Checked Inn (OWN)


Checked Inn (OWN) – Premieres 21st November

Reality show that follows Monique Greenwood, the proprietor of four B&Bs as she makes sure that everything is set up for her guests to have the best time possible.

While the guest are there Moniques staff organise outings and activities for them, while Monique generally has deep and meaningful chats with them. All the while Monique is at loggerheads with her daughter who is refusing the offer to take over the family business.

It’s a bland as hell bit of reality TV.



Released (OWN)


Released (OWN) – Premieres 30th September 

Docuseries that follows six former prisoners as they adjust to life outside of jail over a the first 90 days of their release. With each of the people that are followed they are all trying to make amends from their previous indiscretions, while it also interviews their family members about how their imprisonment had a knock on effect on their lives.

As well as showing the folks getting used the outside world again they talk about the sequence of events that occurred that lead to them being incarcerated.  All the while trying to rebuild the trust between them and their families.

As a show it’s sort of the opposite of 24 To Life.


Queen Sugar (OWN)


Queen Sugar (OWN) – Starts 6th September – Renewed

Drama about a group of siblings who are suddenly brought back together after their fathers death. In it you have the son who was recently released from prison and struggling to support his son, the younger sister who’s a reporter and supplier of pain relief medication to the locals, and the older sister who’s married to a basketball player only to discover he’s been playing 5 on 1 with a groupie and his teammates.

As they get back together they find that their dad has missed two harvests with his sugar farm, so plan to work together to get the old family business up and running again.

It’s all very pedestrian.


Greenleaf (OWN)


Greenleaf (OWN) – Starts 21st June – Renewed

Drama where about the Greenleaf family who run one of those for-profit megachurches. It starts off with the return of former young preacher turned news reporter, who returns home after 20 years due to her sisters mysterious death.

After talking to her aunt she finds out that her sisters death may have been committed by one of her own family she decides to stick around and find out what exactly happened.

It’s a by-the-numbers drama. Nothing amazing and does what you’d expect.


For Peete’s Sake (OWN)


For Peete’s Sake (OWN) – Starts 19th March – Renewed

US TV hopefully nears the end of it’s quest to give everyone on earth their own reality show by offering up a copy of Meet The Smiths, to the extent that the husband is a former athlete, the wife a tv personality and they have a few kids.

Just like Meet The Smiths, they get up to the usual family shanagians but throw in a wee bit of pensioner tattooing to mix it up a bit.

It has literally been done before.


It’s Not You, It’s Men (OWN)


It’s Not You, It’s Men (OWN) – Starts 23rd January

Well, this is weird. Tyrese from Furious 7 as well as other Fast And Furious films teams up with Rev Run, whose personal mission in having a programme on every network gathers pace. Together they offer their opinions on a plethora of relationship problems, where Tyrese’s offerings are pretty much the polar opposite of Runs, as well as chatting to a couple of guests about the topics.

It is really awkward viewing.


Livin’ Lozada (OWN)


Livin’ Lozada (OWN) – Starts 11th July – Renewed

Former cast member of Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada, has a new show a couple of years after her abusive marriage to Chad Ochocinco, an appearance on a tv psychiatrists programme and current relationship with a baseball player.

She reveals that this programme is to “rebrand” her from her previous reality show persona as well as publicising her daughters career in fashion. All of this this is the run of the mill reality schtick, though there is the surprise appearance of the easily forgotten, mediocre former Aston Villa defender Zat Knight.

In one call he mentions he was in training for an “important” last game of the season, which was surprising since I thought he retired. A little bit of research reveals that was for Reading, who were safe from relegation before that match. And he didn’t even manage to get on the bench for the game either.

There was some over stuff involving a new website, a photoshoot and the possibility that Evelyn may have a miscarriage, but by that point I was still amazed that Zat Knight was dating the daughter so nothing really registered.