Nobodies (TV Land)


Nobodies (TV Land) – Premieres 29th March

Comedy about three improv comedians who have become tired of their job writing for a kids cartoon, try to pitch their movie script to film companies while having no idea in how it do it.

As they get meetings with film execs, to keep them interested begin saying that big name comedians have agreed to work on the project leading them to met up with the people they mentioned only to royally balls up any chance to get to work with them.

For an opening ep it’s a decent enough start, where the cameo appearances fit into the setup and jokes instead of doing the current Simpsons-esque technique of getting them in for the sake of having a known name appear.



Throwing Shade (TV Land)


Throwing Shade (TV Land) – Premieres 17th January – Cancelled

Comedy show that focuses on politics and pop culture with a gay and womens rights slant.

Vaguely similar to We Have Issues, mostly to two hosts doing jokes in a studio set up, go through a couple of set piece segments and occasionally throwing in a sketch or two about what they’ve just gone over.

For what it is most of the jokes are either pretty tired or miss the mark completely.


Lopez (TV Land)


Lopez (TV Land) – Starts 30th March – Renewed

In a similar vein to Donny, George Lopez plays a characture version of himself and he goes about usual business but where Snoop Dogg wants him to play a private show for his cleaner, his daughters headmaster wants to fleece him for as much cash as possible and he makes a faux pas with the ex-mayor.

It’s a hell of a lot better than Saint George, and also throws in a couple of mocking references at how bad it was.

It’s an alright way to burn 20 minutes.


Teachers (TV Land)


Teachers (TV Land) – Starts 13th January – Renewed

Comedy about six dysfunctional teachers in an elementary school, using the problems they are going through as subjects to educate the kids in varying degrees of failure.

It has a couple of good moments and for something that doesn’t even hit the 20 minute mark it’s an alright watch.


The Jim Gaffigan Show (TV Land)


The Jim Gaffigan Show (TV Land) – Starts 15th July – Renewed

Comedy inspired by Gaffigans real life, Gaffigan plays himself, a married stand up comedian with five kids living in New York. Unlike the majority of sitcoms it doesn’t relentlessly pound out one liners and has a nice amount of callbacks used in the episode.

Whilst most of the jokes are pretty flat it does have a great use of Macaulay Culkin. If you’ve ever wondered what Louie would be like if it was written by the people behind Modern Family, this wouldn’t be far off.


Impastor (TV Land)


Impastor (TV Land) – Starts 15th July – Renewed

Lex Luthor from Smallville has amassed massive debts to shady criminal elements in his home town, so goes on the run by assuming the identity of a gay pastor in a small town.

Whilst not great it’s an almost passable way to waste 30 minutes. Bonus points for not having an irritating laughter track going off every 5 seconds, though the vast majority of the jokes can be seen a mile off.


Younger (TV Land)


Younger (TV Land) – Starts 31st March – Renewed

A divorced mother of one tries to get back into employment only to rejected because of her age. After being chatted up by a 26 year old in a bar she decides to apply for job claim she’s 20-something. And lo she gets a job, and lo there are comedic setups where she has to keep her real age secret.