Black Lightning (The CW)


Black Lightning (The CW) – Premieres 16th January

After retiring from the superhero lifestyle and spending the last 9 years focusing on fathering his daughters and his job as principal of the local school, Jefferson Pierce it roped back into becoming Black Lightning again after the local gang, The 100, force his hand.

The show kicks off with Jefferson having to take a detour from traveling to an award ceremony in his honour with his youngest daughter Jennifer, to pick up his eldest daughter Anissa, who is being held in the local police station after she was arrested at a protest.

After getting to the ceremony, Jennifer sneaks of to a nightclub with her friend where she hooks up with a fella. She then finds out that he is a low level dealer for the 100 associate LaLa, and he owes him a fair amount of cash. When Jefferson finds out about this he gets to the club and unleashes some lightning based fury to rescue her.

The next day the lad that tried to hook up with Jennifer rocks up to the school and pulls a gun, breaking the agreement the gangs had to keep the school off limits. This leads Jefferson to confront LaLa to keep his men in line, though the message doesn’t go through clearly and the lad kidnaps both Anissa and Jennifer.

After meeting with his old associate Gambi, he finds out that he has updated the Black Lightning outfit, and Jefferson dons it to free his daughters from their captive. While Jefferson is adamant that that is the last time he will use his powers, the news of Black Lightning returning gets back to the leader of the 100, who was under the impression that he killed him nine years ago, and is intent to make sure that he won’t been a threat to him in the future.

For a DC show the set up isn’t a baddy of the week deal, but more in line with the structure of the Netflix Marvel shows like Luke Cage. It’s a solid opening episode.



Dynasty (The CW)


Dynasty (The CW) – Premieres 11th October

Reboot of the 80’s soap that follows Fallon Carrington, the daughter to oil tycoon Blake Carrington. After returning from a business trip Fallon discovers that her father is in a relationship with one of his employees  Cristal, and they reveal they are getting married.

Fallon unhappy with the news passes on photos of his bride to be with her former boyfriend. This ends up with Blake moving the wedding forward, and promotes Cristal to the role Fallon was after.

To get her own back, Fallon starts a company with the Colbys to poach business from her father. Meanwhile her brother gets into a relationship with Cristals nephew and Cristals ex-boyfriend Matthew is killed working on a job for Blake leading Matthews wife to accuse Blake of murdering him.

It’s an unrelentingly silly drama that goes along at a break neck speed, but is a mind numbing watch.


Valor (The CW)


Valor (The CW) – Premieres 9th October – Cancelled

Military drama that follows a unit of helicopter pilots after a botched mission that lead to their chopper being shot down, and a member of their team going missing where they don’t know if he is dead or alive.

Months after the event, the two pilots have agreed to a story that covers up the real details of the mission that involved a Black Ops unit getting a US captive from a safe house. Though when the military receive info that the presumed dead team member is being held hostage they begin digging into the mission, finding out that the captive was also listed as deceased leading them to look into why this was all hushed up.

As military stuff goes it’s all pretty lightweight and doesn’t really do that much to keep you watching.


Riverdale (The CW)


Riverdale (The CW) – Premieres 26th January – Renewed

Teen drama that is a modern take on the characters of the Archie comics. It starts off with the twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom taking an early morning boating session on the river, which ends up taking a turn for the worse where Jason ends up dead in mysterious circumstances.

As the news of Jason death hits the school the new student in town, Veronica is helpfully used to explain all the other characters as she is taken around the school by Betty, who happens to have unrequited crush on Archie.

By the end of the ep it’s revealed that Jason happened to be murdered leaving a the killer at large, Archie has been sleeping with his music teacher, and whoever wrote this liked Twin Peaks.

It a pretty mundane mystery drama.


Frequency (The CW)


Frequency (The CW) – Starts 5th October – Cancelled

Remake of the 90’s film of the same name, where after the discovery of the body of a notorious serial killer, a female detective finds that her dead dads old ham radio, after being stuck by lightning, can communicate with him 30 years on the past.

After discovering who they are talking to, they manage to stop the murder of the dad that lead to him being labelled as a dirty cop, only realise that the chain events on saving his life would result in the mother being killed by the serial killer.

For a CW remake this is a lot better than their Cordon reworking Containment, and is an enjoyable enough watch.


No Tomorrow (The CW)


No Tomorrow (The CW) – Starts 4th October – Cancelled

Romantic comedy about a woman who while having doubts with her relationship meet the man of her dreams at a farmers market only to wonder if she’ll ever see him again.

After the post office wrongly delivers a package to her address, she decides to drop it off to the right address hoping it’s for the fella she saw. Which it is. She then finds out that the bloke is an astrologist who is convinced that an asteroid will hit the Earth in 8 months and 12 days time, so has jacked in his job and begun a bucket list of things to do before the world carks it.

This all leads up to her ending her relationship with the worlds quietest man to join the other feller in creating a list of things to and ticking them off like a pre-apoclyptic My Name Is Earl.

In comparison to other CW romantic comedies it’s better than Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane The Virgin.


My Last Days (The CW)


My Last Days (The CW) – Starts 19th August  – Renewed

A programme that documents two young adults per episode that are dealing with life threatening conditions and how they choose to try not let it effect their enjoyment of life.

Each segment is introduced but a guy who looks like his auditioning for a Lifetime movie in a soft focus room, as he talks by the photos of the documentaries subjects hanging on a wall like a niche stalker.

Though when it gets into the meeting and following the people around, they explain their condition and how its affected themselves and their families. Along with showing what they do to keep their spirits up, their family explain how they adapted to keep everything as normal as possible.

The host also chips in by setting up a surprise trip for the folks by arranging an activity that’s inline with their interests, that also get the teary emotional payoff he’s been filming for. But apart for the blatant heartstring tugging moment, it interesting seeing how their optimism and enjoyment for life never wanes.