Terror (Viceland)


Terror (Viceland) – Starts 1st October

A standard Viceland docu-series offering, which looks into the different islamic terrorist groups, where they show how they came into existence, why they’re doing what they’re doing, and looks at how they’ve changed their approach of the years.

Hosted by Vice founder Suroosh Alvi, he travels to the country of the groups origin, where he interviews locals to find out how their world view has been been altered by the War on Terror, and talks to a couple of folks within the groups to explain what drives them.

The show feels like an extended episode of Vice, and does exactly what you’d expect. Though with the extended run time it doesn’t feel like you learn any more than from a 15 or 30 minute Vice segment.


Devil’s Canyon (Discovery)


Devil’s Canyon (Discovery) – Premieres 6th June

A mix between Curse Of The Frozen Gold and Alone, three gold prospectors set off to separate sites in the challenging terrain of Devil’s Canyon in British Colombia for 6 weeks, as they try to find a bountiful amount of gold.

Like Alone, the three film their own footage as they search the areas they believe large amounts of gold will be found. Where along with their hunt for riches they also have to survive in an area known for bear attacks, and that has limited food resources.

As a mix between a treasure hunting and survival show it makes it stand out from other similar programmes that normally descend in focusing on the backstory of the area and mythical curses to set up any of the drama. It’s an entertaining piece of TV.


The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central)


The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central) – Premieres 6th June

A weekly topical comedy show that is similar to Last Week Tonight and to a lesser extent Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Jim Jefferies covers the recent news events.

The show is split into three segments, in the first part Jim does a brief round up of the weeks news, which has a Daily Show light feel to it, and is the weakest part of the programme. After that there’s a video segment where Jim Visits a country to to interview folk about a regional custom that can be seen as offensive. Then the show is finished off with Jim tackling a subject and offering up his theory on how the problems could be resolved.

It’s a solid bit of current affair based comedy that’s well worth a watch.


Incredible Edible America (Food Network)


Incredible Edible America (Food Network) – Premieres 5th June

Comedian Jeff Dunham and his wife, food blogger Audrey, set off around America to visit eateries that offer unique dishes and to see how they’re made.

In each episode they focuses on a US city, where the dishes the Dunhams try are on the more eccentric end of the culinary scale. Along with trying the dish, they meet the chef behind it and find how what was the inspiration in its creation, and how everything is cooked and plated.

For a cooking travel show there’s no real difference between this and other programmes in the genre like Vinny & Ma Eat America, Buddy’s Family Vacation or Guy And Hunters European Vacation.


Date My Dad (UP)


Date My Dad (UP) – Premieres 2nd June

Comedy drama that follows Ricky Cooper, a former baseball player and widowed father of three. It begins on Rickys 40th birthday where his children have decided that after three years since his wife passed, it’s time for him to start dating.

The thought of this and after finding out his mother-in-law is moving out, leads  to Ricky seeing visions of his dead wife who also encourages him to move on. While he debates whether to or not to, his daughters then put a plan into action to help him out by getting the details of every single woman together to get him back in the game.

As a comedy drama, there’s not that much comedy in it and what there is mainly jars agains the the over-sentimental set up of the programme. It’s all a bit meh in it delivery.


Daytime Divas (VH1)


Daytime Divas (VH1) – Premieres 5th June

A comedic drama that centres on the hosts The Lunch Hour, a daytime talk show in the style of Loose Women and The View. In it, the creator and anchor of the show Vanessa is at continual loggerheads with the the other members of the programme.

After Vanessa ends up in coma from a botched plastic surgery procedure, three of her co-hosts begin trying to vie for the main hosting gig. As the first show after Vanessas hospitalisation airs she awakes from the coma to find out what has been going on, and starts to tinker with the shows production to stitch up the others that have been trying to get her job.

As this goes on she has the brainwave to continually sabotage the programme while pretending to be in the coma so her return will create a bigger buzz.

The show is like a mix between UnREAL and Desperate Housewives, though it doesn’t really work as the comedy parts rarely become apparent, and the dramatic side is equivalent to a poor daytime soap. It’s one to miss.


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix)


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix) – Premieres 24th February – Renewed

An assault course style competition where in each episode 12 entrants made up from the six countries involved (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Japan), go against each other where the last person standing wins $10k and gains entry into the grand final where they could win $50k.

The competition is split up into 4 rounds, where the competitors gain points for completing each obstacle and get bonus points for activating a points boost lever located on some of the challenges. At the end of the first round the top 8 go through to the next stage, where they keep the points already accumulated, at the end of the second round the three lowest point scorers are eliminated.

The third round offer the remaining 5 the option of completing a simpler course that offers a lower point yield, or the hard option where if they fail at an obstacle they have the points they could have gained, deducted from their score.

For the final round the top competitors have their scores reset to zero and they race against each other to tackle a Mount Midoriyama climb littered with additional challenges. The winner the person the achieves either the completion of the round, gets the highest score, or if the scores are tied whoever is higher up after 5 minutes.

For a obstacle course competition it is a more entertaining piece of viewing compared to American Grit or Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, though it lacks the atmosphere or watchability of Ninja Warrior.