Music City Fix (HGTV)


Music City Fix (HGTV) – Premieres 7th June

Standard house flipping shenanigans where married couple and business partners, Kortney and Dave Wilson, buy up a run down house in a desirable part of Nashville, do it up, then sell it on.

It starts off with the pair turning up to the house that’s up for sale, where they go through the property, listing what needs to be done and their initial plans on the remodelling. And after buying the home the pair do the sums of the renovation, listing how much it cost, their predicted expenses for the job and what they aim to sell it for.

Before Kortney, Dave and their team begin work on the property, they go through the new place of the house and what work they will be doing. It then goes into the usual property show stuff, where they find unexpected problems with the building or that the items they purchased need to be customised on the fly to fit where they need to go.

After the renovation is finished the pair then go through each room, highlighting the work that has been carried out, and showing a before and after. Then it cuts away showing how much that was spent and the price they managed to sell it for.

For this type of show it’s the usual run-of-the-mill format. So it you like programmes like Carolina Reno, Flip or Flop: Nashville, & Northwest Revival, this is more of the same.



Renovation Realities: Dale Jr & Amy (DIY Network)


Renovation Realities: Dale Jr & Amy (DIY Network) – Premieres 2nd June

A property renovation show, where after announcing retirement from NASCAR, Dale Earnhart Jr and his interior designer wife Amy purchased a rundown property in Key West for them to renovate.

After finding out the building regulations they have to work within, the pair reveal the plans they have in modernising the house. Then after going through how the layout will be changed, the show begins to follow them and they start working on the property.

As soon as they start the demo, the pair begin to find a multitude of problems that they didn’t expect but are quickly sorted. And by the end of the programme it has the couple standing in front of the fully complete house even though the show has barely shown then doing anything but tearing down the old interior.

The programme then gives brief highlights of the series which will be following them has they work on the house. Where you assume it’ll cover the finished rooms they were strolling through. The show is basically the same as Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger but with a new couple, and while the random reveals do come across as confusing, format wise it’s along the same tracks as Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip.


Hidden Potential (HGTV)


Hidden Potential (HGTV) – Premieres 15th May

A home renovation show where builder/designer Jasmine Roth specialises on working on generic new build homes, as she customises the building to the owners needs.

It begins with Jasmine meeting up with her new clients, where they show her around the house, pointing out what they’d like to be included. Then Jasmine runs through her plans on how she’ll implement the changes.

After the design is shown Jasmine and her team then set about renovating the building. Where along with what she had planed, Jasmine adds some additional design elements. All the while dishing out some hints and tips on the various things they are working on.Then when everything is finished the owners are shown their new and improved home to much rejoicing.

As home improvement shows goes, it’s pretty much more of the same.


Lawn & Order (DIY Network)


Lawn & Order (DIY Network) – Premieres 12th May

A home renovation show where landscapers Sara Bendrick and Chris Lambton cold call people selling their house, and offer to help increase the value of their home by doing up the front of their property.

It starts off with Sara and Chris stalking a residential area for homes that are up for sale, where they then settle on a property that needs its exterior sprucing up. Where the show then puts up the average house price along with what the owners are looking for.

After talking the occupants into accepting their help, they go through what they would want to do to improve the look of the property with the promise that it will increase the value.

The show then follows the pair as they landscape the front garden and repair the external aspects of the house. Where along the way they give out tips and the design reasoning behind what they are carrying out. Then when their work is complete the owners give their verdict before the show reveals the new property valuation.

As DIY shows go it is one of the more unique premises, and it does end up showing more tips than other similar shows, making more interesting watch. Though while it does have a top notch pun as a title, it’s still one for those who really like home improvement shows.


Wood Work (DIY Network)


Wood Work (DIY Network) – Premieres 9th May

A spinoff of sorts from Fixer Upper, this is a renovation show that’s hosted by Clint Harp who has a wood working business, where he creates bespoke fixtures and fitting for his clients.

Like any other renovation show, Clint meets up with his clients who go through want they want to do with their house. And after seeing the room they want to restyle, Clint goes through his plan showing how he’ll change it.

After showing the plan, the programme then follows Clint and his team as they go about making everything needed for the renovation. Where along with doing some late minute changes and additions to the original plan, they get the room completed on time and do the reveal to the now delighted owners.

Altogether its a standard DIY type show, and apart from a couple of small woodworking tips given through the episode, it don’t really offer anything different. It’s really of interest for those that enjoy Fixer Upper.


Boise Boys (HGTV)


Boise Boys (HGTV) – Premieres 25th April

A home renovation show that follows Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, a Boise based designer and builder duo, who buy, renovate, and sell properties in their area.

The show kicks off with the pair checking out two houses that they are interested in doing up. Where they go through the homes working out what they want to do, and how much it will cost them. Then after seeing both places they decide on which property to buy.

After the house is purchased the show goes into the regular renovation show format. Where as they are working, certain problems pop up, or an altercation to the design plan happens, leaving the two to work out a solution that fits into their plans and budget.

During the build the pair also invite some of the neighbours onto the site to see what is going on and to help generate some interest for when the place is ready to be sold. So after the construction is complete the same neighbours are invited back and the pair show them around the building pointing out what they’ve done. Then at the end the programme it shows the breakdown of the cost they outlaid and the profit they earned from the sale.

As renovations shows go it’s a more interesting watch than the vast majority of the other shows. Especially with it being a 45 minute programme it never begins to feel too drawn out.


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network)


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network) – Premieres 17th April

Home renovation show where Mike Holmes of Holmes Buy It Right & Holmes + Holmes fame, relinquishes project management control to his son Mike Jr and daughter Sherry. 

Like any other renovation programme, the three are called in to meet a home owner who needs help doing their place up. So after chatting to them to find out what they need done to the place, they take a wander around the property highlighting any problem areas along with giving a rough plan on what they will be doing to the rooms.

It then follows the Holmes’ working on the remodelling where along with going into a bit more depth of what they’re doing compared to other similar shows. It has Mike Jr and Sherry overruling Mike Sr’s ideas and advice and putting in the design elements they want.

Then at the end of the ep the pair give Mike Sr a walkthrough on what they’ve done, before revealing the finished job to the home owner.

As DIY/renovation shows go, it’s more watchable than most due to the interaction between the three. And the fact it does try to give some tips on what they are to doing to achieve the final results.