Shinesty (MTV2)


Shinesty (MTV2) – Premieres 20th July

A documentary that focuses on the staff of Shinesty, a company that produces garish clothing for the masses. In it the staff go about their business trying to increase the brand awareness or developing new products, then it follows them putting their plan into action.

There’s also the usual interviews with the people within the company either talking about what they’re doing or about how they ended up working there. The set up is more than a littler similar to Human Resources, where it’s made to be a comedic documentary, and while not as funny it’s an ok enough bit of viewing.


Barry (HBO)


Barry (HBO) – Premieres TBA

Comedy about ex-marine Barry who after leaving the military works as a low rent hitman where he’s becoming disillusioned with his life, and is looking for something he feels worthwhile.

After being given a job in LA to kill the lover of an Armenian gangsters wife, Barry accidentally befriends him as he followed him into a drama class and ended up having to perform a scene with him. This makes Barry that believe that acting is his calling much to the dismay of his handler Fuches.

As a comedy it’s a pretty gentle going affair where it occasionally mixes it up with some dark moments. It’s a solid opener.


Get Shorty (EPIX)


Get Shorty (EPIX) – Premieres 13th August

Loosely based on the book that spawned the movie of the same name, this follows Miles a low level mobster who is questioning his career choice. Due to his profession he’s wife has left him which motivates Miles to try and get out of the gangster business so he can attempt to get his family back to together.

After being given a job to kill someone with a debt to the mob, Miles finds out that the person they’re after is a script writer who believes that they written a modern classic. So when Miles’ associated kills the guy, Miles takes the script and tries to formulate a plan to become a producer to turn the script into a film.

As he meets up with failing film producer Rick who tells him that he doesn’t have the cash to make the film, Miles decides to take the idea to his boss  offering the film as a way for them to launder their money.

While not an out-and-out comedy it’s a solid opening episode and worth a watch.


Atypical (Netflix)


Atypical (Netflix)

A comedy that focuses Sam, an 18 year old who has autism, a deep love for penguins and a doubt that he’ll ever get a girlfriend. After his therapist informs him that other people who have autism manage to have relationships, this encourages him to try and get a date.

When he reveals that he is planning to start dating, he’s sister and workmate try to give him advice on how to impress women along with Sam doing internet research on the subject. All the while Sam voiceovers how he processes the information and how his autism makes him do the things he does.

While this is going on Sams mother begins to question her role now that he is beginning to become more independent leading to her flirting with barstaff and generally being disillusioned with her future.

For a comedy it’s a more subtle take on some with a disability than something like Speechless, where the main humour comes from how Sam takes the advice he receives literally or how what he considers normal is interpreted by everyone else. The one thing that doesn’t really fit into it is storyline with the mother, which sort of jars against the rest of the show.


Comrade Detective (Amazon)


Comrade Detective (Amazon) – Premieres 4th August

A parody Romanian cop show from the 80’s, where after the murder of his partner Nicolai, detective Gregor Anghel teams up Nicolais old friend and police officer Iosif Baciu to hunt down the killer. As they track him down they discover that the person they are after is a capitalist terrorist intent on destroying the virtues of communism by converting the population to western culture.

The show is played out as real lost series that has been remastered by the Romanian Film Preservation Society, who have dubbed them into english. It’s reminiscent to other parodies such as Garth Merenghis Darkplance and Danger 5, though it plays the comedy elements a lot straighter then the aforementioned shows.

The only qualm you could make about it is that the film quality of it all it too good for something that’s trying to make you think it was from the 80’s. But apart from that currently the best comedy that’s come out this year.


The Guest Book (TBS)


The Guest Book (TBS) – Premieres 3rd August

A comedy anthology series that’s set within the Froggy Cottage holiday retreat. Each episode is narrated on the guest book entry that the guest is writing, where after an innocuous series of events it snowballs into a comedy of errors. Then when everything is resolved and the guests leave the next arrive giving a brief look into what will be happening with them.

The show is an easy going watch, where the comedy is similar to that of The Detour.


What Would Diplo Do? (Viceland)


What Would Diplo Do? (Viceland) – Premieres 3rd August

A comedy about a caricature version of the DJ and producer Diplo, a well meaning yet effortlessly stupid chap, who manages to mess up the most simplest of tasks that have been meticulously planned by his entourage.

Along with his inability to do anything without making a hash of it, Diplo is trying control his sporadic fits of rage, usually brought on when he begins losing twitter spats or by people questioning his artistic integrity. He does so by imagining he’s fighting a group of ninjas at any given location. All the while he manages to resolve any of the mishaps he’s created ending up with idiot savant musings on what had happened.

Though it does nothing new, it’s a surprisingly watchable comedy.