Wrong Man (Starz)


Wrong Man (Starz) – Premieres 3rd June

A docu-series from John Berlinger, the man behind documentaries Paradise Lost, Gone: The Forgotten Women Of Ohio and Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders. This is a programme that’s more in the mould of Paradise Lost, where a team of detectives, researchers and legal bods work on a case where an inmate is believed to be wrongfully imprisoned.

After finding out about the case they are about to work on, the show goes over the case that let to the person being found guilty of murder, and the sequence of events that led up to it. From the the team then begin interviewing family, witnesses and member of law enforcement about the case. As well as going over the evidence and theories used in the trial to see if there are any discrepancies, or things missed that could effect the case.

With the show following investigators trying to prove the innocence of the imprisoned, the programme share a few similarities to Unlocking The Truth, Though with the case they are looking into going over more than one episode, the slow reveals of new information to help the case makes it a decent enough watch.



Sweetbitter (Starz)


Sweetbitter (Starz) – Premieres 6th May – Renewed

Centred on Tess a 22 year old who, with no plan, has recently moved to New York where she gets a trial job as a waitress at a renowned fine dining restaurant.

In the drama it follows her as she learns the ropes and finds out that the staff treat the place as an extended family. Where she has to prove her worth to gain their trust and to get the role permanently.

As Tess learns her job on the fly, she meets the rest of the staff that includes Simone, who heads the wait staff and takes Tess under her wing imparting nuggets of wisdom, the offish kitchen staff and the rest of the wait team that keep Tess at arms length.

For an opening episode not much really happens apart from generating a pretentious atmosphere. Added with the fact that virtually all the characters come across uninteresting and unlikeable, it makes the whole thing a slog to sit through.


Vida (Starz)


Vida (Starz) – Premieres 6th May

A drama that’s centred on Emma and Lyn, two Mexican-American sisters who have drifted apart and are brought back to their old family home after their mothers death.

When they get back for the funeral the sisters discover that they have been left the bar their mother owned which they now have a joint share in it along with their mothers roommate Eddy. Who they soon discover was her lesbian partner that she never told them about.

As they come to terms with finding out about their mums secret life, Emma puts forward the plan to sell the bar so she can get back to her life in Chicago. But when they pair reveal their plan Eddy refuses leaving them at an impasse.

As dramas go this one plods along at very slow pace, and never really seems to get going within the first episode. Though while there are worse things you could spend your time watching, due to the pacing this is something where you’d have to be in a specific mood to sit down watch. 


Counterpart (Starz)


Counterpart (Starz) – Premieres 21st January – Renewed

A sci-fi thriller where after working in a lowly role for a UN agency for 29 years, Howard Silk is called into a clandestine meeting when a defector from the other side requests him to attend.

Howard then discovers the defector an alternate version of himself, and the other side they have been gathering information on is a parallel dimension. in the meeting the defector Howard reveals that an agent has been sent over to with a kill list, and he needs to assume the other Howards identity as cover to stop them.

For a plot that could have been confusing to follow, it’s easy to get to grips with, while never getting in the way of the story. For an opening episode it’s probably the best one since Mr Robot.


The White Princess (Starz)


The White Princess (Starz) – Premieres 16th April – Cancelled

Tudor era historical fiction, where days after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor is set to marry Elizabeth of York in a bid to join the houses of Lancaster and York.

With neither of the two wanting to marry, Elizabeth finds out that Henry will only go through with the wedding after he finds out that Elizabeth is pregnant. After conceiving Elizabeth that the fact she is pregnant allows her to influence the new king, where she then works with the former queen to try and bring down the Tudors.

For a piece of period drama, its not the most enthralling piece of television.


The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)


The Girlfriend Experience (Starz) – Starts 10th April – Renewed

Drama where law student and company intern Christine begins to enter the life of a high end call girl after being introduced to the lifestyle by her friend, whose client has moved her into of of his homes and lavishes her with expensive gifts in return for her to act like his girlfriend.

It’s is an incredibly slow going show, to the point you start to lose concentration since nothing is happening. And it keeps it up for the whole 30 minutes.


Flesh And Bone (Starz)


Flesh And Bone (Starz) – Starts 8th November – Miniseries

A young woman does a runner from home to tryout for a ballet company in New York. After successfully getting in on the first attempt she made to perform in front of everyone during the first practise, where the bigwigs are impressed to the point where she’s made the lead dancer for a new bespoke ballet.

Outside the ballet-ing other members of the troupe are either snorting an olympic amount of the cocaines, working in a strip club or having sex.

It’s a sort of dance version of the film Whiplash.