Sharp Objects (HBO)


Sharp Objects (HBO) – Premieres 8th July

A thriller where functioning alcoholic Camille Preaker, a reporter for a St Louis newspaper, is given an assignment to cover a story in her home town of Wind Gap. Where a girl has been murdered and another is currently missing.

As Camille heads off to Wind Gap she has constant flashbacks of her childhood, which begin to intensify the longer she is there. And after arriving ends up staying with her mother, Adora, who is in constant fear of what the rest of the town thinks of her. As well as having a reluctance to move on from the past, as she has kept the room of Camilles sister Marian as it was from when she died. While transferring her overprotectiveness onto Camilles step-sister Amma.

As Camille works on the story she interveiws the parents of the missing girl, and soon after, along with a couple of other towns folk, find the missing body staged near the town centre. After being interviewed by the towns new detective Richard he confirms that he believes a serial killer is in town.

For an opening episode, it’s very much a slow burner where for an hour long programme not too much really happened. Though in the way that it’s made, it’s like Rectify where the slow pacing manages to keep your interest and make you want to check out another episode. It’s a decent watch.



Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo)


Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo) – Premieres 28th May

Using a mix of ocean mapping and CGI, this is a programme that tries to get the answers to some ancient and modern nautical mysteries. Each episode has a specific subject, where experts in the topic talk about the the object or anomaly that is being searched for. Where they explain its historical significance and then shows the people in the field working on exploring the area.

After the exploration, the programme brings up a CGI version of the area and reveals how the ocean floor looks, along with the object they are searching for. The experts then explain what has been found, where they talk about how the newly discovered findings support current theories.

For what it is, this is a slow going bit of television where that fills like it’s been padded out to fill the 45 minute runtime. Making it a grind to get through.


Safe (Netflix)


Safe (Netflix) – Premieres 10th May

Set a year after the death of his wife, this is a thriller that follows Tom Delaney, a surgeon who is trying to reconnect with his eldest daughter who blames him for the death of her mother.

When his eldest daughter goes missing after attending a house party the night before, Tom begins to try and recount her steps before she disappeared. There he discovers some suspicious events surrounding the boyfriend she met up with.

While this is going on the families to the other kids involved begin to start showing suspicious traits of there own, from one of the mothers being investigated for possibly having a relationship with a student, one of the dads hiding a dead body in a freezer and even Toms work colleague and friend being spotted near the party around the time of the disappearance.

The show itself is reminiscent to The Killing with the amount of potential suspects, though with The Killing the twists developed in a more natural way. While any reveals in this seem to be thrown in with no real thought, which hinders the watchability of it all.


Deception (ABC)


Deception (ABC) – Premieres 11th March – Cancelled

Procedural crime show shenanigans where after world famous magician Cameron Black pulls off the biggest illusion of his life, a scandal about him is revealed leaving his career in tatters.

After a year of doing nothing Cameron sees a news report of a criminal that supposedly died in in a mass explosion, and notices that the incident resembled one of his own tricks. So Cameron heads off to the FBI to share his theory and tries to get to help out on the case, since he believes the person that pulled off the illusion is the same one that ruined him.

While initially hesitant the FBI finally let Cameron and his stage team help out on the case where he aids them to recapture the person they thought got away. And at the same time Cameron manages to get the lead he’s looking for.

As procedurals go it almost has the same sort of vibe as Lucifer, and while it’s not the best show ever to be made it’s still enjoyable to watch. It’s a nice bit of fun trashy TV.


Secrets Of The Lost (Science Channel)


Secrets Of The Lost (Science Channel) – Premieres 25th February

A show that looks into how and why certain ancient structures were built, what problems the people of the time had to overcome and why the buildings were constructed in the first place.

During the programme it follows experts as they discover artefacts that reveal answers to how and why these constructions took place. As well as talking about their discoveries it shows people practically using techniques found to show how the ancient civilisation could produce the materials needed, and how they could move them vast distances.

As science documentaries go this goes along at a decent pace and explains the science behind certain aspects in an easy to understand way. While it’s one of the more interesting shows of its type, it’s still not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Mosaic (HBO)


Mosaic (HBO) – Premieres 22nd January – Miniseries

Starting off with the discovery of the body of Olivia, a childrens author, and revealing that the police are looking into two potential suspects.  This is a whodunit that follows Olivia over a four year period leading up to her death, while showing the possible motives of the people around her.

Starting off four years before the incident, Olivia is at a fundraising event for her childrens charity hosted by her neighbour. There she meets budding artist Joel who is working the bar. After chatting to him Olivier offers him a job as a live in handyman at her home, where he would be able to use her studio in return. Soon after Joel moves in Olivia discovers that he has a girlfriend leading her to feel jilted, while Joels girlfriend notes of the weird situation he’s in.

At the same time Olivias neighbour Michael has discovered that the land her home is on contains a rich deposit of rare metals, and after having his offer to buy the property turned down devises another way to her Olivia to sell.

After finding out about a conman named Eric who managed to romance a woman to leave him her inheritance, Michael hires him under the guise where Eric believes that a wealthy woman living abroad wants the buy the property. Though during the con Michael and his associates begin to believe that Eric is falling in love with her and potential jeopardising the job.

As murder mysteries go this is a seriously slow burning affair, where during the first episode not too much happens of note. That said, it still keeps your interest even though at time there are some jumps between the storylines that feel a bit jarring.


Mysteries & Scandals (Oxygen)


Mysteries & Scandals (Oxygen) – Premieres 5th January

Hosted by Soledad O’Brien, this show looks into the deaths, crimes and scandals linked to high profile celebrities.

The programme initially covers the aspect the show will look into, going through the timeline and giving a broad description on what had happened. Then with interviews to family members, attorneys and journalists they start to fill in the gaps with what they witnessed and at time assumptions as to what was going on.

Along with the interviews the programme also shows stock news footage of the subject, along with actual audio of emergency calls made during the main incidents to help add to the narrative. Though with everything that’s shown, nothing other than the previously reported facts are revealed, leaving this as an over sensationalised docu-series and doesn’t offer anything new.

It all comes across as one of the low budget schedule filler crime programmes that you normally see on Investigation Discovery, and unsurprisingly is a chore to get through.