Face Off: Game Face (SyFy)


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy) – Premieres 22nd August

A competition where four special effect make up artists, who have previously appeared on Face Off, go up against each other to win $10k.

The four are whittled down through three rounds, the first where they are given a prosthetic body part which is incorporated into a character they have to create within 90 minutes. At the end of the round the three judges decide who performed the worst and boot them out the competition, leading to…

Round 2, where the remaining three are given 2 hours, a genre and a location where they have to create a character to reside in it. After everyone has been appropriately judged, the final two go head-to-head where they have to create tv show inspired character incorporating some of the parts supplied within 2 hours. Then at the end, the winner gets the $10k.

The competition is pretty much the make up artist equivalent of Cosplay Melee.



Blood Drive (Syfy)


Blood Drive (Syfy) – Premieres 14th June – Cancelled

B-Movie Grindhouse style goodness set in the post apocalyptic hellscape future of 1999 where to the masses, oil costs $2000 a barrel and food and water are rationed. But a select few are given the chance to escape their predicament by entering a road race where the winner gets $10mil.

The show follows a cop called Arthur, who unlike his colleagues would rather try and find out why a mysterious group of individuals are harvesting blood from the homeless, rather than kicking the crap out of them for trying to get extra water.

After managing to rope his partner into checking out the location given to them, Arthur discovers that it’s the hosting spot for a race where the competitors are tagged with a bomb that activates if they try to flee or come last in a race stage, and that the cars they are driving run on human blood.

He’s then discovered and given the option of either being fed to a car or to team up with Grace, a woman only racing to get the money to get her and her sister a better life. Choosing to race Arthur discover the background of the race organiser Slink, and vows to Grace to help her win so she gets the money and he can arrest Slink.

To top it off, Arthurs partner after escaping the initial discovery of the race, then ends up being duped to the point he has cyborgs wanting to harvest his blood.

The show plays off of the b-movie vibe it creates allowing it to be utterly ridiculous in places, having blood splatter last seen in Ash vs. Evil Dead, and perfecting the use of censorship blocks. It’s a programme that is definitely one for those that enjoyed the Planet Terror or Machete grindhouse films. 

It’s a good entertaining piece of trashy silliness.


Cosplay Melee (Syfy)


Cosplay Melee (Syfy) – Premieres 21st March

A reality competition that pits four cosplayers against each other to create a character and outfit within two rounds, where the winner will walk away with a $10k cash prize.

The competition starts off with the four cosplayers challenged to create a head piece that fits within the episode specific genre. After 8 hours, the four present their head dress in front of the judges, and the worst performer is eliminated.

In round two the remaining three are given 2 days to create the rest of their outfit where after they finish making their garb, do a runway presentation in front of the judges. Then the judge favourite is vote the winner and there is much rejoicing.

The show is more or less a mix of the Forged In Fire episodic competition mixed with the design elements of Window Warriors or Trashformers.


Incorporated (SyFy)


Incorporated (SyFy) – Starts 30th November – Cancelled

Set in 2074 with a similar dystopian outlook as the film Tekken, where after many countries have gone bankrupt, corporations have de facto governments where the walled areas are called Green Zones and the slums outside them are called Red Zones.

The show follows Ben Larson a manager in the largest of the corporations who is a double agent, placed within the company by Terrence one of the main power wielders of the Red Zone.

One of the objects for Ben is to find and locate Iliana who is the sister of a recently recruited thief in Terrences organisation, though to confirm Ilianas location Ben will have to go further up within the organisation by sabotaging bigger bosses and leaving him more open to being detected.

The whole of the first ep is a rather jumbled affair due to the amount of backstory having to be set up, and anything the forwards the plot doesn’t really have any tension to it. It’s distinctly average.


Channel Zero (Syfy)


Channel Zero: Candle Cove (Syfy) – Starts 11th October – Renewed

After having a few lucid nightmares, a Child Psychologist returns to his home town for the first time since he left after the death of his brother. When meeting up with a few friends he finds that one of their daughters has been watching a kids show called Candle Cove that aired during the final few weeks before his brothers death.

He then starts piecing together that the show influenced the kids that watched it to murder folk, and that it’s return is effecting the children again.

It’s a horror show that is a bit like a cross between American Horror Story and IT, and the first ep has a good solid slow build to it, along with not having relying of the usual lazy horror style placing an audio shock at the point of anything scary, and just letting keep the slow burn going.

Surprisingly entertaining.


Aftermath (SyFy)


Aftermath (Syfy) – Starts 27th September – Cancelled

An utterly shambolic non stop post apocalyptical drama that starts off with large solar flares that have affected the Earths electricity supply, and has caused some rather aggressive meteorological events.

After surviving a tornado so strong that it only dislodged a couple of roof tiles, yet emptied a rivers worth of fish onto their front lawn. A family begin to hear rumours that the population of a neighbouring town have come down with a virus, and stories were going about of some violent goings on occurring.

This is confirmed after a neighbours son turns up at their door, and after eating as much food as he can, begins to attack the son and mother. After a bit of a struggle they manage shoot him dead and witness a ghostly apparition leaving his body. Unperturbed by this sight, the mother heads off into town to find out what’s going on only to discover nothing but a couple of angry folk imprisoned in the local police station.

Upon the mother return, she gets attacked again as soon as she gets out her car, and after a struggle scares off the attacker by shooting him in the shoulder. With thing going south the father, a religion and mythology professor, believes that ancient spirits have been released by recent earthquakes and they have inhabited the bodies of the town folk.

The next day one of the twin daughters gets taken by a possessed local, who now have managed the gained the ability to fly/jump ridiculously high and far. So the family pack up their RV and head off in no particular direction to get their daughter back. The abducted daughter manages to escape the from the possessed due to the possessed committing harikari by spearing himself on a tree for no apparent reason. After a quick call to her folks they decide to meet up at a military safe zone, leading the daughter and family to have a Walking Dead on speed roadtrip.

This all ends up with the daughter in the safe zone for it only to be hit by an asteroid. Which she survives from by hiding under a bus.

It’s like the trashiest b-movie disaster film of all time converted into a tv series. The while opening ep is relentless, the writers have just seemed to have thrown in everything they thought of into the story without caring if it makes any sense.

It is the definition of a “so shit it’s good” programme.


Van Helsing (Syfy)


Van Helsing (Syfy) – Starts 23rd September – Renewed

Set in 2019, three years after vampires have descended upon Earth causing all manner of unpleasantness to happen, a medical outpost is attacked where the vampires are trying to kill a woman who has been in a coma during the three years.

During the attack the woman awakes to show off her skills in improvised stabbing and not turning after being bit. In fact she’s so good at the whole not becoming a vampire game, that her blood converts any vampire that ingests her blood to revert back to their old human form.

In the ep it covers the build up to the attack where a group of survivors are let into the outpost by the last remaining soldier who has been looking after the building and recently vampire-afied doctor. All of which leads up to a whodunnit with the break-in of the building.

It a more than decent start, as it comes across as one of the better made SyFy shows along it having a look of a mix between Dominion and the game Dying Light.

It some watchable enjoyable sci-fi.