Boy Band (ABC)


Boy Band (ABC) – Premieres 22nd June

Singing competition hosted by Rita Ora where 30 lads are judged by three “architects”, Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton, where the final five singers remaining will become a signed boyband.

The initial round of the show has all 30 performing indivdually in front of the “architects”, followed up where a couple of the contestants are chosen to pair up to see if they can perform in certain boyband scenarios.

After which the “architects” whittle the 30 down to 18, and three groups of 6 are formed. These groups then have to go through learning a song and routine where the weakest two members are put up for elimination with the loser leaving the show.

For a singing competition it’s no different to The X Factor and the like, where the performers backstories all seem to have varying elements of personal tribulations set to emotive backing tracks. The show offers nothing different to what is already out there and is a slog to sit through.


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel)


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel) – Premieres 21st June

Science show where the host Todd Sampson introduces a scientific law that he demonstrates in a small scale experiment to members of public, and then devises a large scale experiment that puts him in a situation that could prove fatal if the sums behind it go awry.

During the build up to the main experiment, Todd visits various experts and looks into each element that could effect the outcome. After each visit the experiment becomes more refined, where at the end everyone he has met are brought together to witness the attempt.

The show is like a more risky Mythbusters challenge with Todd placing himself in the position where a test crash dummy would usually be. It’s a decent enough way to waste 30 minutes though it’s something you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch like you would shows such as Mythbusters or Experiemental.


Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (ABC)


Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (ABC) – Premieres 11th June

A take on Dragons Den/Shark Tank where in front of a studio audience two inventors pitch their product leaving the audience to vote on which product should receive the funding.

In the show it goes through three seperate areas of inventions, where the creators can win between $10k to 100k depending on how close the product is to be ready for release. After the pitches are finished and Steve Harvey has completed his range of befuddled expressions, the crowd proceed to vote on their favoured invention.

Before the winner is revealed the two inventors are given the opportunity to cash in early where they can buzz in during a cash reveal to accept a lower cash value if they think their product won win the vote. If someone does take that cash then the remaining inventor gets the total cash only if the crowd backed them. If no one decides to cash in early the it does to a straight head-to-head reveal where the winner gets the money and the loser gets nowt.

It’s not the greatest bit of programming but is watchable enough if you need to waste 45 minutes and like seeing a crowd decide on a products future after seeing a 3 minute pitch.


Little Women: Atlanta: Monie Gets Married (Lifetime)


Little Women: Atlanta: Monie Gets Married (Lifetime) – Premieres 7th June

Reality gubbins that’s a spinoff of a spinoff, where Monie from Little Women: Atlanta is the centre of attention. After originally agreeing to marry her boyfriend and then calling it off after high maintenance arguments and losing the engagement ring, ends up proposing to her fella and for him to accept.

The show follows the volatile two has they try to arrange their big day, where Monie and the rest of the Little Women lot have a couple of minor disagreements, and find out her wedding is the same weekend as her cousin.

It;s all the usual low grade reality rubbish that you’d expect and makes Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After? look positively high brow.


Devil’s Canyon (Discovery)


Devil’s Canyon (Discovery) – Premieres 6th June

A mix between Curse Of The Frozen Gold and Alone, three gold prospectors set off to separate sites in the challenging terrain of Devil’s Canyon in British Colombia for 6 weeks, as they try to find a bountiful amount of gold.

Like Alone, the three film their own footage as they search the areas they believe large amounts of gold will be found. Where along with their hunt for riches they also have to survive in an area known for bear attacks, and that has limited food resources.

As a mix between a treasure hunting and survival show it makes it stand out from other similar programmes that normally descend in focusing on the backstory of the area and mythical curses to set up any of the drama. It’s an entertaining piece of TV.


American Boyband (Viceland)


American Boyband (Viceland) – Premieres 8th June

A show that follows rapper, self professed outsider and youtube artist Kevin Abstract as he goes about his first tour in the bid to become better known around the country.

It starts off with Kevin explaining how he put together his Brockhampton collective, a group of like minded individuals who create the music, videos and infrastructure for the tracks to be produced, by posting up an ad on a message board that has led to them all living together.

The show then moves on to following the group as they set off on their first tour where along with the mundanity of travelling and loading up at the venue, show bits of the set and the fans meeting up with Abstract after the show.

As a programme that’s following a group on tour it manages to show the between gig tedium that goes on while touring, though not to the Lightning Bolt – Power of Salad & Milkshakes levels, along with Abstract explaining why he doing all of this. For what it is, it’s a nice bit of easy watching.


Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta (WE TV)


Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta (WE TV) – Premieres 25th May

Spinoff from Growing Up Hip Hop, this follows Bow Wows return to Atlanta, where before attending the listening party for his Soulja Boy collaboration meets up with a few folks that helped him during is early career.

While meeting up with them talk is bandied about that Mr B Wow should do a new solo album in a newer mature style and record it in the ATL. As this is happening the show also follows the offspring of a few famed rappers and hip hop bigwigs, where they all know or work with each other, leading to many reality show based fracas occurring.

All of which ends with the listening party happening, the offsprings beginning to have verbals, and Bow Wow getting ready for a shoot out when a few of the more nefarious former associates gatecrash the place.

It’s all a much of a muchness.