Claws (TNT)


Claws (TNT) – Premieres 11th June

Comedy-drama that follows Desna, the owner of a nail salon, who has managed to get involved with the dixie mafia in laundering money for a neighbouring clinic.

After agreeing to launder the cash from the clinics oxy dealing for a year, Desna discovers that instead of getting the $20k that was promised, the head of the local dixie mafia gives her $3k and the revelation that she and her staff are no where near getting away from being used by them.

Realising the situation Desna decides to get herself further up the chain by taking out the guy that got them involved in the deal, who also happens to be the mafia bosses nephew.

The show has a faint similarity with Breaking Bad where the main character has got involved with some nefarious types in order to get cash together to help their family. But this is played out in a vastly lighter manner. For what it is it’s not too bad a watch.


Date My Dad (UP)


Date My Dad (UP) – Premieres 2nd June

Comedy drama that follows Ricky Cooper, a former baseball player and widowed father of three. It begins on Rickys 40th birthday where his children have decided that after three years since his wife passed, it’s time for him to start dating.

The thought of this and after finding out his mother-in-law is moving out, leads  to Ricky seeing visions of his dead wife who also encourages him to move on. While he debates whether to or not to, his daughters then put a plan into action to help him out by getting the details of every single woman together to get him back in the game.

As a comedy drama, there’s not that much comedy in it and what there is mainly jars agains the the over-sentimental set up of the programme. It’s all a bit meh in it delivery.


Daytime Divas (VH1)


Daytime Divas (VH1) – Premieres 5th June

A comedic drama that centres on the hosts The Lunch Hour, a daytime talk show in the style of Loose Women and The View. In it, the creator and anchor of the show Vanessa is at continual loggerheads with the the other members of the programme.

After Vanessa ends up in coma from a botched plastic surgery procedure, three of her co-hosts begin trying to vie for the main hosting gig. As the first show after Vanessas hospitalisation airs she awakes from the coma to find out what has been going on, and starts to tinker with the shows production to stitch up the others that have been trying to get her job.

As this goes on she has the brainwave to continually sabotage the programme while pretending to be in the coma so her return will create a bigger buzz.

The show is like a mix between UnREAL and Desperate Housewives, though it doesn’t really work as the comedy parts rarely become apparent, and the dramatic side is equivalent to a poor daytime soap. It’s one to miss.


I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime)


I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime) – Premieres 4th June

A drama where a group of comedians in the early 70’s are trying to get out of the club circuit and get their chance to appear on national television.

It starts off when one of the group, Clay, gets to appear on the holy grail of Johnny Carson’s show, and after nailing his performance heads off to a hotel room to watch it on TV and then head out to commit suicide by walking in front of a bus.

News of his death filters back to the comedy club, and where after holding a wake they being to find out that the booking agent for Johnny Carson has been told to hold back from getting new acts on the show. At the same time two of Clays friends from Boston arrive in Hollywood to try and make it big in comedy unaware of his death, leaving them having to move in with one of the more dubious comedians in the club.

As the show follows the comedians trying to to work their way up the ladder it centres on Clays ex-girlfriend Cassie, who after being continually overlooked in performing on the main stage, due to the clubs owner thinking she’s not ready, manages to get a chance where she uses the recent experience to give her routine the focus it was previously lacking.

As a comedy drama it shares some similarities to The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, though with its darker outlook this is the more watchable of the two.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon)


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot (Renewed to series)

A comedy drama set in the 1950’s following Midge Maisel, a housewife who while supporting her husbands dream of becoming a stand up comedian ends up discovering that he stole his set from a known comedian.

When she tries to encourage him to incorporate some original material his bombs on stage, blaming Midge and using that as the excuse to leave her for his secretary.

After he leaves the home, Midge hits the bottle and ends up at the comedy club where she wanders on stage to deliver a rant that crowd loves. After being arrested after she goes topless during her rant she is carted off to to the police station along with Lenny Bruce.

Midge is then bailed by the worker of the club who is adamant that she will be the next big thing, as Midge contemplates whether to go ahead with becoming a comedian, she bails out Lenny Bruce to ask his opinion which leads her to take the plunge.

The show has a massive Woody Allen vibe to it all, and while it’s predominantly a drama it drags along and only really picks up during Midge does her impromptu set.


Sweet/Vicious (MTV)


Sweet/Vicious (MTV) – Starts 15th November – Cancelled

Black comedy about two college students Jules and Ophelia. Jules belongs to a sorority and secretly dons a ninja outfit by night and acts as a vigilante by hospitalising men known to have raped women that attend the college.

While on one of night missions, Ophelia a computer genius and avid weed enthusiast, runs into Jules dishing out a beating who then scarpers leaving a necklace. Ophelia then pieces together what Jules has been doing and manages to track her down.

Jules doesn’t appreciate being found out and warns Ophelia off but unbeknownst to her Ophelia puts a tracker on her phone, and follows her to her next target. There she manages to jump in, just before Jules gets beaten up in a botched attack, but ends up killing the fella.

Afterwards the get the body in the boot of Ophelias car and head to the bar to plan what to do next. At the bar Jules meets a fella that has been trying to swoon her, only to find out he is the brother of the victim. Plus to top it off as they leave the bar the car has disappeared.

It’s an enjoyable enough first ep and is surprisingly dark for a MTV show.


Private Eyes (Global)


Private Eyes (Global) – Starts 26th May – Renewed

A former ice hockey player turned scout begins looking into who put his young player into a coma during a tryout, he ends up teaming up with the private investigator hired by his dad to work on the case.

After hunting out evidence and the likely suspects using the combination of illegal entry and wisecracks, they find their man and solve the case. Though after the solve the case the scout finds his lad has to quit playing and he is pretty much blacklisted he ends up changing profession and teams up with the PI.

It’s another will they/won’t they, comedy crime solving procedural.