Stargate Origins (Stargate Command)


Stargate Origins (Stargate Command) – Premieres 15th February

A revival series that is set in the 1930s about the initial discovery of the Stargate, where after spending 10 years in researching the discovery Catherine Langford has decided to leave her fathers research.

After dropping the bombshell the situation is escalated with the arrival of Dr Brücke and his Nazi cohorts, who open the Stargate and take Catherines father over to the other side.

With the show being web based 10 minute episodes it shares some similarities with Street Fighter Resurrection & Mortal Kombat series, as each episode only covers the briefest of plot points meaning you can’t really get into it. That said this does have far better production values than the aforementioned.



Here And Now (HBO)


Here And Now (HBO) – Premieres 11th February

A drama centered on the dysfunctional Bayer-Boatwright family, where the dad Greg is turning 60 and in a pit of depression from questioning whether his lifes work has any importance. His wife Annie who has self diagnosed herself with mental health issues, and has passed her neurosis onto their youngest daughter Kristen. And their three adopted children, where Duc and Ashley who both are having relationship problems and resent the fact that they were used as symbols of their parents progressiveness, and their brother Roman has recently started receiving having visions and hallucinations that he can’t explain.

During Gregs birthday celebration Roman has another hallucination in front of of everyone that cause his parents to take him to a psychiatrist. and during the session he notices that there is a framed picture of the woman he has been seeing in the office, and finds out that it’s the psychiatrists mother he has been seeing.

For a first ep it comes over as a bit disjointed, where it appears to have a strange supernatural angle tacked on to a standard drama about family relationships. That along with the slow pacing of it makes it a bit of a grind to get through, especially with most of the characters appearing to be quite dislikable.


Altered Carbon (Netflix)


Altered Carbon (Netflix) – Premieres 2nd February 

Sci-fi thriller where after being killed in his pursuit of stopping people to able to transplant their memories into new bodies, called sleeves, thus living for ever. Takeshi Kovacs is ironically brought back 250 years after he was stopped.

After vaguely coming to terms that he is in a body that’s not his own, Takeshi is taken to meet Laurens Bancroft, the man who paid for him to be brought back. There he finds out that Bancroft needs his services to find out who killed him a few days earlier. Where the scene was made to look like a suicide, but the perpetrators failed to stop the remote server downloading his memories into a new body. Meaning that Bancroft can remember everything up to the point of his last memory upload, but misses out remembering who killed him.

Bancroft gives Takeshi a day to think about the offer where either he accepts and gets his freedom, or refuses and is permanently deleted. Settling on the second option, Takeshi decides to spend his remaining time on getting wasted. Until an altercation in the hotel lobby he was signing into piques his interest in the case.

It’s a solid opening episode that goes along at a decent pace, and a plot that’s easy to keep with. Along the addition of the John Wick style hotel scene and it’s a decent watch.


Waco (Paramount Network)


Waco (Paramount Network) – Premieres 24th January – Miniseries

Drama based on the events that led up to, and including, the Waco siege where David Koresh and his culty cohorts faced off against the FBI and ATF.

The show starts off nine months before the siege where it shows Koresh, finding out that one of his wives is now pregnant, much to the chagrin to the womans real husband, heading out to gig with his cover band where he brings back a drummer and shows his what his cult gets up to, and sells him on his philosophies.

During the same time FBI negotiator Gary Noesner is assigned to the Ruby Ridge standoff, where after a shootout initiated by an FBI agent that lead to the death of the targets wife. Manages to diffuse the situation and peacefully end the incident. Six months later he finds out the agent who he believed escalated the situation has received a glowing report of his actions, and wrangled an additional $10 million to his department.

Also in the fallout of the report the ATF are under pressure to get a result as they were blamed of the shooting, so when they find a report that Koresh has been stockpiling weapons they see it as a way to redeem their department.

For an opening episode it’s on the slow going side, though it does set up everything nicely and is a decent watch.


