Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network)


Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network) – Premieres 3rd March

Property development programme with an investment twist, this has Scott McGillivray visit two developments, where the folks behind it need some assistance in making sure they can create a property that will get them the optimum return.

As Scott is shown around each offer he finds out the reasoning to why they need his help, along with him discovering the profit margin available if he invests and assessing whether the time to commit to the project would be worthwhile.

After selecting the project he wants to team up with, Scott invests his cash then helps the development along by showing the owners what to look out for during a renovation, and to gives tips on how to plan the property to get the optimum returns. During the redevelopment there are the usual property show hitches that happen which could end up adding to the outlay. Then when they are resolved the property is finished and sold, leaving everyone happy and a few quid richer.

For a renovation programme the addition of McGillivay investing in the project does give it an additional Dragons Den/Shark Tank/The Deed type vibe. Though that said The Deed does the same type of premise in a more interesting way.



Dirty Money (Netflix)


Dirty Money (Netflix) – Premieres 26th January – Renewed

A series from famed documentarian Alex Gibney, where he looks into the scandals of certain big business. Showing how they acted illegally and how the corruption was discovered, along with levels of deception the people in charge went to to try and keep everything under wraps.

The programme beings with giving a brief outline of the scandals that’s being looked in to. Then through interviewing former workers and the people that discovered the corruption, starts to go through how the deception began and manifested itself through the organisation.

The programme also shows some of the deposition footage and reveals how the deceptions not only stayed within the company, but was wider spread then initially thought, and reveals some of the intricate ways they tried to con the system.

As documentaries go this is in depth and keeps your interest throughout. It’s well worth a watch.


Relative Success with Tabitha (Bravo)


Relative Success with Tabitha (Bravo) – Premieres 17th January 

A business reality show where Tabatha Coffey meets up with the owner of a family business that finds itself at a crossroad, and who has reached out for help to solve a problem where the family members that have conflicting visions for the business.

After meeting with the owner and finding out exactly what the current situation is, Tabitha meets up with the other family members involved in the running of the business to assess what they perceive as the main problems and how their vision differs from the owners.

From there Tabitha looks into both sides of the proposals given, and sets tasks to both sides to organise their plans for the company and how they would be achieved, along with producing the visuals and content to show it would be viable. Then when both sides have been looked into Tabitha puts forward what she feels would be the correct course of action, leaving it up to the owner to make the final decision. And then gives a three months later highlight of how the business was going.

The show feels vaguely similar in places to shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Garage Rehab & Help My Yelp where there is a problem with the business needing to be solved. But unlike those shows this is decidedly more hands off and is more consultancy in it’s approach, and in the end can get pretty bland.


Rooster & Butch (A&E)


Rooster & Butch (A&E) – Premieres 10th January

Similar to their old show on CNBC West Texas Investors Club, this has Mike “Rooster McConaughey and Wayne “Butch” Gilliam, two self made millionaires, looking for new products to invest in.

Along with their buddy Gil, they put the inventors of a selected product through three stages before deciding whether they want to put their money into the company. The first stage is “The People” where after they arrive into town Rooster and Butch put the though an initial challenge of getting where they need to be. Then when they get there, are grilled about the origins of their product and how the company was started by them and the potential testers of the product.

The second stage is “The Product” where they go to an extreme end of testing the product with the testers, and generally have a lovely old time messing about. All this leads to the final stage “The Business”, where Rooster and Butch grill the investors about how their company has performed, profit margins and other business shenanigans. After all of this is wrapped up the pair make a decision on whether to invest, and if they do, haggle with the inventors for the best deal.

For a show that is from the same genre as Dragons Den/Shark Tank this is probably as far from the aforementioned as you could possibly get. With the pair putting the people through some irrelevant challenges, and putting more focus on the product while keeping the usual serious business vibe at bay, it all it’s an easy bit of viewing.


The Job Interview (CNBC)


The Job Interview (CNBC) – Premieres 8th November

US remake of the Channel 4 reality show, where after filling an office space full of cameras, a company that is interviewing for a vacancy invite the five top applicants to the be interviewed, unaware they are being filmed.

The programme shows snippets of the interviews where the applicants either impress the interviewers or put their foot in it, then at the end the applicants talk to camera about how they thought they performed. The interviewers the reveal the two interviewees that impressed them the most, then the cameras follow the two when they get the call finding whether or not they got the job.

It’s some pretty mundane viewing.


American Made Inventors (Discovery)


American Made Inventors (Discovery) –  Premieres 2nd September

Millionaire inventor Dave Yonce and his business partners Jason Shackelford and Billy Crimmins open up their development facility for budding inventors who need help in refining and releasing their ideas. After the budding inventors get their idea past Jason, they then present it to Dave, where if he likes it he then helps them out in making their product affordable and sellable.

After refining the prototypes and discussing the business plans, Dave and the team decide whether they want to go forward with funding the product or to pass on the opportunity. The show is like a mix between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Blue Collar Backers, and is a watchable enough way to burn 45 minutes.


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel)


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 30th August

The mechanics answer to Kitchen Nightmares, Richard Rawlings the owner of Gas Monkey garage, where he heads off to a struggling garage and helps them by investing in the company and renovating their shop.

Like Kitchen Nightmares the owner initially admits everything is wrong and they need help, but as soon as the changes are being put into place gets cold feet. After a brief pep talk they get back on board and are sent away for 4 days while Rawlings team finish off the renovations. On the day of the reveal there is much mechanic style oooohing and ahhhhing, then that’s it. Not a word to whether it helped them turn their business around, it just ends.

For a show that says that they’re trying to turn a business around it’s more of a property renovation show with car lifts.