Krypton (SyFy)


Krypton (SyFy) – Premieres 21st March – Renewed

Set about 200 years before the birth of Superman and the destruction of Krypton, this follows the grandfather of Superman, Seg-El. Who as a child witnesses his own grandfather sentenced to death for not bowing down to the new religious leader, The Voice. And finds that his family have been ostracised, leading them to live in the slums and with no chance of redeeming their name.

Moving on a few years, Seg-El is now a twenty-something who makes his money mainly from hustling the patrons of his friends bar. After having an altercation with some of The Voices security forces, Seg encounters Adam Strange, a time traveller from Earth, who tells him that because of his Grandson someone from the future has been sent to destroy Krypton, and hands him a crystal to the Fortress of Solitude.

After almost being arrested while carrying the crystal, Seg is saved by his mother in a stolen vehicle, who reveals that his parents know where the fortress is. She then takes Seg there, where she reveals that his grandfather discovered evidence of an alien presence that is capable of destroying planets, and was possibly heading to Krypton.

When security forces catch his mother for the theft of the vehicle and try to find out who was also with her, she refuses and is arrested. During her trial she continues to refuse to reveal who was with her, and announcing that the theories Segs grandfather had was correct. This leads to Segs father to claim it was him in the vehicle before he could do so, ending with both his parents being killed in front of him.

Returning to the fortress Seg is met again by Adam Strange who shows him Supermans cape, which is deteriorating in a Back To The Future manner, and tells him that when the cape is gone their time is up. Strange then tells Seg about Braniac, and how it will wipe out everything it encounters that he is the only hope of stopping it.

While the show goes along at a decent pace, the way it’s written is reminiscent of DaVinci’s Demons. Which is sort of off putting when it’s all set on a futuristic planet. That said, there are worse ways to burn 45 minutes.



Happy! (SyFy)


Happy! (SyFy) – Premieres 6th December – Renewed

Based on the graphic novel of the same name this follows former detective Nick Sax, who after leaving the force has become a hitman with multiple health issues and love of booze and drugs.

As Nick works on a hit of the offspring of a mafia don, he ends up hospitalised after finding out the password for some information that the whole criminal underworld would want. During that time a girl is kidnapped by a dubious chap in Santa outfit. So the girl sends her imaginary friend, a blue winged unicorn called Happy, off to find help.

After waking in the hospital, Happy begins to try and convince Nick that he’s not a hallucination and he has to help in finding the kid. All the while Nick is fighting off a torrent of ne’er do wells that are out to kill him.

The show is like the bastard offspring of Crank and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, all mixed with the over the top violence of Blood Drive. It’s all completely ridiculous and very watchable.


Superstition (SyFy)


Superstition (SyFy) – Premieres 20th October – Cancelled

A classically shoddy bit of SyFy programming, where after returning home on leave from the army, 16 years after his younger brother death, Calvin looks to help the family business of funeral directing and fighting the paranormal.

With the emergence of some unexplained deaths only linked to a coin, Calvin and his father go on the hunt for who is behind it all. This leads them to a showdown with the supernatural villain behind it all, who during a fight with the dad manages to trick Calvin into murdering his father.

Even for a budget Syfy programme this is a ropey affair, it takes an age to get going and when it does is a slog to get through. It’s not good.


Ghost Wars (SyFy)


Ghost Wars (SyFy) – Premieres 5th October – Cancelled

Supernatural goings on where medium Roman Mercer has finally grown tired of being persecuted in his home town of Port Moore, Alaska, and has decided to up sticks and move.

As he sets off on his coach trip there is an earthquake that pushes the coach onto cliff edge where he just manages to escape just before it toppled over. After giving his statement to the local police he’s informed that the one bridge leads to the main land is out of action, meaning he has to return to Port Moore.

After more unusual stuff starts happening in town, Roman reveals that it’s ghosts causing the upturn of explainable stuff and is widely ignored. After the sheriff is killed in a supernatural manner, Roman stops a ghost attack at the wake where afterwards he and the local priest decide to leave town to get help after being told the bridge is good to use again.

As they approached the bridge Roman notices just in time that the bridge is an apparition created by the ghosts and the town is still cut off from the outside world meaning they have to find their own way to resolve the ghost problem.

For a SyFy show it has the usual low budget style special effects but that doesn’t take away from what is a surprisingly watchable programme.


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy)


Face Off: Game Face (SyFy) – Premieres 22nd August

A competition where four special effect make up artists, who have previously appeared on Face Off, go up against each other to win $10k.

The four are whittled down through three rounds, the first where they are given a prosthetic body part which is incorporated into a character they have to create within 90 minutes. At the end of the round the three judges decide who performed the worst and boot them out the competition, leading to…

Round 2, where the remaining three are given 2 hours, a genre and a location where they have to create a character to reside in it. After everyone has been appropriately judged, the final two go head-to-head where they have to create tv show inspired character incorporating some of the parts supplied within 2 hours. Then at the end, the winner gets the $10k.

The competition is pretty much the make up artist equivalent of Cosplay Melee.


Blood Drive (Syfy)


Blood Drive (Syfy) – Premieres 14th June – Cancelled

B-Movie Grindhouse style goodness set in the post apocalyptic hellscape future of 1999 where to the masses, oil costs $2000 a barrel and food and water are rationed. But a select few are given the chance to escape their predicament by entering a road race where the winner gets $10mil.

The show follows a cop called Arthur, who unlike his colleagues would rather try and find out why a mysterious group of individuals are harvesting blood from the homeless, rather than kicking the crap out of them for trying to get extra water.

After managing to rope his partner into checking out the location given to them, Arthur discovers that it’s the hosting spot for a race where the competitors are tagged with a bomb that activates if they try to flee or come last in a race stage, and that the cars they are driving run on human blood.

He’s then discovered and given the option of either being fed to a car or to team up with Grace, a woman only racing to get the money to get her and her sister a better life. Choosing to race Arthur discover the background of the race organiser Slink, and vows to Grace to help her win so she gets the money and he can arrest Slink.

To top it off, Arthurs partner after escaping the initial discovery of the race, then ends up being duped to the point he has cyborgs wanting to harvest his blood.

The show plays off of the b-movie vibe it creates allowing it to be utterly ridiculous in places, having blood splatter last seen in Ash vs. Evil Dead, and perfecting the use of censorship blocks. It’s a programme that is definitely one for those that enjoyed the Planet Terror or Machete grindhouse films. 

It’s a good entertaining piece of trashy silliness.


Cosplay Melee (Syfy)


Cosplay Melee (Syfy) – Premieres 21st March

A reality competition that pits four cosplayers against each other to create a character and outfit within two rounds, where the winner will walk away with a $10k cash prize.

The competition starts off with the four cosplayers challenged to create a head piece that fits within the episode specific genre. After 8 hours, the four present their head dress in front of the judges, and the worst performer is eliminated.

In round two the remaining three are given 2 days to create the rest of their outfit where after they finish making their garb, do a runway presentation in front of the judges. Then the judge favourite is vote the winner and there is much rejoicing.

The show is more or less a mix of the Forged In Fire episodic competition mixed with the design elements of Window Warriors or Trashformers.