The Launch (CTV)


The Launch (CTV) – Premieres 10th January – Renewed

A singing competition that takes a different angle to the concept, where the weekly winner gets to release a song they’ve performed just after winning the show.

In the programme three judges initially sit through the auditions of up to five acts, where they will select two to go through in to the next stage. After getting through the audition the selected two are then put straight into a studio where they both record a version of a new unreleased song, where it shows the producer getting the best performances out of the singers.

When the songs are recorded the programme then goes into a live performance stage, where after being given some pointers by the guest recording artist working as a judge, the pair then perform their version of the song in front of a live crowd. Then after some consulting the judges reveal which one will get to have their song released to the public.

As singing competitions go, the fact that the whole process that would take other shows around two months is done in 45 minutes makes it a refreshing change.



The Four: Battle for Stardom (Fox)


The Four: Battle for Stardom (Fox) – Premieres 4th January – Renewed

A singing competition hosted by Fergie form the Black Eyed Peas and judged by P Diddy, DJ Khalid, Meghan Trainor and a record exec, where they try to find the person they believe will be the next big thing. And where the overall winner would receive a record contract, get’s named iHeartMedia’s “On the Verge” artist and tutelage from the four judges.

In the show four singers have been preselected to be the starting calibre. Then each new singer that enters has the chance to displace one of them. To be able to the challenge, the singer first has to perform in front of the judges and receive an unanimous decision from them.

If they manage to get through, the singer is asked which one of “The Four” they want to challenge, then they both perform a song, and afterwards the crowd vote on which performer should stay.

For a singing competition the winner stays on format does give it a different angle to other programmes. Though it still feels and watches like any other singing competition, but with the added irritant of the judges consistently forcing out lines hoping to stumble upon a catchphrase.


Boy Band (ABC)


Boy Band (ABC) – Premieres 22nd June – Cancelled

Singing competition hosted by Rita Ora where 30 lads are judged by three “architects”, Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton, where the final five singers remaining will become a signed boyband.

The initial round of the show has all 30 performing indivdually in front of the “architects”, followed up where a couple of the contestants are chosen to pair up to see if they can perform in certain boyband scenarios.

After which the “architects” whittle the 30 down to 18, and three groups of 6 are formed. These groups then have to go through learning a song and routine where the weakest two members are put up for elimination with the loser leaving the show.

For a singing competition it’s no different to The X Factor and the like, where the performers backstories all seem to have varying elements of personal tribulations set to emotive backing tracks. The show offers nothing different to what is already out there and is a slog to sit through.


Sing It On (Pop)


Sing It On (Pop) – Starts 13th May – Renewed

Thanks to the film Pitch Perfect we now have a reality show following five A Cappella groups vying to win the ICAA collegiate competition.  Most of the group members come across with delusions of grandeur, constantly talking about turning new recruits from amateurs into professionals, ignore the fact that they themselves are amateurs.

Along with holding rehearsals, there’s some typically dull inter-group rivalry which culminated with the trading of new members between an all female group and a mixed gender team.

Tedious to the extreme.