The Know It All Guide To… (FYI)


The Know It All Guide To… (FYI) – Premieres 31st July

Fact based programme that looks at a food stuff then goes through its origins, how it’s produced, food stuffs that are used with it and other general pointless facts.

For 30 minutes it rattles though the topic where along with going over some facts, shows how to make/cook the perfect version, talks to the producers of the foodstuff where they talk through the process and visit a popular restaurant that shows off a different take on the dish.

It’s a bit like version of The Quick and the Curious but for food.


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel)


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel) – Premieres 21st June

Science show where the host Todd Sampson introduces a scientific law that he demonstrates in a small scale experiment to members of public, and then devises a large scale experiment that puts him in a situation that could prove fatal if the sums behind it go awry.

During the build up to the main experiment, Todd visits various experts and looks into each element that could effect the outcome. After each visit the experiment becomes more refined, where at the end everyone he has met are brought together to witness the attempt.

The show is like a more risky Mythbusters challenge with Todd placing himself in the position where a test crash dummy would usually be. It’s a decent enough way to waste 30 minutes though it’s something you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch like you would shows such as Mythbusters or Experiemental.


The World Without Canada (History)


The World Without Canada (History) – Premieres 31st May – Miniseries

A three part documentary which looks at the inventions and discoveries that Canada has given the world. The show goes through the list by putting out the hypothetical situation that Canada is wiped from history to show how the lack of these discoveries would instantly effect the world.

With each invention the programme goes into back story of who the inventor/scientist was and who the breakthrough came about with the usual mix of expert interviews and some stock visuals. After explaining the discovery it then goes into how it not existing would cause almost instant disruption with the use of some dramatisations.

The programme itself is an easy enough watch though the way a couple of the inventors/inventions are claimed to be Canadian could at worse be seen as tenuous.


Project Impossible (History)


Project Impossible (History) – Premieres 24th May

Like Impossible Engineering and Indestructible Mega Structures, this is an show that looks into 4 structures that are currently being built, and the new engineering processes that have had to be employed for the project to be completed.

During each of the four segments the show explains the initial problems that had to be solved before the assignment started and talks to the people involved about how they developed the techniques to construct the project.

For a factual show about modern construction, its execution is almost identical to Impossible Engineering. To the point if you were a fan of the later, then this is more of the same.


Incredible Inventions (AHC)


Incredible Inventions (AHC) – Premieres 18th March

Along the same lines as How To Build Everything, Incredible Inventions reveals how three separate everyday items are created and produced. In it they show the production processes by showing factory workers put the item together, and also explain in slightly more detail how some of the more unique aspects are produced.

To keep this within the AHC regular programming, all the items were originally create with them having military uses. Which are shown during the show and how they transitioned into everyday useage.

Like How To Build Everything it’s exactly what you’d expect though it’s a duller bit of viewing.


Mythbusters: The Search (Science Channel)


Mythbusters: The Search (Science Channel) – Premieres 7th January

The Science Channel show off the fact they’ve purchased the rights to produce new episodes of Mythbusters by releasing a competition show where 10 regular folks go up against each other to get the chance to present the new series.

The contestants are put through two rounds, one where they are split into groups and one individual round at at the end of the ep, science editor of the Nerdish host confers with the shows crew and a special guest to reward the best performer with a golden tool and to banish the weakest contestant.

While it’s called Mythbusters, the competition aspect makes it more like watching something along the lines of Trashformers, and shies away for any proper explanations of the science behind what they’re doing.


Indestructible Mega Structures (Nat Geo)


Indestructible Mega Structures (Nat Geo) – Starts 11th December

A show similar in content to Impossible Engineering, where each episode looks at a recently constructed structure that has been built to withstand extreme conditions.

In it the programme looks at the previous structure that stood before and the events that caused it to fail, then with engineers explaining the weak points and how they circumvented it in the new build. Along with cutting back to the experts it then show how the new structure was constructed and what new safety feature are put in place to stop it failing in the future.

It’s an interesting enough watch, and an easy way to waste 45 minutes.