Will (TNT)


Will (TNT) – Premieres 10th July – Cancelled

A piece of historical fiction based on the early career of William Shakespeare, where after leaving Stratford-Upon-Avon heads down to London to try and sell his plays to provide for his young family back home.

After arriving in London Will almost instantly gets pick pocketed meaning a letter intended for his cousin, the wanted priest Robert Southwell, falls into the wrong hands, revealing that he’s a Catholic to a few neferious types that now want him dead for his religious beliefs.

Will then heads off to a theatre company to sell one of his scripts and after impressing the owner gets to oust their previous playwright Baxter. Baxter takes the news of his demotion badly leading to him challenging Will at a ye olde version of an 8 Mile battle rap in an tavern, and he gets comprehensively beaten.

Things go from bad to worse for Baxter, when Wills play Edward III goes down a storm, leading to the folks that are after Shakespeare to turn up at the theatre only for them to be told that Baxter is the man they’re after. This leads to Baxter being offed and Shakespeare continuing to be none the wiser about whats going on.

It’s a pretty shoddy bit of drama.



Claws (TNT)


Claws (TNT) – Premieres 11th June – Renewed

Comedy-drama that follows Desna, the owner of a nail salon, who has managed to get involved with the dixie mafia in laundering money for a neighbouring clinic.

After agreeing to launder the cash from the clinics oxy dealing for a year, Desna discovers that instead of getting the $20k that was promised, the head of the local dixie mafia gives her $3k and the revelation that she and her staff are no where near getting away from being used by them.

Realising the situation Desna decides to get herself further up the chain by taking out the guy that got them involved in the deal, who also happens to be the mafia bosses nephew.

The show has a faint similarity with Breaking Bad where the main character has got involved with some nefarious types in order to get cash together to help their family. But this is played out in a vastly lighter manner. For what it is it’s not too bad a watch.


American Race (TNT)


American Race (TNT) – Premieres 11th May

Docu-series where Charles Barkley goes across the the US to find out how the current race issues are effecting folk in the country. In it Barkley heads of to a city that has recent problems, where he talks to people that were involved in either documenting or participated in events and getting them to explain the causes of the problems, and how they believe they could be resolved.

Along with conversing directly to a select few individuals, Charles attempts to get a dialogue going with the two parties involved with mixed results. For a docu-series it’s similar to United Shades Of America, but with approached from a more serious angle.

It’s a decent bit of viewing.


Good Behaviour (TNT)


Good Behaviour (TNT) – Starts 15th November – Renewed

Drama where Letty Dobesh, a recovering drink and drugs enthusiast and recently released con artist, during a thievery tour of a hotel accidentally witnesses a hit of a mans wife being arranged.

She then decides to run a con on the hitman man to find the details of the contract, when she gets the info and heads off to wifes house to stop the murder. Things don’t go exactly as planned and she leave the wife holding the hitman man at gun point, and she scarpers taking the contract money where she buys a plentiful amount of booze and drugs after not being allowed to see her son.

As Letty is moderately wasted, the hitman turns up revealing that he finished the job and wants his money back, and when he finds out that it’s not all there tells her that she’ll have to be his partner until the debt is paid.

It’s not too bad of an opening episode, though nothing in it shows any real possibility of longevity in the story.


Public Morals (TNT)


Public Morals (TNT) – Starts 25th August – Cancelled

Set in the 60’s where the New York police do less a master class corrupt policing where instead of stopping illegal goings on, get in on the management and running of various nefarious activities.

It follows a cop in the public morals division who has a say in what activities can and can’t happen in the city, and the few of his colleagues who take a varying degree of leniency of things going on.

A pretty standard cop show.


Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (TNT)


Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (TNT) – Starts 31st July

Spin off of Cold Justice where they focus on sex based crimes. The two former Texan prosecutors reopen closed cases to re-examine evidence and interview the victim and suspects in a bid to find out what happened, and to catch the attacker before the statute of limitation passes.

Whilst going through the crime itself, it really highlights some incredibly inept police work from the cops that covered the case originally.


Proof (TNT)


Proof (TNT) – Starts 16th June – Cancelled

A reclusive cancer stricken billionaire offers his fortune to a renowned surgeon and humanitarian to look into whether the afterlife actually exists. The surgeon is obviously more than a little skeptical to the idea, but ropes in the newly employed doctor from Africa to look into the case file with her.

This leads here to visiting a young girl who has drawn the visions she had when she was clinically dead, a typically dubious English psychic and the back story of her deceased son and the time she was dead for a bit.

It’s 45 minutes long and not much happens.