Genius Junior (NBC)


Genius Junior (NBC) – Premieres 18th March

A knockout tournament style game show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Where two teams of three intelligent kids go against each other over three rounds, to win the chance to progress in the competition and to get a big cash prize.

Each round is set up to test the kids abilities in memory, spelling, maths, logic and the like, and before they team goes up to start the round, they have the one-off opportunity to nominate one of the team to be the sole person to tackle the questions.

If the team decided to enter the round as a group, team goes up to answer questions in a round robin style. And if one person in the team can’t answer correctly, they can only move on until either one or none of the team gets the answer correct.

Then at the end of the round the teams are then allocated points in relation to the amount of correct answers they gave. By the end of three rounds the team with the most points, already guaranteed progression into the next round, get to take part in the “Cortex”, a bonus round where all team members are used.

The round is structured so that within the team, one member has to answer three questions worth $3k each, another having to answer four questions work $4k each the final member answering five questions work $5k each. And if they manage to answer everything correctly the total the team wins is doubled to $100k. The total amount is then placed into their prize fund that they get if they become the overall winner.

While the main focus of the programme is to show off the impressiveness of the kids abilities, it’s also a surprisingly watchable bit of TV. Though it’s still something that you’d happily watch if you stumbled on it, but not a programme you’d go out of you way to watch.



Black Card Revoked (BET)


Black Card Revoked (BET) – Premieres 18th January 

Based on the popular card game, this is a game show hosted by Tony Rock where three teams, consisting of a celebrity captain and regular person, go against each other answer questions on black culture.

In the first round the teams are asked a question, and after their answers are revealed the crowd get to decide on which is the best. Then the teams with the most popular answer then get 50 points.

During the second round, the teams are asked a question that has been asked to 100 people. The teams are then offered four answers to pick from, and if the pick the correct one that was the most popular from the people surveyed gets them 100 points.

The third round changes the format slightly where each team is asked one multiple choice question that could get them 500 points. Then at the end of the round the team with the most points heads off to the final round.

In the last round the regular folk of the surviving team gets the chance to win up to $10k. All they have to do is answer 10 questions correctly where the answers have been sourced from the 100 people previously surveyed. For each correct answer they get $500, and if they manage to get all 10 correct the money is then doubled.

As comedy quiz shows goes it’s OK, but not as good as Face Value.


Child Support (ABC)


Child Support (ABC) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

A quiz show hosted by Fred Savage which gives the contestants a chance to win up to $200k if they can get 10 questions correct.

In the quiz each question has a cash value that rises as they get further in, similar to the structure of Who Wants To Be A Millioniarre?. Along with the two save points in the ladder where they have the option to cash out or continue playing.

When a wrong answer is given, the contestant can be “saved” if one of a panel of five kids can supply the correct answer to the same question they got wrong. If they manage to do that then total fund is reduced by one step and they can continue the quiz. Though if the kids get the question wrong the they leave with nothing.

It’s a standard quiz which is more geared towards hearing the kids answers teamed up with Ricky Gervais laughing hysterically with them. For what it is, it does the job.


Ellen’s Game Of Games (NBC)


Ellen’s Game Of Games (NBC) – Premieres 2nd January – Renewed

Following on from Repeat After Me and Little Big Shots, this is a game show spawned from a segment originally seen on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The quiz goes through three rounds, the first has four individual games held a qualifiers for the second round. Where after Ellen describes the game, two people are called up from the audience and the winner advances.

After the four opening games have been played, the winners take part in the second round. This consists of the four standing over trapdoors, which plummets them 30ft after they get a simple general knowledge question wrong, and keeps going until there is one person left.

In the final round, the surviving contestant has 30 seconds to correctly identify 10 celebrities, where they have the chance to win up to $100k.

While the opening games have the slapstick feel of stuff you could see in Takeshi’s Castle, the rest of the rounds go for a more standard quiz format. As a light entertainment game show it does everything you’d want, with Ellen lightly ribbing the contestants through to simple questions being answered incorrectly.

It’s an inoffensive family friendly game show.


Drop The Mic (TBS)


Drop The Mic (TBS) – Premieres 26th October – Renewed

Like how Lip Sync Battle was formerly a Jimmy Fallon segment and Repeat After Me was a bit on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drop The Mic is a show spawned from a segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In it, two celebs go toe-to-toe for three rounds of battle rapping where after their rap is battled the hosts that include Method Man get the crowed to cheer on who they want to win.

The show has a similar vibe to Lip Sync Battle with it being a showcase of celebs dicking about, though it after seeing one episode you’ve pretty much had your fill of it.


Snoop Dogg Presents: The Jokers Wild (TBS)


Snoop Dogg Presents: The Jokers Wild (TBS) – Premieres 24th October – Renewed

A reboot of the 70’s gameshow Jokers Wild and hosted by Snoop Dogg, two regular folks go up against each other to try and win up to $25k.

The show is split into three rounds, the first has the contestants one arm banditing an oversized electronic fruit machine to select the question topics, all of which are predominantly weed and rap centric, and the value of the question decided on the amount of time the chosen topic appears on the fruity.

The second round is a double money round of the first, and at the end the loser leaves with a goody bag, and the winner gets the cash they accumulated along with the chance to go through the bonus round.

In the bonus round the contestant is given unlimited spins on the slot machine to try and accumulate the $10k limit which will win them $25k. Between each spin they are given the option to cash in or continue, but if they get a devil image on their spin they leave the show with nothing.

While it’s weird to see Snoop Dogg hosting a gameshow, it’s a decent enough watch if there’s nowt else on.


Face Value (BET)


Face Value (BET) – Premieres 27th September 

Comedy gameshow hosted by Dion Cole, where two celebrity captains are given two regular folk team mates, and by the end the winning team has the chance to win £10k.

The game has three rounds, in the first round six random people on the street are interviewed and when they are asked a question that is loaded with stereotypes the team whose turn it is has to decide whether it’s true or false, and if they’re correct get 100 points. For the 2nd round each correct answer is given 200 points, and four of the six people interviewed in the first round are brought back, where after they’re questioned the team is given a choice of four answers to pick from.

At the end of that round the team that’s amassed the most points gets to go to the final stage where after picking one of the four interviewees, have to get 10 correct answers to true or false questions posed to them within 60 seconds to win the $10k.

As a comedy gameshow it dishes out a few funny moments, though the deeper into the quiz it gets, the comedy tends to decrease. That said it’s a decent enough way to waste 20 minutes.