Charmed (The CW)


Charmed (The CW) – Premieres 14th October

A reboot of the 90’s show where after their mother dies, three sisters find out that they are powerful witches who can keep Earth from being overrun by evil demons and the like.

In the episode, three months after the sisters Maggie and Mel arrived home to find that their mother Marisol has been murdered. The pair have fallen out with Maggie arranging to leave home to live at a Sorority home. As this is going on, Macy arrives in town, and unaware that she is related to the sisters, ends up drawn to them.

After the three realise they are related and notice that they have powers, the professor at the university, Harry Greenwood, reveals to them that he a Whitelighter and explains their background to them. Where he then gives the girls 48 hours to decide whether they want to keep their powers and fight evil, or to return to their normal lives.

The trio then discover a presence that is after them, where after defeating it agree to keep their powers. Then when using a Ouija board manage to contact their mother who tells them not to trust Harry.

Altogether it’s a pretty bland fantasy show, and while it’s something you could sit through to burn 45 minutes, it’s not something you actively hunt out.



Manifest (NBC)


Manifest (NBC) – Premieres 24th September

A mystery drama where after travelling on a turbulent flight from Jamaica to New York, the crew and passengers discover when they land that it’s now five years in the future.

The programme is centred on siblings Michaela and Ben, as they start to discover how their lives have changed. As cop Michaela’s fiancé has now married her best friend, and Ben’s son who travelled with him now has the chance to get live saving cancer treatment. Along with Ben’s wife and daughter holding back on information about their lives over the five years where they thought he was dead.

As the pair begin to readjust, Michaela stats to hear a voice in her head, that when acted upon stops a fatal incident from happening. After confiding in her brother he tells her to keep silent on it, only to discover the he is hearing the same voices.

While this is going on, the FBI are examining the plane to find out what happened to make the plane disappear for five years. Leading to everyone that was on the flight to be drawn to the plane the night before it is about to be taken apart, where they witness it explode.

While it does have an interesting premise, the plot chugs along at a slow pace and struggles to capture your interest. Though it does have enough about it to make you want to check the next episode just to see if it improves.


One Dollar (CBS)


One Dollar (CBS) – Premieres 30th August

Set in a small steel producing town in the US, this is a murder mystery where after a crime scene is discovered, the police deduce that seven people were murdered and the bodies hidden.

In each episode it focuses on a specific character who is carrying a marked one dollar bill, where it reveals the persons involvement in the goings on in the town. Along with that that character, it also follows the police as the look into the case, a former police detective who is now doing private jobs for the more suspect people in the town, and young couple who may have witnessed something that could help solve the murders.

While the theme of focusing on the person that holds the one dollar doesn’t really work. The actual story of the murder mystery decent, and with the slow pace makes it a relaxed, enjoyable, easy piece of viewing.



Off The Map (Travel Channel)


Off The Map (Travel Channel) – Premieres 18th July

Hosted by explorer J.J. Kelley. This is a show where JJ heads off around the world, and tries to find out what happened with the mysterious circumstances surrounding ill-fated expeditions.

It begins With JJ talking about the expedition he’ll be investigating, explaining the sequence of events and what they currently know about what happened. From there JJ arrives at the location where he talks to local experts about their theories. Then heads out to retrace the steps of the expedition.

While out in the field JJ, encounters the natural obstacles they would have encountered. And tries to get a feel of what the conditions they faced, and how their experience would have had an influence on their survival. And then hypothesises what would have been the main factors that led to expeditions downfall.

After retracing the steps, JJ then heads off to interview the people that were last in contact with the people that passed, as well as talking to their parents. Where he finds out about the persons experience, mindset and survival history.

It’s then wrapped with JJ meeting up with scientists who are looking at what would have been the most likely cause to the deaths. Where they talk about the varying theories and explain what would have been the most likely cause.

The show does have some similarities to programmes like Expedition Unknown, though it never fully grabs your attention. That said, it goes along at an ok pace, but isn’t something you go out of your way to watch.


Sharp Objects (HBO)


Sharp Objects (HBO) – Premieres 8th July – Miniseries

A thriller where functioning alcoholic Camille Preaker, a reporter for a St Louis newspaper, is given an assignment to cover a story in her home town of Wind Gap. Where a girl has been murdered and another is currently missing.

As Camille heads off to Wind Gap she has constant flashbacks of her childhood, which begin to intensify the longer she is there. And after arriving ends up staying with her mother, Adora, who is in constant fear of what the rest of the town thinks of her. As well as having a reluctance to move on from the past, as she has kept the room of Camilles sister Marian as it was from when she died. While transferring her overprotectiveness onto Camilles step-sister Amma.

As Camille works on the story she interveiws the parents of the missing girl, and soon after, along with a couple of other towns folk, find the missing body staged near the town centre. After being interviewed by the towns new detective Richard he confirms that he believes a serial killer is in town.

For an opening episode, it’s very much a slow burner where for an hour long programme not too much really happened. Though in the way that it’s made, it’s like Rectify where the slow pacing manages to keep your interest and make you want to check out another episode. It’s a decent watch.


Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo)


Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo) – Premieres 28th May

Using a mix of ocean mapping and CGI, this is a programme that tries to get the answers to some ancient and modern nautical mysteries. Each episode has a specific subject, where experts in the topic talk about the the object or anomaly that is being searched for. Where they explain its historical significance and then shows the people in the field working on exploring the area.

After the exploration, the programme brings up a CGI version of the area and reveals how the ocean floor looks, along with the object they are searching for. The experts then explain what has been found, where they talk about how the newly discovered findings support current theories.

For what it is, this is a slow going bit of television where that fills like it’s been padded out to fill the 45 minute runtime. Making it a grind to get through.


Safe (Netflix)


Safe (Netflix) – Premieres 10th May

Set a year after the death of his wife, this is a thriller that follows Tom Delaney, a surgeon who is trying to reconnect with his eldest daughter who blames him for the death of her mother.

When his eldest daughter goes missing after attending a house party the night before, Tom begins to try and recount her steps before she disappeared. There he discovers some suspicious events surrounding the boyfriend she met up with.

While this is going on the families to the other kids involved begin to start showing suspicious traits of there own, from one of the mothers being investigated for possibly having a relationship with a student, one of the dads hiding a dead body in a freezer and even Toms work colleague and friend being spotted near the party around the time of the disappearance.

The show itself is reminiscent to The Killing with the amount of potential suspects, though with The Killing the twists developed in a more natural way. While any reveals in this seem to be thrown in with no real thought, which hinders the watchability of it all.