Deadly Power (Oxygen)


Deadly Power (Oxygen) – Premieres 16th July

The Oxygen equivalent to Whistleblower, this looks into how a company that broke legal and moral guidelines, were found out, and brought to justice by former employees notifying the authorities.

The episode starts off with giving the background to the business being featured, where it shows how it started out and became a respected company. The programme then begins to interview former employees and customers, where they begin to reveal how the first signs that something wasn’t right appeared. It then goes on to show how the malpractices were fully discovered, how they people behind it all were were caught, and the fall out from the revelations.

While the subject of the show is interesting, it does suffer from the same problems as Whistleblower. As it goes along at a slow pace, and with the 45 minute runtime, does begin to drag. Making it a bit of a grind to get through.



In Defense Of (Oxygen)


In Defense Of (Oxygen) – Premieres 25th June

A crime docu-series that looks at the defence teams that represented notorious killers in US history, where they talk about why they represented them and what they did to try to achieve a reduce sentence with their representation.

Beginning with how the persons defence team was put together, it has interviews from the lawyers assembled and their family members. Where they explain why they took on the job and the problems that came from accepting it.

The programme then moves on to the case itself, with those being interviewed giving the back story of the accused. Along with the main points from the accuseds life, that they believed were the motivating instances that lead to the incident they committed.

From there, the show looks at the court case where the lawyers explained what result they were trying to get for their client, and how they planned to convince the jury. It then shows footage of the trial, along with showing the evidence the prosecution put forward that they had to try and counter.

As crime docs go, it is a spin on the usual format. And hearing the process from the other side makes for a nice change. Though that said the show itself is a bit of a slow goer, and begins to feel drawn out making a bit of a grind to get through.


The Price of Duty (Oxygen)


The Price of Duty (Oxygen) – Premieres 11th June

A by the numbers crime documentary, where it goes over a murder case a detective worked on over a number of years before finally cracking the case and getting the people behind it arrested.

The show starts by going over the actual event where along with interviews with the family and the detective that worked the case, it shows what happened.

From there the programme shows how the investigation stalled and then started up again over the years, where along with showing the interrogation footage of the suspect, reveals how they finally managed to catch the murderer and put the case to bed.

As crime documentaries go, this is more in line with shows like Abuse of Power, In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T, & Copycat Killers. Where it’s going by a tried and tested format, that for a 45 minute show does tend to drag along. Overall it’s pretty forgettable stuff.


Buried In The Backyard (Oxygen)


Buried In The Backyard (Oxygen) – Premieres 3rd June

Standard real life crime programming where in each episode it looks into an old solved murder, where a body has been discovered in someones garden.

The programme follows the usual format, where at the begin it explains how the body was found. Then interviewing a reporter who was at the scene during the discovery, along with police who worked the case. As well as the interviews the programme shows news footage of the time, and begins to reveal how the police took the remains and began to find out who it was.

During the programme it follows the timeline where the police begin to put together the case, as it interviews family members of the deceased to fill in the history of the persons last known moments. And with the detective that worked the case explaining how everything is pieced together, the programme shows footage of them interrogating the suspects. That leads into showing how they managed to get the evidence and confession which closed the case.

As a crime documentary this is more in line with shows like Abuse of Power, In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T, & Copycat Killers. Where it does what you expects, but with the slow pacing and it being 45 minutes long it’s drawn out to the point of tedium.


The Case of: Caylee Anthony (Oxygen)


The Case of: Caylee Anthony (Oxygen) – Premieres 19th May – Miniseries

An investigation of the Caylee Anthony murder case. Which resulted in her mother Casey, who was widely thought to be behind it, ending up being found innocent leaving the case to be unsolved.

In the same format as The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey, this has former behaviour analyst Laura Richards and former FBI profiler Jim Clemente looking over the evidence found in the investigation. From there they go through the sequence of events, find out if the evidence found was relevant, and if the prosecutions theories were correct. Along with interviewing those that were involved in the original investigation, the pair also go over the interview tapes of Casey Anthony to see if she could have been responsible.

The show has a lot of similarities to the episode of Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 that looked into the case. Though in this the pair do come up with some different conclusions about some of the evidence that does add some interest. But with the episode lasting and hour and a half it is dragged out, and suffers a lot for it.


Abuse of Power (Oxygen)


Abuse of Power (Oxygen) – Premieres 12th May

A standard crime documentary hosted by Lauren Sivan, where in each episode it looks goes through a murder case where a person in power has used their influence and contacts to cover up what they done.

The episode begins with getting a brief overview of the crime that was committed, where it uses news footage from the time, along with interviews from those who worked the case and members of the victims family to. The show then goes into detail as to how a person of influence was behind it all, and how the police linked together the evidence to finally catch them.

The show is reminiscent in format to In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T, as it goes along at a plodding pace. Overall it comes across as a low budget Investigation Discovery schedule filler and never fully grabs your interest.


In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen)


In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen) – Premieres 1st April

A crime docu-series that’s hosted by Ice T, where it looks into a lesser known  murder case.

As the programme kicks off it introduces the main people involved in the case, where they get interviews with friends and co-workers explaining how certain people know each other and what they were like. It then moves on to the crime, where it shows how the murder scene was discovered along with showing a few of the actual crime scene photos.

From there the programme interviews the officers that were involved in the investigation. And goes through the stages of the case that finally leads up to them catching the right man, where it also shows the interrogation footage of the suspect finally cracking and admitting to the murder.

It then quickly wraps up with showing a couple of clips from the court case and the prosecutor involved talking about how the case went. And after it’s announced how long the person is imprisoned for, finishes off with some of the friends of the victims talking about their thoughts on the murderer.

For a real crime show it comes across as the standard Investigation Discovery style docu-series, where it looks like a low budget quick turnaround job that’s been done to numerous times before. It’s all pretty forgettable stuff.