Sand Blasters (Travel Channel)


Sand Blasters (Travel Channel) – Premieres 11th March

A sand sculpting competition where four teams made up of two sand sculptors go against each other to see who can create the best work in 9 hours to win a large trophy.

The competition is split into three rounds. In the first, the teams are given a theme and a massive amount of sand to begin their composition. And after 3 hours the piece that the judges deem to be the worst gets blown up and the team eliminated.

In the second round the remaining teams are given another 3 hours to continue to work on their sculpture. Where along with working on the piece, are challenged to incorporated a smaller sculpture to be paced onto the main creation. Then like in the first round the weakest performers have their work destroyed.

The third and final round gives the two remaining teams three hours to finish their work, and in a twist the two eliminated teams are combined and brought back into the competition. Where they have a chance to create something new to snatch the win. Then when everything is finished the judges detonate the losing sculptures leaving the winning piece standing.

As art competitions go it has far more explosions than any other that has been released recently. And while it’s pretty much people creating elaborate sand castles it a relaxing bit of viewing and an easy way to burn 45 minutes.



Roadside Eats (Travel Channel)


Roadside Eats (Travel Channel) – Premieres 22nd January

The Travel Channels answer to Man’s Greatest Food, this is a list show where each episode is based on a certain criteria and shows the best roadside eateries to visit.

In the show each venue goes through the same set up, starting off with the narrator introducing the meal, showing the owner/chef of the place cooking up a sample and then ending with the customer eating and praising the food.

As food travel shows go it’s a pretty basic affair. Though with it rattling through the different places it does go at a decent pace, but at 45 minutes long it does get a bit tiresome towards the end.


Giant America (Travel Channel)


Giant America (Travel Channel) – Premieres 15th January 

A travel show where comedian Tom Green heads off to a part of the US to check a lesser known tourist attraction which is also ridiculously large.

Before visiting the attraction he goes through the history of the piece, where it’s origins and manufacture are explained. Then he meets up with the person who is in charge of the maintenance of the piece, where he talks about what they have to do to keep everything operational, along with letting Tom help out on working on it.

As well as with the main attraction, Tom visits a few places tenuously linked to it where he partakes in the construction of something that has been scaled up on the giant version or samples something oversized.

For a travel show it’s pretty run-of-the-mill, and does drag along. All of which isn’t helped with virtually everyone that Tom meets stonewalling any attempt to inject some humour into the proceedings.



Untold Secrets (Travel Channel)


Untold Secrets (Travel Channel) – Premieres 21st December

Hosted by historical investigator Adam Mastrelli, this is a programme where he looks into an American icon and reveals some lesser known facts.

As the show highlights key periods of the subject, Adam heads off to place in the US where it occurred. There he chats with historians and visits the sites to show the backstory, along with showing some of the actual artefacts and processes used. After collecting all the info, Adam then reveals how certain aspects are either misinterpreted or are completely different to the perceived facts.

As history programmes go it’s watchable enough as it reveals things you wouldn’t normally know. But it’s not something you’d go out of your way to watch.



Lost Gold (Travel Channel)


Lost Gold (Travel Channel) – Premieres 30th November

A show that follows treasure hunter brothers Josh and Jesse Feldmen. Where after discovering new information about a well known undiscovered stash of treasure, the pair head off to its possible location and learn the backstory of what happened, while using the info gathered to try and find the loot.

The programme goes into more of the historical aspect about how the bounty was firstly taken, then hidden. Then looks into previous treasure hunters theories and attempts at finding the correct location.

Along with showing some archival footage or the history of the piece, the brothers meet up with local experts to learn more and head off to a few possible locations as they try and discover the treasure.

For a treasure hunting show it’s interesting enough, though it’s not really one you’d go out of your way to watch.



Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel)


Extreme Hotels (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

A 45 minute travel show where host Anthony Melchiorri goes around the world to sample four top end hotels that fit under the episodes theme of the week.

When visiting the establishment, Anthony gives the history of the place and then is taken around the hotel by the manager who shows off the guests can expect the have at their disposable. Then Anthony goes off and tries out some of the amenities and generally has a lovely time, along with him chatting to a few holiday makers to find out what they like about the place.

For a holiday show it goes into a lot more depth than the usual Travel Channel show, as well as it covering the more uniquely constructed hotels. It’s one for those that like looking at the more pricey and aspirational holiday locations.



Top Of The World (Travel Channel)


Top Of The World (Travel Channel) – Premieres 19th November

Travel show that focuses on locations that are either at a high altitude, near the tips of the planet or give an impressive vista.

For each location the programme it shows the region surrounding the area then talks about the history of the place, how it was constructed and any of the extra tourist attractions it has. All of this is teamed up with snippets of holiday makers there saying why they like it.

All together it’s a run-of-the-mill travel programme that uses some tenuous links to the title for the inclusion of some of the locations.