Mega Machines (Science Channel)


Mega Machines (Science Channel) – Premieres 4th January

The more generic version of Alaska Mega Machines, where in the programme it focuses on one piece of modern machinery and looks into how it works by breaking down the main components and showing footage of it in operation.

As the operators go about their tasks, the programme brings up a CGI version of the machine which breaks it open and shows where the relevant components are housed that make the process possible. There the programme explains the forces they are put under and how they have been adapted and improved from similar machines.

Like Alaska Mega Machines this is a grind to get through. But unlike the aforementioned, which at least that went through three different machines during an episode, this drags the content out to mind numbing levels of tedium.



Building Giants (Science Channel)


Building Giants (Science Channel) – Premieres 4th January

In the same vein as Project Impossible & Impossible Engineering, this is a show that looks at the process of how a large groundbreaking building was designed and built.

In the programme it documents the construction process where the foreman explains the complexities of parts of the build and how they need to be pin point accurate to make sure everything works. Along with the structures designer explaining how they came to create some unique answers to the problems they faces.

As the build is going on, each pivotal part of the construction is shown via CGI and highlights the difficulties they face, along with showing how the intended process should play out. Then after the key parts of the process are completed it shows the final version working as it should.

The programme is similar to Project Impossible, As it is like one of the segment has been expanded to fill 45 minutes. And at times it does fill like it with certain bits padded out.

It’s one for those like like to see how big buildings are built.


Last Stop Garage (Discovery)


Last Stop Garage (Discovery) – Premieres 23rd October

Following CRB Automotive, a garage in Labrador, Canada. Where being the only garage in a remote part of the country, they have to bodge together machinery to tackle any problems they face.

Along the Scrapyard Challenge style solutions they come up with this is a show that is mainly a group of co-workers dicking about and coming up good at the end of the day.

It’s at best a bit of background viewing, and nothing you’d go out of your way to watch.


Texas Metal (Velocity)


Texas Metal (Velocity) – Premieres 7th November

Car renovation show that follows the employees of Ekstensive, a company that focuses on customising trucks though are also adept at modifying any other vehicle that turns up at their garage.

The show set up involves a customer coming in with a job that becomes the main focus of the episode which offers a host of problems  the team have to overcome. While they are working away at the main job, the owner Bill, then accepts a small job which barely registers as anything other than to pad out the run time.

Then at the end of the ep, much like any other car show, the customised truck is shown off, much to the clients delight. The show suffers from everyone in the garage being awkward in front of the camera, to the point where it’s like watching paint dry. It’s not good.


Max Grundy (Discovery)


Max Grundy (Discovery) – Premieres 6th November

Custom car creator and owner of Max Grundy Designs, Max Grundy, is know for his retro-futuristic customisations and is looking to get his shop known on the wider stage.

In the show Max gets two beat up cars into his garage and with the help of his master mechanic and the rest of his team converts the cars into drivable custom vehicles within a set deadline.

While the show shares more than a few similarities to programmes like Detroit Steel, Diesel Brothers & Iron Resurrection, it doesn’t offer anything different and while the designs they come up with look cool the personalities of those in the show don’t make it as watchable as the other.


Project Impossible (History)


Project Impossible (History) – Premieres 24th May

Like Impossible Engineering and Indestructible Mega Structures, this is an show that looks into 4 structures that are currently being built, and the new engineering processes that have had to be employed for the project to be completed.

During each of the four segments the show explains the initial problems that had to be solved before the assignment started and talks to the people involved about how they developed the techniques to construct the project.

For a factual show about modern construction, its execution is almost identical to Impossible Engineering. To the point if you were a fan of the later, then this is more of the same.


Speed Is The New Black (Velocity)


Speed Is The New Black (Velocity) – Premieres 24th May

Car renovation show the follows the employees of the Classic Car Studio, as they receive vehicles from their clients that have seen better days and are given the challenge to get them running to a high spec while creating a customised vehicle for the owner.

Like other car renovation shows like Detroit Steel and Road Hauks, it follow garage as they create a plan on what to do with the vehicle and then putting the plan to action. Then along the way they stumble into unforeseen problems due to the cars state of disrepair, which manage to get rectified in time.

At the end of the show the cars get revealed to their owners, and a high speed test drive is given. While it’s not a million miles away from other similar shows of the genre, they manage to fit a weird love letter section which is reminiscent of some that would occur in Sacred Steel Bikes, though they don’t manage to pull it off as well.

As a renovation show it’s watchable enough, but not something that you’d go out of your way to view.