Absentia (Channel TBA)


Absentia (Channel TBA) – Premiere TBA

A thriller where six years after suspected serial killer Conrad Harlow was convicted for the abduction and murder of FBI agent Emily Byrne, a body is found with the hallmarks of the killings he was suspected of.

As the case is being looked into, Emilys husband Nick is called by Harlow where he reveals that Emily is still alive and that he has 60 minutes to save her. After her rescue, Harlow is released before he can go on a retrial for abduction, while Emily, having no real recollection of the past six years she’s been held captive for, struggles to help the FBI in identifying the captor that was with during that time.

Then during a filmed session with a psychiatrist, Nick notices that one of Emilys recollections links to a sex trafficking case she worked on, leading the case to take on a wee bit of a twist.

The show is definitely one of the better opening eps of the year, where it goes along at a decent pace and keeps the dark atmospheric going throughout. It’s well worth a watch.



Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC)


Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) – Premieres 26th September 

A Law & Order take on American Crime Story this is a dramatised version of events of the Menendez Murders. Where after discovering their parents killed upon returning home, the two brothers Lyle and Erik behaviour begins to arouse suspicions with the police that they may have committed the crime.

As it goes through the first ep, the story drops in a few flashbacks to bring you up to speed about the family as well as introducing the characters that will involved later on, though while it does this it never really grabs your interest like you’re expecting it should do.


Alias Grace (CBC)


Alias Grace (CBC) – Premieres 25th September – Miniseries

Adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel, where after being sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper, Grace Marks has a group from the Methodist church trying to get her pardoned. To help with their case they employ the help of Dr Jordan, an psychiatrist, to help Grace remember what happened on that day of the killings.

As Jordan tries and fails to get Grace to do general association and talking about her dreams, suspecting she is giving answer she expects him to hear. Jordan makes an arrangement with so they can have their sessions held in the governors mansion when Grace used to work as a way to get her comfortable. There Jordan asks Grace to recount her life story in hope that it will help her remember what happened.

While it’s a slow paced period drama, there’s enough going on to keep you watching.


The Good Doctor (ABC)


The Good Doctor (ABC) – Premieres 25th September 

Medical drama where young surgeon savant Shaun Murphy has received a residency at St Bonaventure much to the displeasure to some of the hospitals directors, due to him being autistic.

While the hospital president agues the case for employing him, Shaun is off helping folks and spotting problems that the other doctors haven’t noticed, who  duly ignore the advice until it becomes apparent in surgery.

For what it is this has more in common with medical shows like Pure Genius than it does with the more ER styled Code Black and Chicago Med. It’s not a bad show, but it’s something that at times is riddled with the usual cliches and tropes you’d expect from a hospital based programme.


The Brave (NBC)


The Brave (NBC) – Premieres 25th September – Cancelled

A show that shares a couple of similarities to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CMBB), where the fine employees of the Defence Intelligence Agency work to find US citizens that have been kidnapped by terrorist groups. Then when their targets have been found, they call in their Special Ops group to the area who save the kidnapped from imminent naughtiness.

As with CMBB, it’s the usual kind of flag waving action schlock that’s entirely predictable, though this is trashy enough to be vaguely entertaining. It’s the sort of thing you’d only really sit through if there was nothing else on.


Star Trek Discovery (CBS)


Star Trek Discovery (CBS) – Premieres 24th September 

Set 10 years before the original series set off on its five year mission, this focuses on First Officer Michael Burnham (Ms), a human raised as a Vulcan by Spocks father after the Klingons had killed her parents.

During a routine mission to investigate a damaged satellite on the edge of the Federations border, the USS Shenzhou discovers an obscured object. As Burnham investigates the anomaly she is attacked by a Klingon, and as she escapes, kills it.

This leads to a Klingon craft revealing itself to the starship where the the leader of the ship T’Kuvma who is trying to unite the 24 houses of the Klingons, uses the opportunity to get the houses together by taking on the Federation.

For a Star Trek tv show this has a more polished look that previous series, and looks to veer away from the usual story of the week structure. It’s an entertaining bit of telly.


Bad Blood (City)


Bad Blood (City) – Premieres 21st September 

Mafia drama that’s based on the true story of Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Set in 2006, ten years after uniting the rival gangs in the area to create a drug distribution ring, the FBI are hunting down Vito for a murder he committed in 1981 while a rival group from New York are trying to break up Vitos syndicate.

As this is going on Vito puts into place the plan to legitimise his businesses and leave his son as the face to the soon-to-be legal empire. This goes awry when Vito is arrested, leaving a vacancy that his son places himself into leaving Vitos second-in-command a wee bit miffed.

As mob dramas go it sort of has a Sons of Anarchy feel to it all with the acting and dialogue, and while it goes along at a decent pace it doesn’t really do too much to make you want to keep watching.