Lost In Space (Netflix)


Lost In Space (Netflix) – Premieres 13th April

Reboot of the 60’s TV show, this follows the Robinson family, who while on the way to a new space colony have to evacuate the ship. Leaving them stranded on an unknown planet.

After crash landing and witnessing their escape shuttle sink into deep water, the Robinsons have to figure on how they are going to survive in the icy condition they find themselves in while they hope to be rescued.

When realising that the only way to retrieve a battery generator needed to keep their heater working throughout the night, the father John, asks his smallest child Will to get it as only he can fit through the hatch. Before Will can go his sister Judy jumps in to get it only to end up submerged and trapped in ice.

To rescue her John and Will head off to find supplies to help the rescue, while Johns other daughter Penny looks after her injured mother Maureen along with keeping Judy company. After finding what they need Will is then separated from John, who makes the decision to go back to save Judy and then return to save Will. During this time Will discovers an alien craft and slowly befriends a robot who saves him.

While this is going on the programme shows the backstory of the family as headed towards the mission, along with the reason why their ship was abandoned. And revealing how some of the other crew managed to escape.

As a reboot this is a more serious take on the original, and is a lot more watchable for it. It’s a surprisingly decent bit of viewing.



In Contempt (BET)


In Contempt (BET) – Premieres 10th April

Procedural legal drama that follows Gwen Sullivan, a talented but opinionated public defender who does her utmost to get the people she’s representing acquitted.

While working a case she been given where her client has been wrongly accused, Gwen tries to find holes in the prosecution and to ultimately find the evidence that gets the case won. At the same time her colleague Bennett is trying his best to get back with her while also mentoring Vanessa. A newly qualified attorney working at the firm to fulfil her case load before she can move on to her job at another firm. And Gwens co-worker Tracy, along with occasionally helping her out, is having an affair with one of the judges.

For a legal drama it’s more or less on the same level as For The People, though slightly more watchable.


Killing Eve (BBC America)


Killing Eve (BBC America) – Premieres 6th April – Renewed

After the murder of a Russian politician in London, Eve, a MI5 security officer is tasked with protecting the only witness. During the meeting about the killing, Eve puts forward the theory that the hitman is in fact a woman. Which is instantly dismissed by everyone bar the lady from the MI6 Russian desk. And after interviewing the witness Eve then finds out that her suspicions were correct, though the description she got pair up with no one they had on Record.

While Eve is trying to find the killer, Villanelle, the woman she’s hunting has been given a job to kill a mafia boss in Italy. Where in doing the job begins to take some liberties as she becomes more arrogant. Then after killing the mafia boss Villanelle to told to discreetly kill the witness that Eve is protecting, which she does in the most non-discreet manner possible.

As the witness is murdered Eves boss blames her for the outcome and sacks her. Only for the woman from the MI6 Russian Desk to contact Eve afterwards to get her to help with the capture of Villanelle.

For a crime drama it goes along at a decent pace, where the setup for the show is quickly put into place. Though while it’s clearly well made, there’s something about it that doesn’t make it feel like a must watch.


The Crossing (ABC)


The Crossing (ABC) – Premieres 2nd April

Sci-fi shenanigans set in the small town of Port Canaan, where the sheriff Jude Ellis is called out to an incident on the local beach as bodies are starting to wash up onto the shore.

The incident gets the attention of Homeland Security who send down agent Emma Ren to take over the local forces. There she interviews the survivors who reveal the they are refuges escaping a war from 180 years in the future. Where the people they are fleeing from are humans with enhanced powers wanting to enslave them.

During this time Jude, who has had his access to the beach revoked, gets held at gunpoint by Reece, a survivor that was rescued by by a fishing vessel and is now trying to get back to her daughter. Jude takes Reece to a warehouse where the deceased are being kept that she manages to break in to. But after not being to find her daughter, flees the scene when security arrive where she reveals that she has inhuman abilities.

