Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel)


Outrageous Acts Of Danger (Science Channel) – Premieres 21st June

Science show where the host Todd Sampson introduces a scientific law that he demonstrates in a small scale experiment to members of public, and then devises a large scale experiment that puts him in a situation that could prove fatal if the sums behind it go awry.

During the build up to the main experiment, Todd visits various experts and looks into each element that could effect the outcome. After each visit the experiment becomes more refined, where at the end everyone he has met are brought together to witness the attempt.

The show is like a more risky Mythbusters challenge with Todd placing himself in the position where a test crash dummy would usually be. It’s a decent enough way to waste 30 minutes though it’s something you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch like you would shows such as Mythbusters or Experiemental.


Outlaw Tech (Science Channel)

Defending cyberspace against piracy

Outlaw Tech (Science Channel) – Premieres 26th April

A show that focuses on a famous high tech crime, and then goes into detail about how the criminals managed to pull off the scam.

In it the show uses interviews with various industry experts and former government agents involved in the case where they reveal how the crime was first spotted, and how they went about arresting the perpetrators.

It also goes into detail about how the criminals pulled the crime off, and what technology they had to master, while highlighting the errors they made along the way which lead them to be caught.

It ends up being a surprisingly interesting programme. Though while it’s one you wouldn’t deliberately go out of your way to watch, you could happily sit through a couple to burn some time.


Mysteries Of The Abandoned (Science Channel)


Mysteries Of The Abandoned (Science Channel) – Premieres 20th April

A show about impressive engineering feats that have become abandoned over time, it covers four of these locations over the period of the episode.

With each location the programme covers the history behind the site, explaining how and why it was constructed, and then why it became abandoned over time. Along with using some archive footage each site has interviews from selected experts explaining why it was so innovative for the time.

It a bit like a forgotten location version of Impossible Engineering.


Hacking The Wild (Science Channel)


Hacking The Wild (Science Channel) – Premieres 15th February

A survival show where Andy Quitmeyer see if adapting some electronics can help him get back to civilisation in the same time or quicker than a historical case where someone was stranded.

Andy is given the basic survival essentials along with a few electronic items then heads off to the original start point where he beings to improvise electronical devices in the hope they will get him to the escape point quicker and in a more luxurious manner.

While the idea of the show is a mix of any survival programme you care to think of and Mythbusters, it doesn’t really grab the attention as much as you’d expect. To that, it’s a bit disappointing.


Street Science (Science Channel)


Street Science (Science Channel) – Premieres 10th January

Programme where Kevin Delaney and his slow-motion cameraman buddy go to various everyday locales to show the people that work there some science based experiments using everyday items found in the places they’re filming.

Along with surprising the locals with experiments end results, it breaks down the science behind what’s happening along the slow mo footage for the results. It’s the type of show you’d happily watch it if it’s on, but have no real urge to go out your way to view it.


Mythbusters: The Search (Science Channel)


Mythbusters: The Search (Science Channel) – Premieres 7th January

The Science Channel show off the fact they’ve purchased the rights to produce new episodes of Mythbusters by releasing a competition show where 10 regular folks go up against each other to get the chance to present the new series.

The contestants are put through two rounds, one where they are split into groups and one individual round at at the end of the ep, science editor of the Nerdish host confers with the shows crew and a special guest to reward the best performer with a golden tool and to banish the weakest contestant.

While it’s called Mythbusters, the competition aspect makes it more like watching something along the lines of Trashformers, and shies away for any proper explanations of the science behind what they’re doing.


Unearthed (Science Channel)


Unearthed (Science Channel) – Starts 5th July – Renewed

Unlike last years Discovery Channel show Unearthed, which was about the perils of illegal truffle hunting. This Science Channel program of the same name is about recounting the rise and fall of ancient civilisations, where it has historians and archeologists talking about a site and what happened.

With the first one being about the Mayan site of Chichen Itza, most of the historical facts and secrets of the site were show on a recent-ish episode of Expedition Unknown, meaning most of the programme was just covering things that others shows have already revealed.

Barring that, it was an interesting enough watch.