The Hunt for the Trump Tapes (Viceland)


The Hunt for the Trump Tapes (Viceland) – Premieres 18th September

A mix between a comedy and investigative docu-series. Where Tom Arnold meets up with folks around the US, in a hunt for the tapes of Donald Trump that reveal what he is really like behind closed doors.

During the show, along with friends of Arnold talking about how obsessive he gets when has an idea in place, it has Arnold mocking himself when he gets too excitable, as well as when he’s believed something off the internet without checking the facts.

As he looks into finding incriminating evidence on Trump, Arnold interviews folks that have worked with trump. Along with finding people who have access to audio or video of Trump spouting his usual brand of dubious chat.

By the end of the episode the recordings of that Arnold was looking for have snippets played, and has Arnold recapping what has been found. Altogether the show is a pleasant watch, even though it is basically a self confessed idiot and conspiracy theorist shambolically trying to find evidence.



First and Last (Netflix)


First and Last (Netflix) – Premieres 7th September

A prison based docu-series that is based at the Gwinnett County jail in Georgia, that follows the people that are either spending their first day in the jail, or about to be released after serving their time.

During the programme if follows a selection of people who fit the remit, and has them explaining what happened for them to be incarcerated, and then follows them as they either prepare to finally leave, or trying to arrange bail.

The programme then shows the leavers meeting up with their relatives, and the first day folks either getting out on bail, or being processed into the system. It the wraps up with giving an update on the people featured, showing if they managed to stay on the straight and narrow or have ended up imprisoned.

For a prison documentary there’s nothing in it that makes it stand out from the crowd. And with it going along at a painfully slow pace, as well as not much really happening, it makes it a forgettable piece of viewing.


Dying To Belong (Oxygen)


Dying To Belong (Oxygen) – Premieres 19th August

A docu-series similar to Abuse of Power, where in each episode it looks at a murder case involving someone who has risen up the social ladder, and when their lifestyle is threatened, end up murdering some folk.

The programme begins by giving a background of the victim and his family, where along with interviews from reporters, authors and family members set the scene for what leads to the murder.

After going through the actual murder the show then looks into the police investigation of the case where they narrow down their list of suspects, discover important pieces of evidence, before finally arresting the the killer.

For a true crime show this doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, and plods along at a slow pace. Overall it’s a chore to get through and fills more like a show commissioned to pad out the schedule.


Naked Hustle (UMC)


Naked Hustle (UMC) – Premieres 2nd August

A documentary that apparently is supposed to look into “the dark reality of exotic dancing”. But in the first episode takes a look into how the strip club is used to create hype with newly released rap tracks in Atlanta.

While ignoring the topic that it was intentionally is supposed to cover, what left is rappers, producers, reporters and very occasionally, a dancer being interview about how strip club and rap are intertwined. Along with the interviews the show is then padded out visually by rotating 4 clips of womens arses to give that authentic strip club vibe.

As documentaries go, this one doesn’t even cover what it was supposed to, though what it ended up covering did have a couple of interesting tidbits. But nothing that would make you want to watch it.


Follow This (Netflix)


Follow This (Netflix) – Premieres 9th July

A docu-series that follows various Buzzfeed reporters as they look into some of the more niche things that occur on the interest and look into how they came about, and what kind of folks get involved with it all.

The 20 minute show kicks off with the reporter in question giving a brief synopsis of the thing they are about to look into. Then follows them as they meet up with someone that creates content on the internet, where they show the reporter what they do, giving them a brief tutorial, and then chatting about how people view their content and whether or not they think it’s beneficial.

After interviewing an avid viewer to find out how they content helps them, the reporter also brings in the opinions of an expert. Before finishing off by experiencing a real world equivalent and comparing how the real world version differs to the internet one.

With the programme having a short run time, this gets through everything at a decent pace, and keeps your interest throughout. Even though the subject matter in question does seem to be a bit flakey.


Hard To Kill (Discovery)


Hard To Kill (Discovery) – Premieres 31st July

Hosted by Tim Kennedy of Hunting Hitler fame, this is a show where he heads off to meet people who have dangerous jobs. Where he then goes through some of the training they go through to perform their daily tasks.

During the show Tim meets up with a few people that work in the field he’s looking into, where they either take him along to sample the job first hand, or is placed in some specialised training. Kennedy then finds out some of the situations they have to be prepared for, and how they have to know the techniques as second nature.

The programme is like a longer format to Nightwatch Presents: First Responders, with Kennedy getting a slightly more intense introduction to the jobs he’s looking into. And while it is a more entertaining piece of viewing, it’s still not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Secrets Of The Zoo (Nat Geo Wild)


Secrets Of The Zoo (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 29th July

Sharing more than a few similarities to the Animal Planet programme, The Zoo. This follows the employees at the Columbus Zoo as they go about their daily business working with the animals.

In the episode it follows the keepers of five different species, where they go between acclimatising new animals to the enclosures, maintaining their health and looking into ways to help other zoos with medical aspects. With each group of keepers they explaining the quirks of the animals they look after and what and why they are doing the things they are doing.

Overall if you like The Zoo, then this is more of the same.