Camping (HBO)


Camping (HBO) – Premieres 14th October

Based on the UK comedy of the same name, this follows Walt and Kathryn who have arranged a camping holiday for them and their friends to celebrate Walts 45th birthday.

As their guests arrive Kathryn becomes irked at how everyone isn’t abiding to her carefully planed out itinerary. Highlighted by one of the couples splitting up, and bringing an uninvited guest who is pretty much Kathryns opposite and challenges everything she’s planned.

As comedies go this is a disappointing watch, as virtually none of the jokes hit, and the annoyance of the character of Kathryn removes any watchability. Making all of it a grind to get through.



The Neighborhood (CBS)


The Neighborhood (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom where the Johnsons, a white family from from the midwest, move into a predominantly black area in LA, where they become neighbours with the Butlers.

As the Johnsons arrives they meet Malcolm Butler, who takes great joy in telling his father Calvin that the new neighbours have moved in but doesn’t reveal they’re white. Calvin passes the Johnsons off as being the second type of racist, as ones that are overly friendly and want to be friends so they can say they have a black friend.

Dave Johnson walks into this as he is an overly friendly person and tries his best to get on with the Butlers without know about Calvins thoughts, which is only made worst as he uses job skills of conflict resolution between Calvin and Malcolm.

Like Happy Together this is another CBS comedy that has the endless canned laughter and below average jokes. Making it another comedy that ends up being painful to watch.


Happy Together (CBS)


Happy Together (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom the follows Claire, a restaurant designer, and Jake, an accountant whose client includes pop star Cooper James, who are a thritysomething couple that enjoy an uneventful run of the mill existence.

After having a high profile split with his girlfriend, Cooper turns up unannounced on Claire and Jakes house, as he needs somewhere quite to hideout until the media interest dies down. From there Cooper begins to enjoy the quieter life, as it something he’s missed out on, and Claire and Jake enjoy having the chances to mingle with various celebrities.

For a network comedy this is filled with the usual constant canned laughter, and most of the jokes miss the mark. Overall there’s not much going on that grabs your interest, making it one to miss.


Brake Room (Discovery)


Brake Room (Discovery) – Premieres 1st October

A comedy game show hosted by comedian Nick Stevens. Where two contestants, one from the motoring world and another a motor enthusiast, go heat to head trying to predict what happens in vehicle based clips.

The competition is split into three rounds, each of which consist of three clips being shown, and based on the question the contestants decide which of the two options will occur. Then at the end of the quiz the winner takes away a small joke prize.

For what it is, there’s a couple of clips that have some funny moments, but as a comedy quiz it’s a pretty flat offering. Leaving it to be one for those that particularly enjoying watching youtube clips on the tv, otherwise it’s some bland viewing.


Comedy InvAsian (Hulu)


Comedy InvAsian (Hulu) – Premieres 1st August

A stand up series where each episode is an hour long set from a comedian of asian descent, and filmed in front of a small theatre audience.

The series is similar to shows like The Standups, The Comedy Lineup & Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level. Where it dedicates it’s time showcasing lesser known comedians and giving them a chance to show what they can do. With it being an hour long it gives a solid account of what the comedian is about, though the audio does seem to be a bit off, sounding like it’s recording the room and not straight from the mic that takes a wee bit of time to get used to.

Other than that it does exactly what you’d expect and if you like the comedians on offer then it’s worth checking out.


The Cool Kids (Fox)


The Cool Kids (Fox) – Premieres 28th September

A sitcom set in a retirement home, where after the death of their friend Jerry, Hank, Sid and Charlie find themselves with an univited new member of their group in the shape of Margaret.

With them initially not taking to Margaret inviting herself to the group, they finally accept her after she helps the trio execute their schemes that go against the rules of the retirement home.

The show is the standard network comedy setup, where even lines that aren’t jokes get the canned laughter treatment. And altogether it comes across as a pensioner version of It’s Always Sunny, where virtually every joke misses the mark. It’s not good.


Single Parents (ABC)


Single Parents (ABC) – Premieres 26th September

A comedy that follows a group of five dysfunctional single parents who look out for each other as they raise their kids and help one another with their problems.

The programme begins with Will Cooper taking his daughter to her first day at school, where the rest of the parents question where his head is at with his determination to participate in all aspects of the school. After talking to him they find out that Will hasn’t been in a relationship in five years so arrange a date for him.

This results in Will having a date that ends in disaster, leading the rest of the parents, Angie, Poppy, Douglas and Miggy to turn up, help him out and accept him into the group.

As comedies go this one is lacking in anything particularly funny, leading it to be a grind to get through. All-in-all it’s some pretty forgettable stuff.