Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas (HBO)


Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas (HBO) – Premieres 13th April

A comedy current affairs show hosted by Wyatt Cenac, where he goes through some of the issues that are effecting people in the US.

The main difference from this to the other similar comedy shows is that there is no audience during the between segment bits, leaving Cenac doing his thing on a set that looks like it’s from a 70’s science programme. Though with the actual segments he goes through are more in the vein of Last Week Tonight, than The Daily Show.

While show is like a more serious version of Last Week Tonight in the way the main segment of the show is put together and delivered. It still has some funny moments in it and is a decent enough watch.



Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim)


Ballmasterz 9009 (Adult Swim) – Premieres 9th April

Set in the dystopian future of 9009, where after the Rad War an overlord called The Great One devised The Game, a sport that would stop all future wars. The show follows the worst team in the league The Leptons, where their captain Ash is an unrelenting optimist who idolises the best player in the league, Gaz Digzy.

For the opening game to the season his team face off against Digzys Boom Boom Boys, where after destroying the Leptons Gaz realises her enjoyment of the game has gone. So she goes on a drink and drugs bender that leaves her kicked out of the sport, only for the Great One to offer her one last chance. That she has to join the Leptons and help them win one game before she can return to the major leagues.

As Adult Swim programmes go this one is almost normal, with it being like a fucked up version of a Saturday morning cartoon. Along with the hectic pace it goes along at, and the anime style to it all, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable watch.


The Last O.G. (TBS)


The Last O.G. (TBS) – Premieres 2nd April – Renewed

A comedy that follows Tracy, a crack dealer in Brooklyn who after spending 15 years in prison, is on a mission to stop youngsters from ending up like he did. Only to find when returns home that the entire area has been gentrified, and is nothing like he remembers.

Tracy then looks up his girlfriend Shay, where he finds out that she has moved on and got herself a decent career and has married a white guy much to his surprise.

After moving into a halfway house and not knowing what to do, he bumps into his old friends younger brother who encourages him to try and win her back. From there he finds out that Shay has no interest in getting back with him and that he is also the father to twins who know nothing about him.

For an opening episode it does have have a couple of funny moments, though the main joke at the end could be seen from a mile off. That said it’s not too bad, if a bit slow going in places.


Corner Gas Animated (Comedy Network)


Corner Gas Animated (Comedy Network) – Premieres 2nd April

A reboot of a popular Canadian comedy, but this time animated. The show is set in Dog River a remote town in Canada ,where the petrol station is run by a slacker called Brent who has taken over the running of the place from his dad.

As Brent spends most of his time talking about old pop culture in an almost Clerks manner with his friend Yarbo. His dad is intent on making him more responsible by sabotaging the shop in a bid to make Brent act more professionally.

Along with Brent and his dad, his shop assistant Wanda is known as the smartest person in the town, but is regularly goaded by Yarbo to help him complete his more crackpot ideas. The local cafe is run by Lacey who is adamant to expand the culinary horizons of the town to no avail, and the police department is run by two vaguely inept cops.

For a comedy it’s not too bad and has some decent moments. It’s a more than acceptable way to burn 20 minutes.


Alex Inc. (ABC)


Alex Inc. (ABC) – Premieres 28th March

Comedy based on a true story. This follows Alex, a journalist who has grown tired of working for a radio station that only covers happy stories.

When given the opportunity to get an interview with a killer who he believes was framed, he pitches the story to the Radio execs who veto the idea. This leads Alex to hand in his resignation, and begin to start up his own podcast company so he can report the stories he wants.

So in setting up the company Alex hires his old producer that has a crush on him & his salesman cousin Eddie. Who manages to talk Alex into using his pension fund to finance it all, much to his wifes annoyance. Then after ballsing up a meeting with a potential investor, his family give him a pep talk that leads him in doing a last minute save of the investment. Getting him to decide the first story he will cover will be of him starting up a business.

Even for a network comedy it’s light on the ground laughwise, and with the story and characters in it being pretty bland, it’s not one to watch.


Splitting Up Together (ABC)


Splitting Up Together (ABC) – Premieres 27th March – Renewed

Based on a Danish sitcom, this is a comedy about a married couple, Lena and Martin, who have decided to separate. After coming to the decision they formulate a plan where they rotate looking after their children on a weekly basis.

While one of the pair are looking after the kids, they leave the other to get on with single life as they reside in the garage. During this time Martin begins to realise that he was a bit of a dick in the relationship and begins to make amends.

The show doesn’t have much in the way of laugh out loud moments, and at times doesn’t even feel like a comedy. All in all it’s pretty forgettable.


Heathers (Paramount Network)


Heathers (Paramount Network) – Premieres TBC

Based on the 80’s film this is a reboot where Veronica Sawyer, who is questioning whether or not she is a good person, is part of the popular group of students that are lead by the Heathers. The Heathers are two girls and a gay fella who all share the same name, and rule the student body by plotting to destroy anyone via social media if they believe they go agains their social justice warrior ideals.

After attending an art show with the lead Heather, Veronica snaps, calls her fat and ends up getting on her social media hit list. After Veronica gets back home, the new lad in the school JD turns and between come up with a scheme to stop Heather before she can get to work on her.

As they plan to break in to Heathers house, and post an image of her wearing a Nazi hat, things backfire as she wakes during the act. JD then tricks Heather to down a pill that he believe with make her vomit only to realise he had the wrong pill on him and he’d in fact given a cyanide capsule. To cover their tracks they release the image under the guise of a suicide message which leads to a day of mourning at the school and a power struggle opening to become the main clique in the school.

While the school mourning is happening Heathers parents return to the house to find their daughter flat on the floor, and after giving her a half heimlich, reveals she didn’t swallow the pill and is still alive.

As comedies go it’s not that bad, even if plot wise there are some unexplained leaps it does have some funny moments in it. Though if you’ve seen the film it’s probably riddled with errors and not a patch on the original.