Lost In Space (Netflix)


Lost In Space (Netflix) – Premieres 13th April

Reboot of the 60’s TV show, this follows the Robinson family, who while on the way to a new space colony have to evacuate the ship. Leaving them stranded on an unknown planet.

After crash landing and witnessing their escape shuttle sink into deep water, the Robinsons have to figure on how they are going to survive in the icy condition they find themselves in while they hope to be rescued.

When realising that the only way to retrieve a battery generator needed to keep their heater working throughout the night, the father John, asks his smallest child Will to get it as only he can fit through the hatch. Before Will can go his sister Judy jumps in to get it only to end up submerged and trapped in ice.

To rescue her John and Will head off to find supplies to help the rescue, while Johns other daughter Penny looks after her injured mother Maureen along with keeping Judy company. After finding what they need Will is then separated from John, who makes the decision to go back to save Judy and then return to save Will. During this time Will discovers an alien craft and slowly befriends a robot who saves him.

While this is going on the programme shows the backstory of the family as headed towards the mission, along with the reason why their ship was abandoned. And revealing how some of the other crew managed to escape.

As a reboot this is a more serious take on the original, and is a lot more watchable for it. It’s a surprisingly decent bit of viewing.



Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim)


Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim) – Premieres 9th April

Set in the dystopian future of 9009, where after the Rad War an overlord called The Great One devised The Game, a sport that would stop all future wars. The show follows the worst team in the league The Leptons, where their captain Ash is an unrelenting optimist who idolises the best player in the league, Gaz Digzy.

For the opening game to the season his team face off against Digzys Boom Boom Boys, where after destroying the Leptons Gaz realises her enjoyment of the game has gone. So she goes on a drink and drugs bender that leaves her kicked out of the sport, only for the Great One to offer her one last chance. That she has to join the Leptons and help them win one game before she can return to the major leagues.

As Adult Swim programmes go this one is almost normal, with it being like a fucked up version of a Saturday morning cartoon. Along with the hectic pace it goes along at, and the anime style to it all, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable watch.


The Crossing (ABC)


The Crossing (ABC) – Premieres 2nd April

Sci-fi shenanigans set in the small town of Port Canaan, where the sheriff Jude Ellis is called out to an incident on the local beach as bodies are starting to wash up onto the shore.

The incident gets the attention of Homeland Security who send down agent Emma Ren to take over the local forces. There she interviews the survivors who reveal the they are refuges escaping a war from 180 years in the future. Where the people they are fleeing from are humans with enhanced powers wanting to enslave them.

During this time Jude, who has had his access to the beach revoked, gets held at gunpoint by Reece, a survivor that was rescued by by a fishing vessel and is now trying to get back to her daughter. Jude takes Reece to a warehouse where the deceased are being kept that she manages to break in to. But after not being to find her daughter, flees the scene when security arrive where she reveals that she has inhuman abilities.

As this going on, one of the survivors reveals to Ren that their group wasn’t the first to cross over. And that inhumans were sent over earlier to put themselves within high ranking positions to begin laying the foundations of the war. Leading to Ren telling her superior that some high ranking roles may be compromised, and arranges for the survivor to meet him.

For an opening episode, it’s a decent start that manages to get the plot over quickly and without it effecting the pace of the show. It’s a decent watch.


Krypton (SyFy)


Krypton (SyFy) – Premieres 21st March – Renewed

Set about 200 years before the birth of Superman and the destruction of Krypton, this follows the grandfather of Superman, Seg-El. Who as a child witnesses his own grandfather sentenced to death for not bowing down to the new religious leader, The Voice. And finds that his family have been ostracised, leading them to live in the slums and with no chance of redeeming their name.

Moving on a few years, Seg-El is now a twenty-something who makes his money mainly from hustling the patrons of his friends bar. After having an altercation with some of The Voices security forces, Seg encounters Adam Strange, a time traveller from Earth, who tells him that because of his Grandson someone from the future has been sent to destroy Krypton, and hands him a crystal to the Fortress of Solitude.

After almost being arrested while carrying the crystal, Seg is saved by his mother in a stolen vehicle, who reveals that his parents know where the fortress is. She then takes Seg there, where she reveals that his grandfather discovered evidence of an alien presence that is capable of destroying planets, and was possibly heading to Krypton.

When security forces catch his mother for the theft of the vehicle and try to find out who was also with her, she refuses and is arrested. During her trial she continues to refuse to reveal who was with her, and announcing that the theories Segs grandfather had was correct. This leads to Segs father to claim it was him in the vehicle before he could do so, ending with both his parents being killed in front of him.

Returning to the fortress Seg is met again by Adam Strange who shows him Supermans cape, which is deteriorating in a Back To The Future manner, and tells him that when the cape is gone their time is up. Strange then tells Seg about Braniac, and how it will wipe out everything it encounters that he is the only hope of stopping it.

While the show goes along at a decent pace, the way it’s written is reminiscent of DaVinci’s Demons. Which is sort of off putting when it’s all set on a futuristic planet. That said, there are worse ways to burn 45 minutes.


Final Space (TBS)


Final Space (TBS) – Premieres 26th February

Animated comedy sci-fi, where after getting arrested for impersonating a pilot in the Infinity Guard to impress a woman, Gary is nearing the end of his 5 years of space labour. Where the only company he had is with a deep space insanity avoidance companion Kevin, who he hates, the security bots and the ships AI HUE who treats him like a toddler.

While Gary is fixing a satellite a small alien creature collides into him where after naming it Mooncake, brings it back onboard the ship. Unbeknown to Gary, Mooncake is a planet destroying weapon that the the evil Lord Commander trying to catch. And after escaping an attack from some bounty hunters, where they manage to capture one, a catlike creature called Avocato who reveals who Mooncake is and the danger it puts them in.

The first ep is a solid opener, and for what it is, is an enjoyable watch.


Stargate Origins (Stargate Command)


Stargate Origins (Stargate Command) – Premieres 15th February

A revival series that is set in the 1930s about the initial discovery of the Stargate, where after spending 10 years in researching the discovery Catherine Langford has decided to leave her fathers research.

After dropping the bombshell the situation is escalated with the arrival of Dr Brücke and his Nazi cohorts, who open the Stargate and take Catherines father over to the other side.

With the show being web based 10 minute episodes it shares some similarities with Street Fighter Resurrection & Mortal Kombat series, as each episode only covers the briefest of plot points meaning you can’t really get into it. That said this does have far better production values than the aforementioned.


Altered Carbon (Netflix)


Altered Carbon (Netflix) – Premieres 2nd February – Renewed

Sci-fi thriller where after being killed in his pursuit of stopping people to able to transplant their memories into new bodies, called sleeves, thus living for ever. Takeshi Kovacs is ironically brought back 250 years after he was stopped.

After vaguely coming to terms that he is in a body that’s not his own, Takeshi is taken to meet Laurens Bancroft, the man who paid for him to be brought back. There he finds out that Bancroft needs his services to find out who killed him a few days earlier. Where the scene was made to look like a suicide, but the perpetrators failed to stop the remote server downloading his memories into a new body. Meaning that Bancroft can remember everything up to the point of his last memory upload, but misses out remembering who killed him.

Bancroft gives Takeshi a day to think about the offer where either he accepts and gets his freedom, or refuses and is permanently deleted. Settling on the second option, Takeshi decides to spend his remaining time on getting wasted. Until an altercation in the hotel lobby he was signing into piques his interest in the case.

It’s a solid opening episode that goes along at a decent pace, and a plot that’s easy to keep with. Along the addition of the John Wick style hotel scene and it’s a decent watch.