Everything Sucks (Netflix)


Everything Sucks (Netflix) – Premieres 16th February – Cancelled

A coming of age comedy set in the 90’s where three friends have just started high school together in the town of Boring, Indiana.

Between the three they decide the best way for folks to take their nerdy selves seriously is to join the AV Club. Where one of the group, Luke, ends up taking a shine to the principals daughter Kate, while his friends fear it could put an additional target on their back.

Along with the standard school romance stuff and 90’s pop culture referencing it’s a pretty bland bit of viewing.



This Close (Sundance TV)


This Close (Sundance TV) – Premieres 14th February  – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows two deaf friends Mathew and Kate. The first ep has the pair meeting up to go to a book signing in Seattle for Mathews new graphic novel. Where Mathew has no urge to go due to him recently splitting with his fiancé, while Kate is hesitant in revealing that she has just got engaged herself.

After finding her engagement ring in the hotel Mathew ends up leaving the book signing early to head off to a gay club, then ending up getting kicked off the flight home for being drunk. Then when the pair are in holding they have a laugh over the shambolicness of the proposal Kate went through and every ends up sort of good.

As comedy dramas go it’s not too bad, where the jokes mostly focus on the awkward nature of able hearing folk interacting with them in certain situations. While it’s slow going, it’s an easy bit of viewing.


Happy! (SyFy)


Happy! (SyFy) – Premieres 6th December – Renewed

Based on the graphic novel of the same name this follows former detective Nick Sax, who after leaving the force has become a hitman with multiple health issues and love of booze and drugs.

As Nick works on a hit of the offspring of a mafia don, he ends up hospitalised after finding out the password for some information that the whole criminal underworld would want. During that time a girl is kidnapped by a dubious chap in Santa outfit. So the girl sends her imaginary friend, a blue winged unicorn called Happy, off to find help.

After waking in the hospital, Happy begins to try and convince Nick that he’s not a hallucination and he has to help in finding the kid. All the while Nick is fighting off a torrent of ne’er do wells that are out to kill him.

The show is like the bastard offspring of Crank and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, all mixed with the over the top violence of Blood Drive. It’s all completely ridiculous and very watchable.


SMILF (Showtime)


SMILF (Showtime) – Premieres 5th November – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows Brigette, a single mother who is trying to balance her parental, work and social life while dealing with her strenuous relationship with her mother and coming to terms that her ex is now dating again.

For an opening ep it takes a while to get going, and some of the relationships shown are vaguely touched upon making some parts feel like you’ve missed something with the way they play out. It’s not a bad opener though it doesn’t really does much to make you wanna check out the next episode.


The Orville (FOX)


The Orville (FOX) – Premieres 10th September – Renewed

Sci-fi with the occasional comedy bit thrown in shenanigans, where a year after finding his wife having an affair with an alien, Planetary Union officer Ed Mercer is finally given his own starship to captain. Only to find out that the first officer that’s been allocated to the ship is his ex-wife.

The show is like a Star Trek Continues version of Star Trek: The Next Generation where along with the usual Sci-fi setups there are quite a few poor jokes thrown in seemingly as an afterthought.

That said, it isn’t that bad. Though it’s not something you’d ever go out of your way to watch.


Get Shorty (EPIX)


Get Shorty (EPIX) – Premieres 13th August – Renewed

Loosely based on the book that spawned the movie of the same name, this follows Miles a low level mobster who is questioning his career choice. Due to his profession he’s wife has left him which motivates Miles to try and get out of the gangster business so he can attempt to get his family back to together.

After being given a job to kill someone with a debt to the mob, Miles finds out that the person they’re after is a script writer who believes that they written a modern classic. So when Miles’ associated kills the guy, Miles takes the script and tries to formulate a plan to become a producer to turn the script into a film.

As he meets up with failing film producer Rick who tells him that he doesn’t have the cash to make the film, Miles decides to take the idea to his boss  offering the film as a way for them to launder their money.

While not an out-and-out comedy it’s a solid opening episode and worth a watch.


Atypical (Netflix)


Atypical (Netflix) – Premieres 11th August – Renewed

A comedy that focuses Sam, an 18 year old who has autism, a deep love for penguins and a doubt that he’ll ever get a girlfriend. After his therapist informs him that other people who have autism manage to have relationships, this encourages him to try and get a date.

When he reveals that he is planning to start dating, he’s sister and workmate try to give him advice on how to impress women along with Sam doing internet research on the subject. All the while Sam voiceovers how he processes the information and how his autism makes him do the things he does.

While this is going on Sams mother begins to question her role now that he is beginning to become more independent leading to her flirting with barstaff and generally being disillusioned with her future.

For a comedy it’s a more subtle take on some with a disability than something like Speechless, where the main humour comes from how Sam takes the advice he receives literally or how what he considers normal is interpreted by everyone else. The one thing that doesn’t really fit into it is storyline with the mother, which sort of jars against the rest of the show.