The Job Interview (CNBC)


The Job Interview (CNBC) – Premieres 8th November

US remake of the Channel 4 reality show, where after filling an office space full of cameras, a company that is interviewing for a vacancy invite the five top applicants to the be interviewed, unaware they are being filmed.

The programme shows snippets of the interviews where the applicants either impress the interviewers or put their foot in it, then at the end the applicants talk to camera about how they thought they performed. The interviewers the reveal the two interviewees that impressed them the most, then the cameras follow the two when they get the call finding whether or not they got the job.

It’s some pretty mundane viewing.



American Made Inventors (Discovery)


American Made Inventors (Discovery) –  Premieres 2nd September

Millionaire inventor Dave Yonce and his business partners Jason Shackelford and Billy Crimmins open up their development facility for budding inventors who need help in refining and releasing their ideas. After the budding inventors get their idea past Jason, they then present it to Dave, where if he likes it he then helps them out in making their product affordable and sellable.

After refining the prototypes and discussing the business plans, Dave and the team decide whether they want to go forward with funding the product or to pass on the opportunity. The show is like a mix between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Blue Collar Backers, and is a watchable enough way to burn 45 minutes.


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel)


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 30th August

The mechanics answer to Kitchen Nightmares, Richard Rawlings the owner of Gas Monkey garage, where he heads off to a struggling garage and helps them by investing in the company and renovating their shop.

Like Kitchen Nightmares the owner initially admits everything is wrong and they need help, but as soon as the changes are being put into place gets cold feet. After a brief pep talk they get back on board and are sent away for 4 days while Rawlings team finish off the renovations. On the day of the reveal there is much mechanic style oooohing and ahhhhing, then that’s it. Not a word to whether it helped them turn their business around, it just ends.

For a show that says that they’re trying to turn a business around it’s more of a property renovation show with car lifts.


Shinesty (MTV2)


Shinesty (MTV2) – Premieres 20th July

A documentary that focuses on the staff of Shinesty, a company that produces garish clothing for the masses. In it the staff go about their business trying to increase the brand awareness or developing new products, then it follows them putting their plan into action.

There’s also the usual interviews with the people within the company either talking about what they’re doing or about how they ended up working there. The set up is more than a littler similar to Human Resources, where it’s made to be a comedic documentary, and while not as funny it’s an ok enough bit of viewing.


Planet of the Apps (Apple Music)


Planet of the Apps (Apple Music) – Premieres 6th June

A Dragons Den/Shark Tank style show where app developers pitch their product in the hope to get venture capitalist investor funding and to get their app featured in the Apple App Store.

The show begins with the developers giving a 60 second pitch to the four advisors of Gweneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Will.I.Am and Gary Vaynerchuk. If at the end of the pitch at least one advisor likes what they hear they are given the chance to talk about their app in more detail. After explaining what they  do the advisors then make a final decision in if they want to help the developers in the next round.

After getting through the first round the developers meet up with the advisor that they chose to help them, and together begin work on creating the pitch they’ll be giving to the venture capitalist in six weeks time. When the pitch is finalised the developer and advisor go in front of four members of a VC firm and like the first round, if the investors like what they hear the funds for them to progress their app are offered.

For what it is it’s pretty much a mix of Dragons Den and All-American Makers, though not as watchable as the aforementioned.


Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (ABC)


Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (ABC) – Premieres 11th June

A take on Dragons Den/Shark Tank where in front of a studio audience two inventors pitch their product leaving the audience to vote on which product should receive the funding.

In the show it goes through three seperate areas of inventions, where the creators can win between $10k to 100k depending on how close the product is to be ready for release. After the pitches are finished and Steve Harvey has completed his range of befuddled expressions, the crowd proceed to vote on their favoured invention.

Before the winner is revealed the two inventors are given the opportunity to cash in early where they can buzz in during a cash reveal to accept a lower cash value if they think their product won win the vote. If someone does take that cash then the remaining inventor gets the total cash only if the crowd backed them. If no one decides to cash in early the it does to a straight head-to-head reveal where the winner gets the money and the loser gets nowt.

It’s not the greatest bit of programming but is watchable enough if you need to waste 45 minutes and like seeing a crowd decide on a products future after seeing a 3 minute pitch.


Backyard Goldmine (DIY Network)


Backyard Goldmine (DIY Network) – Premieres 25th April

Renovation programme where builder Ben Sargent meets up with a client who wants to convert their large shed/barn into a rental property.

After meeting the client and having a brief walk around the building, Ben and his co-worker get to work renovating the place and making it liveable. After the conversion is complete Ben reveals it to the owners and then helps them place the property on a rental site.

As property renovation programmes go this is one of the better ones.