FBI (CBS) – Premieres 25th September

Another Dick Wolf procedural crime series, where in this show it follows members of the FBI New York office as they deal with threats to the population, and hunt down the perpetrators.

Centred on Special Agents Bell & Zidan, they arrive on the scene of a dangerous incident, then with the help of folks working in the FBI office, begin to track down the relevant clues to find the people behind it all. All the while Bell is struggling with the death of her husband, which she believes she was at fault for.

For a Dick Wolf show it does exactly what you’d expect, as it follows the usual crime show formula. And while it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, there’s worse ways to burn 45 minute if nothing else is on.



Magnum P.I. (CBS)


Magnum P.I. (CBS) – Premieres 24th September

A reboot of the 80’s series, that follows Hawaiian based private investigator Thomas Magnum. Who between living in the grounds of famed author Robin Masters and constantly clashing with the estates caretaker Higgins, works on cases with the help of his old military friends Rick Wright, TC Calvin, and occasionally stepping on the toes of the local police.

Like the original, this is a procedural crime drama, where after getting a client, Magnum looks into the crime while utilising the plethora of expensive amenities Masters has at his home, as well as the help of his friends. As Rick has an endless list of contacts on the island, and TC gives Magnum reluctant access to his helicopter, all of which help him solve the case.

The show is pretty much what you’d expect if you ever seen an episode of the original version, though with this one there does seem to be a massive increase in explosions and the destruction of Ferraris. That said it’s an entertaining enough piece of trashy TV.


Mr Inbetween (FX)


Mr Inbetween (FX) – Premieres 25th September – Renewed

A black comedy drama inspired by the Australian film The Magician where it follows Ray Shoesmith, a hit-man who is trying to balance his nefarious lifestyle while looking after his daughter and trying to start up a new relationship.

In the show, Ray spends his time doing hits and collection work for his boss Freddy, who also runs the strip club that Ray works the door at. Between that Ray is also trying to hook up with a woman he met while walking his dog, that he later finds out is a paramedic, as well making time for his daughter that he has shared custody of.

For what it is, this does have a few decent comedy moments in it. But with the pacing being so slow it does drag along, making it something you wouldn’t go out of your way to check out.


The Good Cop (Netflix)


The Good Cop (Netflix) – Premieres 21st September

A procedural comedy drama where Anthony Caruso, a New York detective with a pathological need to be honest, lives with his father Tony Sr, a disgraced cop who has just been released from prison.

As Anthony works on murder cases he ends up getting advice from his father on possible things he may not usually consider. All the while Anthony has to keep an eye on his dad as he bends the rules with his probation officer and generally does what he wants.

For a procedural cop show it’s pretty lightweight, and is similar in its format to crime shows like Monk. Making it an easy bit of viewing, but not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers (Oxygen)


Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers (Oxygen) – Premieres 15th September Miniseries

A documentary that looks into the death of Jessica Chambers, a 19 year old who was set on fire and later died from 3rd degree burns. Where it follows the court case of the suspect that the police believe is responsible for the crime.

In the opening episode, the programme covers the crime and the hunt to find the perpetrator, as it interviews the the members of Jessica’s family, the people that found her, a reporter who was looking into how online amateur sleuths were accusing virtually everyone involved, the police who worked the case and the various folks who were under suspicion.

As it goes over the case, it covers the sequence of events, and looked into Jessica’s background to find any possible links to explain what happened. As well as highlighting how the online aspect heightened the racial tensions in the area and how it possibly influenced the police search.

With the show not following an investigator as they go through the case this more similar to Making A Murderer & The Radical Story of Patty Hearst in its format. And with it following a case where there are questions about the accuseds guilt makes it an interesting watch.


First and Last (Netflix)


First and Last (Netflix) – Premieres 7th September

A prison based docu-series that is based at the Gwinnett County jail in Georgia, that follows the people that are either spending their first day in the jail, or about to be released after serving their time.

During the programme if follows a selection of people who fit the remit, and has them explaining what happened for them to be incarcerated, and then follows them as they either prepare to finally leave, or trying to arrange bail.

The programme then shows the leavers meeting up with their relatives, and the first day folks either getting out on bail, or being processed into the system. It the wraps up with giving an update on the people featured, showing if they managed to stay on the straight and narrow or have ended up imprisoned.

For a prison documentary there’s nothing in it that makes it stand out from the crowd. And with it going along at a painfully slow pace, as well as not much really happening, it makes it a forgettable piece of viewing.


Mayans M.C. (FX)


Mayans M.C. (FX) – Premieres 4th September – Renewed

A spinoff to Sons of Anarchy set after the original series, where it’s centred on the Mayan motorcycle club. Where after being released from prison, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes has joined the club where his brother is a already a patched member.

Ez is brought into help guard a drug run the club are doing for a Mexican cartel, then ends up in disaster when the convoy is hijacked and the drugs stolen. This leads the cartel to demand that the Mayans find out what happened before they start dishing out their own retribution on them.

Remembering a tattoo on one of the hijackers, EZ tells the club, that leads them to jump a rival gang. Where they find out job was pulled by Mexican rebels intent of forcing the cartel out of their area.

As this is going on EZ is called out to attend a meeting where it’s revealed he was released from prison early on the condition that he supplies information to the police. Before EZ finds out that his brother is the leak in the club telling the rebels where and how to hijack the drug runs.

The show itself has the same vibe as Sons of Anarchy, where a member of a biker club is bringing it down from the inside. Making it something only of interest to those that liked the original.