Mosaic (HBO)


Mosaic (HBO) – Premieres 22nd January – Miniseries

Starting off with the discovery of the body of Olivia, a childrens author, and revealing that the police are looking into two potential suspects.  This is a whodunit that follows Olivia over a four year period leading up to her death, while showing the possible motives of the people around her.

Starting off four years before the incident, Olivia is at a fundraising event for her childrens charity hosted by her neighbour. There she meets budding artist Joel who is working the bar. After chatting to him Olivier offers him a job as a live in handyman at her home, where he would be able to use her studio in return. Soon after Joel moves in Olivia discovers that he has a girlfriend leading her to feel jilted, while Joels girlfriend notes of the weird situation he’s in.

At the same time Olivias neighbour Michael has discovered that the land her home is on contains a rich deposit of rare metals, and after having his offer to buy the property turned down devises another way to her Olivia to sell.

After finding out about a conman named Eric who managed to romance a woman to leave him her inheritance, Michael hires him under the guise where Eric believes that a wealthy woman living abroad wants the buy the property. Though during the con Michael and his associates begin to believe that Eric is falling in love with her and potential jeopardising the job.

As murder mysteries go this is a seriously slow burning affair, where during the first episode not too much happens of note. That said, it still keeps your interest even though at time there are some jumps between the storylines that feel a bit jarring.


Black Lightning (The CW)


Black Lightning (The CW) – Premieres 16th January

After retiring from the superhero lifestyle and spending the last 9 years focusing on fathering his daughters and his job as principal of the local school, Jefferson Pierce it roped back into becoming Black Lightning again after the local gang, The 100, force his hand.

The show kicks off with Jefferson having to take a detour from traveling to an award ceremony in his honour with his youngest daughter Jennifer, to pick up his eldest daughter Anissa, who is being held in the local police station after she was arrested at a protest.

After getting to the ceremony, Jennifer sneaks of to a nightclub with her friend where she hooks up with a fella. She then finds out that he is a low level dealer for the 100 associate LaLa, and he owes him a fair amount of cash. When Jefferson finds out about this he gets to the club and unleashes some lightning based fury to rescue her.

The next day the lad that tried to hook up with Jennifer rocks up to the school and pulls a gun, breaking the agreement the gangs had to keep the school off limits. This leads Jefferson to confront LaLa to keep his men in line, though the message doesn’t go through clearly and the lad kidnaps both Anissa and Jennifer.

After meeting with his old associate Gambi, he finds out that he has updated the Black Lightning outfit, and Jefferson dons it to free his daughters from their captive. While Jefferson is adamant that that is the last time he will use his powers, the news of Black Lightning returning gets back to the leader of the 100, who was under the impression that he killed him nine years ago, and is intent to make sure that he won’t been a threat to him in the future.

For a DC show the set up isn’t a baddy of the week deal, but more in line with the structure of the Netflix Marvel shows like Luke Cage. It’s a solid opening episode.


The Resident (Fox)


The Resident (Fox) – Premieres 21st January

A medical drama set in the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital where it follows Dr. Devon Pravesh, freshly out of medical school and about to start his first day in the hospital.

After arriving he soon finds out that he’ll be under the tutelage of Conrad Hawkins, a maverick doctor whose arrogant demeanour leaves Devon wanting to get someone else to mentor him. But after a brief exchange with Nic, a nurse who was in a relationship with Hawkins, explains to Devon that his no nonsense style gets results, and is the best person in the hospital to learn from.

Along with tutoring the newbie, Conrad is also on a mission to reveal that the head of surgery, Dr Bell is a danger to his patients. Bell being the face of the hospital has been using his influence to cover up deaths that he has caused while performing operations, where he blackmails staff to cover up for his mistakes and for him to take credit for anything that puts the hospital in a good light.

As medical dramas go this is a surprisingly watchable, mainly for the borderline pantomime villain actions of Dr Bell. It’s a decent enough way to burn 45 minutes.