Pod Save America (HBO)


Pod Save America (HBO) – Premieres 12th October

An extension of the podcast it comes from, this is an hour long programme that looks into the current political climate in the US. Where along with going over some of the recent news events, has interviews with folks involved in politics, goes over voter rights and the such and has some crowd based interaction.

In each episode the programme is hosted in a different city, and focuses on the issues found specifically in that area. As hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, Dan Pfeiffer and co host Erin Ryan, break down specific news events pointing out the failings of what is happening within the government. Along with this there are a few filmed segments, mainly showing how to register to vote, interviews with guests onstage.

With this being filmed in front of fans of the podcast, it does feel like the programme is preaching to the converted. And with the small parts of the show that are supposed to inject some humour missing the mark, and while the subject matter is interesting it does end up feeling like a lecture, it’s a bit of a chore to get through.



Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix)


Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix) – Premieres 27th April

A four part documentary that follows the political career and ill fated presidential campaign of Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

In the documentary it mainly uses archival news footage to go through the life and career of Kennedy. When after becoming JFKs campaign advisor, works as the attorney general where he focused on trying to bring down organised crime syndicates. And then after the death of his brother, began his own attempt at winning the presidency.

Along the footage the documentary also interviews family members, friends and colleagues to add some more context to what was happening during the various periods.

The documentary does have a certain amount of overlap with other docs about the Kennedys such as American Dynasties: The Kennedys & The Kennedy Files. But that said there’s enough in this to to keep your interest, it’s a decent watch


Graves (EPIX)


Graves (EPIX) – Starts 16th October – Renewed

Former President Graves holds the title of being the most unpopular president in American history by his ability to have done virtually every unpopular and/or morally dubious decision he could while in office.

So after one night googling himself, decides on making an amends to his political legacy. Which of first entailed tormenting his new aide and then getting high with a waitress, before coming to the realisation on how to right his wrongs.

It’s a watchable occasionally silly comedy.


BrainDead (CBS)


BrainDead (CBS) – Starts 13th June – Cancelled

Political comedy where after a meteor strike, the sister of a US senator stumbles across a worried constituent who shows video footage of an event on a shipping container that has lead to her husband having a complete change in personality.

After the meteor is transported to the US, a government shutdown leads to it being left unattended allowing mind controlling parasitic insects to escape into the population to create a town full of bodysnatched residents and politicians. This leaves the sister and the aide to her brother political rival being to only two in the country knowing about the impending threat.

Well worth a watch.


Marseille (Netflix)


Marseille (Netflix) – Starts 5th May – Renewed

Political drama where Gerard Depardieu is the shady, cocaine enjoying mayor of Marseille currently working on pushing through a bill to redevelop the port area into a hotel and casino complex.

As he tries to collect the support for the redevelopment he begins to receive emails about a past event that he buried, one of his main supporters is murdered and his deputy, who is being groomed to succeed him beings to go rogue.

While this is going on there is a couple of fellas on one the rougher estates raising cash by pulling off some low level heists to pay off a debt, which in turn leads the to crime boss of the area turning their attention on them and hindering their plans.

It’s a pretty disjointed drama where it’s all built upon characters that you don’t care about double crossing each other, all while being not very good.


Race For The White House (CNN)


Race For The White House (CNN) – Starts 6th March

A documentary series about previous election campaigns, where former staff of the talk about the tactics implemented and the main turning points of each of the nominees electoral bid.

As well as interviewing the former staff, it pairs it up with archive footage, a few reenactments and reveals various things that they hid from the public.

With it showing the more underhanded approaches used and how some decisions changed the fortunes it helps make it more interesting than shows like The Kennedy Files which are averse from critiquing the subject matter.