American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja (USA Network)


American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja (USA Network) – Premieres 1st March

Another American Ninja Warrior spin off that has more than a little in common with Team Ninja Warriors. In this iteration there are 36 teams consisting of 3 former Ninja Warrior contestants, all competing to become the overall champion.

In each episode there are two heats, where the teams progress if the get three victories over their opponents. The heats have an initial three runs where the ninjas go against each other one on one on a special course. If there is no winner after those rounds, then relay events are played out until a winner has been decided. After the two heats the winning teams from each go against each other and the winning team from that progresses in the competition.

For what it is the show is more enjoyable to watch than Team Ninja Warriors even though the format is near identical. That said it’s still not as good as the standard American Ninja Warrior, but it’s a decent enough way to burn 45 minutes.



Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (USA)


Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (USA) – Premieres 27th February

In a format similar to American Crime Story this is a drama that follows the police investigation of the unsolved murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls during two time periods.

During the programme it follows the initial investigation in 1997, where after detectives Poole and Miller find out that a recently killed undercover detective was working for Suge Knight get to work on the Biggie Smalls case. They then discover that the case is linked to the Tupac killing and that there is more of a police involvement than they previously thought.

This timeline interspersed with one in 2006, where detective Greg Kading has been given the job to lead a multi agency task force in the reopened case. There he and his team reinterview the suspects previously talked to in ’97 leading them to believe it was one of three theories what would uncover the killer.

As crime dramas go, this is as good as the original series of American Crime Story. And as a show following the polices side of the murders it’s an interesting bit of TV.


NFL Fanatic (USA Network)


NFL Fanatic (USA Network) – Premieres 1st January

After living in America for a while Darren McCullen has decided that he finally needs to pick an NFL to support. So in each episode he heads off to visit an NFL team where he samples what the club is all about.

After arriving in the teams city, Darren heads off to their training facility where he chats to the players and coaches about what makes the team special. Then he meets up with a player at their home where they talk about how they felt about being drafted by the side, and a chats to other family members about what it’s like for their relative to play for the team.

Darren then finishes up by visiting the tailgate party on game day, and gets shown around the stadium where he ends up watching a game.

The show is an easy enough way to burn through 20 minutes, but it’s not something you go out of you way to watch.


The Cromarties (USA)


The Cromarties (USA) – Premieres 9th November

A reality show that follows former NFL player Antonio Cromartie his wife and their six kids as they go about their daily business. In it the show mainly follows Antonio as he’s given a task to do for the family now that he’s is without a club and his wife is heavily pregnant.

In between him doing some mundane stuff there’s the usual reality show couch interviews where everyone in the family gets to talk about whats going on. Then at the end whatever has been asked to do is done and goes off without a hitch much to their delight. It’s some properly forgettable stuff.


Damnation (USA)


Damnation (USA) – Premieres 7th November – Cancelled

A western set during the depression of the 1930’s, where Seth, the local preacher, has talked the farmers into taking a stand so they can get a fair price for their produce by going on strike.

The strike does enough for out of town businesses to begin hiring strikebreakers to come down and force an ending to the proceedings using any means necessary. Seth tries to get help of the sheriff and newspaper to help highlight and defend the farmers predicament but to no avail.

Along with the strikebreakers arriving in town, one of the Pinkerton agents arrive, who along with using a blunt force approach of ending the strike also turns out to be Seths brother.

For an opening ep it loads a lot of info in a short space of time that can lead to a few bit being confusing, though it does have a nice Deadwood vibe to it all. It’s worth a watch.


According To Chrisley (USA)


According To Chrisley (USA) – Premieres 12th September

Chat show hosted by Todd Chrisley, a man brought to fame by the reality show Chrisley Knows Best, chats to his one guests after going through a few drawn out segments where he offers advice to the audience, pranks one of his family members and chats to them about what has just gone on.

It’s pretty much a low budget version of Kocktails With Khloé, where someone with no apparent skills in presenting, hosts a programme by awkwardly bumbling their way through something that shouldn’t be near.

It is awful.


The Sinner (USA)


The Sinner (USA) – Premieres 2nd August

A mystery thriller centered on Cora, a married mother of one, who during a family trip to the beach performs an unprovoked attack where she stabs and kills a fellow beach goer.

As Cora instantly pleads guilty to what she did, the detective working on the case is perturbed that there’s no motive behind the attack. So as he begins to look into what happened he starts to find that what happened has more links to Coras past than what was originally thought.

The show is a slow burner, but drip feeds enough to keep the story going without ruining the mystery of it all. It’s a decent bit of viewing.