SMILF (Showtime)


SMILF (Showtime) – Premieres 5th November – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows Brigette, a single mother who is trying to balance her parental, work and social life while dealing with her strenuous relationship with her mother and coming to terms that her ex is now dating again.

For an opening ep it takes a while to get going, and some of the relationships shown are vaguely touched upon making some parts feel like you’ve missed something with the way they play out. It’s not a bad opener though it doesn’t really does much to make you wanna check out the next episode.



The Orville (FOX)


The Orville (FOX) – Premieres 10th September – Renewed

Sci-fi with the occasional comedy bit thrown in shenanigans, where a year after finding his wife having an affair with an alien, Planetary Union officer Ed Mercer is finally given his own starship to captain. Only to find out that the first officer that’s been allocated to the ship is his ex-wife.

The show is like a Star Trek Continues version of Star Trek: The Next Generation where along with the usual Sci-fi setups there are quite a few poor jokes thrown in seemingly as an afterthought.

That said, it isn’t that bad. Though it’s not something you’d ever go out of your way to watch.


Get Shorty (EPIX)


Get Shorty (EPIX) – Premieres 13th August – Renewed

Loosely based on the book that spawned the movie of the same name, this follows Miles a low level mobster who is questioning his career choice. Due to his profession he’s wife has left him which motivates Miles to try and get out of the gangster business so he can attempt to get his family back to together.

After being given a job to kill someone with a debt to the mob, Miles finds out that the person they’re after is a script writer who believes that they written a modern classic. So when Miles’ associated kills the guy, Miles takes the script and tries to formulate a plan to become a producer to turn the script into a film.

As he meets up with failing film producer Rick who tells him that he doesn’t have the cash to make the film, Miles decides to take the idea to his boss  offering the film as a way for them to launder their money.

While not an out-and-out comedy it’s a solid opening episode and worth a watch.


Atypical (Netflix)


Atypical (Netflix) – Premieres 11th August – Renewed

A comedy that focuses Sam, an 18 year old who has autism, a deep love for penguins and a doubt that he’ll ever get a girlfriend. After his therapist informs him that other people who have autism manage to have relationships, this encourages him to try and get a date.

When he reveals that he is planning to start dating, he’s sister and workmate try to give him advice on how to impress women along with Sam doing internet research on the subject. All the while Sam voiceovers how he processes the information and how his autism makes him do the things he does.

While this is going on Sams mother begins to question her role now that he is beginning to become more independent leading to her flirting with barstaff and generally being disillusioned with her future.

For a comedy it’s a more subtle take on some with a disability than something like Speechless, where the main humour comes from how Sam takes the advice he receives literally or how what he considers normal is interpreted by everyone else. The one thing that doesn’t really fit into it is storyline with the mother, which sort of jars against the rest of the show.


Claws (TNT)


Claws (TNT) – Premieres 11th June – Renewed

Comedy-drama that follows Desna, the owner of a nail salon, who has managed to get involved with the dixie mafia in laundering money for a neighbouring clinic.

After agreeing to launder the cash from the clinics oxy dealing for a year, Desna discovers that instead of getting the $20k that was promised, the head of the local dixie mafia gives her $3k and the revelation that she and her staff are no where near getting away from being used by them.

Realising the situation Desna decides to get herself further up the chain by taking out the guy that got them involved in the deal, who also happens to be the mafia bosses nephew.

The show has a faint similarity with Breaking Bad where the main character has got involved with some nefarious types in order to get cash together to help their family. But this is played out in a vastly lighter manner. For what it is it’s not too bad a watch.


Date My Dad (UP)


Date My Dad (UP) – Premieres 2nd June

Comedy drama that follows Ricky Cooper, a former baseball player and widowed father of three. It begins on Rickys 40th birthday where his children have decided that after three years since his wife passed, it’s time for him to start dating.

The thought of this and after finding out his mother-in-law is moving out, leads  to Ricky seeing visions of his dead wife who also encourages him to move on. While he debates whether to or not to, his daughters then put a plan into action to help him out by getting the details of every single woman together to get him back in the game.

As a comedy drama, there’s not that much comedy in it and what there is mainly jars agains the the over-sentimental set up of the programme. It’s all a bit meh in it delivery.


Daytime Divas (VH1)


Daytime Divas (VH1) – Premieres 5th June – Cancelled

A comedic drama that centres on the hosts The Lunch Hour, a daytime talk show in the style of Loose Women and The View. In it, the creator and anchor of the show Vanessa is at continual loggerheads with the the other members of the programme.

After Vanessa ends up in coma from a botched plastic surgery procedure, three of her co-hosts begin trying to vie for the main hosting gig. As the first show after Vanessas hospitalisation airs she awakes from the coma to find out what has been going on, and starts to tinker with the shows production to stitch up the others that have been trying to get her job.

As this goes on she has the brainwave to continually sabotage the programme while pretending to be in the coma so her return will create a bigger buzz.

The show is like a mix between UnREAL and Desperate Housewives, though it doesn’t really work as the comedy parts rarely become apparent, and the dramatic side is equivalent to a poor daytime soap. It’s one to miss.