Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits And Monsters (TruTV)


Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits And Monsters (TruTV) – Premieres 11th July

A comedy anthology series that is reminiscent of Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories. In each episode it focuses on a character that ensd up being involved in sequence of events that revolve around a conflict between them and a mythical monster or equally weird counterpart.

Each standalone story satirises a particular thing, and is made to parody a particular genre. All of which gives it a unique feel, and the comedy in it mostly hits the mark, making it a surprisingly enjoyable watch.



Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks (TruTV)


Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks (TruTV) – Premieres 3rd January

Set in what looks like the nightclub used in Lucifer, this is a stand up show that is more than a little similar to the short lived MTV show Acting Out.

In the programme compare Cipha Sounds introduces a selection of comedians, who each get to do one of their jokes in front of the crowd. And while the comedian does their routine it gets acted out as a comedy video.

Like Acting Out, the effort put into making the joke as a video doesn’t add anything to the jokes, and with each comedian only being allowed to do one joke it doesn’t give you any time to get into the flow of the routine.


At Home with Amy Sedaris (TruTV)


At Home with Amy Sedaris (TruTV) – Premieres 24th October – Renewed

A parody of the Martha Stewart daytime cookery and craft shows, where Amy Serdaris presents a themed episode where along explaining the social etiquettes and cooking some dishes with the help from the local people she knows, also creates some Blue Peter-esque crafts for the final meal.

Along with nailing the parody, Amy and her guests all start to let the daytime show veneer slip allowing some black comedy moments to happen. It’s a surprisingly decent watch.


Impractical Jokers: After Party (TruTV)


Impractical Jokers: After Party (TruTV) – Premieres 3rd August

An Impractical Jokers spinoff where the four are joined by Joey Fatone who hosts. In the show they go through the Impractical Jokers episode just aired where they talk through the challenges just seen while throwing in some additional unseen footage.

It’s pretty much an expanded version of the Impractical Insider segment shown at the end of each episode.


I’m Sorry (TruTV)


I’m Sorry (TruTV) – Premieres 12th July – Renewed

Comedy that follows Andrea, a comedy writer who manages to almost constantly get into awkward moments, and while trying to work her way out of them, manages to dig herself deeper.

The shows execution is a bit like Curb Your Enthusiam in how Andrea manages to get herself in these situations by accident. It a decent opening episode that has a enough funny moments in it to keep you watching.


Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV)


Talk Show The Game Show (TruTV) – Premieres 5th April – Renewed

Merging a talk show with a game show, this gets three celebs in who are wanting to plug their latest project and are given a three minute interview and a bonus round each to find out which  of them are the best interviewee.

The celebs are scored by their demeanour and ability to name drop, tell anecdotes and the like, the lowest scorer during the round is eliminated, given a rubbish prize before the two remaining head off to the final round. There they go in a head to head lightning round to give answer comedy answers to question, and the winner gets a silly grand prize.

While it’s better than Adam Corolla And Friends Build Stuff Live, it becomes a grating watch pretty quickly.


Jon Glaser Loves Gear (TruTV)


Jon Glaser Loves Gear (TruTV) – Starts 26th October – Renewed

Mockumentary style comedy where Jon Glaser plays a Councilman Jamm version of himself, where TruTv have given him the green light to create a show where he and his expert friend can trial out the latest technology.

The show is a weird mix of reality and scripted, such as the stores they go to aren’t in on the joke and interact with the character Borat style to the road testing of the equipment which is a straight up mockumentary.

When it hits it stride it delivery some decent comedy. Worth a watch.