Night Flight (IFC)


Night Flight (IFC) – Premieres 20th April

A reboot of the 80’s series of the same name. This is a 10 minute long programme, that takes two interviews of prominent musicians in certain genres and mixes it in with music, comedy and animation from the era.

For a short show it’s does the job in what it’s trying to do, where it goes along at a decent pace and keeps your interest throughout. Though with the footage all being archival stuff, it’s not showing anything new but it’s an alright way to burn some time.



The Terror (AMC)


The Terror (AMC) – Premieres 26th March – Renewed

Inspired by a true story, this follows the crews of the HMS Terror & HMS Erebus during their doomed voyage. As they tried to chart the Artic and discover the Northwest passage through Canada.

When one of the crew comes down to what is believed to be scurvy, he begins to hallucinate, seeing a vision telling him that they should leave the area before dying. As the doctor relays the news, he is told to ignore what he heard and to perform an autopsy in the morning.

Then the next day, while the ice in the area begins to mount The Erebus. A crew member is sent into the water to work on the propeller. After the removing the ice blockage, the crew member turns to notices an apparition heading towards him that he avoids after being pulled up. During the same time, the doctor reveals that the person that died the night before wasn’t suffering scurvy, and had no idea on what killed him.

With the winter months drawing in and the ice thickening, the captain of The Terror Francis Crozier puts forward the the plan to change their direction and to use only one ship for them to beat the incoming freeze. Croziers plan is then then dismissed, where six days later both the ships become stranded.

As opening episodes go this is good. Very good. and well worth a watch.


Scared Famous (VH1)


Scared Famous (VH1) – Premieres 23rd October

Reality competition hosted by the rapper Redman, where 10 stars of reality shows are placed into an allegedly haunted house in Savannah, Georgia where the final person left will win some cash for the charity of their choice.

The competition has a group round, where the celebs have to all do a particular challenge that if they complete it they earn cash for the prize pot, but if they fail to complete it they get nothing. Then after the group round the celebs vote two peeps to go into the elimination round where who ever loses the challenge is knocked out of the competition.

That said the whole competition aspect is given the back seat and the majority of the programme feature the celebs running around shouting, and then getting scared shitless from some automated doors, leading to more shouting and the instant belief that they are being hunted down by evil spirits.

The actual premise of the programme does get some funny moments happening, but with virtually everyone on it being effortlessly annoying it’s a chore to get through.


Superstition (SyFy)


Superstition (SyFy) – Premieres 20th October – Cancelled

A classically shoddy bit of SyFy programming, where after returning home on leave from the army, 16 years after his younger brother death, Calvin looks to help the family business of funeral directing and fighting the paranormal.

With the emergence of some unexplained deaths only linked to a coin, Calvin and his father go on the hunt for who is behind it all. This leads them to a showdown with the supernatural villain behind it all, who during a fight with the dad manages to trick Calvin into murdering his father.

Even for a budget Syfy programme this is a ropey affair, it takes an age to get going and when it does is a slog to get through. It’s not good.


Lore (Amazon)


Lore (Amazon) – Premieres 12th October – Renewed

TV adaption of the podcast of the same name, this goes into the history of well known horror stories and explains their roots found in actual events.

The programme goes through the story by using dramatisations of the events and archive footage to explain how the mix of the developing scientific and medical practices, along with the superstitions of the time created the basis of the mythology used for famous horror creations.

While the show covers everything you’d want to know, the almost robotic delivery of the narrator along with the slow going nature of the story itself leads the is be a bit of a dull watch.


Terror In The Woods (Destination America)


Terror In The Woods (Destination America) – Premieres 10th October

Using reenactments and narrations from those involved, this is a 45 minute show that covers two stories told by regular folks of supernatural things they’ve encountered in the American woodlands.

It’s a lot like the paranormal shows Paranormal Lockdown, Haunted Case Files & Paranormal Survivor, where it comes over as a sub par campfire tale with the occasional bad special effects. There’s nothing in the programme that would make you want to watch it again and it’s all pretty forgettable.


Ghost Wars (SyFy)


Ghost Wars (SyFy) – Premieres 5th October – Cancelled

Supernatural goings on where medium Roman Mercer has finally grown tired of being persecuted in his home town of Port Moore, Alaska, and has decided to up sticks and move.

As he sets off on his coach trip there is an earthquake that pushes the coach onto cliff edge where he just manages to escape just before it toppled over. After giving his statement to the local police he’s informed that the one bridge leads to the main land is out of action, meaning he has to return to Port Moore.

After more unusual stuff starts happening in town, Roman reveals that it’s ghosts causing the upturn of explainable stuff and is widely ignored. After the sheriff is killed in a supernatural manner, Roman stops a ghost attack at the wake where afterwards he and the local priest decide to leave town to get help after being told the bridge is good to use again.

As they approached the bridge Roman notices just in time that the bridge is an apparition created by the ghosts and the town is still cut off from the outside world meaning they have to find their own way to resolve the ghost problem.

For a SyFy show it has the usual low budget style special effects but that doesn’t take away from what is a surprisingly watchable programme.