The Jury Speaks (Oxygen)


The Jury Speaks (Oxygen) – Premieres 22nd July

A miniseries that looks into recent high profile US court cases where the celebrity defendants were found not guilty, by talking to the people that were on the jury. In it the show recounts the case, going though how the evidence was presented, how the defence made their case and the social furore surrounding the trial.

As it goes through those aspects, the members of the jury are interviewed and they tell how everything that the witnessed influence their decision. Along with taking into account the presentation of the evidence, and the statements of the witnesses and police, the jury also explain how the behind the scene aspects of them being holed up together in a hotel room for months possibly influenced their verdict.

At the end of the show the jurors who appeared on the programme are asked if they would change their decision considering everything they now know about the case.

While it doesn’t really cover anything new in the recounting of the cases shown, it’s interesting to see how the jury interpreted everything. If you like the real life crime genre it’s a decent enough watch.


Dateline: Secrets Uncovered (Oxygen)


Dateline: Secrets Uncovered (Oxygen) – Premieres 21st July

Recounting a real life crime story, this show goes to the people accused, their families, and officers and forensic staff that worked the case to get their accounts of what really went on.

Along with the interviews they also show news footage of the case to link everything together as well as explaining how the case developed over time. For a real crime show it does the job.


Unprotected (Oxygen)


Unprotected (Oxygen) – Premieres 11th April

Reality show parody about a mob family who after being placed in Witness Protection, decide to leave the programme and move to Arizona where they run a car wash business, and treating everything they encounter as they would as if they were still in the mob.

In it there’s the nod to the normal reality show tropes like the individual interviews commenting on what’s going on, though comedy wise it doesn’t really have that much that’s actually funny.


Three Days to Live (Oxygen)


Three Days to Live (Oxygen) – Premieres 5th March

Signalling the beginning of the transfer of Oxygen to crime only programming, Three Days To Live is a docuseries where each episode follows a case where from the moment the crime occurred, the police have three days to have any realistic chance of finding the victim alive.

The show recounts the events from the moment the victim disappears by interviewing family and member of the police involved in the investigation. Along with the interview they also show actual footage, 911 audio clips and reenactments to show what happened during the case.

It similar to other real crime programmes like Copycat Killers and Policewomen Files in the way the story is delivered, so if you enjoy them then this s more of the same.


Battle Of Ex Besties (Oxygen)


Battle Of The Ex-Besties (Oxygen) – Premieres 14th February – Cancelled

Due to Oxygen deciding to change it’s programming output to solely crime based shows, Battle Of The Ex-Besties is having it’s first and last series on the channel.

The show itself is a competition where 10 teams of two are comprised of former best friends that are teamed up together in the bid to win $100k that will be split between them. Along with all the teams living in the same building during the duration of the show, it does the usual competition setup where teams are set a challenge where they have to work together and the team that finished last is eliminated.

Though in this competition with the team that finishes last are given a final chance to continue playing, but only if they agree that they’d be playing for a $50k prize.

It’s a pretty tiresome show to watch, where the producers only cooked up the competition side to try and get the ex-friends to go at each other some more.


Last Squad Standing (Oxygen)


Last Squad Standing (Oxygen) – Starts 1st November – Cancelled

Reality competition where three teams of five friends get put into a mansions to battle it out against each other to be the last person standing and win $100k.

In between the infighting and the playing of mind games against one another, the three teams partake in one challenge in the whole episode where the losing team has to nominate two team members to go up for elimination. The two remaining teams then choose who they want to stay and the one with the least votes get sent home.

For a competition it’s impressive on the complete lack of challenges they have to do, so it just descends into a lazy reality show concept.


Strut (Oxygen)


Strut (Oxygen) – Starts 20th September – Cancelled

Reality show following the Slay modelling agency, who focus on representing transgender models. In it it follows 5 of these models as they go about trying to book jobs, explaining how much more difficult it is go transgender models to get work and occasionally going into the obligatory reality shouty arguing scenes.

If you enjoyed shows such as The Prancing Elites Project and New Girls On The Block, then this is along the same lines.