All Or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon)


All Or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon) – Premieres 17th August

A sports documentary that takes the NFL All Or Nothing format, and follows Premier League side Manchester City during their title winning 17/18 season.

Like the NFL version, this shows the behind the scenes goings on as the team prepares for the upcoming matches. As it follows and interview the players, management and backroom team, showing the roles they play and what the usual daily routine is like.

The during the match day, the programme shows highlights from the match, the half time talk and how the side deals with the final result. As sport documentaries go, while it lacks the player interaction usually seen in the US sport equivalents, it is a lot more enjoying than First Team: Juventus. All in all if you like football it’s worth a watch.




Raising Tourettes (A&E)


Raising Tourettes (A&E) – Premieres 15th August

A documentary that follows five children & teenagers who have Tourette Syndrome as the go about their daily business.

During the programme the kids in question are going through some new experiences, all of which can intensify their Tourette’s. And as well as documenting them as they deal with the new situations they are preparing for, the programme interviews them and their family as they discuss how the syndrome effects them. During the interviews they also explain the measures they have in place to help control their outbursts and how they explain their Tourettes to strangers to get them acclimatised to their condition.

For a documentary it does pretty much what you’d expect, and plods along at a steady pace. Though it never really comes across as something you’d actively seek out. It does have a This Is High School vibe to it all, so if you enjoyed that this would probably be of interest.


Afflicted (Netflix)


Afflicted (Netflix) – Premieres 10th August

A documentary that follows seven people, all of which are suffering from undiagnosed illnesses, as they deal with their symptoms and try to find a cure.

During the episode the person and family describe what they were like before the illness, how it has effected them and the treatments they have been taking. As they go through this, some medical experts are interviewed where they explain how the symptoms could be misdiagnosed.

The programme then follows the people as they go about their daily business, where it shows the aspects that exacerbate their symptoms, and how they deal with it.  Leading up to the day where they head off to partake in some more experimental treatments that they hope could finally cure them.

As documentaries go it’s an interesting watch,



72 Dangerous Animals: Asia (Netflix)


72 Dangerous Animals: Asia (Netflix) – Premieres 10th August

Where Deadliest Warrior compared various clans, tribes & civilisations to find who were the most lethal. 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia, does the same with animals but on a lower budget and in a less interesting format.

In each episode the programme looks at around 5 different animals, where after a brief description, highlights what makes it so dangerous. Then to build that argument, interviews experts along with showing footage of the animal in question doing their thing.

After each animal has been discussed, it is then ranked on a scoreboard of most deadliest. Where at the end of the series the top 10 “go against each other” to find out which animal is the most dangerous.

For what it is, the programme is like a stripped down wildlife documentary. And while it only looks at one aspect, it constantly insinuates that the animals are deliberately going after humans. Making all come across as a lazy piece of fearmongering TV and a chore to get through.


Yellowstone Live (Nat Geo)


Yellowstone Live (Nat Geo)

Going along the same lines as Safari Live: Migration, this is a live wildlife programme that looks at the animals that reside in the Yellowstone area as they head into mating season.

Hosted by Josh Elliot and joined by wildlife expert Chris Packham in a studio on the site, the pair explain what to expect from the animals they will be looking at. Then hand over to the camera people following the animals in question, where they talk through what has been going on through out the day.

Along with the wildlife there are also a few bits where they talk to park rangers or show aerial shows and graphics of the parks geological aspects. Altogether it makes it a more interesting watch than Safari Live, though it would only really be of interest to those that enjoyed the aforementioned.


Wild South West (Nat Geo Wild)


Wild South West (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 1st August

A nature documentary where in each episode it looks in to a specific animal that lives in the South West of the US.

In the programme, it follows the animal in question, where it shows what they do to survive, and how they fit into the local ecosystem. And shows the other creatures that require the animal to survive itself, along with the creatures the the animal preys on, and the beneficial effect it has on the human population. As well as the the other animals that prey on the one in question.

As nature documentaries go this one is a lot more enjoyable compared to shows like The Mighty Northwest & Wild Castles, mainly due to how everything gets interlinked. But while it is one of the better nature shows, it still lacks something that really keeps your interest.


Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story (Paramount Network)


Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story (Paramount Network) – Premieres 30th July

A documentary the looks at the case of Trayvon Martin, and how his murder caused a public uproar, by highlighting some of the injustices within the US legal system.

The programme begins with the parents of Trayvon talking about his background and the reasons behind how he ended up at his fathers at the time of his death. From there it goes through the evening in question, where along with showing the 911 calls, goes through the sequence of events that resulted in his murder.

After that, the programme brings in interviews of the some of the police force that worked the case, along with the legal representatives of both sides. They then explain how the legal side of the case was hindered, highlighting Floridas Stand Your Ground laws as the stalling point to arrest George Zimmerman.

This leads to Martins family hiring Benjamin Crump to help with them get justice with Zimmermans arrest. Ending up with the case getting national coverage and becoming the start of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The programme is a solid documentary, that shows some of the major inefficiencies of the US legal system. Altogether it’s an interesting bit of viewing.