Terror (Viceland)


Terror (Viceland) – Starts 1st October

A standard Viceland docu-series offering, which looks into the different islamic terrorist groups, where they show how they came into existence, why they’re doing what they’re doing, and looks at how they’ve changed their approach of the years.

Hosted by Vice founder Suroosh Alvi, he travels to the country of the groups origin, where he interviews locals to find out how their world view has been been altered by the War on Terror, and talks to a couple of folks within the groups to explain what drives them.

The show feels like an extended episode of Vice, and does exactly what you’d expect. Though with the extended run time it doesn’t feel like you learn any more than from a 15 or 30 minute Vice segment.


American Boyband (Viceland)


American Boyband (Viceland) – Premieres 8th June

A show that follows rapper, self professed outsider and youtube artist Kevin Abstract as he goes about his first tour in the bid to become better known around the country.

It starts off with Kevin explaining how he put together his Brockhampton collective, a group of like minded individuals who create the music, videos and infrastructure for the tracks to be produced, by posting up an ad on a message board that has led to them all living together.

The show then moves on to following the group as they set off on their first tour where along with the mundanity of travelling and loading up at the venue, show bits of the set and the fans meeting up with Abstract after the show.

As a programme that’s following a group on tour it manages to show the between gig tedium that goes on while touring, though not to the Lightning Bolt – Power of Salad & Milkshakes levels, along with Abstract explaining why he doing all of this. For what it is, it’s a nice bit of easy watching.


Moltissimo (Viceland)


Moltissimo (Viceland) – Premieres 24th May

A cross between a cooking programme and a chat show, chef Mario Batali gets two guests into the Viceland Munchies kitchen for a chat as he makes them two dishes.

Along with explaining the history of the two things he’s making and how to cook them, Mario interviews his guests about their careers and how how food has played a part in it.

It’s an inoffensive bit of telly and is a bit like watching a 20 minute version of Saturday Kitchen.


Motherboard (Viceland)


Motherboard (Viceland) – Premieres 12th May

A technology docu-series, where host Brian Anderson looks how certain industries and products that are being affected by advancements in technology.

In the programme they look into the current problems faced by its chosen topic, then interviews people that are either pro or anti modernisation. While gaining an insight to both sides of the argument it looks into the different advancements actually being made, how they vary and what effect it’s causing within the industry.

For a Viceland docu-series it’s watchable enough and a bit reminiscent of Cyberwar.


The Therapist (Viceland)


The Therapist (Viceland) – Premieres 8th May

Show where a musician who has gone through some problematic events in their life have a sit down with therapist Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh, and go through what happened and how it’s effected them.

The show is pretty much a spinoff from the Noisey episode where rapper YG had a filmed session with Dr Singh. Though unlike that one episode this seems to go more in depth with the musician in question.

While interesting it’s not really a show you’d go out of your way to watch, unless you have a love of watching therapy sessions.


Beerland (Viceland)


Beerland (Viceland) – Premieres 27th April

A brewing competition where the owner of Golden Road Brewing, Meg Gill, visits a US state to find its best home brewer where they can win the chance to make their beer at her brewery.

For a competition it doesn’t play out like one, but instead has Meg visiting some of the lesser known places of beer drinking interest, then in between she visits two brewers where after finding out how they got into making beer, and witnessing the production process they use, sample their beers.

After finishing off visiting the places of interest Meg then heads of to the home of the winner to let them know they’ve progressed to the final. As a show it comes across more on the side of a drinking travel show, where the interesting bit of the beer production are kept to a minimum.


The Business Of Life (Viceland)


The Business Of Life (Viceland) – Premieres 23rd April

Financial talk show where the host Mona Chalabi and a panel of guests talk about an issue of the week and the monetary effects it causes.

In the show they break down the topic by showing how it effects someone by breaking down the various financial expenditures required while giving advice on how to prepare for it. The panel also answer questions from the studio audience where they give out more focused money saving tips, as well as showing financial breakdowns with a plethora of infographics.

For a financial based talk show it does everything you’d expect.