Barry (HBO)


Barry (HBO) – Premieres TBA

Comedy about ex-marine Barry who after leaving the military works as a low rent hitman where he’s becoming disillusioned with his life, and is looking for something he feels worthwhile.

After being given a job in LA to kill the lover of an Armenian gangsters wife, Barry accidentally befriends him as he followed him into a drama class and ended up having to perform a scene with him. This makes Barry that believe that acting is his calling much to the dismay of his handler Fuches.

As a comedy it’s a pretty gentle going affair where it occasionally mixes it up with some dark moments. It’s a solid opener.


Haunted Towns (Destination America)


Haunted Towns (Destination America) – Premieres 15th August

Ghost hunting goings on where the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) head off to towns that have had a bloody history in the hope of seeing a higher concentration of supernatural occurrences.

As the team arrive at their location they meet up with locals to find out the history and visit a couple of places that have had some recent activity. After scoping out the possible venues they perform the first of two night investigations, where they use all the standard ghost hunting paraphernalia to try and gather evidence that spirits are there.

After conversing with the dead, the lads then move on to the next location where they do the second and final investigation, chat to more spirits and then in the morning all agree that the town is a bit haunted.

As ghost hunting show it does everything you’d expect and doesn’t offer anything different. It one for those that like watching folk getting freaked out and making out words in radio static.


Get Shorty (EPIX)


Get Shorty (EPIX) – Premieres 13th August

Loosely based on the book that spawned the movie of the same name, this follows Miles a low level mobster who is questioning his career choice. Due to his profession he’s wife has left him which motivates Miles to try and get out of the gangster business so he can attempt to get his family back to together.

After being given a job to kill someone with a debt to the mob, Miles finds out that the person they’re after is a script writer who believes that they written a modern classic. So when Miles’ associated kills the guy, Miles takes the script and tries to formulate a plan to become a producer to turn the script into a film.

As he meets up with failing film producer Rick who tells him that he doesn’t have the cash to make the film, Miles decides to take the idea to his boss  offering the film as a way for them to launder their money.

While not an out-and-out comedy it’s a solid opening episode and worth a watch.


Atypical (Netflix)


Atypical (Netflix)

A comedy that focuses Sam, an 18 year old who has autism, a deep love for penguins and a doubt that he’ll ever get a girlfriend. After his therapist informs him that other people who have autism manage to have relationships, this encourages him to try and get a date.

When he reveals that he is planning to start dating, he’s sister and workmate try to give him advice on how to impress women along with Sam doing internet research on the subject. All the while Sam voiceovers how he processes the information and how his autism makes him do the things he does.

While this is going on Sams mother begins to question her role now that he is beginning to become more independent leading to her flirting with barstaff and generally being disillusioned with her future.

For a comedy it’s a more subtle take on some with a disability than something like Speechless, where the main humour comes from how Sam takes the advice he receives literally or how what he considers normal is interpreted by everyone else. The one thing that doesn’t really fit into it is storyline with the mother, which sort of jars against the rest of the show.


Mr. Mercedes (Audience Network)


Mr. Mercedes (Audience Network) – Premieres 9th August

Two years after the unsolved mass killing outside of a Job Fair, the recently retired detective Bill Hodges is settling into the lifestyle of alcoholism and depression. All the while scaring the local kids playing hockey and resisting the advances of the widow living next door.

This is all brought to a head when Bill receives an email that’s from the murderer taunting his current state and challenging him to finished the job he started and to catch him. This leads Bill into start looking into the case where he finds that the killer has left additional videos taunting him over the internet,  showing off that he has been recently surveilling him.

It’s a slow burning opener but covers Bills backstory as well as revealing the unique lifestyle choices of the killer without getting bogged down. It’s a nicely watchable start.


Last Chance High (Viceland)


Last Chance High (Viceland) – Premieres 8th August

A documentary that follows the students and staff of the Moses Montefiore Academy in Chicago, which takes in the students deemed unteachable and who have been expelled from multiple schools, and they try to help them get another chance to get back into regular school system.

The show is like a version of This Is High School, if the pupils had a problematic home life and an absolute love for a punch-up.


The Last Shot (Viceland)


The Last Shot (Viceland) – Premieres 7th August

A docu-series that follows two basketball teams as they take part in cash tournaments in Mexico that have a history of being funded by local drug cartels.

With the teams, one is made up of mercenary players who only play in cash tourneys as a way to support their families, whereas the other team consists of former college players using this as a last chance to get spotted by scouts and revive their chances of going pro.

The show follows them as they head over to Mexico to spend a few months playing in as many tournaments as they can, while finding out that the teams they are playing against play to a more lenient take on the rules. It’s a decent watch and possibly has more game footage shown than i’ve seen in whole highlight episode of a FIBA 3×3 tournament.