Taskmaster (Comedy Central)


Taskmaster (Comedy Central) – Premieres 27th April

US version of the UK comedy panel show, where Reggie Watts resides as the Taskmaster, who assisted by Alex Horne, sets the five celebrity contestants various simple, lateral thinking, challenges to be completed.

Differing to the UK version, this is about half the runtime so there is a reduction of the amount of challenges in each episode. Along with the opening prize round just being one of the contestants putting forward a personal item as the prize for the episodes winner.

Along with the reduction in in the challenges this version also feels rushed, as the usual mocking chat of the original that happens after witnessing the attempts is pretty much non existent.

All in all it’s a pretty poor imitation of the original.



Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix)


Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix) – Premieres 27th April

A four part documentary that follows the political career and ill fated presidential campaign of Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

In the documentary it mainly uses archival news footage to go through the life and career of Kennedy. When after becoming JFKs campaign advisor, works as the attorney general where he focused on trying to bring down organised crime syndicates. And then after the death of his brother, began his own attempt at winning the presidency.

Along the footage the documentary also interviews family members, friends and colleagues to add some more context to what was happening during the various periods.

The documentary does have a certain amount of overlap with other docs about the Kennedys such as American Dynasties: The Kennedys & The Kennedy Files. But that said there’s enough in this to to keep your interest, it’s a decent watch


The New Legends of Monkey (Netflix)


The New Legends of Monkey (Netflix) – Premieres 27th April

A reboot of the 70’s series Monkey, a Japanese comedic fantasy drama that garnered a cult following with it’s UK redubbed version, which upped the comedy aspect.

This remake is a slightly more straight version of the original, where the Monkey King has been imprisoned in a mountain for 500 years. And the local monks are trying to free him before the demons that are becoming more active in the area begin to take over.

As the monks get their hands on the crown needed to free Monkey, a demon intervenes leaving the last surviving monk, Tripitaka, on a solo mission to get the crown back, free Monkey and to help him in banishing them from the Earth.

As it goes this is a pretty solid remake that keeps some of the humour from the redubbed version along with creating a more coherent plot. It not too bad a watch.


Nova: Wonders (PBS)


Nova: Wonders (PBS) – Premieres 25th April

A science show that looks into some of the more groundbreaking bits of research that are currently being worked on within different scientific fields.

In each show it is given a topic that it looks into, where the three presenters – scientists that work in specific areas – introduce what the folks in that field are working on. From there it has interviews with the scientists involved and shows how they are each tackling the problem. Along with showing the history of the research and how it is changing.

As a science programme it’s an interesting watch, even if it does at times start to drag a wee bit.


Fishing For Giants (Smithsonian Channel)


Fishing For Giants (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 25th April

Hosted by extreme angler Andy Coetzee, this follows him as he heads of to various parts of the world where he tries to catch a rare and elusive big fish.

The show kicks off by showing the fish that Andy will be trying his best to catch, where he talks about the legend the locals have created about it, while giving the info of it’s size and where its found.

From there Andy arrives in the area and begins fishing, where during the programme he slowly starts to visit more and more dangerous locations. All in the bid to catch the fish. Then by the end, Andy gets the fish he was after, shows it off to the camera, tags it, then send it off on it way.

As a fishing programme it’s reminiscent to Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, but with more focus on the fishing. It’s a surprisingly laid back bit of watchable programming.


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime)


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime) – Premieres 25th April

A Mr & Mrs style game show hosted by Jason Biggs of American Pie fame and his wife Jenny Mollen. Where three couples go against each other in the bid to win $20k.

The show is split into two rounds, in the first round the couples are put through either challenges or given personal questions. Where one of the couple is asked the questions, while the other is put off into a sound proof box before completing the challenge or answering the question. By the end of the round the couple who got the lowest score is then eliminated.

The final round has the remaining two couples take a turn at tackling a Fun House style go kart challenge, where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger has to give directions along with completing some tasks. Then the team that completes the course in the fastest time wins the $20k.

As game shows go it not something you’d go out of you way to watch, but is passable enough if nowt else is on.


Boise Boys (HGTV)


Boise Boys (HGTV) – Premieres 25th April

A home renovation show that follows Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, a Boise based designer and builder duo, who buy, renovate, and sell properties in their area.

The show kicks off with the pair checking out two houses that they are interested in doing up. Where they go through the homes working out what they want to do, and how much it will cost them. Then after seeing both places they decide on which property to buy.

After the house is purchased the show goes into the regular renovation show format. Where as they are working, certain problems pop up, or an altercation to the design plan happens, leaving the two to work out a solution that fits into their plans and budget.

During the build the pair also invite some of the neighbours onto the site to see what is going on and to help generate some interest for when the place is ready to be sold. So after the construction is complete the same neighbours are invited back and the pair show them around the building pointing out what they’ve done. Then at the end the programme it shows the breakdown of the cost they outlaid and the profit they earned from the sale.

As renovations shows go it’s a more interesting watch than the vast majority of the other shows. Especially with it being a 45 minute programme it never begins to feel too drawn out.