Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network)


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network) – Premieres 17th April

Home renovation show where Mike Holmes of Holmes Buy It Right & Holmes + Holmes fame, relinquishes project management control to his son Mike Jr and daughter Sherry. 

Like any other renovation programme, the three are called in to meet a home owner who needs help doing their place up. So after chatting to them to find out what they need done to the place, they take a wander around the property highlighting any problem areas along with giving a rough plan on what they will be doing to the rooms.

It then follows the Holmes’ working on the remodelling where along with going into a bit more depth of what they’re doing compared to other similar shows. It has Mike Jr and Sherry overruling Mike Sr’s ideas and advice and putting in the design elements they want.

Then at the end of the ep the pair give Mike Sr a walkthrough on what they’ve done, before revealing the finished job to the home owner.

As DIY/renovation shows go, it’s more watchable than most due to the interaction between the three. And the fact it does try to give some tips on what they are to doing to achieve the final results.



Flip Wars (A&E)


Flip Wars (A&E) – Premieres 11th April

A renovation show that shares the base premise of programmes like Storage Wars & Shipping Wars, where it focuses on three pairs of home renovators in Florida as they bid against each other to buy a run down home to flip.

In the show it starts off with the three groups of contractors checking out a home that’s being put up for auction, and follows them as they check the place out, and finding how interested they are in bidding for it. After assessing the building they head off to the auction where after some internal arguing one of the three buy the property.

The programme then goes into a more generic renovation show setup, where the new owners go through the house explaining what they’re gonna do to the place, how much they are going to spend and what they think they’ll be able to sell it for.

As they team does the renovation, the other two teams occasionally pop in to see what they’re up to, and give a few ideas of what they would do if they were working on the property. Then when the building is finished, the teams visit the open house to see the what has been done, and after the place is sold the show reveals the profit made on the flip.

Barring the three teams bidding against each other at the beginning, it’s pretty much a generic renovation show that doesn’t have the watchability of either Storage Wars or Shipping Wars.


Fixer Upper: Behind The Design (HGTV)


Fixer Upper: Behind The Design (HGTV) – Premieres 10th April

A spin off from Fixer Upper that acts as a supplemental episode to the main series. It kicks off with the host Joanna Gaines briefly recounting a previously aired episode, and then sets out to show the some of the things that were cut and didn’t make it to air.

In the show it follows Joanna and her team as they do some of the design aspects and production of the more custom items. As well as showing some of the discussions they has in decided on how to remodel the rooms. Along with this it also shows a place in the house they did up but didn’t show in the main programme.

As a spin off this doesn’t really add much to the show that it’s supporting, and it’s covering things that other DIY shows manage to fit into their sole episode. It’s only really of interest to those that like the main show.


Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network)


Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network) – Premieres 3rd March

Property development programme with an investment twist, this has Scott McGillivray visit two developments, where the folks behind it need some assistance in making sure they can create a property that will get them the optimum return.

As Scott is shown around each offer he finds out the reasoning to why they need his help, along with him discovering the profit margin available if he invests and assessing whether the time to commit to the project would be worthwhile.

After selecting the project he wants to team up with, Scott invests his cash then helps the development along by showing the owners what to look out for during a renovation, and to gives tips on how to plan the property to get the optimum returns. During the redevelopment there are the usual property show hitches that happen which could end up adding to the outlay. Then when they are resolved the property is finished and sold, leaving everyone happy and a few quid richer.

For a renovation programme the addition of McGillivay investing in the project does give it an additional Dragons Den/Shark Tank/The Deed type vibe. Though that said The Deed does the same type of premise in a more interesting way.


Gritty to Pretty (HGTV)


Gritty to Pretty (HGTV) – Premieres 10th February

Property restoration goings on where home flipping builder Jeremy Cole buys up a near derelict property in Kalamazoo, renovates it and then selling it on for a healthy profit.

In the show, after buying the property Jeremy takes his real estate agent around the building explaining what he intents to do, then gets some confirmation that he renovation will get the price he’s after.

It then follows Jeremy as he gets his building team in where they start making everything liveable, where during the construction there’s the usual problems that pop up and get solved within the budget. And when everything is done, the real estate agent is given another viewing and a brief recap is given saying how much everything cost and the profit they made selling it.

For what it is it’s the standard renovation shenanigans, and doesn’t really have anything that makes it standout from the other property shows that have been released this year.


Carolina Reno (HGTV)


Carolina Reno (HGTV) – Premieres 27th January

Similar to Restored By The Fords & Brooks & Mortar, where the brother and sister team of San San and Roxy are called in to renovate some rooms for the properties owners.

The show kicks off straight into showing the rooms that are going to be worked on and what needs to be done after meeting the owners beforehand. Then the pair meet up clients and they talk through everything again where some graphics pop up showing the what they are aiming to turn the rooms into.

After the walkthrough Roxy and San San begin the remodelling and while they are doing the construction actually give out some hints and tips, which is a rarity for this kind of show. While the building work is underway Roxy brings the owners over to the design studio that resides in their families factory. There she goes through the finer points of the interior design aspects she wants to put in place, where the owners also give their feed back to what is planned.

Then when everything is finalised the pair finish off the home, and the owners are brought back to see the results. As property shows go this one actually gives out some tips, and feels like there is a bit of effort put in to try and show what went into the restyling. It’s easily more most interesting of the recently released renovation programmes.


Brooks & Mortar (HGTV)


Brooks & Mortar (HGTV) – Premieres 21st January

Standard home renovation goings on where interior designer Tiffany Brooks heads off to a client who asked her to spruce up some rooms in their house.

After being shown around the rooms that the clients want to renovate, Tiffany draws up some plans, and after showing them to the couple she brings in her team of builders and family members to start the restyling.

Along with the usual property show bits of finding unexpected problems with the building that need to be dealt with. Tiffany heads out to a couple of companies where she gets to produce some bespoke pieces for the refurb.

Then when the building work is completed she gets to added the newly created pieces to the finished rooms. And when everything is completed the owners return to see their newly redone rooms to much rejoicing.

Basically it’s a standard property show that does exactly what you’d expect.