Magic For Humans (Netflix)


Magic For Humans (Netflix) – Premieres 17th August

A comedy where in each episode magician Justin Willman performs tricks to members of the public that are all tied together with the theme of a human emotion.

In the show between doing quick magic tricks to passers by, Willman also performs some more elaborate tricks that either take inspiration from old psychological tests through to some more complex takes on street magic. As he performs the tricks there’s a fair amount of playful mocking going on, as well as some left field adult swim sounding segments like “Magic for Susans” which has a Tim & Eric feel with it’s jingle.

Altogether the show goes along at a decent pace, and the tricks performed are all entertaining, making it a surprisingly pleasant bit of viewing.




Disenchantment (Netflix)


Disenchantment (Netflix) – Premieres 17th August

A cartoon from Matt Groening that’s set in a fantasy medieval time, where Princess Bean has her partying days ended when she has to marry a neighbouring prince for diplomatic purposes.

Harbouring thoughts of leaving, Bean opens a wedding present before the big day that contains a demon called Luci. Who encourages Bean to break the rules and generally get up to all kinds of mischief.

At the same time an elf called Elfo is causing problems within his kingdom, with his constant desire to sample something different than constant happiness. When the king of the elves sentences him to death for hooking up with his daughter, Elfo makes a break for it and leaves the kingdom to never return.

While looking for people meet, Elfo stumbles into Beans wedding, and after the commotion ends up on the run with Bean and Luci. The trio then embark on an adventure to find the wishlord so they can finally be free to live life how they want to, while avoiding being captured by Beans arranged fiancé.

Unlike other Groening shows like The Simpsons or Futurama, this one isn’t set out to to have each episode as a standalone story, but is a series long story arc. With the change of format, the opening episode is a slower paced start which basically just serves to set up the story. And while it does have a couple of decent moments does feel lacking in places. Though it’s still worth checking out.


Insatiable (Netflix)


Insatiable (Netflix) – Premieres 10th August

A comedy drama where Patty, an overweight girl who spends most her time being bullied or ignored, ends up in an altercation with a homeless guy leaving him with a broken nose, and Patty with a broken jaw.

Jumping forward a couple of months and with the legal case incoming, Pattys mother enlists the help of Bob Armstrong. A lawyer whose career is plummeting after the mother of a pageant contestant he was coaching, falsely accused him of touching her daughter after they missed out on the top prize.

When Bob meets Patty, he discovers that having her jaw wired shut has lead Patty to become to become slim and attractive. So after he wins the case by encouraging Patty to utilise her new looks to her advantage. He sees a chance at redemption, and tries to talk Patty into entering pageants.

At the same time Patty has developed a crush on Bob, and along with wanting to break up his marriage to get with him. Is hell bent on getting revenge on everyone she believe did her wrong when she was overweight.

Overall the show is a grind to get through, where virtually every joke in it is a innuendo or double entendre. And along with having no real likeable characters, makes for a tedious piece of viewing.


All About The Washingtons (Netflix)


All About The Washingtons (Netflix) – Premieres 10th August

Starring Rev Run and his real life wife Justine, this is a sitcom where Run plays a rapper, Joey Washington, who has decided to retire from performing to spend more time with his family.

After revealing his initial plan to retire, buy a yacht and do nothing. Joey finds out that his wife wants to take his retirement as a chance for her to have a crack at becoming a successful entrepreneur. Joey agrees to the plan to become a stay at home parent to look after his kids, giving advice that his wife isn’t fully on board with. All the while his wife tries to get Joeys old business partners backing her new career.

The show itself is a standard laugh track type sitcom, where the jokes can be seen a mile off. And all of which miss the mark. It’s a grind to get through.


Random Acts of Flyness (HBO)


Random Acts of Flyness (HBO) – Premieres 4th August

A 30 minute sketch comedy programme hosted by Terence Nance, where each piece differs in style while focusing on black centric issues.

The show is interlinked with Nance doing a continuing series of short skits. And while the main marts of the programme are longer in format to other sketch shows, they range from Adult Swim style surrealness to a more serious stance.

Even though the programme isn’t an out-and-out comedy it is a an easy bit of watching. And with each sketch having such a variance in look and approach, it does keep your interest throughout. It’s worth checking out.


Tropical Cop Tales (Adult Swim)


Tropical Cop Tales (Adult Swim) – Premieres 29th July – Pilot

A comedy where two old cops, Meechie and Primetime, have decided to ease out the last few years on the force by working on a tropical island. Though their plans are scuppered when a killer called “The Throat Ripper’ appears, and the pair are determined to catch them.

After getting having the police chief dress them down for using over-the-top old school interrogation techniques. The duo end up using more and more extreme levels of violence to get people to talk. Usually resulting in them killing an innocent witness who they believed at the time was the murderer.

As comedies go, this is set out to be like the low budget, so-bad-it’s-good type shows. Where virtually every line is bumbled through and the acting wooden as hell. Though where as some programmes can pull this off, like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, this one doesn’t hit the mark. Making it a bit of a chore to get through.


Casey Tries His Best (Comedy Central)


Casey Tries His Best (Comedy Central) – Premieres 17th July

A five minute comedy short, where the goodwilled protagonist Casey stumbles into a situation he thinks he can help with, with varying degrees of success.

For a short comedy the show does fit in couple of different approaches in the humour, that does make it more varied than other Comedy Central show that have similar run times. Along with it throwing in some moments of pathos, to what is a pretty basic main premise.

That said, it doesn’t do too much in the episode. And generally feels like a comedy short that’s only found on youtube.