It’s Suppertime (Viceland)


It’s Suppertime (Viceland) – Premieres 30th November

Chef Matty Matheson of Dead Set On Life fame hosts a straight up no frills cooking show. Each week Matheson shows how to make a meal with a difficulty rating of small, medium and big dog. Then as he makes the dishes he goes through what to do like a heavily tattooed Delia Smith.

Along with the cookery Matty meets up with a chef friend where they head off to a restaurant serving the same types of food he’s cooking up in the episode. And few snippets of Matty chatting to camera outside of the show where where he jokes about with Master Rang, and talks about the ingredients used and the sexual favours the well executed dish will get you.

It’s a decent cookery show that’s more informative than 90% of anything on dedicated cookery channels.



The Trixie & Katya Show (Viceland)


The Trixie & Katya Show (Viceland) – Premieres 15th November

Comedy talk show hosted by two former contestants of RuPauls Drag Race where they talk about a topic set for the episode.

In between their chatting about the subject which uses some Fonejacker style imagery to liven up what you’re watching, the pair also go through a couple of segments.

Some of which involve them interviewing the public while being out of their drag characters, and others they stay in character while throwing out multiple double entendre and innuendo. The whole vibe of the show feels like a podcast that has been hastily made into a TV show where a a few of the segments feel like an afterthought.


Earthworks (Viceland)


Earthworks (Viceland) – Premieres 2nd June – Miniseries

A miniseries that follows a musical act as they head off to a part of the world where they want to document on what is happening to the region. During their time there, the act highlights what is going on and meet up with the locals to talk about how the recent events have effected them, and take some time to create some songs influence on what the’ve seen.

As a documentary it’s pretty light on any real content, as any of the information mentioned is usually the stuff that’s been mentioned numerous times before on any nature programme of worth. The show is more about showing how the trip gets to influence the songs being created, and even then they only show snippets of the tunes recorded.

The programme is a weird meld of two different types of documentaries and neither does enough to really keep any interest.


FUBAR: The Age Of Computer (Viceland)


FUBAR: The Age Of Computer (Viceland) – Premieres 3rd November

A TV series spawned from the FUBAR films, this has the two main characters Terry and Dean after accidentally starting the Fort McMurray wildfire fleeing to Terry’s cousin, Shank’s house since he has access to the internet. There Terry gets the $1,800 from the Albertan government for any that has been caught in the fire, which he instantly wastes on internet purchases.

Meanwhile Dean meets up with an old friend who is recording an album, where he gets to jump on the session and records a metal song. After being told by the owner he has to pay his share or the recording time, he then trashes the place before returning to Shanks where the pair see Terrys wife on TV pleading for information on his whereabouts.

As a mockumentary it’s pretty tough going, where all the bits seem to be thrown together meaning any resembling a plot is lost. Altogether it’s a slog to get through.


Most Expensivest (Viceland)


Most Expensivest (Viceland) – Premieres 1st November

Rapper Two Chainz hosts as he looks at the most expensive versions of regular things that money can buy. In it, he along with a guest, or the people that sell the products talk about how they are created then go about sampling it.

This is one of the weaker Viceland shows that they’ve released, where Mr Chainz is a pretty poor host, at times struggling to get a coherent sentence out, while the folks he’s chatting to keep a bemused look on their faces at almost all times.

It’s a tedious bit of viewing.


Epicly Later’d (Viceland)


Epicly Later’d (Viceland) – Premieres 6th September

The TV version of the Vice web series, this is a docu-series that looks at the life and careers of famous and legendary skateboarders.

In it the host meets up with the boarder in question where they discuss how they started, and the highs and lows they’ve been through. Along with having talking head bits from family members, friends and other skaters there is a fair amount of archive footage thrown in to the mix, and it gets into decent detail of the persons life.

If you like stuff such as King Of The Road it’s an interesting bit of viewing.


Last Chance High (Viceland)


Last Chance High (Viceland) – Premieres 8th August

A documentary that follows the students and staff of the Moses Montefiore Academy in Chicago, which takes in the students deemed unteachable and who have been expelled from multiple schools, and they try to help them get another chance to get back into regular school system.

The show is like a version of This Is High School, if the pupils had a problematic home life and an absolute love for a punch-up.