Little Dog (CBC)


Little Dog (CBC) – Premieres 1st March

Canadian comedy that follows Tommy “Little Dog” Ross, a boxer who walked out his title fight half way though the bout, and does his best to become a forgotten man.

This ends five years later when after he leaves his pub on his birthday, he gets videoed taking down two bouncers. The footage manages to end up being played on the news, leading to the boxer he walked out on, RIco St. George, to offer him a championship fight to finally settle who is the better fighter.

As he ponders the offer his family are adamant that he shouldn’t accept as his mother found his failure tarnished the family name, along with his father being imprisoned. After getting numerous members of his family telling him that he shouldn’t do it, Tommy snaps and accepts the challenge on a TV interview.

While the show does have a couple of alright moments in it, it’s a pretty inconsistent bit of comedy where it misses more than it hits. That said it far more accessible and funnier than Crawford.



American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja (USA Network)


American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja (USA Network) – Premieres 1st March

Another American Ninja Warrior spin off that has more than a little in common with Team Ninja Warriors. In this iteration there are 36 teams consisting of 3 former Ninja Warrior contestants, all competing to become the overall champion.

In each episode there are two heats, where the teams progress if the get three victories over their opponents. The heats have an initial three runs where the ninjas go against each other one on one on a special course. If there is no winner after those rounds, then relay events are played out until a winner has been decided. After the two heats the winning teams from each go against each other and the winning team from that progresses in the competition.

For what it is the show is more enjoyable to watch than Team Ninja Warriors even though the format is near identical. That said it’s still not as good as the standard American Ninja Warrior, but it’s a decent enough way to burn 45 minutes.


Twin Turbos (Discovery)


Twin Turbos (Discovery) – Premieres 28th February

Doing a different take on the usual car modification shows this follow the father and son team of Doug and Brad DeBerti. Where son Brad has had his racing career on hold for the past year, after a crash he was involved in left him with a damaged his spine.

Nearing the end of his recovery, Brad is looking to get back into racing as he tries to achieve his goal of competing in NASCAR. So to restart his racing career the pair use the profits from their garage to fund his racing expenses. The show follows the pair as they get orders in from high paying customers to make one off custom vehicles and shows them getting Brads cars ready for upcoming race weekends.

As a car modification programme the addition of the racing aspect does make it stand out from similar shows, though it could do with covering a bit more on the actual races they show at the end. It’s not a bad way to waste 45 minutes.



Grand Prix Driver (Amazon)


Grand Prix Driver (Amazon) – Premieres 9th February

A four part documentary about the McLaren F1 team during the 2017 preseason, as they go about getting their car and drivers ready for the upcoming season after a few years bumbling around near the back of the grid.

During the show it follows the drivers Fernando Alonso and newly promoted Stoffel Vandoorne as they get fitted for the new car, perform contactual appearances for sponsors and give their feedback on the car in simulation sessions.

As well as looking at the drivers it also interviews the teams bigwigs as they talk about how they are trying to improve the teams fortunes. Which includes a management restructure after ousting former chief Ron Dennis from the company, and talking about how they are attempting to revitalise their sponsorship situation.

For a behind the scenes look at an F1 team, the documentary is following one of the duller, more corporate teams where it just comes across as a mundane PR exercise. If it was about Force India or Sauber you feel it would have a more interesting angle due to they’re the teams that have been struggling with getting money in to support the team.

All-in-all it’s one that would only really be of interest to McLaren fans.



Coach Snoop (Netflix)


Coach Snoop (Netflix) – Premieres 2nd February 

A docu-series that follows the Snoop Steelers, a team in the Snoop Youth Football League and coached by Snoop Dogg, for a season as they are attempting to get into the national championship game.

The setup is a lot like that of Last Chance U & A Season With, where it focuses on a few of the teams players and parents who come from the rougher parts of LA as well as the coaches as they get them prepared for the games.

The show starts off with Snoop dropping sage words of wisdom and introduces the the rest of the staff that look after the team. Then shows follows the team as the prepare for the upcoming game. Along with this the kids and parents are interviewed where they talk about how the team has been beneficial to them, and finishes off with showing the highlights of the game they were training for.

It’s an enjoyable watch, what with one of the coaches more sweary outlook on motivation, and if you remotely enjoyed A Season With or Last Chance U this is more of the same.



NFL Fanatic (USA Network)


NFL Fanatic (USA Network) – Premieres 1st January

After living in America for a while Darren McCullen has decided that he finally needs to pick an NFL to support. So in each episode he heads off to visit an NFL team where he samples what the club is all about.

After arriving in the teams city, Darren heads off to their training facility where he chats to the players and coaches about what makes the team special. Then he meets up with a player at their home where they talk about how they felt about being drafted by the side, and a chats to other family members about what it’s like for their relative to play for the team.

Darren then finishes up by visiting the tailgate party on game day, and gets shown around the stadium where he ends up watching a game.

The show is an easy enough way to burn through 20 minutes, but it’s not something you go out of you way to watch.



Epicly Later’d (Viceland)


Epicly Later’d (Viceland) – Premieres 6th September

The TV version of the Vice web series, this is a docu-series that looks at the life and careers of famous and legendary skateboarders.

In it the host meets up with the boarder in question where they discuss how they started, and the highs and lows they’ve been through. Along with having talking head bits from family members, friends and other skaters there is a fair amount of archive footage thrown in to the mix, and it gets into decent detail of the persons life.

If you like stuff such as King Of The Road it’s an interesting bit of viewing.