Trans Am (Discovery)


Trans Am (Discovery) – Premieres 2nd October

A car renovation show that follows Trans Am enthusiasts and brothers Scott and Tod Warmack, who specialise in restoring and making custom muscle cars.

During the programme, Scott Warmark runs and co-owns the TransAm Depot, a garage that specialises in restoring classic muscle cars. Where after a client brings in an old car that in need of being brought back to life, Scott and his team work on getting it back to as near to its old factory spec, along with accommodating some modern comforts.

At the same time Tod runs TransAm World, a business where they have purchased the license of the Trans Am name and produce new versions of the old car. There they make high end limited run cars of the Firebird, along with having plans for the company to produce new models under the moniker.

As car renovation programmes go, this has a nice unique twist that makes it stand out from similar shows in the genre. So if you enjoy this type of programme this is worth checking out.



Big Truck Food Tip (Food Network)


Big Truck Food Tip (Food Network) – Premieres 19th September

A food travel show that also plays out as an unsuspecting competition, as Andrew Zimmern heads off to a US city to check out three popular food trucks. where after checking them out, Zimmern gives the one he considers the best a $10k tip, and the remaining two a $1k tip.

In the show as Zimmern arrives at a food truck the programme has the owners explain how they started and has them show how they make their signature dish. After that Zimmern has a chat with them and then samples food, going through what makes it stand out from the crowd.

After the three trucks have been visited, the programme gives a brief recap, along with Zimmern pondering over which truck to give the money to. Before showing the winning owners as they see the money get put in their tip jar.

The programme is very similar to the usual food travel shows like Food Truck Nation, Seaside Snacks and Shacks & Comfort Food Tour, making the prize aspect seems to be an afterthought to add something different. That said it’s an easy enough watch and one of the better of these types of shows.


Blood Money (History)


Blood Money (History) – Premieres 30th July

A show that adds a twist to the reality business genre. Where in each episode it follows two business owners who are trying to find out if their relatives have what it takes to have a stake in their companies.

In the episode it starts off with the owner explaining what the company does, along with them explaining the doubts they have over the relatives there are thinking about giving a stake in the business. After going through the back story, the owner, relative and Chris Parvin, a family estate planner, meet and draw up a contract. Where if the relative can fulfil the conditions they will end up owning a set percentage.

From there the programme follows the relatives as they work to complete the job. And when the deadline is up, Parvin return to announce whether the terms of the contract has been completed. Leaving the owner to announce to the relative if they are a business partner or not.

For what it is, the show is an easy bit of viewing, and while it doesn’t do enough to make it a must watch show. There’s enough about it where you’d happily sit through an ep if you stumbled across it.


The Grand Hustle (BET)


The Grand Hustle (BET) – Premieres 19th July

A show that is more than a little similar to The Apprentice, this has rapper and entrepreneur T.I. putting 16 business types in competition. Where the last person standing is offered a job within his company and six figure wage.

The show starts off like The Partner, where the contestants all arrive at the house they will be sharing and end up meeting T.I., who goes through what he’ll be looking for in the winning person.

T.I then reveals that weeks challenge and time limit, where he splits the field into four groups and sends them on their way. After following the contestants and occasionally cutting back to T.I., who’s watching the action in a special monitoring room. The teams return where T.I reveals the losing team, then gets eliminates the weakest member.

For what it is, the programme doesn’t stray that far from the business competition show format, though this one does seem slightly more tilted toward the confessional interview angle to add any drama. Altogether, it does what you’d expect, but it doesn’t come across as something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Staten Island Hustle (CNBC)


Staten Island Hustle (CNBC) – Premieres 11th April

Going in a completely different direction to fellow CNBC show Cleveland Hustles, this follows five Staten Island based businessmen and friends as they try to develop new products in the bid to make themselves rich.

It starts off with the group meeting up at their favourite restaurant where they initially talk about what they are currently working on, and if it’s of interest to the rest of the group as a business idea. After some toing and froing they then settle on a product that they believe hasn’t been done before and set about putting their idea into action.

The programme then follows the group as they research the product, work out the costs and possible profit margins and outsource the production of a prototype. After the prototype is made, the group then tests out the product at a relevant company to find out if it is something they’d use. And then when they get the thumbs up, start to tout the item about to get some pre-orders, where they adapt their business model to the feedback they receive.

Along with the main business idea the group are working on, it also drops in some bits where members of the group have their own investments they are working on, as they try to get those products off the ground.

The show feels like a mix between a shoddy reality series and a business programme, and while the main idea the group are working on is interesting it’s still not that watchable.


Sell It Like Serhant (Bravo)


Sell It Like Serhant (Bravo) – Premieres 11th April

Hosted by Million Dollar Listing: New York estate agent Ryan Serhant as he heads off to help a struggling salesperson improve their skills, as they’ve been given the ultimatum to improve or be sacked by their boss.

Like in Kitchen Nightmares, this has Ryan initially visiting the sales person and watching them go about their usual sales technique. After witnessing them in action, Ryan then breaks down what they are doing wrong and then goes about giving them tips on how to improve as well as giving the tasks to do to help them with their job.

After the training is complete Ryan watches the salesperson try and meet the quota set by their boss for them to keep their job, occasionally jumping in when they start to flounder and revert to their old ways. Then at the end of the day they meet up with the boss to find out if they’ve done enough to keep their role.

The show is like a Kitchen Nightmares take on Relative Success with Tabitha, and while it’s not the greatest of programmes it’s an easy bit of viewing.


Back In The Game (CNBC)


Back In The Game (CNBC) – Premieres 13th March

A reality show where former baseball player and PED enthusiast Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez gives former professional sportsman financial guidance.

In the programme Rodriguez meets up with a former player who has gone through all the money they earned during their career, and the goes about helping them become debt free helps and increase their current earnings.

Along with going through the processes of showing the former player their current expenses and how to rebudget. The show also gives a breakdown of how a players career earnings are broken down and the amount that is given in taxes and agent fees. And also how certain investments like buying homes outright during their career helped them get through the cash faster than expected.

After going through the new plan Rodriguez leaves the player for a few weeks, then returns to see how they are doing and to give them a few more pointers. Then by the end of the show the player is then on the way to paying off their debts and getting their new post sports career on track.

The programme itself is a standard financial help show. And even though it has some interesting angles showing how sportsman post career can shape up, Rodriguez himself seems like he doesn’t want to be there and it does feel a bit dragged out for a 45 minute show.