The Indian Detective (CTV)


The Indian Detective (CTV) – Premieres 23rd November

Comedy where after bumbling wise cracking Toronto cop Doug D’Mello botches a possible drug smuggling run over the Canadian border, ends up getting suspended for a month and demoted for going against police protocol. At the same time Dougs father in India is taken ill so he heads off to Mumbai to check up on him.

While there he finds out that his dad is at best a hypochondriac and meets his neighbour Priya a lawyer who asks Doug to help on a case that is proving to be more than a little suspicious.

As Doug helps Priya solve the case he begins to find links from the people behind the case to the drug running operation in stumbled across back in Canada.

All-in-all it’s a inoffensive bit of comedy that is pretty hit and miss in the joke department.



She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)


She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd November

TV adaptation of the Spike Lee film, that follows Nola Darling, an artist who is three different relationships as she tries to work out what kind of chap she wants to date while keeping her personal freedom.

She is in a relationship with Greer a narcissistic model, Mars a wise cracking bicycle courier and Jonathan a banker who isn’t best pleased with Nola dating other folks.

The show has Nola trying to work out what she wants, before coming to the decision that maybe a monogamous relationship isn’t for her. Though she has to deal with the fact the men she’s dating are pushing her to make a decision to dump the others for them.

The show is a more stylised sort of take on Insecure and The Climb, where if you liked the film this is pretty much the same deal.


The Trixie & Katya Show (Viceland)


The Trixie & Katya Show (Viceland) – Premieres 15th November

Comedy talk show hosted by two former contestants of RuPauls Drag Race where they talk about a topic set for the episode.

In between their chatting about the subject which uses some Fonejacker style imagery to liven up what you’re watching, the pair also go through a couple of segments.

Some of which involve them interviewing the public while being out of their drag characters, and others they stay in character while throwing out multiple double entendre and innuendo. The whole vibe of the show feels like a podcast that has been hastily made into a TV show where a a few of the segments feel like an afterthought.


My Brother, My Brother & Me (Seeso)


My Brother, My Brother & Me (Seeso) – Premieres 23rd February

A TV Show based on their podcast, this has the three McElroy brothers receiving a question from a listener where they want their advice on what to do.

After hearing the question the brothers going about their hometown of Huntington, where they set up a scenario that is as close as they can make to the original question then try and device some helpful advice from it all.

Along with setting up their experiment they also interview their dad about his similar experiences, and get some expert advice on what they’re getting up to. The brothers then also do some Nathan For You style interactions with the people of Huntingdon.

The show has some decent silly moments and is a nice easy going bit of viewing.


Hidden America With Jonah Ray (Seeso)


Hidden America With Jonah Ray (Seeso) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A parody of the travel show format, this has host Jonah Ray head off to a US city where he visits local restaurants, and fictitious historical and tourist sites, meeting up with quirky locals. All of which either end up going wrong, or end up with Jonah insulting whoever he is talking to, leading him to make a hasty escape.

The programme apes the travel show format to a tee, and for a parody has a decent amount of jokes in it. It’s not too bad.


There’s… Johnny! (Hulu)


There’s… Johnny! (Hulu) – Premieres 16th November

Set in 1972, it follows Andy Klavin a 19 year old from Nebraska. After sending a letter to Johnny Carson asking for an autographed photo for his parents and adding an optimistic request job a job. Andy manages to misread the letter that came with the picture and heads off to LA expecting to work on The Tonight Show.

After one of the production team talks him through is mistake another member of staff, Joy, gets Andy to do some errands while the they are missing their runner. During his brief time at the studio Andy manages to get a credit on a joke used on the show and a right hook from Joys ex. Then after the show is finished recording Andy is told that there is a job opening for him.

For a comedy is very light on actual jokes and feels like a Wonder Years version of Nightcap.


Future Man (Hulu)


Future Man (Hulu) – Premieres 14th November

A sci-fi comedy that follows Josh, a janitor for a medical research company who is addicted to playing the The Biotic Wars, a video game set in the future where a mutated race rules the Earth and one that no one has ever completed.

After a day at the lab where he befriends the owner Dr Kronish and finds out why he started a lab focusing on researching herpes, Josh continues playing the game where he’s at the final stage. Deciding that he needs a new approach to tackle the level he always dies on, he switches his tactics and manages to complete the game.

This leads to two characters in the game appearing in his room who reveal that the’ve come from the future, where the plot from the game is actually real, and that they sent the game back in time to find the one player who can complete it. Becoming their saviour to win the war.

As comedies go it nicely juvenile in places and is an easy watch.