Texas Metal (Velocity)


Texas Metal (Velocity) – Premieres 7th November

Car renovation show that follows the employees of Ekstensive, a company that focuses on customising trucks though are also adept at modifying any other vehicle that turns up at their garage.

The show set up involves a customer coming in with a job that becomes the main focus of the episode which offers a host of problems  the team have to overcome. While they are working away at the main job, the owner Bill, then accepts a small job which barely registers as anything other than to pad out the run time.

Then at the end of the ep, much like any other car show, the customised truck is shown off, much to the clients delight. The show suffers from everyone in the garage being awkward in front of the camera, to the point where it’s like watching paint dry. It’s not good.



Speed Is The New Black (Velocity)


Speed Is The New Black (Velocity) – Premieres 24th May

Car renovation show the follows the employees of the Classic Car Studio, as they receive vehicles from their clients that have seen better days and are given the challenge to get them running to a high spec while creating a customised vehicle for the owner.

Like other car renovation shows like Detroit Steel and Road Hauks, it follow garage as they create a plan on what to do with the vehicle and then putting the plan to action. Then along the way they stumble into unforeseen problems due to the cars state of disrepair, which manage to get rectified in time.

At the end of the show the cars get revealed to their owners, and a high speed test drive is given. While it’s not a million miles away from other similar shows of the genre, they manage to fit a weird love letter section which is reminiscent of some that would occur in Sacred Steel Bikes, though they don’t manage to pull it off as well.

As a renovation show it’s watchable enough, but not something that you’d go out of your way to view.


ToyMakerz (Velocity)


ToyMakerz (Velocity) – Starts 16th September – Renewed

Along similar lines as Rockin’ Roadsters, a company that produces custom high spec vehicles, takes a vehicle and upgrades it.

The main guy is mainly referred to as the ToyMaker, and goes about explaining how the vehicle in question is going to be improved, leading to him and his team working on the build so it can be finished by the typical imminent deadline.

While the mechanical side is fairly standard, there’s a fair chunk of the programme where they take their creation to a live event to show it off to the public and it ends with a Ken Block-esque wheel spinning drive through an empty town.

On the whole it’s no different to the plethora of motoring renovation shows about, and you could stick it on as background viewing and not miss much.



Swap Meet Showdown (Velocity)


Swap Meet Showdown (Velocity) – Starts 7th September

Like the bastard offspring of Bargain Hunt and Scrapheap Challenge, Swap Meet Showdown had two teams going against each other to build a modified vehicle only using parts they can source at the car boot sale they’re at, and within a $1000 budget.

The teams are given 24 hours to bodge together their creation, then when the time is up the teams go head-to-head to find the winner. And in a change to the usual competition show the winner gets nothing other than the bragging rights.

This could easily become a guilty pleasure piece of TV, easy to watch and gets the job done.



Iron Resurrection (Velocity)


Iron Resurrection (Velocity) – Starts 13th April

Standard vehicle renovation hi jinx where the Martin Bros Customs pick up a cheap run down motor, set a budget and rebuild it to sell it on at a custom car show.

Whilst they are working on the vehicle there are the usual turn of events where certain parts return damaged to the point they can’t be used, causing the doubts if the job can be done in time and under budget.

Along with working on the main vehicle they also have a customer bring in a quick turnaround job to pad out the programme.

It’s the same old stuff along the lines of Leepu & PitbullRockin’ Roadsters and the like.



Unique Rides (Velocity)


Unique Rides (Velocity) – Starts 2nd February – Renewed

A show following celebrity car designer Will Castro, as he customises cars for various famous folk.

In it he receives a brief, then gets his team to modify the car within the budget and time frame. To pad out what is some pretty bland stuff he also get a repair job of such tedium it makes the main job seem interesting.

Along with that there is the usual car show bits of the employees talking awkwardly to camera and Will chatting about his clients. By the end the car gets finished, the customer is happy and 45 minutes of your life has gone, never to be seen again.



Junkyard Empire (Velocity)


Junkyard Empire (Velocity) – Starts 22nd April – Renewed

Showing the goings on of a father & son owned scrapyard and car dealership. Rinsing the previously used format of Counting Cars and the like, the show has a bit where they create a custom vehicle for a client, refurbish a damaged car to sell it on for a profit and a mindnumbing section of a secret shopper test on the sales department.

Out of all of it, the only really interesting part of the programme is the custom build.