Deadly Power (Oxygen)


Deadly Power (Oxygen) – Premieres 16th July

The Oxygen equivalent to Whistleblower, this looks into how a company that broke legal and moral guidelines, were found out, and brought to justice by former employees notifying the authorities.

The episode starts off with giving the background to the business being featured, where it shows how it started out and became a respected company. The programme then begins to interview former employees and customers, where they begin to reveal how the first signs that something wasn’t right appeared. It then goes on to show how the malpractices were fully discovered, how they people behind it all were were caught, and the fall out from the revelations.

While the subject of the show is interesting, it does suffer from the same problems as Whistleblower. As it goes along at a slow pace, and with the 45 minute runtime, does begin to drag. Making it a bit of a grind to get through.



Whistleblower (CBS)


Whistleblower (CBS) – Premieres 13th July

A docu-series that looks into the cases of former company employees who after witnessing illegal activity, acted as whistleblowers helped bring legal action to their former employees.

The episode covers two different cases, where the people behind the whistleblowing are interviewed. Where they explain how they ended up working for the business, what at first tipped them off that something wrong was going on, and how they helped bring those activities to light.

Along with the interview the programme also shows some of the undercover footage of the malpractices. And also interviews former customers who ended up suffering from the results of what the company was doing wrong.

For an investigative docu-series, it covers some interesting topics, through with how the cases are shown it is slow paced enough to the point that you start to lose interest. Overall it’s not too bad a show, but not one you’d actively hunt down to watch.


Hollywood Love Story (Viceland)


Hollywood Love Story (Viceland) – Premieres 11th July

Fronted by Paris Hilton this is a programme that looks at the creatives in the LA underground who are trying to hit the big time. After starting off with Hilton staring into an iPhone and giving a voiceover that reminiscent of David Duchovny in the Red Show Diaries. It sets up who the show will follow in the episode.

From then on it follows the artist over a short period of time where they talk about how they started off and why they ended up on moving to LA. There they show the cameras their current living arrangements which usually involves them living with other likeminded folks, as they are finishing off the project they believe will help them crack the mainstream.

Along the way Hilton is dropped in to continue her Duchovny impression with voiceovers giving faux wisdom, as if she has worked her way into celebrity by coming from nothing and with no help. All of which adds to the vapid nature of the whole programme where it’s generally charmless people, overvaluing what they are making, and becoming annoyed when nothing pays off how they expected. It’s mind numbingly tedious viewing.


Post Radical (Viceland)


Post Radical (Viceland) – Premieres 10th July

A skateboarding centric docu-series, hosted Rick McCrank of Abandoned fame, as he heads off around the world to look at various skateboarding sub cultures and how it has crossed over into the mainstream.

In each episode McCrank visits two separate places where skateboarding has influenced the area in different ways. And while he is there interviews the main people behind it, follows them as they go about their daily business and compare it to how it was like when he first started skating.

The programme itself is a slow going affair, which does lead to it becoming a bit of a chore to get through. And while some of the stuff is interesting to watch McCranks hosting style does take away from it all as he doesn’t appear to really want to interact with the folks he meets.


Cultureshock (A&E)


Cultureshock (A&E) – Premieres 25th June

A docu-series that looks at pivotal moments in popular culture that had a lasting effect on media coverage and how it changed the medium.

The documentary begins giving a brief overview of it’s central topic, before going through the timeline of what occurred. As it plays out, the documentary interviews those involved with the event. And also talks the people who noticed how certain things were changing within the media, and the offshoots that it created. Along with the interviews the show features news footage and clips created from the fallout.

As documentaries go this does what you’d expect, though never really feels that it’s getting beyond from scratching the surface. So if you already know about the topic it’s covering this is not gonna reveal anything new.


Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo (HLN)


Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo (HLN) – Premieres 17th June

A show where host Chris Cuomo looks into the crimes of a serial killer. As the programme recounts their murders, Cuomo interviews the killer in question to find why, and what motivated them to kill.

The programme starts off briefly covering the the history of the killer in question, leading to Cuomo starting his interview with them. As they start talking about why the killer killed, the show looks into the murders they committed.

As is looks into the cases they programme interviews some of the victims families, along with the killer explaining what he did and how everything went down. Along with going over the murders the programme also covers the killers early years where they look into how they ended up turning out how they did, and asking what they believe made them turn out how they did.

For a crime programme it takes a unique angle that makes it stand out from the usual types of show. Though it does at times drag along, and while it does get some different insights it doesn’t really keep your interest.


The Last Defence (ABC)


The Last Defence (ABC) – Premieres 12th June

Similar to Wrong Man, this is a docu-series where it looks into the case of a person currently sat on death row, where it’s believed that they were wrongfully convicted.

After showing the news footage of the verdict being announced at the court case, the programme then looks into the murder itself. Where it goes over the sequence of events, where is plays the actual 911 call, while showing the crime scene photos and news coverage of the time.

With interviews from family member members, investigators, police and legal people who worked on the original conviction, the show then begins to reveal inconsistencies in the case. Where it begins to show the flaws in the prosecutions case, and how the person behind bars may be innocent.

Unlike Wrong Man this is set up in a more standard documentary style, with the storytelling more like Making A Murderer than Unlocking The Truth. And with it  not following investigators working the case, and it adds to the watchability for it. If you have any interest in crime documentaries then this is worth a watch.