As this going on, one of the survivors reveals to Ren that their group wasn’t the first to cross over. And that inhumans were sent over earlier to put themselves within high ranking positions to begin laying the foundations of the war. Leading to Ren telling her superior that some high ranking roles may be compromised, and arranges for the survivor to meet him.

For an opening episode, it’s a decent start that manages to get the plot over quickly and without it effecting the pace of the show. It’s a decent watch.


Siren (Freeform)


Siren (Freeform) – Premieres 29th March – Renewed

Drama set in the mermaid obsessed town of Bristol Cove, where a fishing trawler off the coast managed to catch something they didn’t recognise along with their haul. After the mysterious thing attacks and injures one of the crew they manage to shove it into the storage bay while radioing for medical assistance. To their surprise a military helicopter arrives quickly taking the unknown catch and injured fisherman with them.

Back in the town, the mayors son Ben – who earlier skipped the unveiling of the statue of town’s founder and first mermaid fancier, his great-great-great-great-grandfather – meets the fisherman who was on the boat earlier. Who tells him they believe they caught a mermaid much to his disbelief. Soon after the chat a kid floats across a severed sharks head, where Ben and his marine biologist cohort and girlfriend Maggie can’t determine what attacked it.

As Ben heads back home he almost runs over a naked woman who happens to be a mermaid trying to find the one that was captured. As the show goes on Ben starts to twig that she might not be human, only for it to be confirmed when he follows her into the water and she attacks him in mermaid form.

As fantasy dramas go this one is a slog, the story barely gets going, and there’s a fair amount that’s briefly shown with no real development. Which only adds to the jumbled story, making it a grind to get through.


The Terror (AMC)


The Terror (AMC) – Premieres 26th March – Renewed

Inspired by a true story, this follows the crews of the HMS Terror & HMS Erebus during their doomed voyage. As they tried to chart the Artic and discover the Northwest passage through Canada.

When one of the crew comes down to what is believed to be scurvy, he begins to hallucinate, seeing a vision telling him that they should leave the area before dying. As the doctor relays the news, he is told to ignore what he heard and to perform an autopsy in the morning.

Then the next day, while the ice in the area begins to mount The Erebus. A crew member is sent into the water to work on the propeller. After the removing the ice blockage, the crew member turns to notices an apparition heading towards him that he avoids after being pulled up. During the same time, the doctor reveals that the person that died the night before wasn’t suffering scurvy, and had no idea on what killed him.

With the winter months drawing in and the ice thickening, the captain of The Terror Francis Crozier puts forward the the plan to change their direction and to use only one ship for them to beat the incoming freeze. Croziers plan is then then dismissed, where six days later both the ships become stranded.

As opening episodes go this is good. Very good. and well worth a watch.


Trust (FX)


Trust (FX) – Premieres 25th March

An anthology series based on a true story, the first series follows at the kidnapping of John Paul Gettys grandson, John Paul Getty III in 1973. 

After the suicide of his son George, Getty makes sure that the reason behind his death is kept unknown for fear of what the public opinion would be. At the funeral of his son, Getty hosts the wake at his home in England where his other son, John Paul Getty II, plans to propose a business opportunity. Only to be upstage by the unannounced arrival of his own son John Paul Getty III.

As the wake finishes, Getty III asks if he can stay at the house for a few days, where during that time Getty I takes a shine to him and plans to bring him into the family business. After being shown around the business and how the finances are set up Getty III reveals that he needs $6k to pay off some folks in Rome that he is in debt to. Getty I offers a deal where he’ll pay the money as long as his grandson accepts to work on the oil rigs for 6 months. An offer Getty III rejects out of hand.

Getty I then refuses to give the cash to his grandson, who in turn heads back to Italy. Where after a night on the town ends up being kidnapped, though when this is revealed both the police and Getty I believe this is a scheme to get the cash out him.

For an opening episode it goes along at a good pace, and manages to set up the backstory nicely without ever dragging. It’s worth a watch.