American Beauty Star (Lifetime)


American Beauty Star (Lifetime) – Premieres 21st September 

A competition that pits 12 hair and make up stylists up against each other where the winner will take home $50k and get a beauty editorial in an edition of Teen Vogue.

In it the competitors are teamed up with someone who a skilled in the opposite discipline and a model, where they are set a challenge by the two hosts. They are then given an hour to complete the challenge where they have to develop a look and direct a photoshoot that best shows off their creation.

At the end of the challenge three judges rate what they’ve seen be granting safety to half the group, leaving the other half to either get the top weekly prize of immunity for the next challenge, or to be sent home.

It’s a pretty standard competition that’s reminiscent to a larger version of Face Off: Game Face.



90’s House (MTV)


90’s House (MTV) – Premieres 16th August

Reality competition where 12 millennials are put in a house filled with 90’s electronics, clothes and other such things, and go against each other until the last person remaining wins a 90’s cruise, a new 90’s Mazda and $90k.

Going with the usual format the 12 get split into 3 teams and given a challenge, after completing the task the team judged to be the worst have to put forward their case as to why they should say, then the hosts decide on who should leave.

Along with the competition element it’s pretty much a reality show where everyone gets on each others nerves leading to the usual shouting matches and bitching to camera. It’s some tedious viewing.


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy)


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy) – Premieres 22nd August

A competition where four special effect make up artists, who have previously appeared on Face Off, go up against each other to win $10k.

The four are whittled down through three rounds, the first where they are given a prosthetic body part which is incorporated into a character they have to create within 90 minutes. At the end of the round the three judges decide who performed the worst and boot them out the competition, leading to…

Round 2, where the remaining three are given 2 hours, a genre and a location where they have to create a character to reside in it. After everyone has been appropriately judged, the final two go head-to-head where they have to create tv show inspired character incorporating some of the parts supplied within 2 hours. Then at the end, the winner gets the $10k.

The competition is pretty much the make up artist equivalent of Cosplay Melee.


Darkness (Discovery)


Darkness (Discovery) – Premieres 2nd August

Survival competition vaguely in the style of Naked and Afraid, three individuals are given basic survival items and enter a cave system at staggered intervals. The three then have to find each other, and when together, have to find the exit all within a 6 day time limit. All with the added stipulation that they can’t use any lighting in the pitch black caves.

Like Naked and Afraid and other such survival shows the contestants can bring along one additional item with their set pack to help them with the challenge. Along with showing the three perform the task, the programme shows their backstory and to why they decided to do the challenge, as well as interviews with army personal who have actually done similar as part of their training explaining what the three could be expected to go through.

As a survival competition it isn’t as watchable as something like Alone, nor is it as good as a military based training challenge like The Selection: Special Operations Experiment. That said, it still does a job.


Signed (VH1)


Signed (VH1) – Premieres 26th July

Music competition where a group of hopeful singers and rappers go in front of music moguls Lenny S, The Dream & Rick Ross with the chance of getting signed.

It begins with the 3 auditioning the hopefuls and whittling them down to a group that they believe have the best chance of development. They then select the top 3 performers who are then put on priority list, where they give them the opportunity to work with producers and the like to work on their music. And if the performers don’t impress during their time then they get sent home.

As a singing competition it is more like The Pop Game than the usual X-Factor type talent show. That said it’s still not that interesting a watch.


Dessert Games (Food Network)


Dessert Games (Food Network) – Premieres 10th July

A dessert spinoff to Guys Grocery Games, where baker Duff Goldman hosts a competition where four pastry chefs go head to head through three rounds and the winner gets $10k.

In the first round the four are challenged to create a dessert within a set budget where after their dishes have been tasted by the three judges the worst performing contestant is eliminated. The second round is a themed round where they have to create something within a 20 minute time limit and once again the loser get booted out. In the last round the final two go up against each to create a dish where a set ingredient that should be no where near a dessert is incorporated.

It’s a standard cooking competition, where if you liked Grocery Games this is more of the same.


Planet of the Apps (Apple Music)


Planet of the Apps (Apple Music) – Premieres 6th June

A Dragons Den/Shark Tank style show where app developers pitch their product in the hope to get venture capitalist investor funding and to get their app featured in the Apple App Store.

The show begins with the developers giving a 60 second pitch to the four advisors of Gweneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Will.I.Am and Gary Vaynerchuk. If at the end of the pitch at least one advisor likes what they hear they are given the chance to talk about their app in more detail. After explaining what they  do the advisors then make a final decision in if they want to help the developers in the next round.

After getting through the first round the developers meet up with the advisor that they chose to help them, and together begin work on creating the pitch they’ll be giving to the venture capitalist in six weeks time. When the pitch is finalised the developer and advisor go in front of four members of a VC firm and like the first round, if the investors like what they hear the funds for them to progress their app are offered.

For what it is it’s pretty much a mix of Dragons Den and All-American Makers, though not as watchable as the aforementioned.