Heathers (Paramount Network)


Heathers (Paramount Network) – Premieres TBC

Based on the 80’s film this is a reboot where Veronica Sawyer, who is questioning whether or not she is a good person, is part of the popular group of students that are lead by the Heathers. The Heathers are two girls and a gay fella who all share the same name, and rule the student body by plotting to destroy anyone via social media if they believe they go agains their social justice warrior ideals.

After attending an art show with the lead Heather, Veronica snaps, calls her fat and ends up getting on her social media hit list. After Veronica gets back home, the new lad in the school JD turns and between come up with a scheme to stop Heather before she can get to work on her.

As they plan to break in to Heathers house, and post an image of her wearing a Nazi hat, things backfire as she wakes during the act. JD then tricks Heather to down a pill that he believe with make her vomit only to realise he had the wrong pill on him and he’d in fact given a cyanide capsule. To cover their tracks they release the image under the guise of a suicide message which leads to a day of mourning at the school and a power struggle opening to become the main clique in the school.

While the school mourning is happening Heathers parents return to the house to find their daughter flat on the floor, and after giving her a half heimlich, reveals she didn’t swallow the pill and is still alive.

As comedies go it’s not that bad, even if plot wise there are some unexplained leaps it does have some funny moments in it. Though if you’ve seen the film it’s probably riddled with errors and not a patch on the original.



Champions (NBC)


Champions (NBC) – Premieres 8th March

A comedy that is centred on former college baseball prospect Vince who runs a gym called Champions with his slow witted brother Mathew. Vince spends his time sleeping around and trying keep himself away from any responsibility. This is brought to a halt when his former high school girlfriend turns up revealing that he has a son.

Vince who was in the process of secretly selling the gym, agrees to looking after his son Michael who is in town to attend the Julliard music school. During an argument with his girlfriend where he admits he wants nothing to do with the lad, Michael reveals he saw the contract to sell the gym and does a runner.

After Vince and Mathew scour the area to find Michael to get him to his school audition, Vince gives out a clumsy inspirational talk. And after being wowed by Michaels talents, decides not to sell the gym and agrees to looking after his son as he attends the school.

As comedies go it has more in common with shows like Two and Half Men with it’s premise, though thankfully without the laugh track. That said most of the jokes you can see from a mile off and one the whole it’s some pretty bland viewing.


Little Dog (CBC)


Little Dog (CBC) – Premieres 1st March

Canadian comedy that follows Tommy “Little Dog” Ross, a boxer who walked out his title fight half way though the bout, and does his best to become a forgotten man.

This ends five years later when after he leaves his pub on his birthday, he gets videoed taking down two bouncers. The footage manages to end up being played on the news, leading to the boxer he walked out on, RIco St. George, to offer him a championship fight to finally settle who is the better fighter.

As he ponders the offer his family are adamant that he shouldn’t accept as his mother found his failure tarnished the family name, along with his father being imprisoned. After getting numerous members of his family telling him that he shouldn’t do it, Tommy snaps and accepts the challenge on a TV interview.

While the show does have a couple of alright moments in it, it’s a pretty inconsistent bit of comedy where it misses more than it hits. That said it far more accessible and funnier than Crawford.



Good Girls (NBC)


Good Girls (NBC) – Premieres 26th February

A comedy drama about three women, Beth, a housewife who finds out that he husband is cheating on her and has racked up a mountain of debt. Annie, Beths younger sister who is a single mother on the brink of looking custody of her daughter. And Ruby whose daughter is suffering from a kidney disease where her and her husband are struggling to pay for the treatment.

After jokingly discussing about pulling off a robbery to pay off their debts, Beth decides to put the plan into action after discovering the truth about her husband. Annie puts forward the supermarket she works at as the easiest place to hit, where she predicts they should have $30k in the safe, and the three successfully pull off the heist.

When counting their haul the three soon discover that instead of $30k, they managed to take $500k. Which raises their suspicions somewhat so decide not spend their take straight away, which all three do.

They are then encountered by the real owners of the supermarket, a drug cartel that use the shop to launder their money. So the women are given a set time to get the cartels cash returned before retribution is dished out. The girls are then given another problem when the shops manager recognised Annies tattoo during the heist and begins blackmailing her for sexual favours. This ends up with him attempting to rape her and is only stopped when Beth intervenes leading to the manager sending himself through a glass table.

As comedy dramas go this went along at a decent pace and had come decent comedic moments. Though the whole attempted rape scene did seem out of place with the rest of the episode, It’s not a bad bit of viewing.



Living Biblically (CBS)


Living Biblically (CBS) – Premieres 26th February

After attending the funeral of his best friend Ray and hearing his mother say she expects him to go to hell. Newspaper writer Chip Curry decides to change his lifestyle to try and stop the possibility of living in damnation.

His plan to stop a hell based afterlife is to live his life following the bible to the letter, much to the disbelief of his wife newly pregnant wife Leslie and Gene a local priest. Who will end up becoming Chips spiritual advisor. From there Chip finds himself in various situations where his resolves the problems by doing everything in accordance to the bible, which in turn ends up with good things happening to him.

As shows go it’s the standard laugh track style network comedy, where most the jokes can be spotted a mile off. It’s a bit of a grind to get through.



Final Space (TBS)


Final Space (TBS) – Premieres 26th February

Animated comedy sci-fi, where after getting arrested for impersonating a pilot in the Infinity Guard to impress a woman, Gary is nearing the end of his 5 years of space labour. Where the only company he had is with a deep space insanity avoidance companion Kevin, who he hates, the security bots and the ships AI HUE who treats him like a toddler.

While Gary is fixing a satellite a small alien creature collides into him where after naming it Mooncake, brings it back onboard the ship. Unbeknown to Gary, Mooncake is a planet destroying weapon that the the evil Lord Commander trying to catch. And after escaping an attack from some bounty hunters, where they manage to capture one, a catlike creature called Avocato who reveals who Mooncake is and the danger it puts them in.

The first ep is a solid opener, and for what it is, is an enjoyable watch.



The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Netflix)


The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Netflix) – Premieres 18th February

A weekly bit of pop culture and TV mockery hosted by Joel McHale, the show is more than a little similar to The Soup.

So along with taking the piss out of some US reality shows, there’s also a pre-recorded comedy bit and finishes off a couple of more TV based segments. One where they look at the weirdness of a specific countries programming, then another US TV pisstake.

While there are a couple of decent moments, the longer sections seem to run dry a bit quickly, though it’s an alright way to burn through 30 minutes. That said it’s not a patch on TV Burp.