Cobra Kai (Youtube Red)


Cobra Kai (Youtube Red) – Premieres 2nd May – Renewed

Set 34 years after the original Karate Kid film, this follows former member of Cobra Kai, Johnny Laurence, who has ended up becoming a handyman for the apartment block he lives in.

After rescuing his young neighbour Miguel from being beaten up by a gang, it leads to Johnny getting arrested by the cops. Where he ends up getting bailed by his step father, who give’s him some cash and disowns him.

Johnny then ends up back at the vacant Cobra Kai building, where Daniel Larusso’s daughter is involved in a car accident which writes off Johnnys vehicle. This leads to him having to get his car back from Daniels car showroom reigniting Johnnys dislike of Larusso.

Fired up, Johnny ends up becoming a Mr Miyagi figure to Miguel. As he reopens the Cobra Kai dojo to impart his flawed ideologies to him.

While the opening episode is flashback heavy, the show manages to keep the vibe of the film, while adding a decent comedy element to it. It is surprisingly good and well worth a watch.