Weather Hacks (Weather Channel)


Weather Hacks (Weather Channel) – Premieres 12th February

An absolute weather based info blast of a programme where a relentless amount of hints and tips are shown, covering a range of bad weather situations.

To try and break up the amount of lists shown there are a couple of segments about emergency service rescue, consumer advice and extreme weather simulations. But overall comes across as a show where they ran out of ideas at the 10 minute marks then threw anything else they could think of into the mix to pad out the runtime.

It’s a tough going watch, and even if it was half the length it would be a chore to get through.



That’s Amazing (Weather Channel)


That’s Amazing (Weather Channel) – Starts 4th December

A weather based science show they looks into the uses of current technology to track the changes in the environment and ecosystems, and how some folk use their environment to produce living art. In it they break the segments into the which of the four elements the subject utilises and has the inventors and uses explain what each thing does and how how it works and its application within its field.

While it covers a wide ranges of subjects, it is a slow going watch that would be more enjoyable if it was half tits runtime and if the subject matter was more themed.


Natural Born Monsters (Weather Channel)


Natural Born Monsters (Weather Channel) – Starts 12th October

A wildlife programme on the Weather Channel, where the only like to what station it’s being shown on is the occasional chat about how weather could effect the animals evolution.

During the show they try to hunt down the origins of mythical creatures by searching the area to find similar animals that could have been the source of the legend.

It generally involves a load of the host getting close up to deadly animals, a bit like Steve Irwin did but without the charisma.