Mysteries & Scandals (Oxygen)


Mysteries & Scandals (Oxygen) – Premieres 5th January

Hosted by Soledad O’Brien, this show looks into the deaths, crimes and scandals linked to high profile celebrities.

The programme initially covers the aspect the show will look into, going through the timeline and giving a broad description on what had happened. Then with interviews to family members, attorneys and journalists they start to fill in the gaps with what they witnessed and at time assumptions as to what was going on.

Along with the interviews the programme also shows stock news footage of the subject, along with actual audio of emergency calls made during the main incidents to help add to the narrative. Though with everything that’s shown, nothing other than the previously reported facts are revealed, leaving this as an over sensationalised docu-series and doesn’t offer anything new.

It all comes across as one of the low budget schedule filler crime programmes that you normally see on Investigation Discovery, and unsurprisingly is a chore to get through.



Dark (Netflix)


Dark (Netflix) – Premieres 1st December – Renewed

German drama set in the small town of Winden, where two months after his father had committed suicide, leaving a letter to be opened at a specific time. Jonas returns to school, finding out that one of his classmates Erik has been missing for almost two weeks.

After meeting up with his friend they agree to head to the local cave where Erik kept his stash of drugs so they could split it with each other and sell the rest. On the evening where they plan to raid the cave they are joined up with their friend who also happen to be the offspring of the principal. After getting the drugs, the gang are spooked by something coming from the cave leading them to make a hasty exit. When they regroup the notice the youngest of the principals kids Mikkel has gone missing.

While all of this is kicking off, a parents meeting at the school is interrupted by an old fella proclaiming that “It’s happening again”, the local copper who’s is married to the principal is continuing his affair with Jonas’ mum. And there is a couple of cuts to a bunker, made up as an 80’s bedroom with a decorated electric chair, which is housing Erik.

As opening episodes go, there is a lot happening all with a hinted time travel vibe. While it’s slow for it to reveal what is going on, it does keep the intrigue up nicely.


Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC)


Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC) – Premieres 6th November

A private detective show set in 1920’s following Frankie Drake, a daughter of a notorious criminal who uses some some the skills learned from her father to solve cases that the Toronto PD are either oblivious to or don’t want to look into.

The show is the run of the mill whodunnit type affair, but with the way it’s set out gives the feel of something that would only be shown on a Sunday afternoon to pad out the scheduling. It’s all completely inoffensive and kind of forgettable.


Myth or Monster (Travel Channel)


Myth or Monster (Travel Channel) – Premieres 27th October

Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss looks into local legends of strange creatures existing, and investigates how they came to be.

Patrick heads off the town where the sightings originate from, where he interviews locals who have had sighting or know the history of the myth. Along with the interviews Patrick takes any evidence believed to be from the creature to analysis, visits site where the people have witnessed the animal and any of the stories told of sightings get a reenactment shown while it’s being told.

By the end of the ep Rothfuss gives his verdict on wether the creature is a myth or real, while giving a a quick recap on what he’s learned. For a show about mythical creatures it’s a better watch than True Monsters or True Supernatural though that said you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch it and it isn’t a patch on stuff like Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files when they cover the same kind of subject.


Superstition (SyFy)


Superstition (SyFy) – Premieres 20th October – Cancelled

A classically shoddy bit of SyFy programming, where after returning home on leave from the army, 16 years after his younger brother death, Calvin looks to help the family business of funeral directing and fighting the paranormal.

With the emergence of some unexplained deaths only linked to a coin, Calvin and his father go on the hunt for who is behind it all. This leads them to a showdown with the supernatural villain behind it all, who during a fight with the dad manages to trick Calvin into murdering his father.

Even for a budget Syfy programme this is a ropey affair, it takes an age to get going and when it does is a slog to get through. It’s not good.


Strange Evidence (Science Channel)


Strange Evidence (Science Channel) – Premieres 17th October

Using the CCTV footage of weird occurrences caught on film, this show looks into what really happened by having experts analyse the events and revealing what caused them.

The show looks into four separate events where along with initially analysing the the footage the experts try to recreate the conditions to find the most likely answer and explain how everything came together to create what was seen.

While the programme is watchable enough the waste 45 minutes, the things they covered all seemed to have obvious enough answers before they began to look into it.


Lore (Amazon)


Lore (Amazon) – Premieres 12th October

TV adaption of the podcast of the same name, this goes into the history of well known horror stories and explains their roots found in actual events.

The programme goes through the story by using dramatisations of the events and archive footage to explain how the mix of the developing scientific and medical practices, along with the superstitions of the time created the basis of the mythology used for famous horror creations.

While the show covers everything you’d want to know, the almost robotic delivery of the narrator along with the slow going nature of the story itself leads the is be a bit of a dull watch.