The First (Hulu)


The First (Hulu) – Premieres 14th September

Set in 2030, this is a drama that’s set during the time where the first manned flight to Mars is about to launch. In the programme it follows Captain Tom Hagerty, who was removed from the crew manning the flight, and the mission director Laz Ingram as problems with the shuttle and mission arise.

During the episode, after watching the launch Hagerty becomes involved with helping resolving the upcoming problems, much to Ingrams disapproval. While at the same time Ingram has to face the press and and work on what went wrong and why.

For an opener this one is particularly slow paced, and with a drama about the first manned mission to Mars, it’s more centred on the personal relationships and leaves the sci-fi element very much in the background. All together it ends up being a very slow paced watch, and one that doesn’t give anything away anything that could hook your interest.



The Innocents (Netflix)


The Innocents (Netflix) – Premieres 24th August

A sci-fi drama where after growing tired of her controlling father, who has gotten worse since her mother disappeared. June plots to run away with her boyfriend Harry, who is also desperate to get away from his own home life.

The pair find themselves under a looming deadline, as Junes father is planning to move the family off to a remove Scottish island. Where it slowly reveals that they are under surveillance from a mysterious group.

June unaware of this, makes her escape with Harry the night before the move, and as they flee run into someone in distress. While helping them out, they discover it was a ruse to kidnap June, with the would be captors saying that they are with her mother and are trying to help.

After managing to escape, by possibly leaving one of the kidnappers dead on the side of the road. June ends up revisiting the scene, and ends up discovering that she has the ability of shape shifting into the person she touches.

For an opening episode, this one goes along at a sluggish pace where the only thing of note happens in the last 5 minutes. Altogether it never does anything during the first episode that hooks your interest, making all very forgettable.


In Search Of (History)


In Search Of (History) – Premieres 20th July

Based on the Leonard Nimoy fronted 70’s show of the same name. This has Zachary Quinto taking over the hosting duties, where in each episode he looks into left field subject matter ranging from UFOs to time travel.

During the programme Quinto looks into a couple of aspects within the episodes subject, where along with talking to experts to witnesses, takes part in and observes experiments and tests.

By the end of the show Zachary looks back at what he’s learned, and puts together whether he is a believer or not. And which parts of what he has seen has had the most effect on him.

The show itself is a pretty lightweight affair, where the things that are looked into don’t go into too much depth. And the vagueness of what is shown ends up making it a bit of a grind in places, though it does have enough going on to make it something you’d watch if nowt was on.


Strange Angel (CBS)


Strange Angel (CBS) – Premieres 14th June

Drama based on the life of rocket engineer Jack Parson, where as he and his research partner Richard Onsted are trying to get a research grant to fund their rocket development.

After talking the professor of the Aeronautical Lab around to their idea that rocket development is a worthy area to study, and can in fact be researched to scientific standards. The pair the begin their work to find out how how to generate the thrust required and start tackling the problems of finding a consistent fuel source.

At the same time Jack begins to meet up with his new neighbour Ernest, who in between drunken evening shenanigans, acts suspiciously enough for Jack to following him one night. This leads to Jack watching an occult ritual that Ernest was taking part in, but manages end up getting spotted. Where after Ernest starts leaving occult paraphernalia about to try and recruit him.

For an opening episode, there’s nothing that happens during it that really grabs your attention. But while it’s something that you could have on in the background, the way it plods along makes it a bland bit of viewing.


Reverie (NBC)


Reverie (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

A procedural style thriller, where former hostage negotiator Mara Kint is asked by her former boss to join him at a tech company where her skills are needed. As users of a virtual reality dream simulator are ending up trapped in a coma as they start to believe the simulation is real.

Mara is hesitant in accepting the offer, as she quit the negotiation business after her brother-in-law murder her sister and niece. Despite her best attempts to stop him. But after visiting the company and seeing the comatose users accepts the job, where she gets inserted into the persons virtual reality. Leaving her to use her negotiation skills to get them leaving the simulation.

Though while she works to save the person Mara begins to see images of her niece appear. Which escalates with Mara seeing an apparition of her niece appear outside the programme, interacting with real objects.

For a network show it covers most of the well used plot points, including a big company breaking some rules in pushing forward their product. It’s a okay opening episode, though there’s something about it that doesn’t grab your interest enough to watch to check out another episode.


The Rain (Netflix)


The Rain (Netflix) – Premieres 4th May – Renewed

Danish sci-fi, where after getting pulled out of school by her dad before a test, Simone finds that her family are desperately trying to find safety from an incoming rain storm that is spreading a deadly virus.

After managing to get into an underground bunker built by the scientific company her father Frederik works for. Simone, along with her brother and mother are left there as Frederik leaves to get the cure to the virus he’s been working on. Almost as soon as her dad leaves them, Simones mother is then killed after Simone and her brother Rasmus open the bunker door almost letting an infected person in.

With Simone and Rasmus now having to survive on their own they remain in the bunker for five years waiting on Frederiks return. With food almost running out the pair then decide that they have to leave and try and get to another bunker in the area. But on the day that they are about to move the oxygen supply is cut off forcing them out, only to find that the bunker has been sabotaged by survivors on the outside.

For an opening episode it’s an incredible slow paced bit of TV, where virtually nothing of note happens, leaving you without any urge to continue watching.


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC)


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC) – Premieres 30th April

Documenting the history of science fiction in popular culture. James Cameron interviews directors where they talk about the how the films they made were inspired, how they created the look, and the influences they incorporated within the making of it.

In between the short clips of the interviews the show then interviews actors, critics and authors. Where they talk about how certain science fiction themes have evolved over time and how the genre takes it influences from current events. Along with the making of the films the directors are talking about, and explaining certain aspects of the plot and its relevance to the time it was set in.

With the mix between showing some of the history of science fiction along with the interviews with the directors, it makes the programme an interesting watch.