HarmonQuest (Seeso)


HarmonQuest (Seeso) – Starts 14th July – Renewed

Dan Harmon along with his trusty sidekick Spencer and two more of his chums play a role playing game in front of an audience with the help of a special guest.

Spencer has the role of games master and the other four team up to play against his. While they are playing it cuts between them at the table to an animated representation of the fantasy world they’re playing in.

It’s like watching a podcast with five friends dicking about, and while the thought of watching people play Dungeons and Dragons doesn’t sound like it would work, weirdly it does.



Bajillion Dollar Properties (Seeso)


Bajillion Dollar Properties (Seeso) – Starts 17th March – Renewed

Parodying such shows as Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco and Next Step Realty NYC five estate agents are pitted against each other to sell as many properties so they could become a partner in the company.

It does a good job in mocking the reality shows its based on, and has a few decent dumb moments that does enough to give it another watch.