Breaking The Band (Reelz)


Breaking The Band (Reelz) – Premieres 10th June

A docu-series where in each episode it focuses on a famous musical group and looks into how and why they split up.

Starting off with giving a brief history of the band and how the split was announced, the programme then goes into the back story. Where it reveals the events that culminated over a period to time, leading to the break up of the group.

Along with showing some archival footage and some rather shoddy dramatic reenactments, the programme interviews old friends the band, a psychologist, and former employees. Where they talk about the reasons that caused fractions in the group and how they grew over time.

As music documentaries go it not the most intriguing of programmes. And with it having no input from anyone from the actual band, it’s just covering stuff that was already known and doesn’t offer anything new.



The Kennedys: After Camelot (Reelz)


The Kennedys: After Camelot (Reelz) – Premieres 2nd April – Miniseries

Based on the book After Camelot and the follow up to the miniseries The Kennedys, this follows the Kennedy clan just after the assassination of of Robert Kennedy.

In it, it follows the relationship of Jackie Kennedy and the family as she marries Ari Onassis, along with the walking disaster area of Ted Kennedy, as his drink driving exploits teamed up with his olympic cowardice gets a woman killed, and how he tries to cover the whole incident up.

The show itself is a bit of a slog to get through, to the point where you begin to lose interest as it takes forever for it to get going, then when it does it seems to speed through anything of interest.


Rich & Acquitted (Reelz)


Rich & Acquitted (Reelz) – Starts 10th September 

Docuseries recounting a major case in which a high profile celeb has been acquitted. In it it goes through the build up to case, with the allegations and evidence put forward, difficulties during the case the case and the resolution of the verdict.

Along with using news footage shown at the time it interviews people close to the star, media folk that covered the case and some of the legal representatives. It also reenacts some of the details by using some of the comedically bad lookalikes in recent history.

As a docuseries it’s not good, and the only that stops it becoming unwatchable are the sporadic appearances of the bad celebrity impersonators.


Copycat Killers (Reelz)


Copycat Killers (Reelz) – Starts 27th February – Renewed

Another crime documentary in the same format as last years Murder Made Me Famous, Copycat Killers focuses on a murder where the perpetuator(s) are influenced on another killer or piece of pop culture.

In it there is the usual interviews with police who worked the case and independent experts that describe what was going on, and the processes they were taking, along with the main parts of the case being reenacted throughout.

The big difference with this from Murder Made Me Famous is that actual footage from the killers plotting the murder and them leaving the scene is shown. Though even with the actual footage it’s still a bog standard crime doc.


Master P’s Family Empire (Reelz)


Master P’s Family Empire (Reelz) – Starts 28th November

Following in the footsteps of Ja Rule and Tyga and the recent televisual need for parental rap based reality, Master P gets the cameras in to show off his no nonsense parenting skills.

Handily to show them off one of his adult sons runs up a $11k shopping bill so Master P makes him his lacky until the debt is paid off. Also knocking about is his son that’s making an album which will no doubt be hyped up via the show, his actress daughter where he gets to tell her how he talked women into bed and the two other ones that don’t do that much.

It’s not worth watching.


Murder Made Me Famous (Reelz)


Murder Made Me Famous (Reelz) – Starts 15th August – Renewed

Documenting a murderer that made the national news, the programme does the standard mix of interviews with people involved with the case, dramatised version of certain events and the occasional bit of actual footage. It covers the early years of the killer then goes in depth with the crime itself and the court case that followed.

A pretty basic crime documentary.