Strange Angel (CBS)


Strange Angel (CBS) – Premieres 14th June

Drama based on the life of rocket engineer Jack Parson, where as he and his research partner Richard Onsted are trying to get a research grant to fund their rocket development.

After talking the professor of the Aeronautical Lab around to their idea that rocket development is a worthy area to study, and can in fact be researched to scientific standards. The pair the begin their work to find out how how to generate the thrust required and start tackling the problems of finding a consistent fuel source.

At the same time Jack begins to meet up with his new neighbour Ernest, who in between drunken evening shenanigans, acts suspiciously enough for Jack to following him one night. This leads to Jack watching an occult ritual that Ernest was taking part in, but manages end up getting spotted. Where after Ernest starts leaving occult paraphernalia about to try and recruit him.

For an opening episode, there’s nothing that happens during it that really grabs your attention. But while it’s something that you could have on in the background, the way it plods along makes it a bland bit of viewing.



Reverie (NBC)


Reverie (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

A procedural style thriller, where former hostage negotiator Mara Kint is asked by her former boss to join him at a tech company where her skills are needed. As users of a virtual reality dream simulator are ending up trapped in a coma as they start to believe the simulation is real.

Mara is hesitant in accepting the offer, as she quit the negotiation business after her brother-in-law murder her sister and niece. Despite her best attempts to stop him. But after visiting the company and seeing the comatose users accepts the job, where she gets inserted into the persons virtual reality. Leaving her to use her negotiation skills to get them leaving the simulation.

Though while she works to save the person Mara begins to see images of her niece appear. Which escalates with Mara seeing an apparition of her niece appear outside the programme, interacting with real objects.

For a network show it covers most of the well used plot points, including a big company breaking some rules in pushing forward their product. It’s a okay opening episode, though there’s something about it that doesn’t grab your interest enough to watch to check out another episode.


The Rain (Netflix)


The Rain (Netflix) – Premieres 4th May – Renewed

Danish sci-fi, where after getting pulled out of school by her dad before a test, Simone finds that her family are desperately trying to find safety from an incoming rain storm that is spreading a deadly virus.

After managing to get into an underground bunker built by the scientific company her father Frederik works for. Simone, along with her brother and mother are left there as Frederik leaves to get the cure to the virus he’s been working on. Almost as soon as her dad leaves them, Simones mother is then killed after Simone and her brother Rasmus open the bunker door almost letting an infected person in.

With Simone and Rasmus now having to survive on their own they remain in the bunker for five years waiting on Frederiks return. With food almost running out the pair then decide that they have to leave and try and get to another bunker in the area. But on the day that they are about to move the oxygen supply is cut off forcing them out, only to find that the bunker has been sabotaged by survivors on the outside.

For an opening episode it’s an incredible slow paced bit of TV, where virtually nothing of note happens, leaving you without any urge to continue watching.


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC)


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC) – Premieres 30th April

Documenting the history of science fiction in popular culture. James Cameron interviews directors where they talk about the how the films they made were inspired, how they created the look, and the influences they incorporated within the making of it.

In between the short clips of the interviews the show then interviews actors, critics and authors. Where they talk about how certain science fiction themes have evolved over time and how the genre takes it influences from current events. Along with the making of the films the directors are talking about, and explaining certain aspects of the plot and its relevance to the time it was set in.

With the mix between showing some of the history of science fiction along with the interviews with the directors, it makes the programme an interesting watch.


Lost In Space (Netflix)


Lost In Space (Netflix) – Premieres 13th April – Renewed

Reboot of the 60’s TV show, this follows the Robinson family, who while on the way to a new space colony have to evacuate the ship. Leaving them stranded on an unknown planet.

After crash landing and witnessing their escape shuttle sink into deep water, the Robinsons have to figure on how they are going to survive in the icy condition they find themselves in while they hope to be rescued.

When realising that the only way to retrieve a battery generator needed to keep their heater working throughout the night, the father John, asks his smallest child Will to get it as only he can fit through the hatch. Before Will can go his sister Judy jumps in to get it only to end up submerged and trapped in ice.

To rescue her John and Will head off to find supplies to help the rescue, while Johns other daughter Penny looks after her injured mother Maureen along with keeping Judy company. After finding what they need Will is then separated from John, who makes the decision to go back to save Judy and then return to save Will. During this time Will discovers an alien craft and slowly befriends a robot who saves him.

While this is going on the programme shows the backstory of the family as headed towards the mission, along with the reason why their ship was abandoned. And revealing how some of the other crew managed to escape.

As a reboot this is a more serious take on the original, and is a lot more watchable for it. It’s a surprisingly decent bit of viewing.


Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim)


Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim) – Premieres 9th April

Set in the dystopian future of 9009, where after the Rad War an overlord called The Great One devised The Game, a sport that would stop all future wars. The show follows the worst team in the league The Leptons, where their captain Ash is an unrelenting optimist who idolises the best player in the league, Gaz Digzy.

For the opening game to the season his team face off against Digzys Boom Boom Boys, where after destroying the Leptons Gaz realises her enjoyment of the game has gone. So she goes on a drink and drugs bender that leaves her kicked out of the sport, only for the Great One to offer her one last chance. That she has to join the Leptons and help them win one game before she can return to the major leagues.

As Adult Swim programmes go this one is almost normal, with it being like a fucked up version of a Saturday morning cartoon. Along with the hectic pace it goes along at, and the anime style to it all, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable watch.


The Crossing (ABC)


The Crossing (ABC) – Premieres 2nd April – Cancelled

Sci-fi shenanigans set in the small town of Port Canaan, where the sheriff Jude Ellis is called out to an incident on the local beach as bodies are starting to wash up onto the shore.

The incident gets the attention of Homeland Security who send down agent Emma Ren to take over the local forces. There she interviews the survivors who reveal the they are refuges escaping a war from 180 years in the future. Where the people they are fleeing from are humans with enhanced powers wanting to enslave them.

During this time Jude, who has had his access to the beach revoked, gets held at gunpoint by Reece, a survivor that was rescued by by a fishing vessel and is now trying to get back to her daughter. Jude takes Reece to a warehouse where the deceased are being kept that she manages to break in to. But after not being to find her daughter, flees the scene when security arrive where she reveals that she has inhuman abilities.

As this going on, one of the survivors reveals to Ren that their group wasn’t the first to cross over. And that inhumans were sent over earlier to put themselves within high ranking positions to begin laying the foundations of the war. Leading to Ren telling her superior that some high ranking roles may be compromised, and arranges for the survivor to meet him.

For an opening episode, it’s a decent start that manages to get the plot over quickly and without it effecting the pace of the show. It’s a decent watch.