Our Cartoon President (Showtime)


Our Cartoon President (Showtime) – Premieres 11th February

Animated comedy that follows the adventures of Donald Trump going about his daily business being a bumbling moron with a twitter account while sort of running the country.

In the show it has Donald watching Fox News where their subject of the day becomes Trumps biggest worry. Leading to his members of staff trying to temper his more outlandish ideas with something more sensible, all while trying to make it seem like his idea.

As this is going on, the Beavis and Butthead take of Don Jr and Eric are in the background trying to make Donalds original idea work, but managing to make the situation worse. Though by the end they manage to get one thing to work leading to Donald achieving his goal of getting the appraisal of Fox News.

For a comedy based on Trump it is better than The President Show, with the caricatures of everyone involved feeling like an amalgamation of everything that’s been done on programmes like The Daily Show, The Opposition and any other late night chat show. That said it the jokes don’t seem to hit as often as they should do and is all a bit predictable.



The Trade (Showtime)


The Trade (Showtime) – Premieres 2nd February 

A documentary that follows the effect of the drug trade in the US. The show follows three different aspects, the Mexican growers of the heroin, a police department in Ohio who are arresting dealers and an addict in Georgia who is try to stop using.

As the show flits between the three stories it shows how the drug trade is the sole source of income for the small Mexican town and how it has changed the area. It shows how the Ohio police are trying to take down the dealers bringing in drugs to the area by arresting lower lever dealers and getting them to reveal their contacts. And it shows how one persons addiction is effecting their family as they try to kick their habit and how it’s wearing the family down each time they relapse.

As documentaries go it’s interesting while having some really bleak moments in it.


The Chi (Showtime)


The Chi (Showtime) – Premieres 7th January – Renewed

A drama set in Chicagos south side, where after a man is murdered, the events spawned from the actions of a lad that discovered him leads to a group of individuals crossing paths as they are brought into the fallout.

While the shows pacing is on the slow side, it manages to introduce all the main characters while keeping the main story going along without ever dragging. 

It’s a good solid opening episode.


SMILF (Showtime)


SMILF (Showtime) – Premieres 5th November – Renewed

A comedy drama that follows Brigette, a single mother who is trying to balance her parental, work and social life while dealing with her strenuous relationship with her mother and coming to terms that her ex is now dating again.

For an opening ep it takes a while to get going, and some of the relationships shown are vaguely touched upon making some parts feel like you’ve missed something with the way they play out. It’s not a bad opener though it doesn’t really does much to make you wanna check out the next episode.


White Famous (Showtime)


White Famous (Showtime) – Premieres 15th October – Cancelled

Comedy that follows Floyd, a stand up comedian who is on the brink of making the jump to national recognition, but dislikes the idea of compromising his credibility to become famous.

In the show his agent sets Floyd up with all manner of industry bigwigs in the bid that he can win them over, and each time Floyd manages to alienate himself by either reading the room wrong or calling someone out on there behaviour.

After his friend films him mocking a white guy acting racist out side a restaurant. It emerges that the guy is a film producer who, to apologise, gets Floyd a part in a Jamie Foxx film where he instantly calls in to question what the role has him doing.

It’s a solid opening ep.


Naked SNCTM (Showtime)


Naked SNCTM (Showtime) – Premieres 17th August

Docu-series that follows Damon Lawner, a chap that founded and runs the private members club SNCTM, and his staff. The club along with hosting masquerade parties, runs VIP events for its $100k a year members that are a mix between burlesque, erotic theatre and sex orgies. Though according to Lawner they are not a sex club.

So in the show it follows them organising an event, creating the theme then showing the actual event, along with getting interviews from the guests as to why they like attending them. And in between the buildup to the party follows Damon as he explains how the place has cost him his marriage.

As a docu-series it actually pretty bland viewing.


The Putin Interviews (Showtime)


The Putin Interviews (Showtime) – Premieres 12th June – Miniseries

Made up from 12 interviews taken over a two year period, Oliver Stone talks to Vladimir Putin where they cover, amongst others, his assent to leadership, Americas foreign policies, Russias recent history of civil unrest and the growth of Al-Qeada.

Before each main change in the conversation news footage is used to set the scene of the topic they’re about to delve into. Then Stone asks questions and Putin offers the most diplomatic of responses.

It’s a interesting bit of TV.