Model Squad (E!)


Model Squad (E!) – Premieres 12th February

Reality show that follows nine models as they go about modelling stuff, going to castings to model stuff, then attend after shows where the meet folks that could progress their career modelling things.

During the show each of the models talk about how they got into the business and how they see their career developing in the future. Then as the programme shows them getting up to their daily business it’s interspersed with small segments where one of the models gives a beauty tip or fashion pointers.

Weirdly for a reality show there was no arguing or near fisticuffs moments, but along with that there was nothing else going on either. It was all very boring.



Gritty to Pretty (HGTV)


Gritty to Pretty (HGTV) – Premieres 10th February

Property restoration goings on where home flipping builder Jeremy Cole buys up a near derelict property in Kalamazoo, renovates it and then selling it on for a healthy profit.

In the show, after buying the property Jeremy takes his real estate agent around the building explaining what he intents to do, then gets some confirmation that he renovation will get the price he’s after.

It then follows Jeremy as he gets his building team in where they start making everything liveable, where during the construction there’s the usual problems that pop up and get solved within the budget. And when everything is done, the real estate agent is given another viewing and a brief recap is given saying how much everything cost and the profit they made selling it.

For what it is it’s the standard renovation shenanigans, and doesn’t really have anything that makes it standout from the other property shows that have been released this year.


Bethany & Fredrik (Bravo)


Bethany & Fredrik (Bravo) – Premieres 6th February

Reality property gubbins where real estate agent Fredrik Eklund has offered a partnership deal to former client Bethenny Frankel after being wowed by her property development skills.

In the show Fredrik has decided the time is right to flip a property he purchased in a new build, where he has already hired a team of designers to draw up plan to renovate the place. After Bethenny turns up and begins to pick holes in what has been missed and the general amount of cash Fredrik want to throw into the project, Fred offers the partnership deal.

After some conflict of opinions in front of the lawyers as the deal is being drawn up, the pair compromise between the stake Bethenny puts in and the amount of money that should be put into the project. All the while this plays out, it’s interspersed with the usual reality show talking head interviews and overplayed drama of regular situations.

It’s all very tedious.


Love At First Bite (FYI)


Love At First Bite (FYI) – Premieres 22nd January 

A programme that looks into the life of a feature chef, where they talk about how they met up with their partner and how their career has affected their life.

In the show, along with the chef and partner being interviewed and explaining the important turning points of their relationship, the couple talk about the food they were having at the time. Where it then splits off to the chef showing how to make the dishes they were chatting about.

As well as talking about their relationship, the programme also goes into the chefs career, where they talk about how they started working in kitchens and how they ended up where they are now with their own restaurant. Where along with showing how to make some of the dishes during that period of their life it also goes into some for the problems that were encountered during that time.

For a cooking/biography type show it doesn’t throw up anything unexpected, but comes across as something that would only really interest those who know who the focus of the episode are.


The Launch (CTV)


The Launch (CTV) – Premieres 10th January 

A singing competition that takes a different angle to the concept, where the weekly winner gets to release a song they’ve performed just after winning the show.

In the programme three judges initially sit through the auditions of up to five acts, where they will select two to go through in to the next stage. After getting through the audition the selected two are then put straight into a studio where they both record a version of a new unreleased song, where it shows the producer getting the best performances out of the singers.

When the songs are recorded the programme then goes into a live performance stage, where after being given some pointers by the guest recording artist working as a judge, the pair then perform their version of the song in front of a live crowd. Then after some consulting the judges reveal which one will get to have their song released to the public.

As singing competitions go, the fact that the whole process that would take other shows around two months is done in 45 minutes makes it a refreshing change.


Ridiculous Cakes! (Food Network)


Ridiculous Cakes! (Food Network) – Premieres 1st January 

Extravagant baking shenanigans where in each episode three different bakers are followed as they each take on a difficult cake request from their clients.

After getting the brief on what needs to be made the programme goes between each of the bakers as they plan out, and then execute the making of the cakes. All the while the bakers explain the processes they need to go through and highlight the trickier aspects and detailing how they achieve the results.

Then when the cake is finished the programme follows the bakers as they transport and then present the finished product to the client, who end up in awe of what’s been made.

The way the programme is set up, it’s similar to other baking shows like Vegas Cakes, Texas Cake House & Freaky Sweets, but instead of padding out the time showing them do a couple of smaller orders, it keeps going with the extravagant stuff. For a show about ridiculous cakes, it does exactly what you’d expect.


Carolina Reno (HGTV)


Carolina Reno (HGTV) – Premieres 27th January

Similar to Restored By The Fords & Brooks & Mortar, where the brother and sister team of San San and Roxy are called in to renovate some rooms for the properties owners.

The show kicks off straight into showing the rooms that are going to be worked on and what needs to be done after meeting the owners beforehand. Then the pair meet up clients and they talk through everything again where some graphics pop up showing the what they are aiming to turn the rooms into.

After the walkthrough Roxy and San San begin the remodelling and while they are doing the construction actually give out some hints and tips, which is a rarity for this kind of show. While the building work is underway Roxy brings the owners over to the design studio that resides in their families factory. There she goes through the finer points of the interior design aspects she wants to put in place, where the owners also give their feed back to what is planned.

Then when everything is finalised the pair finish off the home, and the owners are brought back to see the results. As property shows go this one actually gives out some tips, and feels like there is a bit of effort put in to try and show what went into the restyling. It’s easily more most interesting of the recently released renovation programmes.