Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel)


Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

A 45 minute travel show where host Anthony Melchiorri goes around the world to sample four top end hotels that fit under the episodes theme of the week.

When visiting the establishment, Anthony gives the history of the place and then is taken around the hotel by the manager who shows off the guests can expect the have at their disposable. Then Anthony goes off and tries out some of the amenities and generally has a lovely time, along with him chatting to a few holiday makers to find out what they like about the place.

For a holiday show it goes into a lot more depth than the usual Travel Channel show, as well as it covering the more uniquely constructed hotels. It’s one for those that like looking at the more pricey and aspirational holiday locations.



Top Of The World (Travel Channel)


Top Of The World (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

Travel show that focuses on locations that are either at a high altitude, near the tips of the planet or give an impressive vista.

For each location the programme it shows the region surrounding the area then talks about the history of the place, how it was constructed and any of the extra tourist attractions it has. All of this is teamed up with snippets of holiday makers there saying why they like it.

All together it’s a run-of-the-mill travel programme that uses some tenuous links to the title for the inclusion of some of the locations.


The Legend Of… With Chris Jericho (Travel Channel)


The Legend Of… With Chris Jericho (Travel Channel) – Premieres 17th November

Wrestler and podcast host Chris Jericho hosts a Expedition Unknown-lite show where he heads off to a location of interest of a historical character, then looks into why it’s relevant.

In it Chris meets up with local historians and distant relatives to find out the backstory of the individual he’s looking into. Then heads out into the field with some experts and enthusiastic amateurs to find any evidence of the person being there.

For a 20 minute show it really feels like a condensed version of Expedition Unknown, though with it having a shorter runtime it doesn’t ever feel like it is revealing anything meaningful.


Dad On Board (Travel Channel)


Dad On Board (Travel Channel) – Premieres 8th November

Travel show where youtube celebrity JD Witherspoon and his dad, the comedian John Witherspoon, head off around the US to check out places that have lesser known history and events.

In the show the duo visit a US town, then chat to locals about the history of the place while visiting some of the local landmarks, then head off to an event that the town hosts where they chat to the competitors and have the change to try out what they do.

As a travel show is does exactly what you’d expect.


Finding Beasts (Travel Channel)


Finding Beasts (Travel Channel) – Premieres 1st November

A show where wildlife expert Casey Anderson heads off to remote locations looking for illusive animals that are boarding on mythological status.

In it Casey talks to people who seen the animal and heads off to the places that they were spotted in the chance he can capture them on camera. Along with going to the locations with the witnesses he also sets up trail cameras in those places, as well as locations where he believes they would feed in the hope of spotting them.

The show is a bit like an animal centric version of Destination Truth, but nowhere near as watchable.


Myth or Monster (Travel Channel)


Myth or Monster (Travel Channel) – Premieres 27th October

Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss looks into local legends of strange creatures existing, and investigates how they came to be.

Patrick heads off the town where the sightings originate from, where he interviews locals who have had sighting or know the history of the myth. Along with the interviews Patrick takes any evidence believed to be from the creature to analysis, visits site where the people have witnessed the animal and any of the stories told of sightings get a reenactment shown while it’s being told.

By the end of the ep Rothfuss gives his verdict on wether the creature is a myth or real, while giving a a quick recap on what he’s learned. For a show about mythical creatures it’s a better watch than True Monsters or True Supernatural though that said you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch it and it isn’t a patch on stuff like Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files when they cover the same kind of subject.


Mysterious Islands (Travel Channel)


Mysterious Islands (Travel Channel) – Premieres 11th October

Holiday show where travel journalist Kellee Edwards goes off to remote islands and checking out what they have to offer while being not usually seen as holiday destinations.

In the show Kellee goes to a specific island and then heads off to four locations and samples what they have to offer along with chatting to the locals about the history of the place. As a travel show it pretty much does exactly what you’d expect.