Trans Am (Discovery)


Trans Am (Discovery) – Premieres 2nd October

A car renovation show that follows Trans Am enthusiasts and brothers Scott and Tod Warmack, who specialise in restoring and making custom muscle cars.

During the programme, Scott Warmark runs and co-owns the TransAm Depot, a garage that specialises in restoring classic muscle cars. Where after a client brings in an old car that in need of being brought back to life, Scott and his team work on getting it back to as near to its old factory spec, along with accommodating some modern comforts.

At the same time Tod runs TransAm World, a business where they have purchased the license of the Trans Am name and produce new versions of the old car. There they make high end limited run cars of the Firebird, along with having plans for the company to produce new models under the moniker.

As car renovation programmes go, this has a nice unique twist that makes it stand out from similar shows in the genre. So if you enjoy this type of programme this is worth checking out.



Brake Room (Discovery)


Brake Room (Discovery) – Premieres 1st October

A comedy game show hosted by comedian Nick Stevens. Where two contestants, one from the motoring world and another a motor enthusiast, go heat to head trying to predict what happens in vehicle based clips.

The competition is split into three rounds, each of which consist of three clips being shown, and based on the question the contestants decide which of the two options will occur. Then at the end of the quiz the winner takes away a small joke prize.

For what it is, there’s a couple of clips that have some funny moments, but as a comedy quiz it’s a pretty flat offering. Leaving it to be one for those that particularly enjoying watching youtube clips on the tv, otherwise it’s some bland viewing.


Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix)


Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix) – Premieres 14th September

A car renovation show where owner of the Gotham Garage, Mark Towle, has a novel approach to his business compared to similar shows. As he sets out to initially buy a cheap beaten up vehicle, and when it’s restored, trade it for a more valuable beaten down vehicle where he repeats the process until the value for the final build is in the six figure area. And when that’s achieved, starts the process again at the beginning.

In each episode it focuses on one stage of the restore and trade process, where it starts with the vehicle arriving at the garage. Leaving the employees question whether it’s doable. Then after the plan is shown, the team begin work in the usual car restoration style.

As this is going on Mike then gets a small job coming into the garage to help pay the bills, which ends up providing more problems than the big job they are working on. Then when both jobs are finished, the small job returns to it’s owner, and the big job is taken to the owner of the next restoration job where the vehicles are swapped.

For what it is, the show does offer something slightly different to the norm, which does help this to be more watchable than other similar shows. All-in-all, it’s something you’d happily watch if nowt else is on.


Sticker Shock (Discovery)


Sticker Shock (Discovery) – Premieres 2nd May

Coming across that the car equivalent of The Antiques Roadshow. This is a car evaluation programme hosted by Dennis Pittsenbarger, where he is joined by a team of experts as they meet folks who have brought in their vehicles to find out how much they are worth.

As the various members of the public come in to show off their vehicle, they are asked the story behind how they came into ownership of it, along with finding out what repairs and modifications they’ve made to it over time. After which the experts then run their eye over the automobile, where they point out anything that could effect the value for better or worse.

The owner is then asked how much they purchased the vehicle for, how much cash they’ve pumped into its upkeep and what they believe is worth. The expert then reveals it’s current evaluation, before the show moves onto the next vehicle.

The show is a laid bit of viewing where it’s just people talking about cars, and sometimes showing off some unique types of vehicles. Though it’s something that you’d only really have on as some background viewing, it does the job.


Velocity Dispatch (Velocity)


Velocity Dispatch (Velocity) – Premieres 20th April

A short 20 minute show where a garage that creates custom vehicles takes on a low budget challenge to complete.

In the programme the people at the garage go through what they are trying to create, explain their plan and the goal they are trying to achieve. Then through the magic of montages go about creating their vehicle.

During the show the members explain the certain processes they are using along with the various components being used, and what exactly they are doing to them. Then after the build section is completed they go about trying to achieve the target they set out to achieve.

For a self filmed, low budget bit of programming it’s surprisingly watchable. Though not something you’d ever go out of your way to watch, the whole cheapness of the thing gives it a quirky charm.


JDM Legends (Velocity)


JDM Legends (Velocity) – Premieres 17th April

Car restoration show where Eric Bizek, owner of Japanese car specialist garage JDM Legends, and his team work on their customers cars to either modify or completely rebuild them.

In the programme it starts off with Erik doing an introduction to the car they are about to work on, where he is driving an equivalent model around, talking about why the car is popular within the community.

He then meets up with the new client and goes over what they want incorporated into their car, after which Erik and his team set to work. While they are working on getting the car done, they encounter a few unforeseen problems that are soon rectified, and end up presenting the completed car to its ecstatic owner.

While the show is similar in many ways to programmes like Diesel Brothers, where it’s a specialised garage working on certain vehicles, this doesn’t end up having the same viewing appeal. What with the members of the garage not being that engaging, and the slow pace the show goes along at, all together it doesn’t really have much going on that would make you keep watching.


Last Outpost (Discovery)


Last Outpost (Discovery) – Premieres 17th April

A show that goes along the same lines as Last Stop Garage, this follows the owners of Alaskan garage, CT Mad Mods, Clint and Todd as they go about making custom vehicles for folks.

In the programme Clint and Todd meet up with a local that need a vehicle made to suit their specific needs that can cope with the Alaskan terrain and climate. So the pair come up with an idea and agree payment in either cash or a trade of goods. From the there the duo being salvaging parts of other machines to be used in the vehicles creation.

During the build the Clint and Todd take what they’ve made and try to test it till it breaks, by either using it themselves, or subjecting one of their workers to an unsuspecting test. Then after everything passes their standards they add the finishing touches and reveal it to the new owner.

For what it is, this is more in line with car shows like Car Saviours but without the lavish outlay on new parts. That said it’s not too bad a way to burn 45 minutes, mainly for the Scrapyard Challenge-esque bodging together of old vehicles.