Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)


Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu) – Premieres 21st November

Another Marvel TV series where this one follows six teenagers (Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase & Molly),  who having been lifelong friends due to their parent knowing each other have grown apart after the death of one of their group.

As their parents get ready for their charity get together Alex decides to try and get everyone back together for the evening. The others initially decide not to go, but after a sequence of events the group all end up at the house.

As the get together stumbles along, Chase decides to go on a booze run in Alexs dads office. After the group rummage around they discover a secret entrance leading to an underground cavern where they find their parent performing some occult like business.

As an opening ep it’s as slow going as Inhumans, though does have enough about it to make it worthy of checking out the next episode.



Future Man (Hulu)


Future Man (Hulu) – Premieres 14th November

A sci-fi comedy that follows Josh, a janitor for a medical research company who is addicted to playing the The Biotic Wars, a video game set in the future where a mutated race rules the Earth and one that no one has ever completed.

After a day at the lab where he befriends the owner Dr Kronish and finds out why he started a lab focusing on researching herpes, Josh continues playing the game where he’s at the final stage. Deciding that he needs a new approach to tackle the level he always dies on, he switches his tactics and manages to complete the game.

This leads to two characters in the game appearing in his room who reveal that the’ve come from the future, where the plot from the game is actually real, and that they sent the game back in time to find the one player who can complete it. Becoming their saviour to win the war.

As comedies go it nicely juvenile in places and is an easy watch.


The Gifted (FOX)


The Gifted (FOX) – Premieres 2nd October – Renewed

Another Marvel superhero show, but one that is connected to the X-Men films though set in an alternative timeline, where the X-Men have gone missing leading to no one knowing if they still exist.

Filling the void of the X-Men is the Mutant Underground, a group that finds mutants being hunted down by the Sentinal Services, then helps them escape and relocate them to the safety of Mexico.

As the Underground help out a teleporting mutant, things go awry when one of the groups leaders Polaris is captured and sent to a mutant holding facility. There she meets prosecutor Reed Strucker who informs her that if she gives up the location of the Mutant Underground, a reduced sentence is on the cards, and to encourage her to turn on the underground tells Polaris that she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile Struckers life is about to take a turn when his son Andy discovers he has mutant abilities after being bullied at a school dance where he loses control and lets his powers tear the building apart. Andy is only pulled out of the crumbling structure when his sister Lauren uses the powers she’s been keeping secret for years to rescue him.

Forced to go into hiding after the Sential Services attempt to bring them in, The Strucker family end up contacting the Mutant Underground with Reed informing Polaris’ partner Eclipse that his going to be father, Eclipse agrees to help them, though in their escape from the Sentinal Services Reed is captured.

As network Marvel shows go it’s definitely one of the better on offer, on a par with with Agents of Shield, and worth a watch.


Extinct (BYUtv)


Extinct (BYUtv) – Premieres 1st October 

Mormon endorsed programming, where after 400 years from the destruction of the human race by a group of alien invaders, three people are brought back to life by a different alien group to restart the human race.

The group then discover that the nano lifeforms that brought them back to life has put a target on their head from another group of humans desperate to get their hands on them.

For an opening episode it’s a lacklustre bit of viewing, where anything resembling exposition takes an age to get through, the dialogue is shoddy as hell and It’s all instantly forgettable.


Inhumans (ABC)


Inhumans (ABC) – Premieres 29th September 

An epically dull Marvel superhero show where a community of inhumans are living in relative peace in Attilan, a hidden city on the Moon. Though after a space rover is destroyed when it gets too close to the perimeter, the Inhuman Royal Family begin to fear that this might leads to the humans finding their home.

As well as trying to keep their home hidden, the inhumans are informed that a mission to find a newly transformed mutant has failed leading to Gorgon, the bodyguard of the King Black Bolt, to head to Earth to find the missing people.

At the same time, using the caste system used on Attilan as a catalyst, the Black Bolt’s brother Maximus, begins a coup on the Royal family which leads to the queen Medusas sister Crystal teleporting Black Bolt, Medusa & Bolts cousin Karnak to the relative safety of Earth. Though Maximus discovers this and sends a strike team to kill them off.

For a Marvel show this is easily the dullest one to watch, there’s nothing of note that goes on in the opening episode as it is bogged down with exposition which at times feels like it hasn’t covered everything it should have. It’s a chore to get through.


Ghosted (FOX)


Ghosted (FOX) – Premieres 1st October 

Sci-fi comedy where after an agent for the Underground Bureau is abducted, his last communication urges them to recruit two civilians to work on his disappearance. Max, a former Stanford professor who worked on the multiverse theory and claims his wife was abducted by aliens, and Leroy, a mall cop who lost his job at the LAPD after his partner was killed.

Together Max and Leroy are challenged by the Bureau for a one off mission to track down and bring back the missing agent, and in return they get their old jobs back.

This leads to the pair finding the agent but witness him being transported onto a UFO. When reporting their findings they decide to stay on at the agency to uncover what really is going on, and find out that the bureau is monitoring a group of former abductees that includes Maxs wife.

As comedy most of the jokes miss the mark, and it’s a bit of a slog to get though.


Star Trek Discovery (CBS)


Star Trek Discovery (CBS) – Premieres 24th September 

Set 10 years before the original series set off on its five year mission, this focuses on First Officer Michael Burnham (Ms), a human raised as a Vulcan by Spocks father after the Klingons had killed her parents.

During a routine mission to investigate a damaged satellite on the edge of the Federations border, the USS Shenzhou discovers an obscured object. As Burnham investigates the anomaly she is attacked by a Klingon, and as she escapes, kills it.

This leads to a Klingon craft revealing itself to the starship where the the leader of the ship T’Kuvma who is trying to unite the 24 houses of the Klingons, uses the opportunity to get the houses together by taking on the Federation.

For a Star Trek tv show this has a more polished look that previous series, and looks to veer away from the usual story of the week structure. It’s an entertaining bit of telly.