Room 104 (HBO)


Room 104 (HBO) – Premieres 28th July – Renewed

A anthology series tells the story of the occupants who have all stayed in the same room of a hotel. The stories themselves while ranging from horror to black comedy are all contained within the room and generally have a last minute twist to them.

For a 30 minute show it can feel a bit condensed and rushed as it fits everything within the short timeframe, though it is more than watchable.



The Mist (Spike)


The Mist (Spike) – Premieres 22nd June – Cancelled

TV series of the Stephen King book/film, where a soldier suffering from amnesia wakes in a forest to discover that the approaching mist leads to people getting killed if they enter it. As the soldier flees to the nearest town to inform the locals, they treat him to the confines of a police cell believing he’s mad.

While this is going on it switches focus to the Copeland family where the mother Eve has just been sacked from her teaching job, and her reporter husband Kevin is going against her wishes in allowing their daughter to head off to a party hosted by the school quarterback Jay.

This ends up with the daughter Alex going down to the party with her friend Adrian, where after having a few drinks gets drugged and raped. After informing the police chief that his son sexually assaulted their daughter, the town believe the rumours that it never happened and take great joy in calling Alex a slut in public.

As this is occuring the mist begins to cover the town leaving Eve and Alex stranded in a shopping mall where Jay is also at, along with some undercover military personnel that appear to know what the mist is. And Kevin after breaking out the prisoners in the police station is holed up in the local church with the police chief and a couple of locals.

The show itself impressively boring to watch, while everything about it seems poorly made from the writing to acting, and the pacing is almost non-existent. It’s not good, to the point it makes Under The Dome look well made.


Blood Drive (Syfy)


Blood Drive (Syfy) – Premieres 14th June – Cancelled

B-Movie Grindhouse style goodness set in the post apocalyptic hellscape future of 1999 where to the masses, oil costs $2000 a barrel and food and water are rationed. But a select few are given the chance to escape their predicament by entering a road race where the winner gets $10mil.

The show follows a cop called Arthur, who unlike his colleagues would rather try and find out why a mysterious group of individuals are harvesting blood from the homeless, rather than kicking the crap out of them for trying to get extra water.

After managing to rope his partner into checking out the location given to them, Arthur discovers that it’s the hosting spot for a race where the competitors are tagged with a bomb that activates if they try to flee or come last in a race stage, and that the cars they are driving run on human blood.

He’s then discovered and given the option of either being fed to a car or to team up with Grace, a woman only racing to get the money to get her and her sister a better life. Choosing to race Arthur discover the background of the race organiser Slink, and vows to Grace to help her win so she gets the money and he can arrest Slink.

To top it off, Arthurs partner after escaping the initial discovery of the race, then ends up being duped to the point he has cyborgs wanting to harvest his blood.

The show plays off of the b-movie vibe it creates allowing it to be utterly ridiculous in places, having blood splatter last seen in Ash vs. Evil Dead, and perfecting the use of censorship blocks. It’s a programme that is definitely one for those that enjoyed the Planet Terror or Machete grindhouse films. 

It’s a good entertaining piece of trashy silliness.


Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)


Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) – Premieres 3rd February – Renewed

Undead comedy shenanigans about husband and wife estate agents, Joel and Sheila Hammond. While showing a couple around a property Sheila begins a Exorcist-eque vomiting session, that not only loses their clients to the companies newly hired agent, leads to Sheila dying and coming back as a zombie.

As they come to terms with Sheilas with newly found flesh craving situation it changes her to become more spontaneous, leading to the new estate agent thinking he has a chance with her, and ending up with him being her first kill. Much to Joels disappointment.

For a first ep there’s very little in the way of comedy which isn’t helped by the way everyone seems to be hamming it up, and that it takes an age for the story to actually get going.


Stan Against Evil (IFC)


Stan Against Evil (IFC) – Starts 31st October – Renewed

A straight up comedy horror take on Ash vs. Evil Dead, set in the small town of Willard’s Mill that during the Witch Hunter trials made Salem seem like a minor event. During that time a curse was placed on the towns sheriff meaning that they will die in office.

After his wifes death, the curmudgeonly sheriff Stan assaults the priest at the funeral leading to him losing his job, where after he finds that his wife spend her evening taking out the demons trying to kill him. As he discovers this his replacement finds herself beset with supernatural attacks on her life and manages to get him to reluctantly agree to help.

While it is reminiscent of Ash vs Evil Dead, it’s enjoyable silliness.


Channel Zero (Syfy)


Channel Zero: Candle Cove (Syfy) – Starts 11th October – Renewed

After having a few lucid nightmares, a Child Psychologist returns to his home town for the first time since he left after the death of his brother. When meeting up with a few friends he finds that one of their daughters has been watching a kids show called Candle Cove that aired during the final few weeks before his brothers death.

He then starts piecing together that the show influenced the kids that watched it to murder folk, and that it’s return is effecting the children again.

It’s a horror show that is a bit like a cross between American Horror Story and IT, and the first ep has a good solid slow build to it, along with not having relying of the usual lazy horror style placing an audio shock at the point of anything scary, and just letting keep the slow burn going.

Surprisingly entertaining.


Freakish (Hulu)


Freakish (Hulu) – Starts 10th October – Renewed

Low budget horror series where a group of students, while on a Saturday detention at a suspiciously busy high school, get to witness the local chemical plant explode.

After hiding out in the basement for up to 5 minutes the students, which have rapidly reduced from the original amount before the explosion, veto the wisdom of the one teacher in the building to venture upstairs and to witness the death and destruction outside.

After a few of them decide to head off home, the appearance of disfigured survivors start approaching the school leading to some sub par faux zombie-esque shenanigans.

It’s all very poor stuff.