Corporate (Comedy Central)


Corporate (Comedy Central) – Premieres 17th January

Set within Hampton DeVille, a borderline evil conglomerate that produces virtually everything that can imagined. This follows Matt and Jake, two junior executives who get lumbered with the thankless unwanted jobs their superiors don’t want to do.

As the company try to hush up various PR scandals involving supplying arms to illegal wars and insensitive tweets about natural disasters, the pair manage to blunder their way into getting the job done. All the while staying on the on the brink of depression caused by working for the place.

As a comedy it’s a blend of dark comedy with mundanity of working in a large office. It’s a decent bit of viewing.



Room 104 (HBO)


Room 104 (HBO) – Premieres 28th July – Renewed

A anthology series tells the story of the occupants who have all stayed in the same room of a hotel. The stories themselves while ranging from horror to black comedy are all contained within the room and generally have a last minute twist to them.

For a 30 minute show it can feel a bit condensed and rushed as it fits everything within the short timeframe, though it is more than watchable.


Claws (TNT)


Claws (TNT) – Premieres 11th June – Renewed

Comedy-drama that follows Desna, the owner of a nail salon, who has managed to get involved with the dixie mafia in laundering money for a neighbouring clinic.

After agreeing to launder the cash from the clinics oxy dealing for a year, Desna discovers that instead of getting the $20k that was promised, the head of the local dixie mafia gives her $3k and the revelation that she and her staff are no where near getting away from being used by them.

Realising the situation Desna decides to get herself further up the chain by taking out the guy that got them involved in the deal, who also happens to be the mafia bosses nephew.

The show has a faint similarity with Breaking Bad where the main character has got involved with some nefarious types in order to get cash together to help their family. But this is played out in a vastly lighter manner. For what it is it’s not too bad a watch.


Imposters (Bravo)


Imposters (Bravo) – Premieres 7th February – Renewed

A black comedy about a grifter called Maddie who in partnership with her two cohorts are given a mark to target, and marries them for the con. After which she clears out the bank accounts and leaves them with a web link to a video telling them not to search for her, which includes a dossier of blackmailing evidence to stop them from hunting her down.   

Her latest mark Ezra takes the reveal badly to the point after working out that she Maddie working in a team of three, decided to attempt to takes his own life. Just as he’s about to go through with it, another of Maddies exes turns up at his house and together start to look for her.

It’s a pretty clunky first ep, especially where anything comedy related sticks out like a sore thumb with it laboured deliveries. There’s not that much that goes on to give any reason to keep watching.


Sweet/Vicious (MTV)


Sweet/Vicious (MTV) – Starts 15th November – Cancelled

Black comedy about two college students Jules and Ophelia. Jules belongs to a sorority and secretly dons a ninja outfit by night and acts as a vigilante by hospitalising men known to have raped women that attend the college.

While on one of night missions, Ophelia a computer genius and avid weed enthusiast, runs into Jules dishing out a beating who then scarpers leaving a necklace. Ophelia then pieces together what Jules has been doing and manages to track her down.

Jules doesn’t appreciate being found out and warns Ophelia off but unbeknownst to her Ophelia puts a tracker on her phone, and follows her to her next target. There she manages to jump in, just before Jules gets beaten up in a botched attack, but ends up killing the fella.

Afterwards the get the body in the boot of Ophelias car and head to the bar to plan what to do next. At the bar Jules meets a fella that has been trying to swoon her, only to find out he is the brother of the victim. Plus to top it off as they leave the bar the car has disappeared.

It’s an enjoyable enough first ep and is surprisingly dark for a MTV show.


Preacher (AMC)


Preacher (AMC) – Starts 22nd May – Renewed

TV adaption of the Preacher comic, where Jesse Custer, a reformed nefarious type returns home to to take up the role of town preacher in his dads old church in Annville, Texas.

While he is generally doing a half arsed job and questioning what he is doing, an alien entity arrives on earth and inhabits an african preacher and blows him up, then follows on doing the same to a Russian church minister and a revered Scientologist.

As this happens Jesses old girlfriend Tulip turns up offering a the chance to go on another heist together and a drunken Irish vampire by the name of Cassidy arrives from the result of jumping out a plane where he murdered everyone after reading an annotated bible.

This all comes to a head when Jesse makes the decision to leave the church and team up with Tulip again, but during the night gets hit by the alien entity which leaves him knocked out for three and and when he awakes has a mission to find god and the ability to command those who he preaches to.

Though it looks nice, for a first episode to rushes to introduce every character as quickly as it can. Almost disregarding whether or not it makes sense to story if you don’t know it already.


Hap and Leonard (SundanceTV)


Hap and Leonard (SundanceTV) – Starts 2nd March – Renewed

Set in the 80’s Hap and Leonard are two friends that are down on their luck and freshly out of work, they get an offer from Haps ex-wife to help with the salvaging of $1million that’s at the bottom of a river as a result from a botched bank robbery escape from the police in the 60’s.

In return for their help they’ll pick up $100k each though with it they have to work with a group of hapless environmentalists who have attracted the attention of a group of psychotic criminals.

Even for a Sundance show, the opening ep is very slow going and only really picks up during the last 15 minutes. Though it’s an easy enough watch.