Epicly Later’d (Viceland)


Epicly Later’d (Viceland) – Premieres 6th September

The TV version of the Vice web series, this is a docu-series that looks at the life and careers of famous and legendary skateboarders.

In it the host meets up with the boarder in question where they discuss how they started, and the highs and lows they’ve been through. Along with having talking head bits from family members, friends and other skaters there is a fair amount of archive footage thrown in to the mix, and it gets into decent detail of the persons life.

If you like stuff such as King Of The Road it’s an interesting bit of viewing.



The Last Shot (Viceland)


The Last Shot (Viceland) – Premieres 7th August

A docu-series that follows two basketball teams as they take part in cash tournaments in Mexico that have a history of being funded by local drug cartels.

With the teams, one is made up of mercenary players who only play in cash tourneys as a way to support their families, whereas the other team consists of former college players using this as a last chance to get spotted by scouts and revive their chances of going pro.

The show follows them as they head over to Mexico to spend a few months playing in as many tournaments as they can, while finding out that the teams they are playing against play to a more lenient take on the rules. It’s a decent watch and possibly has more game footage shown than i’ve seen in whole highlight episode of a FIBA 3×3 tournament.


21 Thunder (CBC)


21 Thunder (CBC) – Premieres 31st July

A sports drama that follows the under-21 team of the Montreal Thunder, that appears to be written by someone with minimal knowledge of football and who has just watched an episode of Dream Team.

After pushing through a signing of an Ivory Coast striker, the under-21 manager who appears to have more control over the team transfer policy than most first team bosses, is given the news that not only has the team signed a problematic Scottish player/coach who is on more money than him. They have also hired the leagues first female coach that the owner describes as a “PR squirtfest”.

Along with the coaching staff shenanigans their star striker is involved in some gangland mishaps leading him to be blackmailed into doing some shady dealings. It’s all pretty ludicrous stuff that barely makes any sense.

It’s a very silly bit of TV that’s somehow sort of watchable in shambolic manner.


Battle of the Network Stars (ABC)


Battle of the Network Stars (ABC) – Premieres 29th June

A celebrity sports day reboot, where the celebs are teamed up in roles thar they are best known for and go against each other in 10 events under the captainship of DeMarcus Ware and Ronda Rousey.

The reboot is pretty much identical to the original even down to the hosts blazers. Though with the events being hosted in an university campus surrounded by a building site, it gives the show an empty feel only added by the fact that there are no spectators. It’s a lot like watching a school sports day where the competitions were made up on the spot.

It’s not a show you’d go out the way to watch.


GLOW (Netflix)


GLOW (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd June – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows Ruth, an out of work actress who is desperate to get a meaningful role that doesn’t involve playing a secretary to a businessman, and ends up performing in a televised womens wrestling league.

After accosting an agent in the womens toilets, she is given an audition for a new promotion being created by a former B movie director Sam Sylvia. When she turns up Ruth finds out the the gig is to be part of a new wrestling promotion called Glow (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling).

After being booted from the audition for trying to introduce a backstory to her character and acting out a scene in the ring, she then turns up only to have her best friend throw down with her after she discovered that Ruth is sleeping with her husband.

For an opening ep its ok, though surprisingly light on any comedic elements given the premise.


Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon)


Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon) – Premieres 9th June

Documenting the 2015 running of the Le Mans race, this series focuses on six teams on the grid, where they follow them throughout the build up, qualification and race.

In it the the show interviews the engineers and drivers, where they talk about Le Mans and their history with the race, while showing the the difficulties the teams encounters as the try to win.

For a sports documentary it’s a pretty basic effort especially if you already know who won the race, as they never talk to one of the winning drivers even though he was part of one of the teams being followed. If you’re interested in motor racing it does a job, though it never really gives the feeling of getting in depth.


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix)


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix) – Premieres 24th February – Renewed

An assault course style competition where in each episode 12 entrants made up from the six countries involved (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Japan), go against each other where the last person standing wins $10k and gains entry into the grand final where they could win $50k.

The competition is split up into 4 rounds, where the competitors gain points for completing each obstacle and get bonus points for activating a points boost lever located on some of the challenges. At the end of the first round the top 8 go through to the next stage, where they keep the points already accumulated, at the end of the second round the three lowest point scorers are eliminated.

The third round offer the remaining 5 the option of completing a simpler course that offers a lower point yield, or the hard option where if they fail at an obstacle they have the points they could have gained, deducted from their score.

For the final round the top competitors have their scores reset to zero and they race against each other to tackle a Mount Midoriyama climb littered with additional challenges. The winner the person the achieves either the completion of the round, gets the highest score, or if the scores are tied whoever is higher up after 5 minutes.

For a obstacle course competition it is a more entertaining piece of viewing compared to American Grit or Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, though it lacks the atmosphere or watchability of Ninja Warrior.