Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV)


Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV) – Premieres 5th April

Merging a talk show with a game show, this gets three celebs in who are wanting to plug their latest project and are given a three minute interview and a bonus round each to find out which  of them are the best interviewee.

The celebs are scored by their demeanour and ability to name drop, tell anecdotes and the like, the lowest scorer during the round is eliminated, given a rubbish prize before the two remaining head off to the final round. There they go in a head to head lightning round to give answer comedy answers to question, and the winner gets a silly grand prize.

While it’s better than Adam Corolla And Friends Build Stuff Live, it becomes a grating watch pretty quickly.


Jon Glaser Loves Gear (TruTV)


Jon Glaser Loves Gear (TruTV) – Starts 26th October – Renewed

Mockumentary style comedy where Jon Glaser plays a Councilman Jamm version of himself, where TruTv have given him the green light to create a show where he and his expert friend can trial out the latest technology.

The show is a weird mix of reality and scripted, such as the stores they go to aren’t in on the joke and interact with the character Borat style to the road testing of the equipment which is a straight up mockumentary.

When it hits it stride it delivery some decent comedy. Worth a watch.


10 Things (TruTV)


10 Things (TruTV) – Starts 5th January

A 20 minute list show that offers up 10 things on a particular subject, along with showing clips of the things that the final ten the presenter takes a couple of them on onto the street to test them out on the public.

There’s also a couple of bonus items thrown into the mix making the show 12 things, and none of it is that entertaining.


Those Who Can’t (TruTV)


Those Who Can’t (TruTV) – Starts 11th February – Renewed

The second teacher based comedy of 2016, where three simpletons who hate their jobs spend their time trying to get the students that make they day hell suspended or expelled, as well messing up their classes and trying to avoid any reprimands from the principle.

Unlike Teachers this one comes across way too forced and generally misses the mark.


Almost Genius (TruTV)


Almost Genius (TruTV) – Starts 29th December

Proving that Impractical Jokers was commissioned more through luck than judgement, and answering the question how can you completely fuck up the clip show format, TruTV gives you Almost Genius.

Taking at what could be at best described as below average clips, they then remove any potential humour by green screening themselves on top of it doing rubbish oneliners and generally taking away any focus on the clip.

An unrelenting torrent of badness.