Uncensored (TV One)


Uncensored (TV One) – Premieres 18th February

A 45 minute show where a celebrity is interviewed as they talk about their upbringing, career and the difficulties they encountered along the way.

During the show each segment is started off with a quote taken from the upcoming bit and while the celeb is talking about the subject posed, photos and film clips are run to set the scene. As well as getting the celebs take on things it occasionally has interviews with friends, family and work colleagues to give their take on certain parts of their life.

For what it is, it’s a solid bit of programming that delivers what you expect. Though it would possibly only really be of interest those that know of the person being interviewed.



Two Sides (TV One)


Two Sides (TV One) – Premieres 22nd January – Miniseries

A docu-series that looks into the fatal police encounters between 2014-2015 against members the Black community that sparked the movements such as Black Lives Matter.

In the programme it looks into both sides of the incident where along with interviewing the family members of the deceased, it also talks to members of the police who talk about how initiatives implemented by their higher ups and poor delivery of their training are thought to be the catalyst of what occurred.

During the show it covers the life to the victim, showing the sequence of events that lead the to be where they were at the time, and why the police were interested in them at the time. The after showing the footage of the incident having the police explain their take of the sequence of events.

It’s an interesting bit of TV.


The Manns (TV One)


The Manns (TV One) – Premieres 4th April

Reality gubbins that follows the Mann family, where comedian David Mann, and his singer and actress wife Tamela, get up to regular reality hijinx involving their extended family all while wearing Mann branded clothing.

Even for a scripted reality this pretty blatant in its attempts to get various members businesses and products promoted, all while being a typically tedious bit of scripted reality television.