Sheffield Real Estate (FYI)


Sheffield Real Estate (FYI) – Premieres 30th November

Reality show where DeLeon Sheffield and her business partner and mother Debbie help their high end clients find the home of their dreams.

As well as showing their clients around three properties, DeLeon also has to ask her husband, former baseball player Gary, to smooth over any faux pas her mother has dropped. Then the show also adds in some bits of Gary looking after the kids as well as the obligatory interviews to camera.

As a mash up of a property and celeb reality show, the reality side seems to be tacked on as an afterthought, leaving it to be a rather bland home hunting show.



Last Stop Garage (Discovery)


Last Stop Garage (Discovery) – Premieres 23rd October

Following CRB Automotive, a garage in Labrador, Canada. Where being the only garage in a remote part of the country, they have to bodge together machinery to tackle any problems they face.

Along the Scrapyard Challenge style solutions they come up with this is a show that is mainly a group of co-workers dicking about and coming up good at the end of the day.

It’s at best a bit of background viewing, and nothing you’d go out of your way to watch.


Floribama Shore (MTV)


Floribama Shore (MTV) – Premieres 27th November

Jersey Shore-esque reality shenanigans where a eight early 20-somethings all move into a house in Panama City Beach. A party destination on the Florida/Alabama shoreline.

As the eight get to know each other, they get drunk in the house, head off into town and get drunk and go to the beach and drink. In between the boozing they try to hook up with each other, reveal a couple of personal secrets and do the usual interview to camera bits.

With the programme, there’s nothing that really separates it from Siesta Key or any other reality show MTV has put out recently. It’s all by-the-numbers stuff, though it is a televisual time machine. It manages to make 45 minutes turn into what seemed to be 3 hours.


Checked Inn (OWN)


Checked Inn (OWN) – Premieres 21st November

Reality show that follows Monique Greenwood, the proprietor of four B&Bs as she makes sure that everything is set up for her guests to have the best time possible.

While the guest are there Moniques staff organise outings and activities for them, while Monique generally has deep and meaningful chats with them. All the while Monique is at loggerheads with her daughter who is refusing the offer to take over the family business.

It’s a bland as hell bit of reality TV.


Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel)


Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

A 45 minute travel show where host Anthony Melchiorri goes around the world to sample four top end hotels that fit under the episodes theme of the week.

When visiting the establishment, Anthony gives the history of the place and then is taken around the hotel by the manager who shows off the guests can expect the have at their disposable. Then Anthony goes off and tries out some of the amenities and generally has a lovely time, along with him chatting to a few holiday makers to find out what they like about the place.

For a holiday show it goes into a lot more depth than the usual Travel Channel show, as well as it covering the more uniquely constructed hotels. It’s one for those that like looking at the more pricey and aspirational holiday locations.


Top Of The World (Travel Channel)


Top Of The World (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

Travel show that focuses on locations that are either at a high altitude, near the tips of the planet or give an impressive vista.

For each location the programme it shows the region surrounding the area then talks about the history of the place, how it was constructed and any of the extra tourist attractions it has. All of this is teamed up with snippets of holiday makers there saying why they like it.

All together it’s a run-of-the-mill travel programme that uses some tenuous links to the title for the inclusion of some of the locations.


Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet)


Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet) – Premieres 11th November

A pet training programme where cat expert Jackson Galaxy and dog trainer Zoe Sandor, head off to a household where the owners are having problems integrating their pets.

Like Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation, the duo head off to the pet owners home and talk to them about the problems they’re facing, after spending time with the pets they device and training programme for the owners to do, before they return in two weeks.

While the owners are doing the training, Jackson and Zoe head off to another owner who is suffering from a different set of problems where they go through the same set up. After a month, Jackson and Zoe return to the owners to see how they are progressing, where they increasing the training routines and help with any problems the owners are having.

Then after an additional 5 weeks the pair do a final visit to witness the progress, where by then both sets of animals are getting on like an house on fire.

As pet training shows goes this is watchable enough.