Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story (Paramount Network)


Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story (Paramount Network) – Premieres 30th July

A documentary the looks at the case of Trayvon Martin, and how his murder caused a public uproar, by highlighting some of the injustices within the US legal system.

The programme begins with the parents of Trayvon talking about his background and the reasons behind how he ended up at his fathers at the time of his death. From there it goes through the evening in question, where along with showing the 911 calls, goes through the sequence of events that resulted in his murder.

After that, the programme brings in interviews of the some of the police force that worked the case, along with the legal representatives of both sides. They then explain how the legal side of the case was hindered, highlighting Floridas Stand Your Ground laws as the stalling point to arrest George Zimmerman.

This leads to Martins family hiring Benjamin Crump to help with them get justice with Zimmermans arrest. Ending up with the case getting national coverage and becoming the start of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The programme is a solid documentary, that shows some of the major inefficiencies of the US legal system. Altogether it’s an interesting bit of viewing.



Pink Collar Crimes (CBS)


Pink Collar Crimes (CBS) – Premieres 28th July

Crime docu-series where in each episode it interviews the female perpetrators of some unlikely crimes.

The show kicks off with the person in question giving a brief description of what they did. Then the show begins where the person, as well as their family members and friends, talks about their life before turning to crime. Then the perp explains how they came to the point to where they decided to break the law.

After the background has been set up the show then goes through the crimes they committed, where the interviewee goes through how they planned and executed the act. Along with interviewing members of the police force that were trying to catch her, who reveal how they deduced who it was. Before showing how the woman was caught.

As crime shows go it does give a different spin compared to similar shows. Though the tone of the programme does come across as a bit weird. Where when an explanation of a bank robbery has background music you’d hear on a Gordon Ramsey show, it does feel it’s trying to make it appear as a comedy. All-in-all, while it does have some interesting aspects, but for a 45 minute show it does get a bit bogged down down in places. That said, it’s decent enough background viewing.


Deadly Rich (CNBC)


Deadly Rich (CNBC) – Premieres 9th July

A crime docu-series that looks into the murders of victims that would be classified as part of the 1%. In each episode it looks into a different case, and shows how the murder was solved and what motivated it.

The programme begins with going over how the person was found, and how they were killed. Before going on to give the back story of the deceased, where the show recounts their upbringing and adult life.

After showing the persons background, the episode then looks into how the case was solved. Where along with interviews with police and family members, it tells how the suspects were found. Then with showing footage of the interrogations, reveals how the murder was solved and the motivations behind the killer.

For a crime docu-series, it is more reminiscent to programmes like It Takes A Killer. Where it follows a tried and tested format, but this doesn’t offer anything new that would make it stand out from similar shows. And with it having a 45 minute runtime, it does begin to feel drawn out to the point any interest does being to wane.


Live PD Presents: PD Cam (A&E)


Live PD Presents: PD Cam (A&E) – Premieres 19th July

Another spinoff to Live PD, this goes in a different direction to Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol, where it focuses on incidents that were filmed on police body cams and onboard cameras.

It’s a 20 minute programme, hosted by a policeman, and covers 5 different incidents that range from car chases to shootouts. In each story the host narrates what is happening, as it goes through when the police first arrived, then shows how everything played out. Where the end of the footage it gives an update to what happened to the person arrested, with it revealing the sentences they got.

The show is like a US equivalent to Police, Camera, Action, where each segment goes goes by at a decent pop. But while it doesn’t ever drag, there’s nothing there which would make you want to keep watching.


Deadly Power (Oxygen)


Deadly Power (Oxygen) – Premieres 16th July

The Oxygen equivalent to Whistleblower, this looks into how a company that broke legal and moral guidelines, were found out, and brought to justice by former employees notifying the authorities.

The episode starts off with giving the background to the business being featured, where it shows how it started out and became a respected company. The programme then begins to interview former employees and customers, where they begin to reveal how the first signs that something wasn’t right appeared. It then goes on to show how the malpractices were fully discovered, how they people behind it all were were caught, and the fall out from the revelations.

While the subject of the show is interesting, it does suffer from the same problems as Whistleblower. As it goes along at a slow pace, and with the 45 minute runtime, does begin to drag. Making it a bit of a grind to get through.


Whistleblower (CBS)


Whistleblower (CBS) – Premieres 13th July

A docu-series that looks into the cases of former company employees who after witnessing illegal activity, acted as whistleblowers helped bring legal action to their former employees.

The episode covers two different cases, where the people behind the whistleblowing are interviewed. Where they explain how they ended up working for the business, what at first tipped them off that something wrong was going on, and how they helped bring those activities to light.

Along with the interview the programme also shows some of the undercover footage of the malpractices. And also interviews former customers who ended up suffering from the results of what the company was doing wrong.

For an investigative docu-series, it covers some interesting topics, through with how the cases are shown it is slow paced enough to the point that you start to lose interest. Overall it’s not too bad a show, but not one you’d actively hunt down to watch.


In Defense Of (Oxygen)


In Defense Of (Oxygen) – Premieres 25th June

A crime docu-series that looks at the defence teams that represented notorious killers in US history, where they talk about why they represented them and what they did to try to achieve a reduce sentence with their representation.

Beginning with how the persons defence team was put together, it has interviews from the lawyers assembled and their family members. Where they explain why they took on the job and the problems that came from accepting it.

The programme then moves on to the case itself, with those being interviewed giving the back story of the accused. Along with the main points from the accuseds life, that they believed were the motivating instances that lead to the incident they committed.

From there, the show looks at the court case where the lawyers explained what result they were trying to get for their client, and how they planned to convince the jury. It then shows footage of the trial, along with showing the evidence the prosecution put forward that they had to try and counter.

As crime docs go, it is a spin on the usual format. And hearing the process from the other side makes for a nice change. Though that said the show itself is a bit of a slow goer, and begins to feel drawn out making a bit of a grind to get through.