The Disappearance of Maura Murray (Oxygen)


The Disappearance of Maura Murray (Oxygen) – Premieres 23rd September 

Following reporter Maggie Freleng this is a docu-series that looks into the disappearance of UMass student Maura Murray, who after clearing out her bank account drove to New Hampshire and after crashing her car wasn’t seen since.

As she tries to find out what happened, Maggie teams up with a private detective where they go over the events of the case hoping to find new leads. Together they interview family members, friends and folks who have been working on the case for years, to try and figure out exactly what went on.

While it follows the same format as The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway, this doesn’t come across as interesting to watch.



Livin’ Large (Lifetime)


Livin’ Large (Lifetime) – Premieres 22nd September 

Some reality show terribleness that follows the Stepney family. In it there’s the mother, the eldest son who is a pastor and a father figure to the two twins, both of who are trying to work in the music industry. All while being incredible sassy and ridiculously overweight.

As a reality show it is bland and by-the-numbers, as the only thing it seems to be obsessed to focus on is the obesity, ignoring that the what the have is tedious as hell.

It’s some dire viewing.


American Beauty Star (Lifetime)


American Beauty Star (Lifetime) – Premieres 21st September 

A competition that pits 12 hair and make up stylists up against each other where the winner will take home $50k and get a beauty editorial in an edition of Teen Vogue.

In it the competitors are teamed up with someone who a skilled in the opposite discipline and a model, where they are set a challenge by the two hosts. They are then given an hour to complete the challenge where they have to develop a look and direct a photoshoot that best shows off their creation.

At the end of the challenge three judges rate what they’ve seen be granting safety to half the group, leaving the other half to either get the top weekly prize of immunity for the next challenge, or to be sent home.

It’s a pretty standard competition that’s reminiscent to a larger version of Face Off: Game Face.


Sarah Off The Grid (HGVT)


Sarah Off The Grid (HGVT) – Premieres 10th September 

Similar to Moving The McGillivrays and Building Belushi, HGTV host Sarah Richard and her family have found a remote location to where they want to build their ideal family home to get themselves out of the city.

The show follows Sarah and her husband as they construct their new home from scratch, where along with other HGTV hosts turning up and offering their advice, the couple who have decided to project manage the whole project. Along the way they have to compromise between affordable solutions to the build problems they encounter, while keeping as close to their plans as possible.

For a home building show it does exactly what you’d expect.


90’s House (MTV)


90’s House (MTV) – Premieres 16th August

Reality competition where 12 millennials are put in a house filled with 90’s electronics, clothes and other such things, and go against each other until the last person remaining wins a 90’s cruise, a new 90’s Mazda and $90k.

Going with the usual format the 12 get split into 3 teams and given a challenge, after completing the task the team judged to be the worst have to put forward their case as to why they should say, then the hosts decide on who should leave.

Along with the competition element it’s pretty much a reality show where everyone gets on each others nerves leading to the usual shouting matches and bitching to camera. It’s some tedious viewing.


Vintage Rehab (DIY Network)


Vintage Rehab (DIY Network) – Premieres 6th September

Renovation show where Pittsburgh native Ally Mahon helps out folks whose period homes are in of a spruce up. It starts off with Ally meeting up with the owners of the house and being shown the areas that need renovating, and the budget they have for the job.

From there Ally draws up plans she has on reworking the areas, and then gets her team of builders in to start on the renovation. Like other similar shows such as Stone House Revival and Rustic Renovations, there’s the usual unexpected discoveries that occur which have implementations on the designs, the rectifying of such problems and the reveal to the delighted owners.

If you like property renovation shows then this is more of the same.


American Made Inventors (Discovery)


American Made Inventors (Discovery) –  Premieres 2nd September

Millionaire inventor Dave Yonce and his business partners Jason Shackelford and Billy Crimmins open up their development facility for budding inventors who need help in refining and releasing their ideas. After the budding inventors get their idea past Jason, they then present it to Dave, where if he likes it he then helps them out in making their product affordable and sellable.

After refining the prototypes and discussing the business plans, Dave and the team decide whether they want to go forward with funding the product or to pass on the opportunity. The show is like a mix between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Blue Collar Backers, and is a watchable enough way to burn 45 minutes.