Brake Room (Discovery)


Brake Room (Discovery) – Premieres 1st October

A comedy game show hosted by comedian Nick Stevens. Where two contestants, one from the motoring world and another a motor enthusiast, go heat to head trying to predict what happens in vehicle based clips.

The competition is split into three rounds, each of which consist of three clips being shown, and based on the question the contestants decide which of the two options will occur. Then at the end of the quiz the winner takes away a small joke prize.

For what it is, there’s a couple of clips that have some funny moments, but as a comedy quiz it’s a pretty flat offering. Leaving it to be one for those that particularly enjoying watching youtube clips on the tv, otherwise it’s some bland viewing.



TKO: Total Knock Out (CBS)


TKO: Total Knock Out (CBS) – Premieres 11th July

An obstacle course game show hosted by Kevin Hart, where five competitors go against each other in the chance to win some lovely cash.

In the show each competitor has one run on the course, where along with the obstacles, the people not running get to man Takeshi Castle style projectiles to knock the people off balance.

During the run the competitor has to go through four stages, Where if they fall off once they get to try again to complete it, but if they fail again they are given a one minute time penalty, and made to move onto the next stage. After completing the run their final time has all the time penalties added and are placed on the leaderboard.

By the end of the show the 4th place runner picks up $1k, 3rd gets $2.5k, 2nd receives $5k and winner earns $50k. And if they have one of the top four times in the series are invited back for the grand final for the chance to get $100k.

The show is like a mix between Ninja Warrior, Wipe Out and Takeshis Castle. And with Hart flitting between encouraging and mocking the contestants while they run the course, it all comes across as a bit of family friendly Saturday early evening programming. It not something you’d go out of your way to watch, bit it’s a piece of entertaining fluff that you’d have on as background viewing.


Taskmaster (Comedy Central)


Taskmaster (Comedy Central) – Premieres 27th April

US version of the UK comedy panel show, where Reggie Watts resides as the Taskmaster, who assisted by Alex Horne, sets the five celebrity contestants various simple, lateral thinking, challenges to be completed.

Differing to the UK version, this is about half the runtime so there is a reduction of the amount of challenges in each episode. Along with the opening prize round just being one of the contestants putting forward a personal item as the prize for the episodes winner.

Along with the reduction in in the challenges this version also feels rushed, as the usual mocking chat of the original that happens after witnessing the attempts is pretty much non existent.

All in all it’s a pretty poor imitation of the original.


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime)


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime) – Premieres 25th April

A Mr & Mrs style game show hosted by Jason Biggs of American Pie fame and his wife Jenny Mollen. Where three couples go against each other in the bid to win $20k.

The show is split into two rounds, in the first round the couples are put through either challenges or given personal questions. Where one of the couple is asked the questions, while the other is put off into a sound proof box before completing the challenge or answering the question. By the end of the round the couple who got the lowest score is then eliminated.

The final round has the remaining two couples take a turn at tackling a Fun House style go kart challenge, where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger has to give directions along with completing some tasks. Then the team that completes the course in the fastest time wins the $20k.

As game shows go it not something you’d go out of you way to watch, but is passable enough if nowt else is on.


Genius Junior (NBC)


Genius Junior (NBC) – Premieres 18th March

A knockout tournament style game show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Where two teams of three intelligent kids go against each other over three rounds, to win the chance to progress in the competition and to get a big cash prize.

Each round is set up to test the kids abilities in memory, spelling, maths, logic and the like, and before they team goes up to start the round, they have the one-off opportunity to nominate one of the team to be the sole person to tackle the questions.

If the team decided to enter the round as a group, team goes up to answer questions in a round robin style. And if one person in the team can’t answer correctly, they can only move on until either one or none of the team gets the answer correct.

Then at the end of the round the teams are then allocated points in relation to the amount of correct answers they gave. By the end of three rounds the team with the most points, already guaranteed progression into the next round, get to take part in the “Cortex”, a bonus round where all team members are used.

The round is structured so that within the team, one member has to answer three questions worth $3k each, another having to answer four questions work $4k each the final member answering five questions work $5k each. And if they manage to answer everything correctly the total the team wins is doubled to $100k. The total amount is then placed into their prize fund that they get if they become the overall winner.

While the main focus of the programme is to show off the impressiveness of the kids abilities, it’s also a surprisingly watchable bit of TV. Though it’s still something that you’d happily watch if you stumbled on it, but not a programme you’d go out of you way to watch.


Black Card Revoked (BET)


Black Card Revoked (BET) – Premieres 18th January 

Based on the popular card game, this is a game show hosted by Tony Rock where three teams, consisting of a celebrity captain and regular person, go against each other answer questions on black culture.

In the first round the teams are asked a question, and after their answers are revealed the crowd get to decide on which is the best. Then the teams with the most popular answer then get 50 points.

During the second round, the teams are asked a question that has been asked to 100 people. The teams are then offered four answers to pick from, and if the pick the correct one that was the most popular from the people surveyed gets them 100 points.

The third round changes the format slightly where each team is asked one multiple choice question that could get them 500 points. Then at the end of the round the team with the most points heads off to the final round.

In the last round the regular folk of the surviving team gets the chance to win up to $10k. All they have to do is answer 10 questions correctly where the answers have been sourced from the 100 people previously surveyed. For each correct answer they get $500, and if they manage to get all 10 correct the money is then doubled.

As comedy quiz shows goes it’s OK, but not as good as Face Value.


Child Support (ABC)


Child Support (ABC) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

A quiz show hosted by Fred Savage which gives the contestants a chance to win up to $200k if they can get 10 questions correct.

In the quiz each question has a cash value that rises as they get further in, similar to the structure of Who Wants To Be A Millioniarre?. Along with the two save points in the ladder where they have the option to cash out or continue playing.

When a wrong answer is given, the contestant can be “saved” if one of a panel of five kids can supply the correct answer to the same question they got wrong. If they manage to do that then total fund is reduced by one step and they can continue the quiz. Though if the kids get the question wrong the they leave with nothing.

It’s a standard quiz which is more geared towards hearing the kids answers teamed up with Ricky Gervais laughing hysterically with them. For what it is, it does the job.