Aerial Cities (Smithsonian Channel)


Aerial Cities (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 8th April

Showing off the fact the production company has purchased a few drones, this is a programme that shows a 24 hour period of a US city using nothing but aerial shots.

During the programme it shows some of the professions in the city, tourist attractions and places of recreation for the residents, all of which take place at some altitude. As well as this the show goes into some of the history of the city, explaining how it was founded and then showing some of it’s infrastructure.

With the programme being 50 minutes long it is a complete grind to get through and comes over as a rushed idea on how to stitch a load of aerial shots together to make a TV show. It is not enjoyable.



My House (Viceland)


My House (Viceland) – Premieres 25th April

A docu-series that looks into the New York vogue ballroom scene. In it follows four of the dancers that compete in it along with one of the commentators, a MC that presides of the competition.

In the show it kicks off describing what the vogue ballroom actually is, basically a dance off that involves a shitload of sub-categories. Where dancers who belong to different groups, also known as houses, that have a particular style go against each other.

As the programme follows four of the dancers in the build up to one of the upcoming balls, they talk about how they got into ballroom and and how it has helped them personally. All of which is narrated and joined together by the commentator who explains the terminology and the general rules of the event.

As docu-series go there’s not really that much going on, and while the commentator is the most interesting character in the show, the dancers they’re following don’t seem to add much to the programme. Altogether it’s some pretty bland viewing.


America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo)


America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo) – Premieres 11th April

Docu-series hosted by Katie Couric where she heads off across America to look into some of the more sensitive recent cultural events that have been happening around the country.

In each episode Katie looks into a particular subject, where she heads off to the town/city/region where the recent outrage has been occurring. From there Katie talks to the locals about what has been happening, and then chats to various experts about how the events started off and why it is escalating.

As the programme goes on Couric talks to people on both sides of the argument, along going into the history of the events by visiting places that are trying to give a complete unbiased coverage to help with the education of the community. Then when everything is done Katie gives her final thoughts on what she covered.

The show has some similarities with programmes like Divided States & America Divided with its investigation to US current affairs. And while it does what it does well, it still lacks the watchability of America Divided.


Deadly Intelligence (Science Channel)


Deadly Intelligence (Science Channel) – Premieres 8th April

A docu-series that looks into the mysterious deaths of scientific geniuses in recent times. Where in the programme it goes over the events and tries to determine if the scientists death was accidental or deliberate.

The episode starts off by showing a brief career of the featured scientist. There it goes into their previous works before explaining what field they were working on during the time of their demise.

It then moves on to the persons murder, where along with an investigator who has been working the case, goes along the time time and highlights anything that is suspicious. As well as the investigator the programme talks to those who originally worked the case as well as showing the theories and evidence that was found. Then after everything has been presented the investigator gives his opinion on what happened and if it was intentional.

With the first episode being about the death of Frank Olsen, it is more or less a brief recap of what was shown in Wormwood, but without the input of Olsens son Eric. Though that said the subject matter is interesting even if it is delivered in a by the numbers manner.


In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen)


In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen) – Premieres 1st April

A crime docu-series that’s hosted by Ice T, where it looks into a lesser known  murder case.

As the programme kicks off it introduces the main people involved in the case, where they get interviews with friends and co-workers explaining how certain people know each other and what they were like. It then moves on to the crime, where it shows how the murder scene was discovered along with showing a few of the actual crime scene photos.

From there the programme interviews the officers that were involved in the investigation. And goes through the stages of the case that finally leads up to them catching the right man, where it also shows the interrogation footage of the suspect finally cracking and admitting to the murder.

It then quickly wraps up with showing a couple of clips from the court case and the prosecutor involved talking about how the case went. And after it’s announced how long the person is imprisoned for, finishes off with some of the friends of the victims talking about their thoughts on the murderer.

For a real crime show it comes across as the standard Investigation Discovery style docu-series, where it looks like a low budget quick turnaround job that’s been done to numerous times before. It’s all pretty forgettable stuff.


Rapture (Netflix)


Rapture (Netflix) – Premieres 30th March

A music docu-series where in each episode it focuses on a different rapper, as they talk about their life and career.

During the programme, the rapper in question is interviewed where they talk about their early life, and how their home life and where they were raised formed the basis on the music they perform. Along this some stock footage and family pictures are shown, as well as getting interviews with family and friends.

It then moves onto the rappers career where after showing some early footage and getting some interviews with the folks they collaborate with, explain how they made it big and how it effected them. The show they follows them as they go about producing music, getting ready for live shows and interacting with their fans.

As a music show goes, it’s like a more lightweight version of something like Noisey.


Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 (A&E)


Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 (A&E) – Premieres 29th March

A show fronted by former prosecutor Marcia Clark, this is a crime docu-series where in each episode Marcia looks into the first 48 hours of a controversial case.

After briefly explaining what happened and the verdict that was given, the programme shows the main points that happened in the investigation during the first 48 hours. 

The show then goes through each pivotal moment, where Marcia along with two associates, interview the people involved and go through the evidence gathered. Comparing what they discovered to how it was explained in the case.

Along with the going through the evidence, Marcia and her team interview the members of the police, the judge and prosecutors that worked on the case, as well as some of the witnesses. Then by going through the given statements try to find any inconsistencies, and to see if anything was missed.

To wrap up the episode, Marcia gives a monologue talking about how if certain things they discovered could have changed the outcome if they were presented in the court case.

While the show is similar to programmes like Unlocking The Truth & Final Appeal, this does being to drag in places and with it being about an hour and a half long does seem to longer than it needs to be.