Counterpart (Starz)


Counterpart (Starz) – Premieres 21st January – Renewed

A sci-fi thriller where after working in a lowly role for a UN agency for 29 years, Howard Silk is called into a clandestine meeting when a defector from the other side requests him to attend.

Howard then discovers the defector an alternate version of himself, and the other side they have been gathering information on is a parallel dimension. in the meeting the defector Howard reveals that an agent has been sent over to with a kill list, and he needs to assume the other Howards identity as cover to stop them.

For a plot that could have been confusing to follow, it’s easy to get to grips with, while never getting in the way of the story. For an opening episode it’s probably the best one since Mr Robot.



The White Princess (Starz)


The White Princess (Starz) – Premieres 16th April – Cancelled

Tudor era historical fiction, where days after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor is set to marry Elizabeth of York in a bid to join the houses of Lancaster and York.

With neither of the two wanting to marry, Elizabeth finds out that Henry will only go through with the wedding after he finds out that Elizabeth is pregnant. After conceiving Elizabeth that the fact she is pregnant allows her to influence the new king, where she then works with the former queen to try and bring down the Tudors.

For a piece of period drama, its not the most enthralling piece of television.


The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)


The Girlfriend Experience (Starz) – Starts 10th April – Renewed

Drama where law student and company intern Christine begins to enter the life of a high end call girl after being introduced to the lifestyle by her friend, whose client has moved her into of of his homes and lavishes her with expensive gifts in return for her to act like his girlfriend.

It’s is an incredibly slow going show, to the point you start to lose concentration since nothing is happening. And it keeps it up for the whole 30 minutes.


Flesh And Bone (Starz)


Flesh And Bone (Starz) – Starts 8th November – Miniseries

A young woman does a runner from home to tryout for a ballet company in New York. After successfully getting in on the first attempt she made to perform in front of everyone during the first practise, where the bigwigs are impressed to the point where she’s made the lead dancer for a new bespoke ballet.

Outside the ballet-ing other members of the troupe are either snorting an olympic amount of the cocaines, working in a strip club or having sex.

It’s a sort of dance version of the film Whiplash.


Blunt Talk (Starz)


Blunt Talk (Starz) – Starts 22nd August – Renewed

An ex-Royal Marine who fought in the Falklands war is now a talk show host in the US who is on the wane. He is caught by police after he picks up a transexual prostitute whilst drunk, and instead of being arrested quietly, attacks the policemen and is filmed by local news.

Helped by his butler, a former army colleague and drug aficionado, and the staff of his show they attempt to limit the damage by doing a special one off programme to clear his name.