Naked SNCTM (Showtime)


Naked SNCTM (Showtime) – Premieres 17th August

Docu-series that follows Damon Lawner, a chap that founded and runs the private members club SNCTM, and his staff. The club along with hosting masquerade parties, runs VIP events for its $100k a year members that are a mix between burlesque, erotic theatre and sex orgies. Though according to Lawner they are not a sex club.

So in the show it follows them organising an event, creating the theme then showing the actual event, along with getting interviews from the guests as to why they like attending them. And in between the buildup to the party follows Damon as he explains how the place has cost him his marriage.

As a docu-series it actually pretty bland viewing.



The Putin Interviews (Showtime)


The Putin Interviews (Showtime) – Premieres 12th June – Miniseries

Made up from 12 interviews taken over a two year period, Oliver Stone talks to Vladimir Putin where they cover, amongst others, his assent to leadership, Americas foreign policies, Russias recent history of civil unrest and the growth of Al-Qeada.

Before each main change in the conversation news footage is used to set the scene of the topic they’re about to delve into. Then Stone asks questions and Putin offers the most diplomatic of responses.

It’s a interesting bit of TV.


I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime)


I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime) – Premieres 4th June – Renewed

A drama where a group of comedians in the early 70’s are trying to get out of the club circuit and get their chance to appear on national television.

It starts off when one of the group, Clay, gets to appear on the holy grail of Johnny Carson’s show, and after nailing his performance heads off to a hotel room to watch it on TV and then head out to commit suicide by walking in front of a bus.

News of his death filters back to the comedy club, and where after holding a wake they being to find out that the booking agent for Johnny Carson has been told to hold back from getting new acts on the show. At the same time two of Clays friends from Boston arrive in Hollywood to try and make it big in comedy unaware of his death, leaving them having to move in with one of the more dubious comedians in the club.

As the show follows the comedians trying to to work their way up the ladder it centres on Clays ex-girlfriend Cassie, who after being continually overlooked in performing on the main stage, due to the clubs owner thinking she’s not ready, manages to get a chance where she uses the recent experience to give her routine the focus it was previously lacking.

As a comedy drama it shares some similarities to The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, though with its darker outlook this is the more watchable of the two.


Guerrilla (Showtime/Sky Atlantic)


Guerrilla (Showtime/Sky Atlantic) – Premieres 16th April – Miniseries

Set in London during the protests of the Immigration Act in the early 70’s, it follows a couple, Jaz a nurse and Marcus a unemployed teacher, where after witnessing the increasing violence occurring at the demonstrations instigated by a South African filled section of the police force, decide to increase their protests.

After hearing how a Timothy Leary was aided in braking out of prison, Jaz and Marcus devise a plan to liberate a political prisoner they know being held in Wormwood Scrubs. During implementing the plan things begin to go awry, leading to Marcus shooting a policeman, though they manage to escape being caught leading them to form a radical underground cell.

For an opening episode it’s a decent watch.


Roadies (Showtime)


Roadies (Showtime) – Starts 26th June – Cancelled

A drama about the crew of the State House Band, who are dealing with the placement of a new boss who is hired by the record label to reduce the tour costs of the band.

Along with some over schmultzy depictions into why a light rigger is looking to leave the crew and to why a few others have lasted 30 years in the industry it goes nowhere fast while the crew set up the venue on the day of a gig.

It’s like an unbearably twee Newsroom-eque take on the music industry.


Submission (Showtime)


Submission (Showtime) – Starts 12th May

A young woman finally decides to split up with her boyfriend after losing her job and deciding that having crap sex with a man who clearly can’t act as a the deal breaker to move out.

She heads off to move in with her friend who is delighted with her mothers death since it lead to her owning a massive house to begin getting herself back on her feet. After that she watches a couple have sex in a coffee shop, has a chat with her friend and her roommate about how she needs to take a length from the coffee shop fella and then fiddles herself to a book that isn’t 50 Shades of Grey but really is.

This has acting that would be seen as bad if it was in pornos, and makes the Red Shoe Diaries look like a serious piece of romantic drama. It’s just a piece of badly made softcore under the guise of female empowerment through S&M.


Dice (Showtime)


Dice (Showtime) – Starts 10th April – Renewed

Comedy in the same vein as Louie, Lopez and the like, where Andrew Dice Clay plays an exaggerated version of himself, as a brash loudmouth who will inevitably get himself into risqué situations before managing to pull everything back from the brink of disaster.

This is similar to Lopez, with the way Dice is a caricature of himself, but it has some alright moments in it.