The Mayor (ABC)


The Mayor (ABC) – Premieres 3rd October 

Comedy where aspiring rapper Courtney Rose decides to run for mayor in his hometown as a way to promote himself and to get his music career up and running. Though after beating his opponent during the final debate, he unexpectedly ends up winning the election leaving him being in charge and not having a clue what to do.

The show is the usual inoffensive network comedy, where a bloke with good intentions messes up then manages to rectify everything at the end of the day.



Ghosted (FOX)


Ghosted (FOX) – Premieres 1st October 

Sci-fi comedy where after an agent for the Underground Bureau is abducted, his last communication urges them to recruit two civilians to work on his disappearance. Max, a former Stanford professor who worked on the multiverse theory and claims his wife was abducted by aliens, and Leroy, a mall cop who lost his job at the LAPD after his partner was killed.

Together Max and Leroy are challenged by the Bureau for a one off mission to track down and bring back the missing agent, and in return they get their old jobs back.

This leads to the pair finding the agent but witness him being transported onto a UFO. When reporting their findings they decide to stay on at the agency to uncover what really is going on, and find out that the bureau is monitoring a group of former abductees that includes Maxs wife.

As comedy most of the jokes miss the mark, and it’s a bit of a slog to get though.


Young Sheldon (CBS)


Young Sheldon (CBS) – Premieres 25th September

Spinoff prequel of The Big Bang Theory, that follows Sheldon Coopers early life as a 9 year old genius in East Texas where no one really understands him.

Thankfully for something that Chuck Lorre has created there’s no laugh track throughout the episode, which helps the programme feel more like something like Speechless than it does TBBT. That said it’s still pretty low on any decent jokes.


Me, Myself & I (CBS)


Me, Myself & I (CBS) – Premieres 25th September 

A three for the price of one coming of age comedy, about inventor Alex Riley during three different points of his life.

It follows him as a 14 year old when he relocates from Chicago to Los Angeles after his mum remarries, as a 40 year old where he his dealing with divorcing his wife after walking in on her cheating on him, and as a 65 year old where after having a heart attack, retires from the business he owns.

For what it is, it’s a pretty standard network comedy.


Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus (Cinemax)


Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus (Cinemax) – Premieres 22nd September 

Animated comedy where Mike Judge narrates on the life of a selected musician and the more dubious stuff they got up to.

To bulk out the stories the artists friends and management are interviewed where they recount the events that went on, all while the there’s cartoon reenactments along with some stock footage of performances and news reports.

While the show setup is vaguely similar to Party Legends, the actual stories told are funnier and more messed up. It’s a decent way to burn through 30 minutes.


American Vandal (Netflix)


American Vandal (Netflix) – Premieres 15th September 

Mockumentary where after being found guilty by the school board of drawing knobs on 27 of the teachers cars, Dylan Maxwell is expelled but continues claim he’s innocent.

This leads student to Peter Maldonado and his friend Sam to create a documentary to look into the crime and find out if Dylan is innocent, and if he is, who was really behind the cock drawings.

As a parody of shows like Making A Murderer, it captures the presentation to a tee while still managing to drop some decent comedy bits without it ever dropping out of character. It’s a surprisingly good bit of TV.


The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow (Fuse)


The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow (Fuse) – Premieres 11th July

Playing out along the same lines as Greatest Party Story Ever and Party Legends, this gets two celebrities to retell a slightly fucked up story from their past which is played out by marionettes.

The quality of the stories vary quite a bit, but mostly it’s all very forgettable and doesn’t offer anything different from the two aforementioned shows.