Star Wars: Resistance (Disney XD)


Star Wars: Resistance (Disney XD) – Premieres 7th October

Following from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, this is set in the period between The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Where after being saved by Poe Dameron, young pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited into the resistance and given a mission to go undercover to find out the plans the First Order have to attack the resistance.

Poe then takes Kaz to a refuelling platform on Castilon, where he gives him the cover as an aspiring pilot and trainee mechanic. Which Kaz  almost blows from the beginning. From then on Kaz bumbles about trying to spy and ends up having news spread that he’s the best pilot on the platform, leading to him ruining his low profile.

As Star Wars series go, this isn’t the most Star Wars feeling out of the three as it has a lack of anything Jedi going on. That said, like the previous series it’s an easy watch and if you enjoyed them then this is more of the same.



Magnum P.I. (CBS)


Magnum P.I. (CBS) – Premieres 24th September

A reboot of the 80’s series, that follows Hawaiian based private investigator Thomas Magnum. Who between living in the grounds of famed author Robin Masters and constantly clashing with the estates caretaker Higgins, works on cases with the help of his old military friends Rick Wright, TC Calvin, and occasionally stepping on the toes of the local police.

Like the original, this is a procedural crime drama, where after getting a client, Magnum looks into the crime while utilising the plethora of expensive amenities Masters has at his home, as well as the help of his friends. As Rick has an endless list of contacts on the island, and TC gives Magnum reluctant access to his helicopter, all of which help him solve the case.

The show is pretty much what you’d expect if you ever seen an episode of the original version, though with this one there does seem to be a massive increase in explosions and the destruction of Ferraris. That said it’s an entertaining enough piece of trashy TV.


Battlefish (Netflix)


Battlefish (Netflix) – Premieres 21st September

Similar to shows like Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove, this follows a few fishing crews based in Ilwaco washington as they make a living during the albacore tuna fishing season.

The show starts off with the crews waiting for the first sighting of the tuna to signal the start of the fishing season. Then follows them as they compete with each other as they try to find the best fishing spots, and shows the different techniques they use that optimise the usage of their vessels.

Along with the fishing, it shows the crews as they try to get into a rhythm as quickly as possible, and bitching about some of the other vessels that they believe aren’t doing things correctly. And finishing up with showing what progress the crews made during the episode.

For a commercial fishing reality show it does what you expect, and doesn’t have much that makes it standout for the other shows. Though if you like this type of show it’s worth a watch.


The Purge (USA)


The Purge (USA) – Premieres 4th September

Based on the film of the same name, this follows three people as the 12 hour purge, a period where all crime is legal, begins.

The opening episode spends the nearly the entirety of the time setting up the story where it follows Miguel who is trying to find his sister, who has joined a cult where they sacrifice themselves during the Purge. Jane a businesswoman who is working in the office during the evening, who hires a hit woman. And Jenna and Rick, a couple invited to a purge party so they can try and get funding for their charitable cause, then find out the woman they had a threesome with in the the building.

While the opener is slow going, it does show some promise in an Under The Dome type way. Where it could end up being a delightful mess of the show. And while it doesn’t show much in the first 45 minutes it does enough to warrant checking the next episode.


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon)


Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon) – Premieres 31st August – Renewed

Based on the Tom Clancy novels, this is follows CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who after discovering some suspect financial movement in the Middle East, realises that there could be an imminent threat to country. From there Ryan sets out to prove his theory that a new terrorist threat is working in the shadows to his new field office boss.

After his being told to collect more evidence before the CIA would act on the findings, Ryan goes behind his bosses back to force the potential terrorist account down. This starts a chain of events where Ryan is taken out to the field to help with hunt to capture the new threat. Along with the terrorist, now aware they are on the CIA radar, accelerating their plan to attack the US.

The opening episode is a solid start that gets the story up and running, along with throwing in a couple of decent action set pieces. Though while it isn’t as good as Condor, it is still enjoyable and worth a watch.


Hard To Kill (Discovery)


Hard To Kill (Discovery) – Premieres 31st July

Hosted by Tim Kennedy of Hunting Hitler fame, this is a show where he heads off to meet people who have dangerous jobs. Where he then goes through some of the training they go through to perform their daily tasks.

During the show Tim meets up with a few people that work in the field he’s looking into, where they either take him along to sample the job first hand, or is placed in some specialised training. Kennedy then finds out some of the situations they have to be prepared for, and how they have to know the techniques as second nature.

The programme is like a longer format to Nightwatch Presents: First Responders, with Kennedy getting a slightly more intense introduction to the jobs he’s looking into. And while it is a more entertaining piece of viewing, it’s still not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger (Freeform)


Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger (Freeform) – Premieres 7th June – Renewed

A superhero series that follows teenagers Tandy and Tyrone who end up having their lives intertwined through incidents that happened to them while they were young.

The episode opens up where Tandy is involved in a car crash. Caused by her dad being distracted by an oil rig exploding, leading to the car to career into the ocean. While at the same time Tyrone ends up in the ocean after witnessing his brother, Billy, falling into the water after he was shot by a cop. As the two are submerged an energy force from the oil rig envelops them.

Years later Tandy has turned to a life of crime where she and her boyfriend rob rich folk, and Tyrone is getting beat on by his basketball teammates after he got ejected from a game. The pair meet up at a party, where Tandy steals Tyrones wallet, leading him to chase her down to get it back. In the scuffle it awakes their superpowers, causing them to freak out and go their own ways.

After the incident Tandy is then confronted by one of the people she robbed, and during the assault, her powers create a dagger from her hand where she accidentally stabs the person. At the same time Tyrone encounters and follows the cop that shot his brother, and before the cop has the chance to kill Tyrone, discovers that he has the ability to teleport. It’s then revealed that on the night where Tyrone and Tandy had their accident, they both washed up on a beach together where they both took an item of clothing from each other that they kept.

For an opening episode it’s a remarkably bland bit of viewing. Since even though it is just setting up the story, there’s nothing that really grabs your interest to keep watching.