Drop The Mic (TBS)


Drop The Mic (TBS) – Premieres 26th October

Like how Lip Sync Battle was formerly a Jimmy Fallon segment and Repeat After Me was a bit on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drop The Mic is a show spawned from a segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In it, two celebs go toe-to-toe for three rounds of battle rapping where after their rap is battled the hosts that include Method Man get the crowed to cheer on who they want to win.

The show has a similar vibe to Lip Sync Battle with it being a showcase of celebs dicking about, though it after seeing one episode you’ve pretty much had your fill of it.



Snoop Dogg Presents: The Jokers Wild (TBS)


Snoop Dogg Presents: The Jokers Wild (TBS) – Premieres 24th October

A reboot of the 70’s gameshow Jokers Wild and hosted by Snoop Dogg, two regular folks go up against each other to try and win up to $25k.

The show is split into three rounds, the first has the contestants one arm banditing an oversized electronic fruit machine to select the question topics, all of which are predominantly weed and rap centric, and the value of the question decided on the amount of time the chosen topic appears on the fruity.

The second round is a double money round of the first, and at the end the loser leaves with a goody bag, and the winner gets the cash they accumulated along with the chance to go through the bonus round.

In the bonus round the contestant is given unlimited spins on the slot machine to try and accumulate the $10k limit which will win them $25k. Between each spin they are given the option to cash in or continue, but if they get a devil image on their spin they leave the show with nothing.

While it’s weird to see Snoop Dogg hosting a gameshow, it’s a decent enough watch if there’s nowt else on.


The Guest Book (TBS)


The Guest Book (TBS) – Premieres 3rd August – Renewed

A comedy anthology series that’s set within the Froggy Cottage holiday retreat. Each episode is narrated on the guest book entry that the guest is writing, where after an innocuous series of events it snowballs into a comedy of errors. Then when everything is resolved and the guests leave the next arrive giving a brief look into what will be happening with them.

The show is an easy going watch, where the comedy is similar to that of The Detour.


Search Party (TBS)


Search Party (TBS) – Starts 21st November – Renewed

Comedy where after seeing a missing persons poster of a former college friend, Dory a 20something in an dead end job and tiring of her relationship with her infantile boyfriend decides to try to find her.

While looking into disappearance Dory finds out that her friend vanished in mysterious circumstances, though her boyfriend and two equally self absorbed friends give little thrift to it. Then in a chance occurrence Dory spots the missing friend in a restaurant only for her scarper after realising she’s been seen.

It’s a but like watching Girls if they were asked to find a missing person.


Wrecked (TBS)


Wrecked (TBS) – Starts 14th June – Renewed

Lost style parody where the passengers on a flight crash land on a desert island and have to survive while trying to find a way to escape. As well has having Rhys Darby doing his Murray Hewitt stuff again, the show has a vibe of a cross between Lost and Workaholics.

It’s an ok enough starts and just about does enough to warrant another watch.


The Detour (TBS)


The Detour (TBS) – Starts 11th April – Renewed

Comedy about a family going on a cross country trip to get to their holiday destination, where everything that could go wrong does. All while the dad is hiding the reason to why they are doing the low budget version of travelling to their destination.

Similar to National Lampoon’s Vacation.


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS)


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS) – Starts 8th February – Renewed

Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee fronts her own weekly topical comedy show in the same vein as Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show.

The opening ep isn’t that bad but it did suffer from covering the same subjects that the Daily Show mocked the previous week so there was a sense of repetition which pissed on a few of the jokes, unlike the Last Week which seem to go out of it was to try and avoid overlapping subjects from TDS.

It’s a bit of an average start but has potential.