Iron Chef Showdown (Food Network)


Iron Chef Showdown (Food Network) – Premieres 8th November – Renewed

Yet another version of Iron Chef, where in this iteration two professional chefs enter the Kitchen Stadium where they face off against each other in the bid to see if they can beat an Iron Chef.

In the first round the two pros have 30 minutes where they have to incorporate the given secret ingredient the best they can into a dish of their choosing. At the end of the round the host Alton Brown then picks the best dish, where the winner then gets to go head to head against an Iron Chef.

In the second round the two are given an hour to create a three course meal using secret ingredients revealed by the Chairman. After 20 minutes into the challenge the two have to serve the starter to the judges where they give a score to the two while they cook. At the end of the hour the remaining to dishes are served and judged, and a winner is decided.

It’s a show where if you like Iron Chef, this is more of exactly the same stuff you’ve seen before.



Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery)


Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery) – Premieres 8th November

A survivalist competition hosted by Matt Graham of Dude, You’re Screwed fame, where two bushcraft experts are challenged to build a shelter that could house their team for a year from only what they can source from their location within a 7 day time limit.

Both competitors have a team they have personally selected, where each person in the team can bring one tool for the challenge. To decide on the location where each the teams will build the shelter, the team leaders go head to head in a wilderness challenge, and the first one to complete it gets first pick on the two places given.

During the main build Graham visits the team giving his advice on what the teams are doing well, or highlights areas that they can improve. At the end of the 7 days the final buildings are judged by Graham using the four categories Materials, Craftmanship, Function and Livability, and the winning team get’s there shelter posted on the shows website.

As survival competitions go it’s a different take on what is normally released and is an easy bit of laid back viewing.


Stove Tots (FYI)


Stove Tots (FYI) – Premieres 6th November

Cooking competition where three pre-teen kids go head-to-head to see who is the best chef. The small cooks are teamed up with one of their parents, so during the two rounds they can either bring in the parent to help for a minute or give them a time out if their advice starts to grate them.

During the first round all three go against each other, where they are given 30 minutes to cook a dish to use an ingredient that they were given a week in advance. If any rules of the competition are broken the team is is given a one minute penalty where they can’t do anything, then at the end of the round the worst performer is eliminated.

The second round involves the final two facing off creating a dish of their choosing within a set theme within 45 minutes. At the end of the time the dishes are judged and the winner gets a trophy.

The programme is the usual cookery style competition, and is only really for those that like to see overbearing parents harass their kids. It’s one to miss.


Guys’ Big Project (Food Network)


Guys’ Big Project (Food Network) – Premieres 5th November

Having come to the decision that the Food Network needs another food travel show to add to its roster, Guy Fieri hosts this reality competition where eight initial pitches are chosen and the people behind them go head to head over six weeks, where the winning show gets ordered to series.

The format is slightly similar to that of Food Network Star where those competing are given challenges to show their competency in front of a camera, their food knowledge and how they see their shows concept playing out. After the challenges Guy and his production team highlight the best and worst performers, leaving Guy to make the final decision on who should be eliminated that week.

Even though it’s not the most original of formats its a passable way to burn through 45 minutes.


The Great Canadian Bake Off (CBC)


The Great Canadian Bake Off (CBC) – Premieres 1st November

Another remake of the Great British Bake Off, this time using the residents of Canada, where ten amateur bakers cook off against each other inside a marquee over three challenges.

The challenges remain the same as the original so there is the Signature Bake, the Technical Bake and the Showstopper. After each round the bakers are judged by the two pro chefs and at the end of the episode the best performer of the week is awarded the title Star Baker while the worst overall performer is eliminated.

While the set up is identical to the original, the only real difference is with the hosts though they manage to keep the tweeness of the original.


Scared Famous (VH1)


Scared Famous (VH1) – Premieres 23rd October

Reality competition hosted by the rapper Redman, where 10 stars of reality shows are placed into an allegedly haunted house in Savannah, Georgia where the final person left will win some cash for the charity of their choice.

The competition has a group round, where the celebs have to all do a particular challenge that if they complete it they earn cash for the prize pot, but if they fail to complete it they get nothing. Then after the group round the celebs vote two peeps to go into the elimination round where who ever loses the challenge is knocked out of the competition.

That said the whole competition aspect is given the back seat and the majority of the programme feature the celebs running around shouting, and then getting scared shitless from some automated doors, leading to more shouting and the instant belief that they are being hunted down by evil spirits.

The actual premise of the programme does get some funny moments happening, but with virtually everyone on it being effortlessly annoying it’s a chore to get through.


Ink Master Angels (Spike)


Ink Master Angels (Spike) – Premieres 3rd October 

A spin off of tattoo competition Ink Master, this is hosted by four of the best female competitors from the 8th series. In it the four head off to a US town where they put three local tattooists through three rounds with the offer to appear on the 10th series of Ink Master as the prize.

The first round has the three tattooists being given 2 hours to create a tattoo of their own choosing, and at the end of the time limit the person judged to have performed the worst is eliminated and the best performer is given the advantage to choose what style of tattoo has to be created in the second round.

The second round has the remaining two tattooists given four hours to create an original piece in the style selected by the round one winner, placed wherever they want on their subject. Then at the end of the round the loser is eliminated and the winner heads off to the final round.

The end round consists of the remaining tattooist going against the host of their choosing where they both are given a model whose story they have to interpret in the style of their piece, all while in front of a live audience. The winning piece is decided by the non competing hosts being give one vote, the two losing competitors being given a one vote and the crowd getting the final deciding vote. Then if the challenger beats the host they are against they get to win their entry to Ink Master, but get nothing if they lose.

As competitions go it has a decent level of challenge to it which makes it more watchable than other reality competitions, and if you like watching the process of tattooing it checks all the boxes.