Home United (HGTV)


Home United (HGTV) – Premieres 6th January

A home design show where Chris and Peyton Lambton head off to help a couple that are having trouble in merging their tastes together. After meeting them and being shown around the property finding out what the problem areas are and why. Chris and Peyton ask the couple to individually select pieces of furniture they like, and with the info they begin to remodel the home.

As the pair being the remodelling, the programme quickly skits over any of the construction performed, then with the styling it shows how they took the items selected by the couple and found a happy medium. And when everything is finished they show the couple the final results and there is much rejoicing.

Even for a DIY type show this one is phoning it in, and seems to be one big advert for the company supplying the furniture.



Restored By The Fords (HGTV)


Restored By The Fords (HGTV) – Premieres 2nd January

A home renovation show where siblings Leanne and Steve Ford specialise in working on older homes and modernising them while keeping the aesthetic of the building in tact.

The show kicks off with the Fords going to the clients home, and walking them around each room explaining on what they are going to during the transformation, all the while the sketch up of the new layout appears as they are talking through it.

After going through the rooms, the owners leave for the duration of the renovation and the Fords being demoing, building and restyling the home. Like similar programmes it doesn’t get into too much depth but show the pair as they bring in reclaimed features and repurpose them for the project.

Then at the end the owners are brought by to see the final results. As they go through each room, some of which were barely covered in the programme during the build phase, and rejoice with the results.

For what it is, it’s a standard renovation show that doesn’t have anything in particular to make it stand out agains the rest.



Flip or Flop: Nashville (HGTV)


Flip or Flop: Nashville (HGTV) – Premieres 18th January

Continuing on from the 2017 Flip or Flop-ery of Atlanta, Vegas & Fort Worth, this is more of the same but set in Nashville.

The former husband and wife team of Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins do the usual of buying up a property that needs some working doing to it, with the intention of selling on for a profit after a quick turnaround. Then as they go through how they will modernise the property with the use of computer graphics to show the new layout, the couple then begin the transformation.

As they work through the building, the normal setbacks of wrong materials arriving and contractors not doing the job to the assumed standards appear, threatening to put the flip behind schedule. After a few phone calls and reworking on the schedule the house is finished on time, and after an open house viewing is sold for a profit.

The show delivers exactly what you’d expect for a Flip or Flop programme while offering nothing new to format.


Little Women: Terra’s Big House (Lifetime)


Little Women: Terra’s Big House (Lifetime) – Premieres 13th December

Another spinoff from Little Women: LA, though this takes a completely different angle to Little Women LA: Couples Retreat. In this show it follows Terra and her husband, where after moving into their new home they decide that it needs to be renovated.

So the couple meet up with a designer and builder whose work they like, and hire them to make their home little person friendly. And to create more usable room for their family. After giving them their list of what they want done to their house, along with the budget they have, the design pair come back with their compromise of design to expenditure.

What follows after is a show similar to home renovation programmes like Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger. Where the couple have to accept some build compromises, adapt their plans when unforeseen problems arise and occasionally argue with the people they employed about what’s going on. Overall, it’s a generic property programme.


Containables (DIY Network)


Containables (DIY Network) – Premieres 7th December 

A property show that follows Jon and Kristen Meier, a couple that owns a company that builds homes using old shipping containers. In the programme the couple have a client get in contact with them about a construction they want, then after receiving the information on the requirements needed get to work making the thing.

Like Love Yurts, the business constructs the main parts of the building at their warehouse, then exports all the elements to the build site. After getting around the logistical problems of moving everything to the site they begin getting everything together to make it liveable.

After the construction the show follows them building out the interior where they head off and get some reclaimed features and other general renovation show staples. Then when completed, the pair show their clients around their new home.

For a 20 minute property show it’s an easy enough watch.


Flip or Flop: Fort Worth (HGTV)


Flip or Flop: Fort Worth (HGTV) – Premieres 2nd November 

Yet another Flip or Flop spinoff, this time set in Texas and following Andy and Ashley Williams. A former military couple turned estate agents.

Keeping the same tried and tested formula, the Williams buy a house on the cheap that needs some sprucing up, place a budget for the renovation and set a deadline for the house to be renovated by.

During the show it follows the couple as they put their design plans into effect, and sorting any problems that arise with the redesign. Then when the house is done they attempt to sell it on for a profit.

The show is identical to Flip Or Flop: Atlanta and the rest of the spinoffs, though for an opening episode it’s the first time you ever see the people not end up selling the home.


Bargain Mansions (DIY Network)


Bargain Mansions (DIY Network) – Premieres 7th November

Property renovation shenanigans where Tamara Day buys up large houses on the cheap, then after some quick renovating sells on the property for a profit.

Like similar shows such as Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip and Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger this shares the format of following certain parts of the house being renovated in each episode. Though with this it’s doesn’t go into the details of what and how the restyling is achieved, but more with Tamara explaining her plans, a brief couple of shots of her team working on the house, then ending with Tamara showing her friends around the house explain what she has done.

For a renovation show it’s on the basic side of the genre and pretty forgettable.