GLOW (Netflix)


GLOW (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd June

A comedy drama that follows Ruth, an out of work actress who is desperate to get a meaningful role that doesn’t involve playing a secretary to a businessman, and ends up performing in a televised womens wrestling league.

After accosting an agent in the womens toilets, she is given an audition for a new promotion being created by a former B movie director Sam Sylvia. When she turns up Ruth finds out the the gig is to be part of a new wrestling promotion called Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).

After being booted from the audition for trying to introduce a backstory to her character and acting out a scene in the ring, she then turns up only to have her best friend throw down with her after she discovered that Ruth is sleeping with her husband.

For an opening ep its ok, though surprisingly light on any comedic elements given the premise.


Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon)


Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon) – Premieres 9th June

Documenting the 2015 running of the Le Mans race, this series focuses on six teams on the grid, where they follow them throughout the build up, qualification and race.

In it the the show interviews the engineers and drivers, where they talk about Le Mans and their history with the race, while showing the the difficulties the teams encounters as the try to win.

For a sports documentary it’s a pretty basic effort especially if you already know who won the race, as they never talk to one of the winning drivers even though he was part of one of the teams being followed. If you’re interested in motor racing it does a job, though it never really gives the feeling of getting in depth.


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix)


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix) – Premieres 24th February – Renewed

An assault course style competition where in each episode 12 entrants made up from the six countries involved (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Japan), go against each other where the last person standing wins $10k and gains entry into the grand final where they could win $50k.

The competition is split up into 4 rounds, where the competitors gain points for completing each obstacle and get bonus points for activating a points boost lever located on some of the challenges. At the end of the first round the top 8 go through to the next stage, where they keep the points already accumulated, at the end of the second round the three lowest point scorers are eliminated.

The third round offer the remaining 5 the option of completing a simpler course that offers a lower point yield, or the hard option where if they fail at an obstacle they have the points they could have gained, deducted from their score.

For the final round the top competitors have their scores reset to zero and they race against each other to tackle a Mount Midoriyama climb littered with additional challenges. The winner the person the achieves either the completion of the round, gets the highest score, or if the scores are tied whoever is higher up after 5 minutes.

For a obstacle course competition it is a more entertaining piece of viewing compared to American Grit or Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, though it lacks the atmosphere or watchability of Ninja Warrior.


Brockmire (IFC)


Brockmire (IFC) – Premieres 5th April – Renewed

Comedy about sports commentator Jim Brockmire, who after having a breakdown while commenting a baseball match in 2007 flees the country for ten years in a drug induced haze before taking a job at a minor team as a play-by-play caller.

When he turns up at the team he begins to realise that his breakdown ten years earlier has become a thing of legend and the first viral video on the internet. After being talked into accept his past by his new employers he see that the team he’ll be play calling are a bunch of misfits that are taking gamesmanship to a new level.

It’s easily one of the better first eps of a comedy, the breakdown itself is more than enough to warrant a watch.


Hollywood & Football (E!)


Hollywood & Football (E!) – Starts 30th November

Continuing on from being part of a below average Hard Knocks, the unstoppable 7-9 bullshit merchants, the LA Rams, get another show to try and raise their profile in the NFL graveyard of Los Angeles.

Using the WAGs approach to the proceedings, the show focuses on the Kenny Britt, Rodger Saffold, Lance Kendricks, Chase Reynolds and everyones favourite Wide Receiver, Bradley Marquez and their families as they relocate from St Louis. With Marquez in the role of silent, confused looking man, the rest of the cast do all the donkey work of organising a party, meeting up for lunch and other such reality show things.

It’s not good to the point you’re hoping Jeff Fisher will turn up to add some excitement.


Pitch (FOX)


Pitch (FOX) – Starts 22nd September – Cancelled

Sports drama about a woman who has become the first ever female pitcher to be called up into Major League Baseball. Starting off on the first day of her call up she has to try and integrate herself with her team mates who all think of her as a gimmick that won’t last more than a game, while coping with the pressure of being under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Along with the flashbacks of her hardline father training her up to become a pitcher throughout her youth, she has to deal with a game destroying bout of nerves that make her look like Snoop Dogg in the accuracy stakes. In the end it takes the egotistical star player to deliver a a speech on the mound to get her head back in the game and he pitching back on point.

Despite having a cliched ending which could be spotted a mile off, it’s not too bad an opening episode.


Last Chance U (Netflix)


Last Chance U (Netflix) – Starts 29th July – Renewed

Following in the footsteps of A Season With Notre Dame Football and All Or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals it follows the season with infamous JuCo school East Mississippi Community College. A team renowned for its scouting policy of giving talented but troubled players a second chance of getting to a Division 1 school, and for the head coaches insistence of running up huge scores.

Like A Season With Notre Dame Football it follows the students on and off the field where the the majority of the show centres around the athletic academic advisor Ms Wagner and her constant battle in trying to get the players to attend class, get decent grades to keep them on the team and give them a chance to go to a bigger school. All of which at times appears as futile as trying to herd cats.

Along with the off the field antics there’s plenty of game action which can descend into a highlight reel of rage and profanity from the head coach.

Like the other aforementioned shows it’s a good enjoyable watch, even though some of the players are effortlessly annoying with their inability to grasp that their skiving of classes could cost them.