Dark (Netflix)


Dark (Netflix) – Premieres 1st December

German drama set in the small town of Winden, where two months after his father had committed suicide, leaving a letter to be opened at a specific time. Jonas returns to school, finding out that one of his classmates Erik has been missing for almost two weeks.

After meeting up with his friend they agree to head to the local cave where Erik kept his stash of drugs so they could split it with each other and sell the rest. On the evening where they plan to raid the cave they are joined up with their friend who also happen to be the offspring of the principal. After getting the drugs, the gang are spooked by something coming from the cave leading them to make a hasty exit. When they regroup the notice the youngest of the principals kids Mikkel has gone missing.

While all of this is kicking off, a parents meeting at the school is interrupted by an old fella proclaiming that “It’s happening again”, the local copper who’s is married to the principal is continuing his affair with Jonas’ mum. And there is a couple of cuts to a bunker, made up as an 80’s bedroom with a decorated electric chair, which is housing Erik.

As opening episodes go, there is a lot happening all with a hinted time travel vibe. While it’s slow for it to reveal what is going on, it does keep the intrigue up nicely.



The Indian Detective (CTV)


The Indian Detective (CTV) – Premieres 23rd November

Comedy where after bumbling wise cracking Toronto cop Doug D’Mello botches a possible drug smuggling run over the Canadian border, ends up getting suspended for a month and demoted for going against police protocol. At the same time Dougs father in India is taken ill so he heads off to Mumbai to check up on him.

While there he finds out that his dad is at best a hypochondriac and meets his neighbour Priya a lawyer who asks Doug to help on a case that is proving to be more than a little suspicious.

As Doug helps Priya solve the case he begins to find links from the people behind the case to the drug running operation in stumbled across back in Canada.

All-in-all it’s a inoffensive bit of comedy that is pretty hit and miss in the joke department.


Godless (Netflix)


Godless (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd November

Western centered on the small town of La Belle, a town mostly populated by women after a mining incident killed off the majority of the male population. The towns sheriff Bill McNue, who is labelled a coward in the town and beginning to lose his sight, is told that the outlaw Frank Griffin has been operating nearby.

Bill is told that during a stagecoach heist, Roy Goode, a former member of Franks gang, broke up the robbery and managed to shoot Franks arm off. In retaliation Frank massacred the nearby town, and is hunting down Roy who was seen in the nearby area.

After heading out the try and broker a deal to get some horses for the town from the widow that lives on the outskirts. Bill discovers that she is harbouring Roy Goode after shooting him when he was trespassing on her land, leading to Bill arresting him and taking him back to La Belle.

For an opening episode it sets everything up nicely and is worth a watch.


Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)


Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu) – Premieres 21st November

Another Marvel TV series where this one follows six teenagers (Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase & Molly),  who having been lifelong friends due to their parent knowing each other have grown apart after the death of one of their group.

As their parents get ready for their charity get together Alex decides to try and get everyone back together for the evening. The others initially decide not to go, but after a sequence of events the group all end up at the house.

As the get together stumbles along, Chase decides to go on a booze run in Alexs dads office. After the group rummage around they discover a secret entrance leading to an underground cavern where they find their parent performing some occult like business.

As an opening ep it’s as slow going as Inhumans, though does have enough about it to make it worthy of checking out the next episode.


Gone (NBC)


Gone (NBC) – Premieres TBA 2018

Procedural crime drama that is centred on Kit “Kick” Lannigan, who as a kid was abducted for 5 years before the FBI saved her. 15 years later Kick is running self defence classes in a building she shares with another abductee survivor James who spends his time hacking various government agency sites.

After one of her classes Kit is offered the chance to help on an abduction case by the FBI agent who found her, as he has formed specialist a team to work on abduction cases, and is in need of her knowledge on how the kidnappers operate. After tentatively agreeing to help Kick and James get brought onto the team where their skills help solve the case.

The show is the usual lightweight CSI style bit of programming that is watchable enough to waste 45 minutes. Though it’s something you don’t have to follow it that closely to know what’s going on, and isn’t something you’d go out of you way to watch.


The Punisher (Netflix)


The Punisher (Netflix) – Premieres 17th November – Renewed

Six months after Frank Castle has killed everyone linked to the death of his family, he has assumed a new identity and is quietly working away on a building site twatting the crap out of walls with a sledgehammer.

During a lunch break he overhears a couple of the more nefarious co-workers planning to rob a poker game, though decides to do nothing about it. After the new kid on site accepts the offer to go on the job, he manages to let accidentally reveal his identity to the room full of gangster as they robbed them. Realising this will mean he will be hunted down the others take him back to the building site to kill him, unaware Frank is doing some wall twatting personal therapy at the same time.

This leads to Frank defending the kid from his imminent doom by showing of some handy sledgehammer skills and getting the info of the game they hit where he continues his classic brand of violent retribution.

As this is all going off, Dinah Mandani, an homeland security agent who has been restationed from Afghanistan to New York and is determined to find out why her partner her partner was killed, leading her to look into a conspiracy that involves Franks old unit.

For an first ep, it’s on a par with the Daredevil opener and is a good bit of viewing.


The Long Road Home (Nat Geo)


The Long Road Home (Nat Geo) – Premieres 7th November

Based on the book of the same name this is a drama that recounts what happened to the 1st Cavalry Division, who on their first patrol of Sadr City in Iraq are ambushed by local insurgents.

As the unit a holed up in an unsuspecting families house while defending their position, all support sent to help them fight their way out are either detoured or ambushed themselves. Leading to multiple firefights happening as the 1st Cavalry Division starts to exhaust their munitions.

At the same time rumours of what is occurring filter back to the US base where the units families are, leading to the wives of the main personnel being economical with the truth to stop any wide spread panic from happening.

For a military drama it’s a solid start that goes almost straight into the action and manages to create a nice claustrophobic feel to what the soldiers are going through. Well worth a watch.