America: Promised Land (History)


America: Promised Land (History) – Premieres 29th May – Miniseries

A documentary the looks into the how the different immigrant groups that have settled in America have been part in creating who the country is today.

It starts off with showing a map of the States which shows where the the immigrant groups are clustered around the country, and then goes through highlight in group. With each group the focus on one pivotal immigrants contribution where in between experts being interviewed they reenact what that person contributed to the society at the time.

As a documentary about the historical roots of the US it is interesting, but with it being an hour and a half long to becomes a bit repetitive in its delivery.



Three Days to Live (Oxygen)


Three Days to Live (Oxygen) – Premieres 5th March

Signalling the beginning of the transfer of Oxygen to crime only programming, Three Days To Live is a docuseries where each episode follows a case where from the moment the crime occurred, the police have three days to have any realistic chance of finding the victim alive.

The show recounts the events from the moment the victim disappears by interviewing family and member of the police involved in the investigation. Along with the interview they also show actual footage, 911 audio clips and reenactments to show what happened during the case.

It similar to other real crime programmes like Copycat Killers and Policewomen Files in the way the story is delivered, so if you enjoy them then this s more of the same.


My Crazy Sex (LMN)


My Crazy Sex (LMN) – Starts 28th December

A show that’s like a sexcapade version of Greatest Party Story Ever where three women recount a memorable sexual encounter they’ve had.

So between the occasional talking to camera the story is reenacted with actresses that have a passing resemblance, and stories usually end with the reveal that they married the person in the end.

While it’s not that great, it’s funnier than Greatest Party Ever Told, Party Legends, and any other anecdotal story based show.


Blood & Fury: America’s Civil War (AHC)


Blood & Fury: America’s Civil War (AHC) – Starts 14th December

A docu-series that unsurprisingly looks into the American Civil War, It uses the same setup as Roman Empire where the programmes narration links between reenactments of the events and experts giving talking head explanations of the tactics used, and the situations the soldiers found themselves in.

Compared to other AHC programmes there’s a definite increase in production values, though content wise it goes along at a similar sluggish pace like their other shows such as American Lawmen.


The Warfighters (History)


The Warfighters (History) – Starts 11th November

Documenting some of the missions that the US armed forces have performed since 2001 during the war on terror. This gets the soldiers involved to recount on what happened as unexpected events occurred during what should be routine missions, and how they adapted and succeeded in completing their objectives.

In it the soldiers explain the sequence of events, along with some occasional reenactments and news footage from the time. The main difference between this and similar show No Man Left Behind, is the this focuses more on the backgrounds of those involved and how it effected them, whereas No Man was more about the details of the mission being told.

That said No Man Left Behind came across as a lot more structured and well made than this and was a more interesting watch.


WWII’s Most Daring Raids (Smithsonian)


WWII’s Most Daring Raids (Smithsonian)  – Starts 18th September

Documenting a World War 2 mission, the programme analyses how the mission was planned out and executed by using experts to explain the tactics and weaponry used, while the mission is played out by using graphical enactments and excerpts of the soldiers involved diary entries.

Unlike most war programmes this going into deeper details into explaining how the mission had to be adapted on the fly, showing how the original plan compared to what played out, and the numerous problems that we encountered were resolved.

If you like military history then this is an interesting watch.


Haunted Case Files (Destination America)


Haunted Case Files (Destination America) – Starts 28th August

Standard Destination America ghost based shenanigans when four ghost hunters recount their scariest encounters with the spirits of the dead. While they tell their story it switches between them being interviewed and some reenactments that have some top drawer comedy effects to show the ghosts interacting with them and how they tried to banish entities with a surprisingly low success rate.

It’s a bog standard ghost show that only just becomes passable background viewing due to the effects.