Let’s Get Physical (Pop)


Let’s Get Physical (Pop) – Premieres 24th January

Comedy that follows Joe Force, the son of a famous aerobics instructor, who after failing to win a youth aerobics championship was banished by his father. After leaving his family Joe ends up becoming a singer of a band who spend their time performing in dive bars, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Where after a gig in a bar Joe gets a call telling him his dad is dead.

As he returns home with his band in tow for the funeral, Joe discovers that his dad has put a stipulation in place regarding his inheritance. Giving him the choice between selling the aerobics studio that has been giving to him, or running the place and winning the national aerobics championship which would get him $8million.

Joe decides on the easy option of shifting the place, where the only person interested is the guy who beat him in the youth championship, Barry, who runs a rival studio and is also married to Joes ex-girlfriend. After being constantly insulted by him Joe decides to keep the studio and challenges Barry to go against him in the championship to get his revenge.

The show is pretty similar in its set up to Dodgeball, with the plucky underdog going against an narcissistic megalomanic. Though that said it isn’t as good but it does have it’s moments and is easily the best comedy that has appeared on POP.



Hollywood Darlings (Pop)


Hollywood Darlings (Pop) – Premieres 12th April – Renewed

Reality show parody that follows three friends and former 90’s child actresses, Jodie Sweetin, Christine Lakin and Beverly Mitchell as they go about their business in Hollywood.

The set ups are similar to shows like Sweet Home Oklahoma, they get up to celebrity skewed versions of them going to spa type locations, helping out their friends with their businesses and getting on with their family lives.

While it uses the cameo appearances better than Return Of The Mac, it’s still a pretty plodding comedy.


Return Of The Mac (Pop)


Return Of The Mac (Pop) – Premieres 12th April

Comedy where former member of New Kids On The Block Joey McIntyre and his bumbling agent are trying achieve his goal in becoming a legitimate actor.

After purchasing the rights of a detective novel series, Joey is adamant that he can sell the idea to adapt them to TV and for him to act the in the main role. While thinking that his agent is pitching the idea to networks he finds out that his agent can only get meet meetings with execs that want him to host a chat show, and that his agent has failed to mention anything about the detective series he wants to pitch.

The comedy is vaguely similar to Nobodies, with it being based on folks struggling to get their passion projects picked up. Though the cameo appearance in Nobodies are actually used to get some jokes this uses them more to pad out the episodes with no real pay offs.


Nightcap (POP)


Nightcap (POP) – Starts 16th November – Renewed

Comedy about the back stage staff of the 5th most popular late night TV chat show, where the host is a renowned arse and guests are reluctant to appear.

It follows the talent booker Staci as she tries get her dysfunctional staff not to weird out the guest and try to cater to the demanding requests of the celebrities to get them to appear.

It’s sort of like 30 Rock mixed with The Larry Sanders Show, and goes for the more cringe based comedy. Though a fair amount misses the mark.


Celebrity Inc. (POP)


Celebrity Inc. (POP) – Starts 30th November

A show where product placement is the basis of the programme, a celebrity is brought in to a start up company where various inventors present their wares to them in a Dragons Den/Shark Tank manner so they can pick a product that they can indorse.

Along with the presentation the shortlisted products are field tested, only for them to all be shunned for an item that was never in the initial list.

After the celeb is happy with their selection the show ends and your greeted with a ten minute infomercial where they try to sell you the tat using footage that you’ve just seen in the programme.

As tedious as it is shameless.


Don’t Blink (Pop)


Don’t Blink (Pop) – Starts 9th July

A host of magicians perform close up magic on the streets to as many people as possible. Whilst the magicians shown are far annoying than those in Close Up Kings, it’s still variations on tricks that have been shown on TV numerous times.

In fact the best part of the show was a hidden camera bit at the start of the show which left an unexpected crowd mildly freaked out.


Sing It On (Pop)


Sing It On (Pop) – Starts 13th May – Renewed

Thanks to the film Pitch Perfect we now have a reality show following five A Cappella groups vying to win the ICAA collegiate competition.  Most of the group members come across with delusions of grandeur, constantly talking about turning new recruits from amateurs into professionals, ignore the fact that they themselves are amateurs.

Along with holding rehearsals, there’s some typically dull inter-group rivalry which culminated with the trading of new members between an all female group and a mixed gender team.

Tedious to the extreme.