes along at a decent pace and has more than enough going on to get your interest, it’s well worth a watch.


The Purge (USA)


The Purge (USA) – Premieres 4th September

Based on the film of the same name, this follows three people as the 12 hour purge, a period where all crime is legal, begins.

The opening episode spends the nearly the entirety of the time setting up the story where it follows Miguel who is trying to find his sister, who has joined a cult where they sacrifice themselves during the Purge. Jane a businesswoman who is working in the office during the evening, who hires a hit woman. And Jenna and Rick, a couple invited to a purge party so they can try and get funding for their charitable cause, then find out the woman they had a threesome with in the the building.

While the opener is slow going, it does show some promise in an Under The Dome type way. Where it could end up being a delightful mess of the show. And while it doesn’t show much in the first 45 minutes it does enough to warrant checking the next episode.


Mayans M.C. (FX)


Mayans M.C. (FX) – Premieres 4th September – Renewed

A spinoff to Sons of Anarchy set after the original series, where it’s centred on the Mayan motorcycle club. Where after being released from prison, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes has joined the club where his brother is a already a patched member.

Ez is brought into help guard a drug run the club are doing for a Mexican cartel, then ends up in disaster when the convoy is hijacked and the drugs stolen. This leads the cartel to demand that the Mayans find out what happened before they start dishing out their own retribution on them.

Remembering a tattoo on one of the hijackers, EZ tells the club, that leads them to jump a rival gang. Where they find out job was pulled by Mexican rebels intent of forcing the cartel out of their area.

As this is going on EZ is called out to attend a meeting where it’s revealed he was released from prison early on the condition that he supplies information to the police. Before EZ finds out that his brother is the leak in the club telling the rebels where and how to hijack the drug runs.

The show itself has the same vibe as Sons of Anarchy, where a member of a biker club is bringing it down from the inside. Making it something only of interest to those that liked the original.