Xtreme Underwater (Travel Channel)


Xtreme Underwater (Travel Channel) – Premieres 12th August

A travel programme that show various underwater locations and activities where folks go to on their holidays. For each venue or activity it follows a couple as they either stay at the venue or partake in the water based activity, while a voiceover gives out a load of related information.

It’s a regular travel show that does feature some unique locations, though with it being 45 minutes long it does start becoming a bit of a chore to get through.



Booze Traveler: Best Bars (Travel Channel)


Booze Traveler: Best Bars (Travel Channel) – Premieres 24th April

Alcohol based drinking travel show where host Jack Maxwell heads off a US city and heads off to find the best bars in the area. In each of the bars he visits he chats with the owners and patrons, finding out the history of the venue, why they like the place and sampling the house special drinks.

It’s the booze equivalent of food shows like Man Finds Food, Haylie’s America and the like.


Beachin’ RVs (Travel Channel)


Beachin’ RVs (Travel Channel) – Premieres 5th March

A restoration show that follows a husband and wife team who renovate caravans and RVs that have seen better times.

In it the couple meet up with a new client, check out the RV they are being brought in to do up, then after chatting to the client about what they ideally want in the renovation take the RV back to their shop and start work on it.

After the restoration is complete they then reveal it to the customer, and it cuts to them using it on a holiday while marvelling at the work done.

It’s basically a mix between a car restoration show and home renovation programme, and with it being only 20 minutes long doesn’t have time for it to drag. Though it’s doubtful anyone would want to watch more than one.


Top Secret Waterfalls (Travel Channel)


Top Secret Waterfalls (Travel Channel) – Premieres 29th January – Renewed

Following on from Top Secret Swimming Holes and Top Secret Beaches, this unsurprisingly fires off some lesser known, secluded, and hardly visited waterfalls from around the world.

Like the other shows in the series it goes through 10 waterfalls where they follow a group of people trekking to the location then when getting there, filming them having a lovely time looking at and swimming near the place.

It the wraps everything up by the listing the places shown into a top 10. It’s a carbon copy of the swimming holes and beaches versions, so if you like them you’d like this.


Top Secret Beaches (Travel Channel)


Top Secret Beaches (Travel Channel) – Premieres 15th January – Renewed

Following on from Top Secret Swimming Holes, this has moved on from swimming holes and we’re now getting 45 minutes of ten remote beaches from around the world that are regarded as quite nice to visit.

As it goes through the locations it follows regular folk enjoying the beaches, saying why they like it, along with some infoboxes popping up dishing out information. Then at the end of the ep the voiceover recaps the places shown and places them in a handy top 10 ranking.

If you liked Top Secret Swimming Holes, then this is more of the same.


Caribbean Pirate Gold (Travel Channel)


Caribbean Pirate Gold (Travel Channel) – Premieres 7th January

A scuba diving travel show hosted by the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, Philippe, and his wife Ashlan as they go around the Caribbean investigating stories of possible locations of lost pirate treasure. As they meet up with local treasure hunters and local historians, they find out about lesser known theories and search sites that they head off to, and check out via the medium of scuba diving.

Everything about the show feels a bit rushed, where the backstory of the treasure they’re looking for is barely explained, the diving of the sites is hardly shown and there’s nothing in the way of a conclusion.


Everest Air (Travel Channel)


Everest Air (Travel Channel) – Starts 26th October

Following the air rescue service of Mount Everest and the surround parts of the Himalayas while Josh Gates narrates. Like a cross between Air Pressure and Arctic Rescue it shows how the medical team manage to reach, evacuate and treat the poorly folks stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It’s pretty much the exact same format of any real life medical show, and plays out exactly like you’d expect. One for those that liked Boston EMS but wanted it in a more remote location.