Ink Master Angels (Spike)


Ink Master Angels (Spike) – Premieres 3rd October 

A spin off of tattoo competition Ink Master, this is hosted by four of the best female competitors from the 8th series. In it the four head off to a US town where they put three local tattooists through three rounds with the offer to appear on the 10th series of Ink Master as the prize.

The first round has the three tattooists being given 2 hours to create a tattoo of their own choosing, and at the end of the time limit the person judged to have performed the worst is eliminated and the best performer is given the advantage to choose what style of tattoo has to be created in the second round.

The second round has the remaining two tattooists given four hours to create an original piece in the style selected by the round one winner, placed wherever they want on their subject. Then at the end of the round the loser is eliminated and the winner heads off to the final round.

The end round consists of the remaining tattooist going against the host of their choosing where they both are given a model whose story they have to interpret in the style of their piece, all while in front of a live audience. The winning piece is decided by the non competing hosts being give one vote, the two losing competitors being given a one vote and the crowd getting the final deciding vote. Then if the challenger beats the host they are against they get to win their entry to Ink Master, but get nothing if they lose.

As competitions go it has a decent level of challenge to it which makes it more watchable than other reality competitions, and if you like watching the process of tattooing it checks all the boxes.



The Mist (Spike)


The Mist (Spike) – Premieres 22nd June – Cancelled

TV series of the Stephen King book/film, where a soldier suffering from amnesia wakes in a forest to discover that the approaching mist leads to people getting killed if they enter it. As the soldier flees to the nearest town to inform the locals, they treat him to the confines of a police cell believing he’s mad.

While this is going on it switches focus to the Copeland family where the mother Eve has just been sacked from her teaching job, and her reporter husband Kevin is going against her wishes in allowing their daughter to head off to a party hosted by the school quarterback Jay.

This ends up with the daughter Alex going down to the party with her friend Adrian, where after having a few drinks gets drugged and raped. After informing the police chief that his son sexually assaulted their daughter, the town believe the rumours that it never happened and take great joy in calling Alex a slut in public.

As this is occuring the mist begins to cover the town leaving Eve and Alex stranded in a shopping mall where Jay is also at, along with some undercover military personnel that appear to know what the mist is. And Kevin after breaking out the prisoners in the police station is holed up in the local church with the police chief and a couple of locals.

The show itself impressively boring to watch, while everything about it seems poorly made from the writing to acting, and the pacing is almost non-existent. It’s not good, to the point it makes Under The Dome look well made.


Adam Carolla And Friends Build Stuff Live (Spike)


Adam Carolla And Friends Build Stuff Live (Spike) – Premieres 14th March

An programme that goes alongside Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party in the weird talk show stakes. Comedian and former carpenter Adam Corolla along with a team of helpers gets his guest to build a project from scratch within the time of the shows duration.

Along with the construction and occasional chat drowned out by the sound of power tools, Adam has a live link up to some regular folk wanting help with some DIY where gives vague advice during the show.

The thing as a whole doesn’t work together and is possibly the perfect evidence as to why chat shows aren’t filmed on building sites.


TIME: The Kalief Browder Story (Spike)


TIME: The Kalief Browder Story (Spike) – Premieres 1st March

Documentary about Kailef Browder who at 16 years old was placed into Rikers Island prison even though he wasn’t convicted of a crime.  It uses the real footage of the police interrogation, incidents in Rikers and the audio of the deposition held to get a wrongful imprisonment verdict.

Along with the footage is has interviews Kalief, his family, people who worked on the case and Jay Z to go over what happened, and how after leaving prison three years later had effected him.

The documentary has some parallels with Making A Murderer, especially when the authorities actions, are looked into and the full extent at the injustices are shown.

Well worth a watch.


Caraoke Showdown (Spike)


Caraoke Showdown (Spike) – Premieres 12th January

Craig Robinson hosts a karaoke competition where he picks up his contestants in a van where his producer is hiding in the back, then puts them through three rounds of song murdering while he drives them to their destination.

The game is broken down to two rounds, the first is entirely cab based where two teams in separate journeys go through three identical challenges , where each time they get something right they get a cash prize. After the challenges have been done, the team with highest cash total moves on to the final, the loser is given the cash they won, the Robinson goes through the process again to find the finalist.

The final round has the two winners go up against each other in person at a venue where the crowd are unaware of the horror ahead. The team that won the most cash in the previous round gets the first pick of the two songs on offer, then both teams take their turn in musically assorting the crowd. The crowd then picks the winner and the winner gets an additional $5k.

It’s about as enjoyable as watching a bad karaoke contest with people you don’t know can be.


That Awkward Game Show (Spike)


That Awkward Game Show (Spike) – Starts 12th October – Cancelled

Three teams made up of a parent and their adult offspring pairing, go through a couple of rounds of quite personal Mr and Mrs style questioning in the bid to win as much cash as they can. And the duo with the most cash qualifies for the final round to win up to an additional $10k.

With revelations of finding out of of the parents had a special sex room, it’s more a chance to see folk contemplate imminent counselling. Even more so during the end where it shows the families in individual rooms talking about what they’ve just learned.

It’s like a throwback to the Jerry Springer style stupid revelations, but with a cash prize attached.


Tracks (Spike)


Tracks (Spike) – Starts 1st September

Musical quiz hosted CSI Cyber escapee Bow Wow, two teams of two go up against each other to win up to $30k. Going on a variation of Name That Tune the first round is used to find out what team will go first in the cash rounds.

A song is slowly revealed track by track, so for example drums, then bass, then guitar, until the song is successfully identified. The first cash round gets the winning team $5k, and they have to unlock the individual songs tracks by correctly answering a music question, get it wrong control goes to the other team, and whoever get the song right wins. Round two is identical to round one apart from the winner gets $10k.

The final round is played by the team who has amassed the most cash, and one member of the successful side has to correctly identify of what two songs a track belongs to. They have to get four right to win an additional $20k, but if they get three wrong they only go home with what they won in the previous cash rounds.

And there’s also a wee song performance half way through by the artist of one of the songs.

It’s a passable enough game show though a bit lacking in variation to keep it interesting for the long term.